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@unst9ble the GOAT @PowerPixele @NRGgg @GenG my goat
@unst9ble nt @IzzyGetsBizzzzy so proud of you man fr <3
@refresh1k @kumifps idk why he hasn't been signed yet this guy is the best player to touch valorant ever @SideEffct_ my goat
@Add3rTV holy fuck
@PonderVAL @MizzouEsports love u jack :3 @PonderVAL @MizzouEsports my goat @CaMbCaMbTV real, it's more fun when you have thanos on your team(me) @unst9ble IT'S TIME.
@AeroValorant avengers duo happens again @AeroValorant wow stew x mike duo irl @sickoJM this guy was calling me f slur like 20x n shit it was funny, he has actual mental issues. @wadiantpwoheebs happy bday heeba from me n ericka :D
@_scrolI @ProfessorSoop the fuckin goat @PowerPixele im proud of u sean @koalanoob i love u gianny i always believe in u @GrimValorant @IzzyGetsBizzzzyGiving away 2 CHRONOVOID SKIN BUNDLES ❎ Follow @GrimValorant ❎ Like and Retweet ❎ Tag a friend GOODLUCK :)
Retweeted by COLBY @TotsiVAL_ @FPSMera @DU_Esport LMAOOOOOOO @didthatboyin fs i'm starting work real soon prob friday n i got tourneys on the weekend so yah @didthatboyin good im glad ur good mira @didthatboyin i'm great hby @didthatboyin hi mira @FPSMera @DU_Esport 🤭any collegiate val teams giving scholarships? :3 @Vishxbuns @FPSMera it's ok I put him in winners q when we won my radiant rank up mwahaha @FPSMera @Vishxbuns biggest ranked turn around @CaMbCaMbTV check dms :D @jenjidotcom Lol @CaMbCaMbTV u free this saturday/sunday camb? @qwertz_val noo @jenjidotcom Lol @qwertz_val hi qwertz wyd @jenjidotcom guy said brawl @SideEffct_ yessir def just lmk ill try to find some weekend tourneys @FraggVAL word just lmk, I'll be free all day saturday/sundays w/my new job so @Shep_33 i got weekends off n I think my hrs start at 7 pm to 11 pm then after like 2 weeks of working shift to 3 pm to 11 pm so
@Shep_33 I wanna compete but the way my new job is I have no time so it's fucked, I do wanna just pug tourneys for fun tho @Shep_33 sup maneI have officially left T1 in pursuit of new opportunities. I am super grateful for everyone in T1 and it was an abs…
Retweeted by COLBY @wadiantpwoheebs compared 2 every other act this is like the least i've played besides ep4 act 3 where i quit after like 60 games @wadiantpwoheebs this is like the only time i actually feel like playing ranked on val and the game is down lol.
YESSIR 1K S/O @ayoMalikai for the raid blessing me up <3
Retweeted by COLBY @181rays_ @kriIixe LMAOOOOOOOO WHAT @Lamtoge @IzzyGetsBizzzzy ? dont talking @IzzyGetsBizzzzy I love you bro congrats I'm so happy for you @Glorinsz @IzzyGetsBizzzzy
@iamhcu happy 4 u i lost a 10-2 earlier with a rlly cool team 🥲 @ssav1or @pohluhr @ForcKnife it legit looks like gta 5 with like gui mods ngl i dont think it’s a leak @iamhcu losing the most winnable games<<<
@daimyoFPS I'd argue victor, he had 6 kills at half and ended with 19 with major impact n had like 4-5 phoenix ults… GETS THE SERIES WIN AND ADVANCES TO THE #VALORANTChampions GRAND FINALS! #GreenWall
Retweeted by COLBY @Bobbert_VAL shoot back @fraankyfps YOU PLAY VAL+ARE IMMORTAL 1.5K IT WONT EVER BE YOUR TIME @FPSMera @alexisfps wow super vouch @IzzyGetsBizzzzy my goat
@iamhcu maybe I install the tracker thing now. @CaMbCaMbTV yeah I’ll prob play a val game on my acc once every week just to keep my rank but other than that I’m gonna hard grind it @CaMbCaMbTV it looks so good and I’m quittin val for it ong @iamhcu would u like to queue sometime hcu ^_^ @wlyrrr @KaedenVAL @starg4zers @FuckParo I thought maddie replied this at first I was cryin
@KnightsGG @IzzyGetsBizzzzy @ov6rcook Watch Urself Kiddo @ov6rcook ??? @ov6rcook wow faster aimer overcock @iTOXlK @erickapickle @unst9ble @Add3rTV @karraof q tmrw i need 3 wins in a row to get my radiant back plz unstable @Add3rTV @unst9ble @karraof i started at 550 a few days ago n ended at 380, YOU DONT WANT IT BAD ENOUGH!!! @Add3rTV @unst9ble @karraof it's peak prime ranked time tn (I'm not on and I will not be queueing) @Add3rTV @unst9ble @karraof get on add3r it's ranked time
@OdiFps he's right @dreaasucks Kelp? Wtf.. @dreaasucks Noo I@hope U feel Better @dreaasucks Omg U Haz Covid
@wlyrrr @ssav1or sorry im sorry i apologize. @wlyrrr @ssav1or DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS.. RYAN?!?! ALEKSANDAR, THE ALEKSANDAR IS ABOUT TO DROP A NEW VIDEO, HE… @daimyoFPS is it fun i need new games to play i’m bored of val @daimyoFPS wats dis game @PonderVAL @MizzouEsports ur so cold jack holy fuck @koalanoob you look so good man I'm super proud of you bro, love u <3
@HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 u can change that for her hika @suyki_6 @HEYHIKARl i dont see the problem here.. Lol. @HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 this is actual W rizz @HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 ur lucky she’s napping rn or else you’d be dead buddy… @HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 ? sorry only she’s allowed to want me @HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 w Rizz fr holy shit hika @HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 RIZZARD
@sickoJM happy bday sicko @didthatboyin back on valorant u go @didthatboyin y @FPSMera maybe u need me more often
@HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 @erickapickle @HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 idk ask her idk how i pulled @HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 dont call me that.. I got super lucky @HEYHIKARl @suyki_6 holy rizz @IzzyGetsBizzzzy yeah yk @b1xyke i'm convinced they dont even play their own game half the time
@toxikak @FPSMera @koalanoob yea i knew they were letting anybody in when i saw u radiant 😹😹😹😹