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I coined 💿🐴, forgive me. Occasional writer and frequent editor of TTRPGs, fiction and non-fiction. trans dyke (she/her), I’ve won ENnies?!

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Spanish Giallo really do have some brilliant lqqks like bless the genre as a whole for sole truly audacious looks i…
@iamthehornedone It’s almost like people who condemned countless human beings to indignity, illness, poverty and pr… wanna be as pretty as murdered women in Giallo @RidgeLunatic That’s the sort of talk best left to god bothers and other non anarchists, they’re at best cannon fod… @RidgeLunatic I’ve read my history books, the Russian nihilists (the greatest anarchists as a group) made attentat… wager someone made a tepid and terrible take about violence as problem solving = bad. Counter Take: pacifism has… @pinguinus I found her pretty engaging, she was very socialable and did a sort of bobbing dance but didn’t vomit as… be clear I think Buzzards are wonderful citizens, part of a healthy landbase and a wonder to behold in flight. A… is an improvement on the era in which a buzzard camped out on the dumpster beside my apartment and we would…
@EvArnTheWriter Look you can just make it the cover for any album you want with photoshopFree NPC: extra or bit character holding a cat in a Giallo Film. They’re like Goblins with Silly Names but for Mode… @nynphaiel @MaenadMags I once had to teach a Marxist grad student how basic mathematics works because he didn’t und… @nynphaiel @MaenadMags my research was on radical critiques of gender and sexuality as Occidental, trans sex work (… @nynphaiel @MaenadMags Nope! Scoring systems are something I’m not used to but I have the distinction of being 1 of… @nynphaiel @MaenadMags What the FUCK? @jesselloyd_g My grad program was an incredible place for me becoming a better person but man the world as a whole… @MaenadMags Ultimately the keynote refused to acknowledge me when I kept challenging him, ran the fuck away and som… @MaenadMags A keynote at a major Philosophy of Psych convention claimed psychiatry is entirely functionalist and la… rarely I feel a twinge of sadness about leaving academia and then I see yet another list of hundreds of academ… goblin is imperious
@HypatiasAngst @ExaltedFuneral Yes! But I’m not the person behind the email currently!
@TPKZine @ExaltedFuneral Quite possibly! “FUCK YOU AND FUCK COPS” at Trump supporters with back the blue flags is probably bad PR (as is yelling “Ki…
@jscoatsworth Is 3 Strictly Ballroom?
Been complicit in multiple ongoing genocides and venerates personal wealth in direct contradiction of the scripture… religion has also exported murdwrous homophobia, attacked the science of climate change, pushed for the deregu… I’ve been called a Gaia Worshipping Death Cultist, I’d like to point out the major religion of my country has… @oh_theogony The day a urban coyote pack in NYC eats a Wall Street trader and become the darlings of the left I wil… of my D&D/trad/whatever stuff has a lot of wilderness encounters because wild animals are part of this world I… is a fondness in my heart for coyotes, buzzards, wolves, snakes, skunks, possums, rats, frogs, toads, bears,… @RidgeLunatic No, although I read an enormous amount of news, my primary employment is freelance RPG work and my se…’m exhausted most of the time. I sometimes dream of what a vacation (like an actual one where I did no work rather…
@theBestPupper @aaronmfking @SpearWitch I could potentially help with EF or MAC on longer tail projects but I secon… @flightofsand Instant add for Arcan comparison! @Rathayibacter Like: be gay make heartbreakers be sincere about that try not to act like a capitalist
The best compliments are when people see something in something I’ve done and make their own thing with it. I think… terrible contributions to the field are made infinitely better by other people doing something with them. Tbh my… @nytimes obituary for @TransGriot: Monica Roberts, Transgender Advocate and Journalist, Dies at 58
Retweeted by Sierra Ghoul (Make Total Destroy)Watching Spanish Giallo and did 13 pages of editing this morning. Sometimes not checking the news or twitter feels awfully productive.
@RidgeLunatic As an anarchist I see violence as regrettably necessary. Dig up those German pacifists and ask how mo… @iamthehornedone 1st Grade, Myths of Antiquity (Multiple Volumes), I realized the Christian god was a mistake and got hell for it ever sinceI think the American radical left has been far too tolerant of pro-lifers and gay conversion therapy and I think Bl… “coming out” was actually explicitly in favor of Baphomet and as a consequence involved being trans. I met a lot… @kennedymichaelb Which is to say: good question! @kennedymichaelb Which prolly puts it under the category of “public good” which would involve large amounts of budg… @kennedymichaelb I mean you could actually inverse pay teaching (lower wages for general topics with many instructo…
The State of the Union between Me and “Fun”• Potentially Buried Point: things like vaccine trials could be conducted via individuals who are also learning the…• Potentially Buried Point: would ease of class or quality of instruction matter if the ability to demonstrate func… @astralfrontier I think at a deeper issue of the question is how to work out the impacts of cognitive bias and how… @astralfrontier Excellent question! Theoretically in a model of education wherein technical mastery is an issue a p…• Potentially Buried Point: this allows those between jobs, transferring careers and faced with industry obsolescen…• Obvious issue: who pays for this and who pays teachers. • Obvious issue: while students produce value through the… Counter Intuitive Thought Experiment About Capitalist Thinking: Why are students not paid for attendance… @MAGAYMCA @LotMGames I’m glad you’re down for casual, public, graphic sodomy and look forward to your defense of us… @BrianBloodaxe Hits are like HP bars and the parenthetical number is their boundary (ex 5(20) means 5 hits of 20 HP… @MAGAYMCA @LotMGames Stranger, I know your party and its long history with legitimizing gay conversion therapy and… @Majb773 @FiveOutOfKevin @HypatiasAngst @diogo_oldskull @NateTreme @kiwifruitbird @Emilee3D @ForgeSkull I’m in illu…
Either we will develop a form of life where (yes/no) to an autonomous AI that sells attention as advertising is a s… think sometimes that Wittgenstein’s Builders Paradox explains my ambivalence about Twitter. Twitter is a language…
Good Morning Apocalypse, I think if you want to kill me we are gonna have to split a few atoms. @KDavidson925 Fuck yeah! God I miss like being a weirdo dead end punk, like meeting trainpunks and their weirdo granola lifestyle @KDavidson925 Prolly! Honestly the first time someone called me a cowpunk was a revelation about how small my world was? @KDavidson925 Flak, 9 Shocks Terror, Appalacian Terror Unit, CKY, etc. are the bands with any relevance outside of… I’m 5, I’m mostly aware of the world via being the child of a military family and being resettled repeatedly.… in grade school civics endorse Perot(?) because I bet on losing dogs and horses. As a sad bookish nerd who pr… am a snide child environmentalist and endorse Al Gore despite hating Tipper for the PMRC, my dad mocks me. Sm… Volunteered for Kusinich, wasn’t old enough to vote. Told a friend John Kerry was a loser. Called Kerry, was… called 49/50 with my friend for his poli sci class extra credit, missed Virginia. Technically won my dad’s im… Called Obama, was in a fracking area. Was not psyched. Drank 4LOKO, blacked out. Had a “Whoever you elect I r… election callss, for reference: 2016: believed Clinton won because I was watching the Alex Jones returns for ent…, for my election call unrelated to really debate performance or anything: Biden/Harris. @willejeune Yo Will, as one of the few young people I know: like contextually how bad was that in your experience of this nightmare ritual?And the power just went out sparing me the last of this bullshitWell that was the easiest and most avoidable gaffe Pence but hey, enough racists will hate Harris it won’t change your polling numbers.Am I tripping or is there a fly on Pence?If Biden decriminalizes marijuana and expunges all drug convictions it will be worth actually going to vote for him.Welp, this is going to get really fucking bad when Pence opens his mouth.Also thanks for being the second member of your ticket to flash a terrorist gang sign with your pro-life bullshit Pence.I feel like Harris is just so excited she gets to just look competent no matter what is basically just on autopilot… these topics are so important the argument is so substanceless and he has climaxed no hands thinking about banning abortion.Well Harris forgot women serve in the military which is some Biden Level Gaffing. But also it is not like this is e…’m glad that our allies consist of Israel, the Asia Pacific and our enemies of those who will do us harm and ISIS… have now achieved Russia and somewhere a bunch of the internet just got ready to yell incoherently @baphometadata But for real, I have the vapours, this is like watching the weird religious kid and the kid who trie… @baphometadata Pie graph: what % of that answer was about China? @HypatiasAngst Actually killing enough rich people is a sufficient net carbon sink that could be advocated against… water and land holy shit I cracked a rib, holy shit dude you are the stupidest fucking person imaginable,… Mike Pence, are you aware that fossil fuels are a finite resource?For a Green New Deal and abolishing fracking and oil, VP Pence i will rip your beating heart from your chest withou… reminder: if this debate took place via Quibbi or however you spell that cursed app it would give them signifi… cannot wait to yell Ukraine and have this go straight to shit. @baphometadata Honestly, expectedly, Senator Harris with a way more impressive resume than anyone else involved in… this is fucking hilarious. Also Pence if you want to make a meme: call her a California Anti-Vaxer it’s a dog w… @baphometadata Question #4: give this poor moderator the power to cut a fucking mic?Wow Pence you cannot hit your marks, like Harris is running over like 6 seconds but that was like half a minute. Al…’know what: admit it Canada is simply a better nation than the United States and repeatedly defeated us—including… @baphometadata Question #3: who made this terrible fucking lead? And how did they get their job? @baphometadata Question #2: fuck these nerds, this hasn’t even started and I’m annoyed?