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I create art, stories and video content. I love my family, being a nerd, quesadillas and heavy metal. 🤘🏻 #FF7R #JRPG #YouTuber #manga #artist

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Was really enjoying the BBC Dracula series. First two episodes were amazing... then episode 3 (finale) falls headfi… to everyone out there today. Be safe and smart while out there celebrating.
@itsatrapppro @ArauraOfficial Likewise good sir. 🤙🏻😎Congrats @RichardEpcar @LexLang @TonyOliverVA for #LupinIII Goodbye Partner dub, nice hearing your voices again
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain!Work on the @ArauraOfficial pilot continues! Taking a break today, but back to it tomorrow! #animation #hustleStreaming #ResidentEvil Remake... the first one! #stream back into Resident Evil Remake tonight! Forgot how much I LOVE this game! #ResidentEvil #streamer @Twitch 2077 | The Gig Trailer | Reaction! #Cyberpunk2077 #gaming @BankkeyAoshi I had to reupload that video. Here it is. 🤙🏻😎 to @BankkeyAoshi, I’m getting some Cyberpunk 2077 content going. 🤙🏻😎
Extremely short Megaton Girl storyboard segment. I boarded this a few weeks ago and hit a mental roadblock, so it i…
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain! @GoodThings2Life Yeah man, you can tell that dude’s a fan. The Mandalorian is the best SW production since the Clon… @conspiracydawg @dietzribi @MicheleKeahe @StarvingFoxStd @jaysicade @Mproxima1 @ardenklawitter @TheLizondo Disney planning to nix the #StarWars prequel trilogy? @GoodThings2Life I was just indifferent. It was just kinda there. Which, I guess being such a huge fan, is a bad thing. @ChristinaMarieK 🤣 The hell did they find in that pool?! @amtraxVA I miss my convention family for sure.Is the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy About to Get Axed? #StarWars @ChristinaMarieK🤣
New #art in the works... #anime #AnimeArt @GoodThings2Life Dude I would LOOOOOVE to get up at 7 and just work throughout the day. Doesn’t reflect my reality though. 🤣 @GoodThings2Life Lol, I got up at 7. Guess I should have clarified that. I’m up until 4 am most lights working in the studio. 😵Five Things I Want To See In Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2! #FF7R #FinalFantasy7Remake @Lolthien @PlayStation I’ve seen a lot of hate for it on here and on YT as well as people coming to its defense. I… not up this early... not sure if I’m into it. 🤔 @Lolthien @PlayStation I haven’t played it, but Last of Us 2 has been creating ridiculous levels (whether warranted… @Playstation? Way to hate bait, and at the same time, making people who were possibly fans of these other ga… Things I Want To See In #FinalFantasyVIIRemake Part 2! #FF7R2 Things I Want To See In Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2! #FF7R2 #FF7R @itsatrapppro Yeah man, you need to take those breaks. @LizzieRFreeman You got TOO much sleep!Five Things I Want To See In Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2! #FF7RemakePart2 #FF7R to pull that first video down, copyright shizzz. Got a new one uploading now. @LizzieRFreeman I dig it!Welcome to my “office”. #VoiceActor
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Justin Bieber. I haven’t given up on the idea yet.
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain! @Sold1st_class Right man, I’m to a point now where the block button gets a hella workout. Lol. @Sold1st_class People who don’t understand constructive criticism make me shrug hard. How the hell do you expect so… it with me: “you can love something and still objectively criticize it”. It’s how products and personal perform…
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain!Think we'll play a #Castlevania to start tonight and then maybe a little #ResidentEvil Remake (the first one) on… @RichardEpcar I’ve always wanted to meet him!Look who’s with me! The great Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa! Shangtsung meets Raiden in Mortal Kombat11! #mortalkombat11
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain! @Sold1st_class 😂🤣... and my answer is “Baten Kaitos”
@Sorceress2016 I KNOW you know how this is. @GoodThings2Life @Sold1st_class That’s fine and all, but I’ll still call it like it is. 💯Times are hard everyone. To all of my hard workers our there, keep your heads up and keep grinding. Unfortunately,… @Sold1st_class Truth! 😂🤣 Twitch is like a strip club now too. Girls with their tits out and dudes just throwin’ BILLS at them!Ghost of Tsushima | A Storm Is Coming Trailer | Reaction! #YouTuber #GhostofTsushima #gamers MA I’M ON THE NINTENDOS!!!!! Trails of Cold Steel III hits Nintendo Switch TODAY! You can once again hear me as…
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain! @kryptonsoul1 Can’t go wrong either way! Great meme too! @rehan_koq Been thinking about getting to that. REALLY want to play through REmake 1 again though. @kryptonsoul1 I believe I’ll play as the Samurai first! @itsatrapppro Appreciate that!I wanna stream tonight... what should I play?Ghost of Tsushima | A Storm Is Coming Trailer | Reaction! #GhostofTsushima #gaming #PS4 everyone’s having a killer night. I see a lot of you creators out there making awesome stuff. Keep grind in’! #hustleIt’s a #StaticX kinda night in the studio... @dlpthecheeseman @bstategames
Been an awesome/exciting day! The train keeps chugging! @16bitdadblog Same, but with my son. 🤙🏻😎Square Enix Announcing New Games and the Future of Gaming Conferences #FF7R2 Enix Announcing New Games and the Future of Gaming Conferences! #FF7Remake #GamingNews @amtraxVA I *%#*ing love telling stories. 🤙🏻😎Oh hey, apparently I now officially have more followers on Twitter than any of my other social medias! Thanks everybody
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain!They’re so lucky!!! 😹 #anime #animefan
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain!Talkin’ about #ChronoTrigger and the Chrono series in this “Let’s Talk About It” video. It’s from January 24th but… @solomonster Absolutely. @LizzieRFreeman
RAY REACTS to Avengers War Table! #Avengers #YouTubersReact love listening to gaming and anime covers from the plethora of gifted musicians out there. I’m always sure that i… @KingJonAllen ... ‘Atta boooooy...Working on some new #art! #JoJosBizarreAdventure #JotaroKujo #anime #manga #digitalpainting #illustration #comics @Ademious es-CA!... FLOW-NE! Haha... I LOVE the soundtrack for the Escaflowne movie.Watching Toonami in the studio. I dig Paranoia Agent, but it made me think back the one of those “Golden Age” perio… guys! The random drawing is done and @AriannaTapia4 you won my first giveaway! 🎉 I’ll be sending you a DM, so b…
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain!Got some new art prints and a revamped site dropping this week. #ArtistOnTwitter @YunalesckaGames Shot from my collection... recently finished the series again... Oh, I almost forgot to mention Te… @YunalesckaGames Vampire Hunter D (‘85 and Bloodlust) Outlaw Star Trigun Cowboy Bebop Fushigi Yuugi YuYu Hakusho Sa…
@YunalesckaGames This is true for a lot of things, especially social media-born stuff. I take breaks on the regular… @mrpyo1 Can’t wait!AIRBUSTER GETS BUSTED UP! Ray Plays - Final Fantasy VII Remake - Part 5! #FF7R #FF7Remake @amtraxVA @SquareEnix @FinalFantasy Awesome!Things are hard so I just hope you are having a good night ☺
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain!RAY PLAYS - Final Fantasy VII Remake: First Play Through! Part 4! #FinalFantasy7Remake #FF7R @amtraxVA Oh the old exposure payment.I wanted to stream tonight, but instead I am editing down those #FinalFantasy7Remake “Ray Plays” videos since I’ve… @mesophen1 Yeah man, it’s SO much more comfortable. And spoiler... I’m getting back on Twitch in about one hour!
@itsatrapppro @Merryb2184 It’s important man.Reposted AND retweeted my good man. I please get 2 friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.… get this game! Season One Teaser Trailer Debut!, watch the Megaton Girl pilot
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain! @TianaCamachoVO my name is Tiana and I am made of street fighter memes and salt
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain! @Justin3000 Fuck that shit. Hard pass... swamp indeed.Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m an Israeli / Iraqi lad born in New York & a professional Voice Actor in LA. I’m so ready to liv…
Retweeted by Ray | Cosmic Ethereal Brain!SCRIIIIIPTS... REVIIIISIOOOOONS...... MOOORE SCRIIIIIIIPTS.... My eyes are bleeding almost as much as my fingertips. #animation #StudioFun