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TONIGHT! Host of @DrewBarrymoreTV, @DrewBarrymore, speaks to the importance of timing when it came to starting her… Stephen chats with @CBS colleague and host of @DrewBarrymoreTV, @DrewBarrymore! Plus a musical performance…
Exactly right. Tune in to #FarmAid2020 tomorrow night at 8pm @FarmAid @YouTube
Retweeted by A Late ShowJustin Vernon of @BonIver performs “22 (Over S∞∞N)” in support of the Wisconsin voting initiative #ForWisconsin.…✅ Best State ✅ Best Diners ✅ Best video to start your day Listen to @StephenAtHome break down what you need to kn…
Retweeted by A Late ShowHere's a flashback to when @RepKatiePorter earned her medal of excellence from her Harvard Law School professor… hi to life-sized Gundam. #Quarantinewhile Wonder is so upset with systemic oppression he's cursing. #LSSC Trump won't commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election - Meet life-sized Gundam…! You're home to some of the greats: Louis Armstrong, Reese Witherspoon, and the one and only Jon Batiste.…
Retweeted by A Late ShowKeep laughing. Goodnight! #LSSC teaches @StephenAtHome how to call a play like a quarterback. #LSSC lets @tonyromo see the quarterback arm. 💪 #LSSC argues that Congress has given away powers to the Executive Branch. #LSSC Nixon clone has a tough task. #Quarantinewhile out for those squirrels. #LSSC✉️👰 #LSSC a seat, we’ll see you in 5 minutes. #LSSC Congresswoman @RepKatiePorter is our guest tonight on A Late Show! #LSSC Dallas Cowboys QB and @NFLonCBS analyst @tonyromo talks football with @StephenAtHome! #LSSC #LSSC tonight: We know who to call to help Trump leave office peacefully.
TONIGHT: The congresswoman from California, @RepKatiePorter! Then former Cowboys quarterback and @CBSSports NFL ana… you can see @NFLonCBS analyst @tonyromo on A Late Show! #LSSC great @YusufCatStevens performs "Wild World" on A Late Show! #LSSC hopes people get answers from "The Comey Rule" #LSSC are being used to detect coronavirus. #LSSC New York MTA is making obvious rules and America should follow suit. #LSSC Jon and Stephen react to the news that no officers will be charged for the shooting of Breonna Taylor - Dogs may… 👏 #LSSC talks about what he wants people to learn from “The Comey Rule” before the election. #LSSC"It feels surreal to me. It feels like something we shouldn't have to deal with ever, and we've dealt with it over… official tuna of Antifa. #LSSC MTA needs to put up one of their new signs in the White House. #LSSC minutes until we dial in. #LSSC’t miss @YusufCatStevens perform tonight on A Late Show! #LSSC stars in #TheComeyRule on @Showtime and he joins A Late Show tonight! #LSSC tonight: According to the president, tuna cans are now weapons.
TONIGHT: The talented @jeff_daniels is here to talk about his new mini-series on @Showtime, "The Comey Rule." Then… made his TV debut with a performance of “New York” on A Late Show! #LSSC's Americone Dream vs. @SHODesusAndMero Baconeggncheese ice cream #LSSC games have no fans but you can still hear boos. #Quarantinewhile more mail-in voting this year, we have to update the "I Voted" sticker. #LSSC A former Pence aide says Trump has a 'flat-out disregard for human life' - NFL players are getting booed by fake… talks to Drew about how and when it’s okay to be funny on @colbertlateshow. Watch more from today'…
Retweeted by A Late ShowOn the occasion of @springsteen birthday, this really skilled interview by @StephenAtHome in which Bruce talks abou…
Retweeted by A Late ShowThat’s all folks! #LSSC and @desusnice & @THEKIDMERO try each other’s ice cream! #LSSC you guess which comedian @desusnice & @THEKIDMERO would love as a dream guest? #LSSC Lauder is launching products into space for an ad campaign, similar to how they used space in the ‘80s to tes…’s an appropriate “I Voted” sticker for people voting by mail. #BetterKnowABallot #LSSC’s not great for a president when you’re described with the same slogan as the Arby’s Bacon Ranch Chicken Wrap.… 5 minutes you can be a part of our great crowd! #LSSC @iamjakeisaac makes his TV debut TONIGHT on A Late Show! #LSSC hosts @desusnice & @THEKIDMERO return to A Late Show tonight! #LSSC #LSSC tonight: We know why the Trump administration labeled New York an ‘anarchist jurisdiction.’
TONIGHT: The hilarious hosts of @SHODesusAndMero, @desusnice & @THEKIDMERO! Then an amazing musical performance fro… is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! Celebrate by heading over to to register or verify…
Retweeted by A Late ShowLaurence Fishburne highlights Malcolm X's most powerful teachings. #LSSC believes Russia is still interfering with U.S. elections. #LSSC Biden's social team perfectly uses Trump's words against him. #LSSC Show writer @ElianaKwartler pays homage to RBG. #LSSC We say goodbye to American hero RBG - The Biden campaign trolls Trump - @LTGHRMcMaster discusses Russian interfe… is National Voter Registration Day! If you haven't registered already, visit to find… you tomorrow! #LSSC Fishburne is the narrator of “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and he shares what stood out to him about th… Fishburne confirms he’s ‘old-ish’ with his no-lace shoes. 😂 #LSSC“Any leader that doesn’t acknowledge the nature of their threat is playing into their hands.” - @LTGHRMcMaster on R… Biden after he posted his new campaign ad. #LSSC🐕🐕🐕 #LSSC senators want to force a nominee into the Supreme Court in an election year, but here’s a video of them… us in 5 minutes to see a familiar face! #LSSC and Tony Award winning @blackishabc actor Laurence Fishburne is on A Late Show tonight! #LSSC National Security Advisor @LTGHRMcMaster will be on A Late Show to discuss his new book! #LSSC #LSSC tonight: We followed Lindsey Graham’s directions.
TONIGHT: Former National Security Advisor to Trump, @LTGHRMcMaster. Then the amazing Laurence Fishburne stops by to… have one job. #Vote #BetterKnowaBallot Thank you @colbertlateshow
Retweeted by A Late Show#BetterKnowaBallot helpful links for voters in the United States of any party. Please vote.
Retweeted by A Late ShowYou don’t know what, where, or how to vote? @StephenAtHome got you. Go to and they will tak…
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How @StephenAtHome gets ready for the #Emmys
I've seen many people post and ask about voting: how, when and where they can vote in each state. The Late Show hav…
Retweeted by A Late ShowTONIGHT! While interviewing Trump for his new book, "Rage," journalist @realBobWoodward was ridiculed by the Presid…
.@PJMorton gives us a beautiful performance of his new single “All in His Plan” got drunk with Cate Blanchett on the set of "Carol" #LSSC delivers a performance of her brand new single “Head And Heart On Fire” #PlayAtHome hears more stunning ideas from some of Trump's loyal supporters. #LSSC's ready for a new type of Mountain Dew? #Quarantinewhile Barr makes a ridiculous claim about coronavirus mandates. #LSSC Bill Barr compares coronavirus mandates to slavery - Red Lobster creates a new drink #Quarantinewhile -… case you missed it, I’m very pleased to be able to share my performance on the @colbertlateshow with you all! Th…
Retweeted by A Late ShowIf you’re confused about how to vote in your state, go to And tell your friends about…
Retweeted by A Late Show2 thumbs up for a good night! #LSSC STOP what you’re doing right now and go watch “Carol” to see if you notice how drunk @MsSarahPaulson and… airlines Qantas is now offering a 7-hour flight to nowhere. Next year they’ll be offering a new service.… Louisiana! Confused about all the voting guidelines in your state? @StephenAtHome is here with all the resource… Barr compared stay-at-home orders to house arrest, claiming it’s almost as bad as slavery. You can see how it… ready, we’re coming your way in 5 minutes! #LSSC we get to see a performance from the talented @PJMorton! #LSSC stars in @RatchedNetflix and she’ll join us on A Late Show tonight! #LSSC #LSSC tonight: Trump had a devious plan for protesters.