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Matt Coleman @coleman_matt Texarkana, Arkansas

Writes mysteries and comedies. Author of JUGGLING KITTENS (2016) and GRAFFITI CREEK (@pandamoonpub, 2018). Contributor @BookRiot and @Pure_Fandom.

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You won’t see many of my books on any of the big end of year lists. But if anyone ever does a list of best book ded…
A lot of people give writing advice. A lot of it is bad. I wrote a piece for @LitReactor about some advice you shou…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanWhat she said. @coleman_matt brings the funny.
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @emilyross816 Aren’t they the worst?!? @emilyross816 I think you just became my publicist. That’s a better synopsis than I’ve been able to write in too many tries.Smart, funny, the snarkiest lady detective in designer dresses you've ever met, a creepy cold case, pot brownies, a…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @Drrramina @StephofLegends When it dries it catches the light just right and becomes a deep merlot color that’s just gorgeous. @MegBonneyWriter @Drrramina @StephofLegends Yeah. That’s it. nbd @Drrramina @StephofLegends It’s really just photos. Mostly. And some knocking. Also, some footsteps. that’s all @StephofLegends Both A.) true; and, B.) actual photo from the refrigerator of my haunted house. Coleman is my favorite writer who most definitely lives in a haunted house. And you thought your tastes were…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @ericsmithrocks @Drrramina @Drrramina may remember this dedication, perhaps the best one ever written? Well, now you can order A Rocky Divorce by…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanYes, yes yes! Get on this folks! Happy Release Day @coleman_matt!
Retweeted by Matt ColemanGet thee @coleman_matt's book!
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @EAAymar Book Birthday to one of #CrimeFiction's best voices, @coleman_matt !
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @pjoneswriter pub day, @coleman_matt!! 🍾
Retweeted by Matt ColemanGet it today! A ROCKY DIVORCE, #Mystery #Suspence #Humor by Matt Coleman @coleman_matt NOW available in print.…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @jverch75’re going to want to buy this.
Retweeted by Matt ColemanA great read. Grab a copy!
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @emilyross816 @Drrramina third this! Great and funny mystery!
Retweeted by Matt ColemanI second this—it’s a really fun read!
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @alex_segura @pandamoonpub really liked @coleman_matt's A ROCKY DIVORCE from @pandamoonpub - funny, off the wall crime fiction. Check it out:
Retweeted by Matt ColemanJust in time for Christmas: Meet Rocky Champagnolle. Talents include day drinking, solving mysteries, and spite. My…
I'm in. My book #FashionVictim is a great gift for the stylish pal with a dark side #FF th…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @jverch75 @kellyekell @Kelly_J_Ford @verigatenun991 @Drrramina @blacklionking73 @pjvernonbooks @ToriEldridge you, Gabino! Here’s mine: and my by-no-means all-inclusive list #FF @kellyekell
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Gerald Alvey knows more about the body hanging from the town's bell tower than he'd like to admit. It's all too sim…
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"Country strays learn to keep off the highway. They loiter about in the ditches, looking hungry . . ." —"Stray Dog…
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I’ll need to pick these #books up, @coleman_matt. I’m always on the lookout for something new to #read.
Retweeted by Matt ColemanToday on SGSC: my review of #fashionvictim by @Drrramina. Get ready for some murder, y'all.
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@pierogi_prince My favorite was when my therapist told me (as I’m sure I was complaining about something), “You kno… @Gabino_Iglesias I would be SO in on this.
@NWhiteAuthor No worries. Penni and I are two sides of the same coin. And Arkansas coin. Like ... a hay penny or something.When I was a kid a carnival came to town and they had this chimp that they kept drunk and would have ppl wrestle it…
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@StrandMag I read an early version of THREE-FIFTHS by @jverch75 in one night. It sucked me in and wouldn’t let me g… you ever been so engrossed in a book that you finished it in a "ridiculous" time frame that kind of maybe frea…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanA great post from @coleman_matt, with an exciting announcement from us and @ahitchcockmm snuck in!
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If you care about #crimefiction, this is the one thing you need to read today. @Drrramina Yikes. It’s been a minute. You may have to ......... go see a ........ @Drrramina No worries. Fever is the worst. @Drrramina My ability to buy books > my ability to read books.These are some damn good writers, especially Shawn—honored to be in the mix
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @kellyekell @blacklionking73 @reverenderyk @GoshDarnMyLife @nikkidolson @Kelly_J_Ford @jverch75 @Drrramina I would… for the record..the top 5 writers you should be reading right now that I can personally vouch for are in no pa…
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Author Penni Jones @pjoneswriter reviews Matt Coleman's @coleman_matt upcoming novel, A ROCK DIVORCE #mystery
Retweeted by Matt ColemanAuthor Penni Jones just posted a review for Matt Coleman​'s A ROCKY DIVORCE. Check it out:
Retweeted by Matt ColemanSome insight from @coleman_matt
Retweeted by Matt ColemanThank you @Drrramina for showing me what I missed while in a recording studio yesterday!!! And thank you…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanHey @lovedetective_ You're mentioned in this fab piece by @coleman_matt
Retweeted by Matt Coleman I have a new favorite blog! I'm a HUGE fan of True Crime podcasts and really enjoyed readin…
Retweeted by Matt Colemanso fun--I've listened to all of these podcasts and couldn't agree more with @coleman_matt' s take on why they're so…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @emilyross816 @GrubWriters piece from @coleman_matt on what true crime podcasts can teach us about writing mysteries…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanHere I am over at the @eqmm blog talking about two of my true loves: writing mysteries and listening to true crime… @Gabino_Iglesias So happy for you!!! world can be awful, but then sometimes really good things happen to really good people ... sometimes a fantasti… ROCKY DIVORCE is absolutely hilarious. Grab a copy!
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A ROCKY DIVORCE by @coleman_matt is out on December 11. Click the link below to read my review, and click the link…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanUmmm ... I will admit, I had my doubts. But @VancityReynolds, yeah ... @AviationGin is THE SHIT. For real. Best gin I’ve ever had.
@kellyekell 😂😂 @kellyekell Dang, Kellye. You could just @ me next time.
Hey Twitterverse. Sometimes you have to go big or go home. @flanaganfilm thrust an amazing, beautiful horror story…
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I will ALWAYS stand with @CrimeWoC***Cover Reveal*** Coming Soon from Pandamoon Publishing @pandamoonpub It's what you've been waiting for - Book 2…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanYay! Cover reveal for my new book, Rosewood Burning! #BurnItDown #NotMyKing
Retweeted by Matt ColemanLooks like I'm leavin on that mystery train to Georgia
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@nicolaz @BookRiot @gweinstein5 @KimberlySBelle @ByLarryCopeland @Mullenwrites @NickiSalcedo @stephaniebond I will… @nicolaz @BookRiot @gweinstein5 @KimberlySBelle @ByLarryCopeland @Mullenwrites @NickiSalcedo @stephaniebond That is… @BookRiot magical mystery tour hits Georgia with a little help (lot of help) from @gweinstein5.…
So excited to finally share this! The cover for my next novel #BLACKTOPWASTELAND coming July 14,2020 from…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanNot only is @blacklionking73’s cover for Blacktop Wasteland insanely awesome, but he won an Anthony Award! Which al…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanIf you really want to get into your feelings when you read my book, EVERLY (and soon Book 2, ROSEWOOD BURNING) - ch…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @GoshDarnMyLife That last one is kind of everything, right? I mean ... also kids. Sure. @pjoneswriter @LindaEpstein @staceyfilak @racheltoalson @blanghinrichs @bradmcbooks @JMCwrites @AllyMalinenko
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @LindaEpstein @staceyfilak @racheltoalson @blanghinrichs @bradmcbooks @JMCwrites @AllyMalinenko @baronchrisbaron
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Is this maybe the best book dedication I've ever read? I think so! 👏🏼👏🏼 @coleman_matt #TheRockyDivorce
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @LKempWrites I don’t know. But I think we can safely assume that, wherever it was, he left it a better place than he found it. @BigJakesBBQ I don’t know! I didn’t even know he was missing! @Drrramina @Kelly_J_Ford @emilyross816 Oh my lord. I know you can all imagine how fucking stressful that would be! @Kelly_J_Ford @emilyross816 @Drrramina DM me an email address and I’ll shoot you an ARC! @emilyross816 @Drrramina @Drrramina @Drrramina Every day on Twitter is actually @Drrramina day.Starting this today and I’m so psyched. Also it’s apparently @coleman_matt day on my twitter account. Sorry not sor…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @davidtromblay Damn right. @davidtromblay What ........ don’t know who needs this kind of positivity in their life today, but in my town we have a therapy pony named Lit…
@Kelly_J_Ford ☝🏻me bringing my kids to a dinner with friends who don’t have kids @Drrramina Obvs @Drrramina It is BOTH, Amina! All possibilities are realities depending on the timeline we are in. @hankjearly @Drrramina Same @Drrramina I both love and hate everything that I’ve ever written all at the same time. All the time. All of my WIP…