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Logan - BLM @coensesque To'jajiilee

Movies, Sports, Breaking Bad, and Twin Peaks Writer for @FilmsOTC #BlackLivesMatter

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Dennis Rodman been doing this shit for 30 years FUCKING GOOOOO that Flushed Away is now streaming exclusively on @HBOMax.
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what i sleep what y’all sleep on on
Retweeted by Logan - BLMDon’t be shy Fox News put the whole picture
Retweeted by Logan - BLM @Shauner111 Him and Brad Pitt yeahThe filmmakers of this thing really thought that a bunch of young CHICAGO basketball players in the early 90s would… @newguyreview101 Yep I agree. I think it in large part has to do with Will not taking any risky or interesting roles anymore.162. Hoop Dreams Dir. Steve James Roger Ebert's all time favorite film from the 90s. Pretty hyped. @newguyreview101 Yeah it sucks he's a great actor. I think a lot about how Anthony Mackie said about how "movie sta… @newguyreview101 Suicide Squad too lmao. He also did Wild, Wild West instead of The Matrix.Crazy just how many gigantic films Will Smith was offered to star in yet turned down. The Matrix, Inception, Django… police are REFUSING to arrest them. PLEASE CALL the MONROE COUNTY PROSECUTOR to push the arrest of these disgus…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMI've never known a human being to hate another human being quite like Nick hates Gaspar Noé @NoiGeorge NopeNot particularly close Sophie's Choice Dir. Alan J. Pakula Alright misery here we go.
television has yet to top this
Retweeted by Logan - BLMFew things I’ve watched this year were as painful as watching Chris Terrio speak in THE SKYWALKER LEGACY.
Retweeted by Logan - BLM @ashonfilme YesFemboy know it been said a billion times but the universe failed native americans and i hope these protests prevail so t…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMIf there was Rank Choice voting available and @kanyewest was on the ballot with @JoeBiden and @realDonaldTrump , I…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMCool king Hot choosing Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Hot chocolate Took me five tries
@James_On_Film @Jon_Favreau Wonder if he's even heard of it @Whovian103_YT We have the same top two shows man that's awesomedude i will fucking eat you
Retweeted by Logan - BLM @realmattcooke Hopper @carternotonfilm Guardians 3160. Gangs of New York Dir. Martin Scorsese It's been a while since I watched sumn new. I was on vacation last wee… cameron on his way to give $1 million in cash to guillermo del toro
Retweeted by Logan - BLMOne of like 2 upcoming MCU movies I'm even remotely interested in
people born in 1999 finding out that they had the same exact childhoods as people born in 2002
Retweeted by Logan - BLM @ashonfilme He was approached for Cobb in Inception. Will Smith tooThis needs to be seen and heard. Please share. @realmattcooke Haven't seen enough of his pictures king I'm sorry. @MovieBaller_JP Best of the best imoKubrick Coens Lynch PTA Nolan Malick Bong Soderbergh Jenkins Scorsese Del Toro Wilder Cuaro Spike Forman Shyamalan…*ATTENTION* if you see this, u are obliged to rt. keep your mutuals ALIVE. there is an account thread going around…
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Robert Eggers’ ‘THE NORTHMAN’ has resumed production in Belfast. The movie stars Willem Dafoe, Anya Taylor-Joy, Al…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMHuman Rights Campaign: Protect Black Trans Women! - Sign the Petition! via @Change
Retweeted by Logan - BLM @ik2onmovies Shits immaculate bro she's the best. Rooting for you king @ik2onmovies I've talked on the phone with her for a couple hours past few nights 💯
🚨New Charlie Kaufman alert! I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS—an exploration of regret, longing & the fragility of the…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMFew filmmakers get me as excited for their new films as Nolan. God j can't WAIT for this. @nikc_is_sad Shut up stupid I don't even know you @nikc_is_sad You good bro? @nikc_is_sad What's the tweet bro I'm blocked broMan
The way the media outlets lied about christopher nolan putting Tenet out in July when it's not even in his control…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMMahershala Ali will star as the first ever Black heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson in ‘UNRULY’, a limited se…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMCan we just get some season 2 news please? they did this for one of their actual good movies I might consider copping. having more rights than humans is just about as American as it gets
Retweeted by Logan - BLM @putinaspliff There were a few tracks on JIK I likedFunny that for a man who is adamantly against jumpscares Ari Aster’s films work in the exact same way- Initially sh…
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Guarantee your favorite director does something moderately weird on set that Film Twitter would consider stupid and… boy oh yeah state of Georgia really voted a man who got a degree in FARMING as governor over a black woman who went to Yale…
Retweeted by Logan - BLM @trollishdelver Lucas made a gorgeous 7 hour long movie for children about how entitlement and fear of loss turns g…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMFucking king @ashonfilme The King @ashonfilme Double Indemnity>>> @phntmthread Smh the academy generally sucks but they're on another LEVEL of clown when it comes to actor noms and wins @phntmthread Fuck I meant supporting lmao. Cause if krieps wasn't even NOMINATED that's so sus @phntmthread Who was nominated for best actress that year? @phntmthread She wasn't even NOMINATED? @phntmthread God don't remind me. Gary Oldman over DDL why and how?The Shining is fucking cool, because The Overlook is a Black Hole. The architecture is wrong, unnatural, contextual…
Retweeted by Logan - BLM @Drr_Sizzle Seems that way yeah @silkfloweer Mid90s just makes me happy @Drr_Sizzle Every A24 film I've seen besides Midsommar and The Bling Ring. @silkfloweer I mean Moonlight? Good Time? The Last Black Man In San Francisco? Mid90s? Swiss Army Man? The Lighthou… @jelliclesav Man @MasAeterna No 💯Lady Bird isn't even top twenty A24
Dudes be like “i know a spot” then take you here
Fun fact: Gay marriage has now been around longer than the Confederacy.
Retweeted by Logan - BLMPlease share this!!!! Wtf
Retweeted by Logan - BLM @deuxesrage Brown black and goldish. German Shepard @deuxesrage My dog is named Cooper too what's going on here?National anthem should be changed to that one time film twitter reenacted the i am your mother scene from hereditar…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMJohn C. Calhoun (1782-1850), champion of slavery, whose statue is being removed today in Charleston, South Carolina:
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Karen, explained in comic format.
Retweeted by Logan - BLMGod Friday Afternoon. A lot Of Folks Have Asked Me Did We Film DA #BlackLivesMatter Scene As A Reshoot When All Thi…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMGay marriage has now been around longer than the Confederacy. Build statues for that you cowards.
Retweeted by Logan - BLM"My filmmaking education consisted of finding out what filmmakers I liked were watching, then seeing those films. I…
Retweeted by Logan - BLMHappy birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it. One of my earliest and biggest inspirations. Cape Fear Dir. Martin Scorsese Long car ride so imma knock out some stuff on my Netflix watchlist. Will Be Blood (2007) dir. Paul Thomas Anderson
Retweeted by Logan - BLMMagnolia (1999) dir. Paul Thomas Anderson
Retweeted by Logan - BLMMan Of Steel (2013)
Retweeted by Logan - BLMI doubt I'm much older than these two and I know every single song that was played its so confusing (1996)
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