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18+ I'm Luna Dark, Nospurratu, Goth, BDSM enthusiast, I post both goofy and erotic things alike. mostly, I post vampire puns. ko-fi;

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@BrittDoodles @TootsieBabeKat @Zhane_Star I've seen it happen with all sorts of characters, from anime to video gam… @javi_draws It's something they're proud of. Proof that they can provide for someone, a lot of women find it attrac… @BrittDoodles @Zhane_Star Nah I've seen a white person cosplay as a dark skinned person and get flack. It does actually go both ways. @Zhane_Star Cosplay is about having fun, not matching the race with the characters. @NordicWolfFinn Yes. Yes. It's really cool actually. @NordicWolfFinn I wont say which character is the one in question on here since no one knows what name I go by off this account. @NordicWolfFinn Netflix @NordicWolfFinn It's even spelled the same way!!!!!!! I just looked it up!Theres....a character....with my BNA....o.o I.... @J_R_Frost Private matters mon aime.This vampire is happy. So very happy. V'''''V -madame Creatorwe all have bad days sometimes, but no matter how bad the day is, I hope this animation makes you smile)♥️…
Retweeted by 𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴 @Techycutie Them fangs though @NordicWolfFinn Haha @NordicWolfFinn Yeah... @NordicWolfFinn I dont wanna paint! But I suppose its easierAmazon, I need an elegant writing desk. Amazon; here's 100 listings for vanity mirrors. The fekk? @NordicWolfFinn Everyone wants a white desk.Why do all the desks I like only come in colors I hate?!To hell with it! I'm gonna make my own vampire themed fabric print and put it on spoon flower or whatever it's called. @J_R_Frost Go follow the maker @J_R_Frost Go buy one. Or just give the maker some love @Kenner62951714 @Zhane_Star I'm not going by factors we dont know.I have a mighty need. @Willy_Spook Cant say I blame you. Take care of yourself. @Kenner62951714 @Zhane_Star I'm just going off of her personality, looks dont really mean much to a cartoon charact…
@NordicWolfFinn Haha @zombiebasss I love him! Hes so cool! What a cute little bat form! @NordicWolfFinn Oh lord of hell haha! @NordicWolfFinn That's horrible and yet so fitting considering the show @Kenner62951714 @Zhane_Star No, but you cant say "mom" age because you can be a mom at any age. And given the age o… @Willy_Spook Because masochism?.....what we do in shadows.....
@Zhane_Star Mom age can easily be 16....just saying. I mean, teenage mothers exist. They should REALLLY redifne that. @Zhane_Star YessI remember hearing that and me immediately looking for the logo at the bottom of the screen see it was in fact cart… @MaebyIAmDog Getting to a healthy state takes time and patience. Try not to get so discouraged because you feel it'… just reached the point of social isolation where I miss going to clubs like the one in the intro to Batman Beyond…
Retweeted by 𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴Teach me master. @NordicWolfFinn Haha @NordicWolfFinn I will allow this @rob_jpeg Well technically it is for a pg audience, studio ghibli films are all like that. 7 and 4 might be pushing it a bit though haha @NordicWolfFinn Oh looking back it's actually one of my favorite interactions. I'm fine and looking back I laugh at it.Heh heh 💜
Retweeted by 𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴 @zombiebasss Hmph, how rude! I'm wearing chiffon! XD But seriously though I LOVE your art these vampires are to die for.My mom taking away my notebooks as a child because it distracted me from my school work. :/ She eventually gave u… @SpookieLee_ Oooh I love her cute coffin and bat bows!!!!
Where the heavy cooking pan was in case he tried something. Yeah I was terrified, but after about 6 or 7 minutes he… shed pull the camera feed, and bring up the audio and all I needed him to do was let him hang himself. That'… who didnt deserve to have my job and just kept throwing the word cunt, twat and bitch my way and daring me to… timed it) calling me a bitch and a rude cunt, demanded to know if I was single saying that my boyfriend w… back the next day. I would not give him my managers personal number, 1) he doesnt need it, no one needs her pe… up your things. Finally after I got sick of it I asked him politely to leave. This sent him into such a rage.… game room was empty, and I'm sure as hell not picking up his shit. Then a second customer came in, so I asked h…, fall asleep at the machines, and always leave a mess for me to clean up. Well one day he came in and the store wa… have a few Thst take the cake, but the most recent; I work in a video cafe(video lottery) and I work the nightshi… @addyleroy As someone attempting to learn a second language, as a native english speaker, it's a helluva thing to l… feels like a good day to give away ten (10) $100 Sticker Mule credits. RT to enter. Follow so we can DM you.
Retweeted by 𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴Friend; "WHY DO YOU HAVE BOOKS IN YOUR FRIDGE?!" me; I ran out if shelf space!!!!! I've been thinking about thisss is cheating on his girlfriend friend. Or is he? hearing a lot about this helltsker game. Thiiiiiink I might check it out.Depressed man becomes lovers with an eccentric man. Depressed man gets so depressed he decides to leave the eccentr…
Voice Actors are NOT their characters.
Retweeted by 𝓛𝓾𝓷𝓪 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓴As the kids say "mood" @Ependa_ @NameisChrisTho so....I found this picture of you......Surfs up was a helluva trip of a movie. Haha @SkinkBeast @WhiskeyWinter1 @Hojozilla Leave her be! She's apologized and shes added context. Beyond that she doesn… @MaebyIAmDog I dont think these people actually care hun. I think you should just block the people who are still ha… @tylergaca I think it looks cute!
@Willy_Spook Worst part is shes a parent. So she's teaching this to her children @Willy_Spook In general if someone starts of their sentence with "problematic___ you should avoid" I'm just going t… books go over the top (especially dr. Seuse books) to teach morals and he entertaining. If you dont like dr.… giving tree is warning people about the dangers of giving and trusting too much that you end up in a situation… you purposefully misinterpreted them in order to promote your own "healthy" kids books. First of all green eggs… eggs and ham violates consent, and that I will love tou forever is actually about the mom having a mental bre… I just saw a tiktok about "problematic children's books" They stated that the "giving tree", "green eggs and ham… really need to catch up on beastars. 😫I finally have the long flowy black hair I've always wanted. dont want to play an interactive movie, I want to play a good story yes, but part of the fun of video games is th… @Willy_Spook I cant wait to get my copy. XD @J_R_Frost *laughs maniacally* @MaebyIAmDog People on the internet just dont seem to care what they rally behind so long as they're told "its for… @J_R_Frost Yes, and if there is no practicing priest or parish, a church is no longer considered sacred ground. In… @J_R_Frost *stops at the entrance.* did you know if you tear down two walls to a building it ceases to have any protection from vampires? @J_R_Frost Hahahaha, that will not save you, cher. I do not cower away from such silly demonic things. *dark chuckle*I just got me a custome kitten mask woo! One more step to making luna videos. *happy dance.* @J_R_Frost *crawls out during construction and sucks everyone dry.* you've no idea how thirsty I was. @J_R_Frost Your mistress does not do strap on, if that is something of your interests might I suggest another dominatrix. @J_R_Frost *from underground* no. @J_R_Frost Hissss @J_R_Frost I'll nip yours off if you're not careful cher. V'''''VUpdate! I refined my search........NOW I'm mad.*types in grey kitten mask on etsy.* *is bombarded with medical type masks with cats printed on them* ".....I und… decides to be a stripper once. Then one day a patron became obsessed and went missing so he had to go into hiding for a while. @NameisChrisTho Truely and surelyThis is my favorite interaction with my brother @NameisChrisTho. This is also just how the comments of anything h… @NameisChrisTho Noi will give you no mercyI liked the jem and the holograms series. I wasn't a big fan of stormer/kimber (because the original had them as be…'s art fight?