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18yo 5'0 bmi 19 /sh, ed/eng, esp/ she

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@anorsexyia seba thats amazing, congratssssss, and keep going
my fav most triggering ed yt videos pt. 2 (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ a 🧵for edtwt 。˚⋆ 🏷 edtwt anatwt ricecaketwt edtwtthre…
Retweeted by ana ʚ꒪ɞVeggies and many of those cookies, scared to count how many calories I ate but pretty sure my whole intake is aroun… @noradrenaIine Un hombre menos en el mundo es algo beneficioso, para ti y para el mundo @vixie_d0ll Thank uuuu ദി ᷇ᵕ ᷆ )I'm going out for lunch with my parents and their friends 🙀 @vixie_d0ll Anddd I love your kaomojis ♡♡♡My ex now has a hebtai addiction (._.`)need to get matching sanrio keychains with someone so badly
Retweeted by ana ʚ꒪ɞ @DisorderedDroll I like when they use the word shame or guilt @starve4han Cool people call it puppy eyes face @vixie_d0ll replying, we dont interact much but i always get your replies in tl and your picrews and i really like… @user273790 she's so me i always cook the yummiest things for my loved ones but the most boring shit for myself
Retweeted by ana ʚ꒪ɞ @annidoesnteat so cute annie, this is the best poll for christmas
Posting now before I get tempted to eat more. Maybe I'll eat a carrot or drink more milk. Around 270 calories public haul bc I have no shame. Last two are gifts for my family. And it's cheap makeup lmao, like 6 dollars for… bought so much stuff today, I think I spend around 25 dollarsss
@customcals Weight lose ofc and always being cold, no sweating even in summer and always feeling light @noradrenaIine'm not sure if I miss counted but at least is around 600 it's mostly veggies and the white thing are egg whites, t… @sourwcherry El de sodio casi no me importa9k steps before 1pm 🙀
@nonocals Is this killing stalking 😰? @lilsitron @nayeonkcal “im an underweight princess”
Retweeted by ana ʚ꒪ɞAnd what I ate but not really i ate, actually yum. Do feel bad for not eating the perfect yolks but I have my priorities @d4karam0tto @prbblybreathing Don't have a Mac so twitter for pc @bellesdiet que rico se ve todo, que envidia waaaaaa @veniceskgs Yes, even in the subjects I hated @decayingpolly Thank u polly ♡
Happy New Year! Have an amazing #NewYear :)极其舒适
Retweeted by ana ʚ꒪ɞIt's milk and some oats;>_<;) I do eat a lot. @noradrenaIine this pic makes me wanna cry @annidoesnteat all of the above @noradrenaIine yes sigh, he was talking about rape, the worst thing a women can imagine @noradrenaIine he just kept talking about sex and porn he was disgusting goddd, and then got into a fight with me f… i hate this type of men
@bunnspo I'm not Scottish kkk and I'm bad at geography @starve4han hi can i still join?
todos los hombres si son iguales la ptm day to not binge, it was good full binge mood today so here's what I ate feel like about to pass out, but I got sprouts yay @yeoj1nkgs Nooooooooooo 💀⭐️ ving so i can be like these dolls
Retweeted by ana ʚ꒪ɞ @herchizo nada, se ve muy rancio y tiene muchas cosas q no me gustan @aishaaaa222 21? @noradrenaIine pat pat, i hope things get better <3
@evr4evr1 go on feeder reddit @noradrenaIine vale if u need to talk, vent or anything u can always dm me, ily, take careLoser behavior mehappy first day of chritsmassssasafadt @peachshavedice chiiii @trainwreckcals i call it bread butt @noradrenaIine Watch Wedn_esday and bo_cchi the rock @r3cord3dbttrfls Our song @annidoesnteat u mean white people? nope @kgsbun Yummyy @evr4evr1 Lain era?omad, ate 3 avocados 🙀
2022 u think I'll get food poisoning if I eat this? :3 calories I think (yogurt x2)
Is an addiction @PSYCHOSOY
Retweeted by ana ʚ꒪ɞ @noradrenaIine I got so happy when I knew how short she is @kgsbun CUTIEE MUA MUA IRL DOLL @huronsitoo @i2tzu En verdad se puede ser un bebé con tca, solo si sufriste un trauma extremo o si la mamá tiene tc… @frutosdelbosk3 Es algo que afecta a la personalidad (había una tendencia a ser retraídos) asique dudo mucho que es… @frutosdelbosk3 Yo vi un video de un experimento con bebés muy pequeños, anorexicos, los bebés deben estrictamente… @dropdeadbyex She probably is, or a bit lower. I looked like that at bmi 18 and 18,5. My height is similar to her a… @sour6oyy Both ♡ @kgsbun eu ♡♡♡ @starve4han there's a lot of reshare and people posting their opinion about controversial topics, there's no censor…
Balanced meal lmao (430) @zoloftcals My english is so basic that I can't understand 50% of what you wrote here 😭 @anocakes All this is wrong, it's just internet beef, the original term nymphet is used for sexually active/attract…'ll never understand currently fat people exposing themselves on her for attention, they don't know if they'll be… @starve4han Can join?I wonder if he deleted all our chats and conversationsestoy buscando los mensajes de mi ex, hoy em cortoooo hoy me matooo @mygc4ls YeaaaSo I think it's also stress eating,I'm purging in the bathroom next my brother's room.