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Retweeted by Cody Tidwell#NewProfilePic you’re coming into the homestretch of 2020 and something else goes wrong @Charrlygirl yesnew moon. i saw it like 4 times. no shame parents Me now when I was a kid 🤝 You can’t read Harry Potter, the author is evil
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it’s only november and it’s snowing? in alabama? jfcmy friend said she can’t hangout this week bc she just gave birth?? u have known the baby 1 day and me 13 years but ok
Retweeted by Cody TidwellThe biggest lie I heard growing up was how big Jlo’s ass was.
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellthis just unlocked a memory of my mother forcing me to go to a classmate’s birthday sleepover in 6th grade—one of t… read The Dead Zone by Stephen King @RexChapman @BookBeauty_BlogCatherine O'Hara is a treasure...
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell“Well look who decided to Pokémon come out of their room”
Retweeted by Cody TidwellI miss my job so much
Retweeted by Cody TidwellNot enough public health messaging around the fact that Edward Cullen only "survived" the 1918 flu pandemic by beco…
Retweeted by Cody TidwellI’m sorry astrology will never not absolutely blow me away with how insanely accurate it is. why is science so agai…
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell @sjgomzi @EdwardLorn it’s fantastic. @WritesTc @EdwardLorn body thief and memnoch are my favorites of the series! @EdwardLorn are you finally giving interview with a vampire a chance?John Milton in the 1600s
Retweeted by Cody TidwellCharles Dickens in 1843:
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell2 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by writing all of his plays
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellcalling covid a hoax wasn’t even the weirdest part of that jake paul interview
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellmy therapist: you need to be kinder to yourself my brain: yeah you fucking idiot be kinder to yourself
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellit sucks when you really thought u were getting better but then it just falls apart again
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellgoin to the store. text it [: ~*~*ⁱ’ˡˡ ᵏᵉᵉᵖ ʸᵒᵘ ᵐʸ ᵈⁱʳᵗʸ ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ˢᵉᶜʳᵉᵗ~*~*
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellthis is the ideal wikipedia page
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellrestaurants creating outdoor dining spaces in the winter
Retweeted by Cody TidwellOn page 281 of 426 of The Dead Zone, by Stephen King CANNOT STOP LAUGHING AT THIS DENTIST WHO LOOKS LIKE GAGA LMFSAAOOOSKDND BROOOO
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@JoshuaMarsella @StephenKing one of my favoritesMe in high school: WHY AM I SPENDING AN HOUR A DAY LEARNING ABOUT A SUBJECT THAT WON’T HELP ME IN REAL LIFE? Me no…
Retweeted by Cody TidwellThis shelter held Thanksgiving for around 80 dogs and cats resulting in lots of wagging tails
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellmy granny is 5’2” and 90 pounds and she could kick your ass 😭😂
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellevery rom com villain
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell @AaronDries congrats!High school is really a bizarre experience in retrospect. Would start your morning at 8am with a honey bun and an o…
Retweeted by Cody TidwellHigh School was a wild really could get yo ass beat at 7:30 AM.
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell“look who decided to come out of their room!”
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell @abbeycatmeow the other nominees don’t even compare imo, folklore deserves to sweepif this doesn’t win the Grammy for best collaboration i think i’ll light myself on fire. easily the best song of th… @MitchMeredith awww! sorry it didn’t totally work. this is one of my favorites. @viitowiito @BookBeauty_Blogwe don’t tolerate SMeyer slander ‘round these parts. @Preston_Moc but i’m in your life- much to be thankful for!
the fact that the government was like no more than 6 people at thanksgiving you’ll get sick and die from covid! but…
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellidk quarantine is kinda fun i’ve really started to appreciate my yellow wallpaper more
Retweeted by Cody Tidwelli thought this said radiohead and i was like wtf pages into Twilight and I’m happy to report I’m liking it EVEN MORE than I did as a teen! What is happening!! am not looking forward to all the "lose that quarantine weight" New Year bullshit that's about to drop, so here's…
Retweeted by Cody TidwellOn page 152 of 501 of Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer to organize this family Zoom call with the elders and I’m just-
Retweeted by Cody TidwellIf you ever feel useless and invisible to the world, just remember that there are "mask required" signs at Alabama gas stations.
Retweeted by Cody TidwellTrump: it’s a normal size desk? desk guy (barely keeping it together): yea
Retweeted by Cody TidwellDolly Parton is the perfect case study of someone who embraces their own culture and is proud of their heritage but…
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellanything by dickens, especially David Copperfield and Great Expectations person followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by we approach the “nobody cares about your spotify wrapped” time of year, i would like you all to know that i care…
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I hope Mariah Carey getting some good rest today cause it’s game time at midnight
Retweeted by Cody TidwellActively rooting for Taylor Swift to win every Grammy category in which she’s nominated.i did half a xan then sent a drone strike to iran
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell @TheOnion @dbhfictionmy mom asked me yesterday why i was at a club and i was like ??? and then through a lot of back and forth i found o…
Retweeted by Cody Tidwelljust so y’all know.... 2021 you’ll have 3 job options: Amazon employee, OnlyFans, or dead.
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell @toomuchhorror it gets better. it’s really darkly hilarious. top 10 for me
4 of 5 stars to Upon the Sweeping Flood and Other Sto... by Joyce Carol Oates’S LOT (1975) By Stephen King
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell“Weirdly” 🤨
Retweeted by Cody TidwellSo, the McCallister parents. Rich white people in the Chicago suburbs who travel internationally and love calling t…
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellcurrent read. “archways”—what a story! @JoyceCarolOates page 230 of 250 of Upon the Sweeping Flood and Other Stories, by Joyce Carol Oates Ring Powerless Against Cody
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellit’s all we want. drag his ass outta there. let us have this’s my mental health? slept till 7 p.m., ate two lunchables and nothing else’s just something about a corrupt warmonger having a “D” beside his name re-reading THE DEAD ZONE (1979), a pretty hard left novel, i’m realizing just far Stephen King has fallen in his politics lmaoTurns out I was wrong about Imagine Dragons. Every album is a 10/10.
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellremember the high hopes dance? one of the only times 2020 brought me genuine joy 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣 President of Disney Channel
Retweeted by Cody Tidwell2020 appliances: *break within 2 years* 1970s refrigerator: i will outlive u and everyone u love. i am eternal. i am time itself
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@LAYTONBACK isn’t illicit affairs so good?In honor of 808s’ birthday: Kanye performing lead single “Love Lockdown” live. I remember when this came out, it so… people: *struggling to live during a pandemic* everybody else: i would gladly kill you to eat my…
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellhappy birthday to the greatest album from the greatest living musical genius- still revolutionary 12 years later…’s my Twilight series BOOK ranking, before re-reading: 1. New Moon* 2. Twilight 3. Eclipse 4. Breaking Dawn *… page 186 of 250 of Upon the Sweeping Flood and Other Stories, by Joyce Carol Oates I walk into a southern grocery store with my mask on
Retweeted by Cody TidwellOn page 213 of 426 of The Dead Zone, by Stephen King know my novel isn't completely written yet, and is still a long way away from publication, but I'm calling it now…
Retweeted by Cody Tidwellone person unfollowed me // automatically checked by, Biden's mass murder crew is so diverse. Winning!
Retweeted by Cody TidwellHere's how they raised millennial kids: go to college go to college go to college go to college go to college go t…
Retweeted by Cody TidwellWith only seconds to spare, too.
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