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Cohh Carnage @CohhCarnage North Carolina, USA

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[On Air] Happy new day! Now: @FenyxRising continues, digging this giant dad joke. 😂 Afternoon: More 13 Sentinels a…, waiting for a specific email, patiently... days... @CyberpunkGame
@CletusBueford You too, Cletus. 🤗 @FenixDownCo CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK! Very exciting! 🥳 @AdmiralBahroo ... For all your Cyberpunk 2077 needs. 👍 @kingscoast #ad @AdmiralBahroo The right answer is stream it normally but I mean, the RIGHT answer is stream until you pass out. @DomesticDan I need to be there with hot coco and a book STAT. @BioMarkDarrah Thanks for everything you've done, Mark! 👊 @itmeJP Best of vibes, dude! @CyberpunkGame @TwitterGaming Oooooo. 👀The time has come, that time of the year To celebrate that which we all hold so dear. For PCMR a new system we’ll…
Retweeted by Cohh Carnage[On Air] GOOD MORNING! Now: Unboxing the @CyberpunkGame 2077 collectors edition! JUST 6 MORE DAYS! 😱 After: A fir… PC case are you using? 👉
Retweeted by Cohh Carnage @Wrench_Turner74 @BlankoninyoGary @CyberpunkGame @GOGcom I don't, no. Me and GOG (amicably) parted ways earlier thi… @BlankoninyoGary @CyberpunkGame If you're wanting to support the devs 100%, the best place is @GOGcom! CDprojekt o… @HarryBlobber @CyberpunkGame 7 days for Poland, 6 days for NA (since we are 6 hours earlier) 🤣6 days... @CyberpunkGame @AdmiralBahroo I will do no such thing! @Mortox7 @CyberpunkGame True. If we don't have the PC version by then we may mess around in the PS4 version until w… @DrLupo @MiltonTPike1 Musta been the wind or something. @Drakovgaming @CyberpunkGame I haven't and don't plan on playing it at all. Just glanced through some of the settin… @MiltonTPike1 @DrLupo Lupo, did you hear something? 🤔 @Twitch Three way tie. Hades, Wasteland 3, Yakuza: Like a DragonIt happened... It FINALLY happened... For years, gamers have asked for this... yearned for this... NEEDED this...… @CohhCarnage teaser.
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This could be very cool. Looking forward to seeing the final implementation! 👍 @shroud MY MAN! @antegopyandexr1 @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump What even is this? The most important speech...? You have ZERO proof. Every court has denied you… @Jtbrig30 @CyberpunkGame All of the collectors stuff is public, it's not something there would he an NDA over. @Lowco2525 @StreamerSquare What a great idea! Awesome stuff. 👍 @djWHEAT @iambgriffs HAHA! Yaaaas.We'll be doing a full unboxing of the @CyberpunkGame 2077 collectors edition at the start of the show tomorrow (8am…[Event] The 100% @CyberpunkGame 2077 Run! When: December 9th, 6am ET (Times may change)! Where:… @seriouslyclara Exactly, now you are the VERIFIED Clara who cheated in CS:GO three years ago! 🥳 @seriouslyclara Bout. Damn. Time! @CyberpunkGame Thanks for the clarification! 😁Here's what you need to know about creating your #Cyberpunk2077 video content before the release:
Retweeted by Cohh Carnage @TimLumb LOL Ya know what I mean. Discs we're in the box. 😅 @EsfandTV @CyberpunkGame Nailed it, bud.Just so we're super clear here... 1) Yes, the discs are in the game. 2) No, I will NOT be streaming this. It's a b… my @CyberpunkGame collectors edition just came from Best Buy... (???) And I'm definitely holding a sealed copy… @LimaZuluTango Oh dang, that was quick! Looks GREAT!Hey, you. We’ve got a transmission for you. #Cybernight
Retweeted by Cohh Carnage @witchergame @Prime1Studio 👀Switching over to 13 Sentinels![On Air] Late tweet is late. 7 days. Let's get going! Tier 3 three parts emote is live for @CohhCarnage 😺Sadly i was bound by the small size design limitations to k…
Retweeted by Cohh Carnage @SugarGliderDude @CyberpunkGame I'm torn. On one side, I wanna spend a long time and check out everything... on the… @Pestily Oof, I'm due for this too. 😐 Good luck! @studioZAUM @AppStore CONGRATS GUYS! 🥳7 days... @CyberpunkGameIs it necessary to play Yakuza 0 through 6 to enjoy Yakuza: Like a Dragon? No. Are there references and events th… @ElspethEastman This is completely, 100% relatable. The world is a scary, backwards place right now. What seems obv… an FPS gamer you're trying to shop for? We got you. 🎧
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@Patr1ckBlond1n @CyberpunkGame Yup!THE MONTH OF @CyberpunkGame IS HERE! 🤤[On Air] GOOD MORNING! Now: A first look @EmpireOfSinGame by @PdxInteractive! #ad Looking forward to checking this… days... @CyberpunkGame @ZacharyWhitten @imatangelo Haaaaaaappy birthday! 🥳
@gamebowski Awwwwww yiss. @whysooseeerious @nuunuu NOPE. @jasonschreier Getting towards the end of 13 and GOOD GOD. 😶 @DrLupo @arCtyC Pretty safe to say it's a goblin doing a backflip during his cliffdiving competition near his hobbi…[On Air] GOOD MORNING! Hiya! Now: @PhantomBrigade_ continues. Enjoying this one! After (11am ET...ish): Switching… @EGOSOFT 😲Santa Booker just stopping by to say Hi on your timeline. 🤗 @dexbonus YAAAY! Grats dudes! @Daniel_Mors @BrandSanderson 👀 Hmmmmm...9 days... @CyberpunkGame @murderbits @CyberpunkGame Can you play in bed!?I'll be starting our @CyberpunkGame the SECOND I'm allowed to stream it, whenever that may be. Right now, I believe…
@djWHEAT Oh sir, sir, sir... You'll be receiving a DM in the near future. 😁 @DebbStep19 Down the road, for sure! @VersatileFaerie This is it! @orhusby Same channel. @ninchuka Yep!Change of plans.. We're starting the Cohhilition Book Club! First book: Way of Kings. Details later next month! 🤗[On Air] GOOD MORNING! Now: @PhantomBrigade_ (First Look)! After: 13 Sentinels for a bit before I head out a bit e… thoughts video... for a book, eh? 🤔 I hadn't considered this. Is this something folks would want? I tweeted this just a few days ago, it appears they fixed the bug! Thanks @TwitchSupport, much appreciated o7 days... @CyberpunkGame @hcetamd @DevinNash Twitch would then send one of these to all their major IRL/JC streamers and boom... Issues would drop by 90%+ I bet. @hcetamd @DevinNash Game changing. A big red USB button and an OBS plugin that worked with it. Set the stream on… @AdmiralBahroo Should defffiniittellyy check out Yakuza 0 through 6. I was uneasy due to full subs as well, but tot… @DevinNash I see where you're coming from but its a slippery slope if you just start ignoring people breaking TOS b… @DevinNash One of the reasons I don't do that content is specifically because it's risky. Because by doing live YT… @bobsack_ @TheMetzMan @AngelKnivez @DevinNash Good argument. I'd be all for a warning system, and after a few warni… @cmoseley47 @DevinNash If you can't properly moderate the content you're putting up on your stream... don't put tha… @DevinNash Hard disagree. Streamers are responsible for the content on their channel. They should be scanning (hav…
@renee Hurray! @seriouslyclara Oh my God. 🤤[On Air] Back with 13 Sentinels! Let's get weird. Come say hi! @EricTrump See Eric, the problem here is you're drastically underestimating how many people hate your father and fe…[On Air] GOOD MORNING! o/ Now: @assassinscreed Valhalla! The search for the hook! Afternoon: 13 Sentinels continue… @GeersArt @itmeJP 4. Gawd.
So I haven't had a TV for half a year now (thx kids) but apparently I need to get on that ASAP due to the last episode of The Mandalorian. 🤔[On Air] Good. MORNING! Now: @Fallout 76: Steel Dawn update! Hearing good things. Let's see how it is. Evening: Co…