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“Fuck yeah babe, are you close?” Me:
Retweeted by ToeTwitter is down bad these replies make me want to lay in front of a car and slowly get ran over feeling every bone in my body break. @Juicysteak117 He would love thisRemember when the entire world was obsessed with Dolly Parton
@gokuw33dlord great take king @limitlessjest What you really should do is merge them into one video so we can hear and see it all at once. @StefaniaNight Whoa whoa love is a bit too far. We are in acceptance mode right now lmaoOnce you realize that what you look like doesn’t matter to the people who love and care about you then you can just… cool thing about losing your hair is that after you get over the stress of your hair falling out in handfuls an… @HTTP_Lovecraft *presses send* “MOOOOOMMMM WHERES MY FUCKING FRIED BOLOGNA SANDWICH”Aren’t we so lucky that we get bodega discourse 3 times in 6 months @chainchompist Orrrr is a penis just a vagina that fell out???? @Tony_simp_rano Bro this is the horniest thing I’ve ever seen you tweet @ddaddydunks Tony is just a misogynist whose idea of a woman is a cigarette with legs @Tony_simp_rano I can’t believe you want him to render your voice box uselessYes yes just place the servers directly on top of the ice. @Tony_simp_rano men be like: i love to tweet the dumbest shit the world has ever seen
Retweeted by ToeHe’s not funny and neither am I. Tony stop projecting. @JackJackMackin Huehuehuehue ur so funny broImagine getting railed while Kamala Harris is giving a speech talking about all the half measures she will conduct… will be at least one inauguration watch party/orgy in this country, that thought brings me great disgust.Vegan twitter please get my assI’m going to briefly stop veganism to consume the entire animal farm to stop capitalism.We’re all just sardines jumping into the gaping maw of a whaleMarx said- @babs_bebop I just can’t even believe how good they areThe journey of a Brooklyn podcaster
Retweeted by ToeAcne stickers slow sucking my pores all nightThere are still 100 jobs that aren’t women allowed to do in Russia hole is a potential purse
Retweeted by Toe @JoseCanseco Sir I saw you left our group chat, miss you @antisisyphus Ily JuneThe only tiktoks I watch and truly appreciate are @Fascin8dByFungi’s @babs_bebop She got the jokes 😎 @intrnetdaughter @yungdresscode It’s honestly surreal
@thucydiplease I don’t think she meant it in a t*rf-y way I think she meant it like “people make fun of me for havi… @Sandernista412 My ass is sooooooo fat right now like omg please bro I only have so many yoga pants 😫😫😫😫 @ryanaboyd Yeah it’s unnaturally warm rn. I’m concerned!!!Based and butthole pilled @biboofficial Loose and long buttholeEvery hole is a potential purse @nevaduhh I like the horny police, we play a fun game called “I keep saying more and more vile things and they find… @intrnetdaughter I have no original thoughts @davidslavick @intrnetdaughter Fuck @intrnetdaughter Inside her trading @thucydiplease Sammy you do this but more on the timeline @Tony_simp_rano She loves lifting up and embracing the shittiest people on this site @AlabamaTofu She lives in the momentNow I just watch a dog eat its own shitMoving out of the Southern California area was the best thing I could’ve done for my health, watching people obsess… @Eve6 What no pussy does to a mf’m consistent hope that this starts a discourse @charlietwerk69 Yeah that’s fineSending multiple messages in a row in group chats is actually virtual manspreadingThis tweet was brought to you by your local department of public healthSetting up a zoom meeting with all 78 lovers to reveal a super gonorrhea diagnosis @Lefty_Jew God damn it’s 1984 in your home! @trahvv @blahsquiat It’s called marketing 😎Hoping all the weight I’m gaining goes to my tits as if I haven’t done this before. A girl can dream.I’m not dead yet!!!!!! @shreyabasu003 You gotta have serotonin to take melatonin. Try l-tryptophan or magnesium. Also if you have a cycle,… Crenshaw’s eye is actually a rectum where he poops out of. @feedyurhed @gokuw33dlord @RadioFreeLabour Elon’s not gonna fuck you @AuhsdBond @SD_bonds There is a catch, there is to be no Zionism posted on this acct. @AOCummies I don’t believe in organized religion OR GOD @blahsquiat @LilTunechi Damn dude no one is gonna listen to your shitty music, happy for your engagement today thou… is officially my will. All my belongings will be brought to the next massive wildfire in California and incine… of throwing dirt on my coffin as it slowly descends into the ground I want every attendee to pour beans on it. @GulenOnlyFans I would’ve yelled at you!!!!THIS IS NOT ENOUGH SEA TO SING A SHANTY AT. Ratio me you cowards.’t sing sea shanties in Bosnia on account of they got no sea to sing at @Chinchillazllla WGTOW @AuhsdBond And then you posted a gif I mean woof, that’s real bad. I’m down bad today. @AuhsdBond It’s fcked that you made a good point @Stab329 lmaoAnd a full bottle of soy sauce, and a plate full of dinner I prepared, and an empty pint glass. Sorry I’m just reca… @FlapJackNorton I thought about doing this on a ten hour drive but realized I’d have to stop for gas anywayIdk the drunk guy throwing a bowl of popcorn at the wall next to my head seems like a bigger red flag!!!! I want to wake up with this energy @HeheWaitWhut Each of their faces is like a new type of face I’ve never seen beforeThe best posts are happening right now, you could get in on the ground floor but what are you doing? Jerking off? @solidarity_goth Ah nvm I’m all on defense right now. Apologies @solidarity_goth Whatcha tryna say budSystem of a Down Bad
Retweeted by Toethe virgin chad vs the chad virgin @MONGOOSE420 That’s not all I dodged (this is how I cope) @pseudonymity14 His mom was truly something 🥰My ex just got a new girlfriend! Happy for them, hope she enjoys a drunk man throwing objects near her just as much as I did! @imjustliketony He doesn’t pay enough to be considered a true pay pig @vibesrestored :D stopnew tiktok dance just dropped bro you got this image saved on your phone? @timeforjaya I’m sorry that I helped I was showing supportThat was such a good day I’m not going to comment on the discourse I’m gonna be the discourse baby @leninbussy420 I need some rich old idiots to follow meMGTOW, baby cock edition should be called something like brat tamers??? Idk that might be a good name.