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Journalist. Policy & Practitioner Fellow @C4ARR, 2019 Resonant Voices Fellow @BIRN_Network. @bellingcat @haaretzcom @newrepublic etc.

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@yellena_p And the inverse @suboticjelena @aaron_schwa @tuckcomatus @william_tompson surprised Aaron isn't Surčin for more Serbia jokes right now @DanSixsmith @Mortis_Banned @KevinRothrock I was thinking this but updated/devolved @Mortis_Banned @KevinRothrock someone needs to write a novel set in that queue
Croatia's right-wing HDZ came out on top in elections on Sunday, scoring one of its best results ever as its centre… @emilyctamkin *greatest @yellena_p Ha, she might! @yellena_p yeah I'd assume giant HDZ plus Glasnović but I remain ready to be surprised @yellena_p still waiting on this crucial vote @chick_in_kiev lol "Leftits" @emilyctamkin I sure hope there's some book coming out soon on this topic @emilyctamkin"Most nationalist conspiracies are built upon well-established narratives of superiority, victimhood, and sacrifice…
@suboticjelena aka twitter @UnaHajdari @UnaHajdari @Tom_Junes @chryslap @UnaHajdari I have and ohhh boy no one should hear it @UnaHajdari i.e., "Hərrvətskə" @UnaHajdari I feel much better now about how I pronounce Hrvatska
@SKozakMedia @APHClarkson @APHClarkson Washington Roughriders, then rename the Seahawks to the Washington Rough Riders“My resignation [is] a protest, a signal, a red line...I made a difficult but necessary decision...for a long time…, these DMs are fake. We assume that the Russian troll factory (RIA FAN) is publishing some story with oth…
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@suboticjelena @Mortis_Banned @bellingcat still applies @Mortis_Banned @bellingcat Михаил Колборнов"Журналист Майкл Колборн, пишущий о крайне правых для @bellingcat и других изданий и также получавший угрозы, счита… @suboticjelena so, a nightmare @suboticjelena was your dream in the format of a zoom meeting though, replete with freezes and people telling you to unmute?
@UnaHajdari @jwehrens @emilyctamkin well at least keep it as a piece of memorabilia, since ukrainian parties come and go and ch… @emilyctamkin @jwehrens I'd almost forgotten about their existence tbh @emilyctamkin @SKozakMedia @Mortis_Banned @realDonaldTrump @NYCMayor
After being implicated in "10 counts of war crimes" last week, Kosovo's president spoke out for the first time toda…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne“The Balkans is seen as a vanguard for nationalist thinking for the far-right. They see it as a place where Europea…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne @hasanbegovic @UnaHajdari @hikmet_karcic @DenisDzidic Yes, it will be!
(the actual story is correct, just the tweet which....yeah) @fabrice_deprez @BearMarketBrief Too Many Vladimirs, the newest hit sitcom
@AricToler @SevaUT @SevaUT Joyless Division, who are a Misery Index cover band @emilyctamkin um who's Louis XVI in all thisPresident Hashim Thaci and nine other former separatists accused of being "criminally responsible for nearly 100 mu…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne“The question everyone is asking is, why now? This has been dragging on for years and years and then all of a sudde… @wiczipedia @ChristopherJM up here provincial borders suddenly matter, though there's nothing like this AFAIK. e.g.… @aaron_schwa of "racially or ethnically motivated terrorism (REMT), particularly white supremacist terrorism, remained a… should be noted that this indictment has yet to be confirmed by court, but the (otherwise quite discreet) prosec…
Retweeted by Michael ColborneThe Specialized Chambers, a judicial body situated in the Hague with the goal of prosecuting war crimes related to…
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@AricToler well done "recorded a marked drop in crimes committed by far-right extremists as compared to 2018. Offenses such as…
US solider charged with "for allegedly planning an attack on his U.S. Army unit by sending sensitive details about… figure for Levijatan thus far, with 71% of polling stations reporting: 0.69% @UnaHajdari @brezaleksandar from my monarchy to yours @suboticjelena @SKozakMedia fine fine @SKozakMedia @suboticjelena Serbia, president Aleksandar Vučić's party (as was expected) swept to victory with an estimated 63% of the vote…
@suboticjelena these guys only got 0.8%, suggesting to me perhaps this ad/promo was not overly effective @Marien__R @CeSIDBeograd oh. well then. @Marien__R are there even official results yet, save the samples/counts from @CeSIDBeograd et al?Preliminary results from #Izbori2020 indicate, to no surprise, that Levijatan won't be in Serbia's parliament, gett…, Parliamentary election: Cesid-Ipsos Exit Poll SPS-EPP: 63.4% (+15) SPS~S&D: 13.3 (+2) SPAS-*: 3.9% (new)…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne @AricToler *TRUMP @hannahgais @thetomzone @RadioFreeTom The Two Toms. 10/10 would watch. Well, a pilot at least.
@DustinGiebel could have kept the ice on the rink @suboticjelena @UnaHajdari @UnaHajdari who doesn't have a locket like this @slav_zeko @UnaHajdari the animals weren't random either is holding Europe’s first #COVID19 elections tomorrow and @ColborneMichael spent a good part of his time in…
Retweeted by Michael ColborneAleksandar Vučić was Serbia’s dominant political figure for the last decade — and his party is on course to win big…
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For @bellingcat I wrote about Levijatan, Serbia's dog-cuddling far-right vigilantes who use animal rights as a cove…
Retweeted by Michael ColborneSerbia's Levijatan are popular on social media for rescuing animals from abuse. But that's only half the story.…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne @bellingcat And another poll showing them at 0.6% (lower range 0.3%, higher range 1%) @bellingcat I wrote about Levijatan, Serbia's dog-cuddling far-right vigilantes who use animal rights as a cove… @bellingcat In a poll released today, Levijatan/Živim za Srbiju is polling 1.1%, well short of the 3% threshold nee… itself here"We were really struck by the high level of engagement by’s clear that Canada has a well established… are the third largest nationality on 4chan’s politically incorrect board and were the third-largest commu… @DustinGiebel @hannahgais @jason_a_w "It looks like you're engaged in a fight to the death with a Word document that has become s…
@ColborneMichael Levijatan are an interesting mix of "must love dogs" and far-right rhetoric and pro-government act…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne @ColborneMichael The anti-migrant rhetoric that Levijatan is involved with is unambiguous. The group leader, howe…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne @ColborneMichael Levijatan members don't like migrants. At all. For example, in June 2019, its leader claimed tha…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne @ColborneMichael This is a group that briefly popularized the surreal claim that Serbia is home to "dog brothels" f…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne @billyjane @bellingcat Thanks! @chick_in_kiev is the #radicalright exploiting a Swedish teen’s murder? #CARR Policy and Practitioner Fellow, Mr Michael Colb…
Retweeted by Michael Colborne @fabrice_deprez hey, I've still got my copy hanging around
*дітей, not дитейh/t @kooleksiyLost in other news: Ukraine's Azov movement decides today is a good day to publicly & directly allude to the 14 Wor… August 2019 our @BcatMonitoring project reported on a group translating and publishing the manifesto of the Chri…
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