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Retweeted by Christina Harrington @Peposed Thanks David!! @jakegthomas Thank you Jake!!Watch/listen to this crazy smart editor drop knowledge bombs!!!!
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@davidmacho I think yes haha @davidmacho lol Is it more appropriate to call it the Creator Owned market now? Versus the Work for Hire market? O…! Look at that! I'm going to be talking to David tomorrow at 11:00am about all things comics. We'll also be ta… @LonnieNadler @ZacBeThompson Oh no! Sorry, Lonnie! Still--a very well-deserved nom and I'll still be crossing my to… have sent the following to my representatives. Source here for those who wish to modify & also send:…
Retweeted by Christina Harrington @patrickhwillems good lordSome folks I saw while out on a bike ride yesterday 🚲
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Retweeted by Christina Harrington @patrickhwillems I can't tell if this is hilarious or unsettling. Like, is this a case of really going for the bit,… @ZacBeThompson @LonnieNadler Congratulations to both of you! It is a VERY well deserved nomination--crossing all my…
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonThree separate "dad, I can't login to my class" led me to investigate and, yes, there are widespread internet outag…
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonIf Republicans have suddenly begun to deeply value and prioritize bipartisanship in Washington, they can start by s…
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonGetting used to the dogs in my neighbourhood 🥰
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😍 @whatthe_shea For some reason, rainy days are always the best days for ramen.My muse, Mercy, only likes to be petted for 1-2 seconds, if at all 😅
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I Breathed a Body vibes happening in this meadow. Get outta there lil turtle! more I rewatch LotR, the more I realize that I’ve grown up to be Gimli. I’m perpetually grumpy, I’m terrible at… Warg fight looks uhhhh less than great in 4K. On the other hand, there’s a whole scene where Aragorn talks ab… @damientorresart They created such a gorgeous world! And it all holds up so far! @thesseleman @cullenbunn I haven’t seen the Hobbit movies, and likely never will at this point. @cullenbunn Definitely! The other two are very good movies, but, man, Fellowship is the best.Everyone will be happy to hear that Eowyn’s nails are perfect. @LonnieNadler Hell yeah!! Congrats!Ok, twist my arm, I’ll put on Two Towers. (Never seen the extended cut of this one! Or I might have, but it was o… convinced the best fight scene in all of LotR is the Fellowship vs Uruk-hai. All stunt guys, no badly aging… @79SemiFinalist They should release a fingernail cut where they’re all blurred out tbqh @Kevin_Church It is perplexingly good! @davedrawsgood They’re like little baby nails on a full grown man hand!!! Elijah! My God! @79SemiFinalist Kelly. It’s distracting. @davedrawsgood HOW WEIRD ARE HIS NAILS????Obsessed with everyone’s fingernails in the 4K remaster of LotR. They’re either too long or too dirty or both. @jonodiener I’ll take Rivendell’s waterfall spa vibes over Lothlorien’s glowing treehouses any day of the week. @hesster56 Once you get to Two Towers his motivation becomes even more understanding and heartbreaking. He just wan… is that a soft light filter I see? We must be in a realm of elves. Lothlorien is pretty, but it ain’t no Riven… know I’m just listing good stuff, but it’s been a hot minute since I last saw Fellowship & I’m genuinely delighte… @qtwopointoh And when Aragorn comes over to help, and they just push him down it’s very very good. They were able t…’s friendship w/ Merry & Pippin is the best: -teaching them to sword fight -worried abt Pip & Merry on the… FELLOWSHIP IS FORMED. onto disc 2 aesthetics are still the best. Those autumn colors, the archways and marble, the velvet and silk. Just *c… all the glorious shots of horses in lotr, may fave remains the race between Arwen and the Nazgul. So. Damn. Good. @DomoStanton Yes!!!!We’re taking a break from the endless packing/taking down of Christmas stuff to watch the extended edition of Fello… @frogkingart Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, orange juice, jalapeño. Pretty good! @cullenbunn It worked surprisingly well! @MatthewErman Nah it’s not very spicy. Need to figure out how to get more heat for next time. @LeeMFerguson Good luck!!
Had to shake this jalapeño margarita in a tupperware because I don’t own a cocktail shaker but it’s still pretty go… dog when i have a friend over
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Retweeted by Christina Harringtonhad to drop something off at the neighbor’s but I didn’t feel like starting the car
Retweeted by Christina Harrington @Not_the_whiskey It was really weird. Just dozens of rusty, old as fuck razors. All probably from my grandfather!After my grandpa died we updated the bathroom, so we could rent the house & keep it in the family. Pulled the medi… Lord of the Rings Trilogy posters by Illustrator Dan Mumford
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonWarming up the hands with this vampire woman from the new #ResidentEvilVillage
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonAh what the Hell.
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When Democrats win power, they're told not to govern for fear of upsetting conservative voters. When Republicans wi…
Retweeted by Christina Harrington @DaveScheidt This is awesome"I am once again asking you not to draw me in your inappropriate doodles."
Retweeted by Christina Harrington @monkey__marc @OttoSchmidt72 @IngoRoemling @jordilafebre @badmachinery @frankieboyle @jpalmiotti @MightyMikeNegin @AshcanPress MATT MAKE IT HAPPEN i don't know how JUST DO ITFinished that Selkie
Retweeted by Christina Harrington @AshcanPress I just want more issues of Extremity @AshcanPress Anything and everything in Extremity by Daniel Warren Johnson is just brilliant. Actually, I probabl… @TaraOComics Thank you! It's been such a rough year that even the little stuff feels bigger than it should, you know?Got some much-needed good family news today that is making me realize just how stressed I've been for the last 10 m… I describe East Coast vs West Coast culture to my friends I often say "The East Coast is kind but not nice, th…
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Oh, hey! That's my face! to get my lines to flow by channeling my inner @Trungles 🥰💕🧵🪡✂️
Retweeted by Christina Harrington @LeeMFerguson I'm about to finish a whole dang pot of coffee ughI am. so. tired. On my third cup of coffee, still can't keep my eyes open. Biden has removed the Diet Coke button. When @ShippersUnbound and I interviewed Donald Trump in 2019, we…
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Retweeted by Christina HarringtonAll the tweets I saw praising @TheAmandaGorman yesterday were nice. Back that talk up with walk, here's the pre-or…
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonToday, the New Yorker Union is undertaking a twenty-four-hour work stoppage in protest of @newyorker management's e…
Retweeted by Christina Harringtonmy counterargument would be he is sitting on a chair
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Retweeted by Christina Harrington @starsinmargins I keep texting them to my family! LolTourists at the Met vs. New Yorkers at the Met
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonFour years ago, I started saving the best of the incredibly bizarre, stupid and bad vibes photos being rapidly prod…
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonSo humbled by everyone's support! If you'd like to read more of my words, you can pre-order my first ever poetry co…
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Visiting Sesame Street isn’t a partisan issue, every First Lady since Barbara Bush has made an appearance on the se…
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonAmanda. Gorman That's it. That's the tweet. Her poetry collection, The Hill We Climb will be released on Septembe…
Retweeted by Christina Harrington @thejensington @thevaultcomics @PaulAllor @paul_tucker Cool!“Find Madonna. Bring her to me.”
Retweeted by Christina Harrington“Being American is more than a pride we inherit. It's a past we step into and how we repair it." -Amanda Gorman
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonAmanda Gorman is the youngest inaugural poet ever in the United States.
Retweeted by Christina HarringtonBiden's inauguration poet, Amanda Gorman. 22 years old. 🇺🇸
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