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🌹 BLM // M4A // Green New Deal // Abolish ICE // Demilitarize // Also a band! @thecraigshay (he/him), @_sadtitled (he/they), Vizzi (he/him), & CJ (he/him)

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@stefanbabcock Yeah I also used to play skaHey I covered a song by The Holy Mess
@steve65band Oh that's a fun arc. You have so much good stuff coming up it's seriously been such a fun ride, watchi… @steve65band Wait you're also watching one piece? What are you up to I'm in the middle of dressrossaPlease don't verify @TheCraigShay, I think I speak for everyone when I say that's a bad idea if instead of the Dow Jones we named it the Rich People Feelings MeterMy favorite character on Friends is Phoebe Bridgers
How can you tell if someone doesn't like Phoebe Bridgers? Don't worry, they'll tell you. @DikembeDudes @pitchfork @VasudevaMusic @maxwellstern That Maxwell Stern record is very goodKilling In The Name is Born In The USA for 30 something dude bros: an anthem that couldn’t be more fundamentally mi…
Retweeted by Cold Wreckshmm no Jeff Rosenstock on the Grammys list, again
Retweeted by Cold Wrecksecstatic at being on something called all the young punks tbqh
Retweeted by Cold WrecksWe’ve been getting weird with this Reimagined Series. Check it out at the 6/10 Social Club on Patreon.
Retweeted by Cold Wreckscapitalism breeds innovation 😌
Retweeted by Cold WrecksCompletely Unknown Punk Band Calls It Quits After 30 Years
Retweeted by Cold WrecksThis line up is wild wow—this came out in 2020?!?!! and it’s very good?!!? dang!
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @oceanator @steve65band Did they find the piece yet?Your child doesn’t deserve a better education than someone else’s child.
Retweeted by Cold Wrecksthe job hunt is going well
Retweeted by Cold WrecksTaxes paid by billionaires have decreased 79% since 1980. Amazon paid 1.2% in taxes last year. We spend more on def…
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @RileyStone420 Yes
Retweeted by Cold WrecksDon't sleep on the Maxwell Stern album that came out this year. Nonstop jams from beginning to end!Is there a better song than In Framing by Hotelier?What is so hard to understand about this? Rahm Emanuel helped cover up the murder of Laquan McDonald. Covering up…
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @716beerreviews I played through This Could Be Okay on bass this weekend and felt a little betterBREAKING NEWS: The loser who lost continues losing
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New: leaked docs from inside Amazon’s Global Security Operations Center reveal company’s use of Pinkerton operative…
Retweeted by Cold WrecksLIFE IS A FUNNY HAHA ✨🌈
Retweeted by Cold Wreckssame
Retweeted by Cold WrecksWu-Tang Fan Gives Every Wedding Guest a Verse in His Vows
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Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @chonkybiscuit I was just talking about influence BUT Latterman does lead to Iron Chic, RVIVR, Laura Stevenson, Bri… is your favorite song from Josie and the Pussycats and why is it "Pretend To Be Nice"?
On the 6 year anniversary of Tamir Rice’s murder, Kyle Rittenhouse walks free on a $2 million, crowd-funded bail, w…
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @eatingsnax I suppose I could say orgcoreLatterman walked so that every Fest band post-2010 could runDo yourself a favor and listen to Latterman's No Matter Where We Go album today. Get saved. Thank me later.
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @dltsgdomshows I know Pin came out in 2019 but I'm still not sureThe planes could be grounded. Or they could fly at only 30% capacity. They could require temperature checks. They c…
Retweeted by Cold WrecksToretto is emo, Hobbs is NYHC, O'Conner is bro reggaeprobably my favorite exchange today, a story in 2 volumes
Retweeted by Cold WrecksKyle Rittenhouse, accused of murder, has been released on $2M cash bail. As a public defender, I represented teena…
Retweeted by Cold Wrecksnow you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato, baby, you’ve got a stew going
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @GeoffMarcs It might be controversial but I think Icons is the best None More Black albumPay people to stay home, cancel rent and mortgage payments so people don’t lose their homes, and pay for those who…
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@skitchintweets A LaGrecia song came on my Daily Mix and even that side project album is full of absolute jams
Retweeted by Cold WrecksI was jamming out on guitar writing a really cool part and I accidentally wrote Rain Down by RVIVRJason Shevchuk has written just a whole lot of very good songs and is very underrated in my opinionI don't understand how it’s considered radical for progressives to fight for an equitable society, but it’s accepte…
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @HarmonyWoodsPA @TiredLionBand dropped a serious AOTY contender yesterday: the federal government can pay to occupy other countries and to kill people in other countries, they can damn we…
Retweeted by Cold WrecksHas Arnim Zola ever teamed up with Gorgon? I feel like the "Gorgon-Zola" team up comic is just begging to get made.He take nice refreshing sippie
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks2 years ago we met up for dinner as a band and then got to play with @expert_timing AND I AM VERY JEALOUS OF 2018 C… @dltsgdomshows I had a pair of very light blue jeans that were a million times better as jortsDuring the pandemic, 647 billionaires in America have become nearly $1 trillion richer and now own twice as much we…
Retweeted by Cold WrecksEvery time I disagree with the judges on bake-off I have to remind myself that they can taste the food and I can't. @DikembeDudes @Albert_is Yes and I do that but I also get that when people are told it's unsafe to see their famili… @gabbutattoo Idk your tattoo looks super solid to me, also this is maybe the nicest reason to get a tattoo I've ever seen?Buy 'Viewing' by Stay Inside! It is very good! @SignalsMidwest They played Fest 15 and I remember Mikey Erg saying he blew his voice out singing along to their set @TanumB_ I really see it as a unified problem. The danger posed by everyday people is a consequences of public poli… @DikembeDudes I think a lot of these people (who I get angry at every time I take the train to work with them) are…
@TanumB_ As someone forced to take public transit to work, the lie of "well it can't be that bad if I'm supposed to… your COVID politics are "I'm so much smarter than these idiots who won't wear masks" instead of "people can't be… Lion are the best rock band in the world. new single « this Monologue » is now out on all or nearly all of your favorite streaming platforms…
Retweeted by Cold Wrecksoh we forgot to actually tweet about it, we released something!! a short challenge of writing separate songs with t…
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @PELightning Magik Uh-Magik couldn't give a damn about his gamesNo state has been spared during the current coronavirus surge, but states with stronger measures over the long run…
Retweeted by Cold WrecksThis is not a feel-good story.
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @JoeBiden Pay people to stay home. People aren't going to believe it's serious if they're told it's safe enough for them to go into work.Nintendo will use the player brands built through our own grassroot efforts to promote their new games. Then, not o…
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Thinking about creating an emo subgenre about microscopic life just so I can release an album called "The Ugly Organelle"
Retweeted by Cold WrecksFunny how you didn’t hear Republicans complain about “spending other people’s money” or ask “how are we going to pa…
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @Mellimusic Everybody twist! @steve65band shouldn't be surprised that people aren't taking the virus seriously when they're being told it's safe enough to… quarantine Matan and Cj started a new electronic project @post_wrecks and released the first couple of songs… you liked the @talkshowhost_ca video that premiered yesterday on @brooklynvegan please help @wiretaprecords and…
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks @weedxwitch I've never drank the stuff, but the goofy promo album is pretty great“Most advisers to the president consider that a fever dream. Trump’s team has been incapable of organizing even bas…
Retweeted by Cold WrecksPresident Trump personally called the two Republican canvassers in Wayne County, ⁦@AP_Politics⁩ reports. Now they’r…
Retweeted by Cold WrecksIn true 2020 form, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree looks like it tried to cut its own hair
Retweeted by Cold WrecksThe Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s give 2020 a round of applause.
Retweeted by Cold WrecksI can’t stop laughing at this
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks“It has a 98% survival rate” say the people who clearly can’t calculate that 2% of 328 million is 6 fucking million people.
Retweeted by Cold WrecksFucked up how good this Liquid Death album isMost people don't know this, but the thing that "you do" in the song "That Thing You Do" is the same thing Meatloaf…
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This is a line for a food bank in Dallas. Congress has decided to leave millions of Americans to suffer and die.
Retweeted by Cold WrecksPAY PEOPLE TO STAY HOME no, not my calculator too!!!
Retweeted by Cold WrecksLaura Jane Grass never gets old
Retweeted by Cold Wrecks2 hours later and no one has reached out to me to schedule a test. I called and went through the very misleading ph…