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Korean-American, data scientist, entrepreneur, occasional writer, and podcaster for Plan A Magazine #yanggang #yang2020

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Please understand: folks do not care about the price of universal healthcare or cancelling student debt or they’d b…
Retweeted by Ministry of EggsMood, now and forever @minyoungleeis The rest of the country seems to think it’s Ann Taylor sales rack. A little Banana Republic as a tre… to read this twice. As if we don’t already have govt controlled internet, energy, schools, and health care. As… all! Plan A's got a new look! Same great content, better performance, more style 😎😎😎 Tell us what you think! C…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @filipgwriting Wait that’s...cooked rice 🤯Amy Klobuchar is the classic Nice White Lady. Which is to say: Under that quavering, nearly crying voice is a Royal Fucking Bitch.
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @aesthdistance1 @ryanharveysongs Can’t wait!!
Still, some like to believe New York media bosses are the ones who are going to save journalism in LA. That’s not g…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @JohannaMarcia01 Wow a city cleaner than most houses ✨ @minyoungleeis Rooting for ya @OneMillicentCho You are a luminous being
@jessicasunlee I hope it was a good experience and didn’t wear you down ❤️. Im not an adoptee but still find this h… is it so hard to not go out of one’s way to be the worst kind of asshole there is. Absolutely disgusting.… @pronounced_sahm @chrisjesulee Yeah this is a great pointBREAKING NEWS: Bloomberg officially endorses communism, will be closing down his campaign and handing his assets ov…’ve always found the way candidates reach out to people of color condescending and incredibly dated. I went to som…
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this is very embarrassing but an AI i trained on 100,000 hours of inspirational speeches has escaped, possibly into…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @JohannaMarcia01 Perfection @JohannaMarcia01 What color is this??
@plsleaveamsg She should watch Rapunzel before it gets out of hand orders by candidate: Bernie: al pastor con todo Warren: pollo, no onion Bloomberg: medium rare steak Steyer: “…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @GordonGChang This is such a disgusting lie and for what? To pander to idiots salivating over the thought of pandemic.Think we triggered a few Brits 😆 😆 😆 😆
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @mfbt Time to organize a crawl maybe? @JohannaMarcia01 “Ignorance is built into your culture” lmaooooooo @JohannaMarcia01 This is blessing my day 😂😂😂😂😂Still have to think about this but it feels right 👇 A big part of the problem with cultural fetishization is that enjoying a culture as your personal entertain…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @noahreservation I think they’re re-enacting the last Dem Debate @minyoungleeis As a techie who finds Agile to be the death of creativity I am *so curious* how you find it useful @SirCoreGant It’s the new mercury in retrograde
@JdehnertJeff @Pappiness @realDonaldTrump Except he’s not “standing up to China” he’s bragging about funneling taxp… Birthday to the one and only Nina Simone! If you haven’t heard our episode on her and her life, today is th…
Retweeted by Ministry of EggsHad a great time chatting it up with @neighborscipod about Modern Monetary Theory (#MMT); what it is, how it lets u…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @plsleaveamsg Gotcha. Yep lotta people in that lane too. @plsleaveamsg The “everything I don’t like is white people’s fault” club is the most annoyingEvery time I think I’m finally going to quit Twitter it brings me back 😂
@JohannaMarcia01 i will be first in line to smack him with a live squid if he betrays *me personally* like that @TimothyS @TimothyS @TimothyS Happy to oblige:, *looks at CIA funneling $$$$$ for Marvel* @JohannaMarcia01 I would absolutely eat that spring mix just sayinThis is hitting home for me today. I’m an angry woman too. I’m nice, I care about puppies and plants, I work hard t… @JohannaMarcia01 Since assholes seem to be a renewable resource I propose we use them as fertilizer.Humorists are to comedy what PhDs are to being a doctor. Yes, they're comedians, but not the kind that helps people.
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @alisonrohpark Where do you even start unpacking the fuckery#yosoyunbro only people armies were all about lining up to go to a massive buffet someone who hates socialism Bloomberg sure loves getting publicly owned #DemDebate
Retweeted by Ministry of EggsOk I’m turning around on Warren. Gotta respect where it’s due.
@chrisjesulee The answer might be that you can’t portray a genuine asian american perspective, only your own🤷🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by Ministry of EggsMOOD thread, thank you @hfuhrmann for the reminder that language makes all the difference in respecting histor… @JohannaMarcia01 Truth. @JohannaMarcia01 Glad you’re back some of the ❤️you’ve been giving them! Get well soon @BiatchPack Putting the work into making the best version of it that I want @kimmythepooh Don’t have one. Also childless. Maybe correlated. @Mont_Jiang @Botanygeek my knowledge and appreciation of english has a lot to do with knowing korean so well. also…
@NickCho I would love to. Tech nerd here with skills to spare, no day job, and always looking to develop cool stuff… years ago I wrote a book about how the ultra rich systematically exploit states of emergencies to destroy demo…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @PakistaniPepper That describes my overly complicated relationship to Attack on Titan @AskAKorean This is...hmm wow I need to call some family right now“Arise Peter, kill and eat (Acts 10:13)” “Every creature that lives shall be yours to eat..I give you all these (G…
@mfbt Alone hands downIt’s the world’s nuttiest buffet how the hell am I supposed to make a meal out of this mess?I’m still not seeing enough heat at the political party so broke it makes sense that we have Diet Socialism, Trump’… @noahreservation Get out of my head! @noahreservation My WIP is a shredding of SGV in the 90s *high five* @Mont_Jiang Welp it was good while it lasted @minyoungleeis The household deities are pleased with you! @aesthdistance1 @Noahpinion I’ve been voting third party for almost every election I’ve been old enough for just for this reason @PeteStopTire Yeah on this one he’s off the mark imo. I like a lot of his stances on idpol but this is not it. The… @alen_irl Yeah not like it changes the game for me, it’s just telling that even the bare min of decency is too much… Trudeau after a Halloween party.
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Ok I went hard on Warren before but I have to give it to her here - this is a classy move. Yang, the only Asian Ame… reason socialism is so dangerous is because if you're not white the CIA will arm an insurgency and the US will…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs"Hitler didn't snub me; it was our president [FDR] who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send a telegram." —Jes…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @discoveryduck Holy shit this is ONLY takeSupport this young woman! #BlackGirlMagic And get Babygirl her money! This is how generational gets started or get…
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@aesthdistance1 @NairYasmin I can always trust you two for the takes nobody else is willing to say @Mont_Jiang @NairYasmin Side benefit: it’s gonna take work to make a boba pun on Munchausen by Proxy @aesthdistance1 @manondereeper @BiatchPack @Cheryl_CLBP @PlanAMag You belong in this pic too!Am an engineer. Carried box cutters, diamond tip scalpels, nail guns, all kinds of possibly scary stuff for years.… is not the only thing that motivates sexuality studies; joy and everything in between do too! Check out my n…
Retweeted by Ministry of EggsThis is what changing Hollywood looks like... And it involves donuts! @Cheryl_CLBP @BiatchPack @PlanAMag
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @Mont_Jiang They bangin
PSA: Bloomberg’s apology for redlining comments, @JulianCastro says “Does your credit card company take an apology?…
Retweeted by Ministry of Eggs @chngthengteng @aesthdistance1 Thanks for the rec! @minyoungleeis @aesthdistance1 It’s a tough line to walk and I feel for our creatives. Adds an extra burden of self… @pronounced_sahm @RickyRawls You win 😂Raise your hand every POC who had a great idea and got gaslighted into letting someone else take credit for it 🤚 @bencsin Yup same. Grew up in Arcadia (hey childhood neighbor!). Saw change in the food section first w Jonathan Go… native here and couldn’t be prouder of the new @latimes. Proof that filling ur ranks w smart dedicated folks and… @minyoungleeis @aesthdistance1 Totally agreed that the need for “good” rep (white acceptance) is a major setback. Parasite’s win i…