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T1000 reprogrammed to make cartoons. LA-based boards, directing, comics, & writing. From the part of Canada where they make the stereotypes. Opinions are my own

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Some of my favourite improvements in the past few years of modern society is it stopped being “cool” to shit on Nic Cage and Keanu Reeves @nsumida I’ve heard the downside of a Switch Lite is if they get controller drift, the whole system is basically brickedNic Cage has had an outstanding track record the past few years @lazysmirk I also have Bad Tonsils that are apparently prone to getting infected, that some of my childhood doctors… @lazysmirk But after I left that job I started getting sick a lot less frequently. (Could be worth mentioning I had… @lazysmirk In school it was usually October and December, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but a couple years ago my… @lazysmirk Even now, I'm a notorious night owl, but sometimes if I'm pushing my limits I'll feel that inflammation… @lazysmirk The first time I ever completely lost my voice from the strain of coughing was the second day of a Thank… @lazysmirk then I'd usually wake up the first morning after I let myself sleep with a full-blown cold. Usually in m… @lazysmirk Like I'd just totally gas myself working on projects and staying awake for days at a time, then usually… @lazysmirk I had like four years in a row where my family only ever saw me sick as a dog because I had a fever ever… @lazysmirk tbf when I was in college I would almost always get super sick as soon as we had a break after an intens… @vinegarkid I believe that the thing the union had with MLK day was that there was one day off and the individual s…
@Yamino Unfortunately it’s not exactly great news, it sounds like they’re basically playing a shell-game with their… @horrolivia @NosleepPodcast You might dig the Cat Lady too? It’s been years since I watched someone play through it… @horrolivia @NosleepPodcast It’s like this Lynchian-inspired surrealist horror point-and-click series I think NoSle… @horrolivia @NosleepPodcast Have you ever done the Rusty Lake series? They’re some of my favourites @HederaSparrow @thecritshow @Caimh @UrsulaV ;0; @onamorganaa Yeah, they come up in like, every article on puppy mills think one of the most disillusioning “wholesome perception vs sad reality” moments I had was when I found out Ami… @kcgreenn @korybing But are you sleepy, that’s the question. And if not, would you prefer to be. @President_Ark In general corporate brands that name themselves after Native nations are probably best to be avoidedKeep in mind, not changing his name as a survival tactic during the war or anything, born and raised US citizen who… is like that time I watched a documentary on Sea Monkeys and it turned into an expose on how the Sea Monkeys g… with a few ball-point pens, mechanical pencil and white acrylic paint.
Retweeted by Kelly Turnbullthat steve harvey looking still really is unfair to mehcad brooks, tho
Retweeted by Kelly Turnbull @YourFriendKevin From one Very Pretty Guy to another hahaRandomly thought about this today.
Retweeted by Kelly Turnbull#ViewsFromTheTwitch: The most .gifable @TiffieStarchild, host of Black and Disney. Tiffie out here curating a space…
Retweeted by Kelly TurnbullYou have received ONE PERMIT CRAB Use it wisely ~
Retweeted by Kelly TurnbullHahaha this one episode of buzzfeed unsolved where the one dude farts and it freaks out the other guy because he thinks it’s Ghost Sounds @Angela_has_cats No, it’s funnier to watch people psych themselves up for absolutely no reason at allParanormal investigation show where someone takes me to three houses but only one is supposedly haunted and I have to guess which one it is. @soldmysoul825 Hopefully it won’t get put down since they figured out it isn’t actually American, the owner just pu… discover world’s oldest known Bröther memeScientists discover world’s oldest known Ganon fan art in Indonesia, dated 45,500 years ago.I appreciate that the instant humans learned to draw, we immediately utilized that skill to make Ganon fan art. @vickorano He just wants to plug in his laptop so he can read DSA literature and I keep objectifying himI've always loved the ending speech of Bladerunner
Retweeted by Kelly Turnbull @robotsbreathing Happy birthday!!He’s been tolerating my antics for ten years hahahaBrett is just trying to live his life and do very basic tasks and I won’t stop taking pictures of him and telling h… is the most evergreen drawing I’ve ever made of Sion Barzahd say they're weebs when they've never even seen The Big Three @DirkGrundy @docvalentine Neocitran absolutely makes you feel better and konks you out. I like it more than NyQuil… @docvalentine @DirkGrundy Theraflu is nowhere near as good as Neocitran, I ended up importing a bunch from Canada b… @sarahberrysalsa HM. DON’T CARE FOR THAT. @melongifts Whaaaaat the fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkk @melongifts Wait r u telling me the character in Queen’s Gambit is a kid? I thought she was like 30 @allisonperryart Whether the requested output and time given to produce it are fair is a different conversation fro… @allisonperryart The pipelines are literally not the same thing, handing in a CN kid’s show board for a prime time… is really reminding me of this
Retweeted by Kelly TurnbullKid’s show boards don’t look like prime-time boards, script-driven boards don’t look like board-driven boards, boar… on twitter argue back and forth about what boards “should” look like, but honestly the only correct answer… @parkerrsimmons @Danny8bit Tbf Chris looks like a completely different person in every game, David Boreanaz Chris d… singing to the pigeons: “Swiggity swurdy, comin’ for that birdie”I'm part of an all Native Dungeons & Dragons game, and I can't emphasize enough how funny it is. Ya'll should check…
Retweeted by Kelly TurnbullBrett singing to the pigeons: "Dragon, dragon, little dragon, Dragon Bel-zy!"My contract ends tomorrow so Im def looking for my next animation gig or editorial! Clients include Moon Bandits, C…
Retweeted by Kelly Turnbull#drawingwhileblack #PortfolioDay Hello my name is Jordan Mitchell and I am a BG painter out of LA currently lookin…
Retweeted by Kelly Turnbull @fablepaint @Anxiousounce @BeamPaints It might have just been a set they had for the holidays, I think it was calle…
@AlexPaknadel Cobb salad, man, you get bacon, chicken, blue cheese, and it's pretty good for you. Hit all my "I wan… @AlexPaknadel The trick is just to find a couple salads you really like that aren't bad for you hahaha, my go-tos are usually cobb or tuna.I'm rooting for my bones.
Retweeted by Kelly TurnbullStoryboarding: Draw a whole lot of things not very wellI pronounce "appreciate" like "Appree-kee-ate" almost every time I say it to this day hahaha @vicchao I had this one racing episode where I ended up drawing, without exaggeration, about 1200 cars. at the end… eventually they turn into this the spirit of yesterday’s storyboard thumbnail discourse, here are some thumbs I did back in 2019 for the Ben 10… we were like "Why would Gwen even have Tim's phone number in the first place?" and ended up inventing a side st… best bit of useless trivia about this episode is there was a part in the outline where Gwen was supposed to use… don't actually have any idea what the final dialogue in this episode sounds like because originally we wrote the… boards from the Buktu the Future episode of Ben 10 that aired a few months ago, where Tim Buktu has a suit tha…! Check it out! like posting all the stupid bullshit in my sketchbook to collectively lower the bar for everybody @DeadDogLake But in reality it was a lot more blended and people with and without status live on both sides of the… @DeadDogLake I remember growing up, any time we made the news big enough for reporters in Winnipeg to weight in, th… @DeadDogLake Like, you want to get a law degree and fight for your community from inside the system? Well, you get… @DeadDogLake You saw a lot of this in Northern Canada, especially after decades of all the arbitrary reasons they m… @LegitneyHouston It was one of the segments on the Shnookums and Meat TV show one Disney hahaThinking about: the extremely pleasing shape language of Tex Tinstar: The Best in the West @jacklovestv Did you hear about that entire character that got got from Sweet Home Alabama AFTER they filmed the mo… made fun of me because I took a picture of his pecs and then looked at his pecs on my phone when he walked to… @object__lesson You rn @Idal_Waves Tbf Canada doesn’t appreciate them enough either hahahaha is the saddest set of lyrics ever written in human history want everyone suddenly getting into Sea Shanties to appreciate the saddest goddamn song ever written (which is no… wishes out to the universe that people who follow this twitter with casting powers put @mikemoh in some thi… I left to myself to draw a comic about Volt Krueger trying to take up whittling and Sion making fun of him fo… @Stupidartpunk (Of course I’m talking about what “ends up” happening here, not the way it “should” happen hahah) @Stupidartpunk See the thing is when you’re working that fast and they don’t give you the time to do two passes, yo… @Stupidartpunk Hahaha I actually have the thumbnails that made the director I was working with at the time tell me… @Stupidartpunk Oh yeah, I mean, I do them for myself, most of the directors I’ve worked with on breakneck pace show… @Stupidartpunk Prime time adult shows are pretty good about opening up the schedule enough to do honest-to-god quic… @Stupidartpunk See I like doing that kind of thumbnail, but the last time I actually tried to pitch thumbnail-sized… @SamanthaCKing Yeah, it's just this relentless waterfall like, once you start spotting what they're most likely not… @SamanthaCKing Those imo those 5-week-schedule board driven kid's shows that make board artists design all the new… love this so much! They’re opening up a tiny home community to help unhoused folks in NoHo (corner of Chandler &…
Retweeted by Kelly Turnbull @TheAlgolage People who don't want their hotdogs to taste like gross rubbery shit I guess.