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Matt Coleman @coleman_matt Texarkana, Arkansas

Writes mysteries and comedies. Author of A ROCKY DIVORCE (2019), JUGGLING KITTENS (2016) and GRAFFITI CREEK (@pandamoonpub, 2018). Contributor @BookRiot.

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Retweeted by Matt ColemanThere actually is a coyote outside right now so...
Retweeted by Matt ColemanThis really is the funniest book ever and I have a wee crush on @coleman_matt's wife now, who the main character is…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanNot to be that guy, but @Drrramina called this book a “hilarious whodunnit” and @alex_segura said it has a “can’t m…, read @coleman_matt on the best part of being a writer
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@PKhakpour 🖤The internet tells me it’s @PKhakpour’s birthday. She’s one of my favorite book Twitter citizens. So obviously you…
We loved running this "How It Happened" column by one of crime fiction's best writers and all-around dudes,…
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@alex_segura @jgetzler @HGLiterary Congrats, man! This is a big deal. That guy seems to kind of know what he’s doin… @Kelly_J_Ford True @Kelly_J_Ford Maybe he was a dog in a previous life. @jverch75 she said. Meeting @coleman_matt in person was like meeting a member of the family. Because he is one.
Retweeted by Matt ColemanWhat a fantastic, heartfelt piece on "How it Happened" by @coleman_matt at @ITWThrillBegins!
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This column from @coleman_matt got me a little weepy. It's spot on. I had one of those "I'm never going to make it…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @heatherellett @ITWThrillBegins Hahahaha. I have a pretty strong feeling you’re about to have multiple levels of “m… tremendous piece from @coleman_matt that wonderfully captures what inclusion in your writing community feels like…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @Lori_Twining @ITWThrillBegins @thrillerwriters @ITWDebutAuthors @pandamoonpub @Drrramina"The community is the prize." Well said, @coleman_matt! The author community is such a gift (and we all love you Ma…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @alex_segura @ITWThrillBegins @thrillerwriters @ITWDebutAuthors @pandamoonpub's face it, folks - @coleman_matt is one of the nicest, most helpful people in this crazy little crime fiction c…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @Kelly_J_Ford“... nothing in this business is ever going to make you feel more like ‘it happened’ than a group of writers you re…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @coleman_matt @thrillerwriters @ITWDebutAuthors @pandamoonpub w/ s/outs to @Gabino_Iglesias @eqmm @BookRiot
Retweeted by Matt ColemanWe love this "How It Happened" column from @coleman_matt , which wonderfully ties his publishing journey into the w…
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I read an early version of THREE-FIFTHS. I saw pubs and agents stupidly pass. Today, I’m grateful that…
@NWhiteAuthor @Drrramina Agreed. @LouDPhillips carried the fourth (and maybe best) season of that show during the p…, hot damn. This is super cool for a kid from Fort Smith. 🙌
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @LouDPhillips Done and done. Been there since La Bamba. @LouDPhillips I want to be in #TheFOLD! So much. (Is that coming on too strong?) @eprice67 @Drrramina @LouDPhillips LDP is the correct reason to begin watching anything. @Drrramina @LouDPhillips deserves recognition on this platform. We demand it. aren’t talking nearly enough about the return of Lou Diamond Phillips in that Prodigal Son show. And thank you…
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@Drrramina I searched “Amina Akhtar, writer” in my gif searchUm @coleman_matt sent me the greatest gif ever about my manuscript in progress
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@pjvernonbooks is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. So this sort of proves that the universe gets it…
my actual comments in the margin of @coleman_matt’s wip after an INSANE reveal 😱
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If there is one thing you need to do today, it’s give ⁦@MegBonneyWriter⁩ a happy birthday by getting or gifting a c… top five books I've read this year are: 1) A Rocky Divorce by Matt Coleman 2) Crescent City Moon by Nola Nash…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanMy top five books I've read this year are: 1) A Rocky Divorce by Matt Coleman 2) Crescent City Moon by Nola Nash 3…
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@trvsimpson @elicranor @davidtromblay @theandydavidson @Gabino_Iglesias @Drrramina @paulGtremblay @JohnTPost folks' work has impacted and inspired me over the last year & beyond. I even get to call some of them friends…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanJoyeux Noël, y’all. @NolaNashWrites helps continue the tour into Louisiana. With appearances from @atticalocke
@Kelly_J_Ford @pierogi_prince Yes. One game. Three weeks. Best time I ever had in PE. @pierogi_prince @Kelly_J_Ford I had a talent for hiding in the bathroom until the sports game was over. But when ou…
Hey, I'm in this thing
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @jasonpinter @MillerMadeline KEEP THIS TO YOURSELF by @tomryanauthorOMG, go buy this book!!! You deserve something this lovely under your tree! #treatyoself
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Beau Johnson is one of the best literary citizens I see on Twitter. I guarantee he has helped signal boost some boo… @MegGardiner1 Kool-Aid Man energy @MegBonneyWriter Christmas to me! 📚🎄 I can't WAIT to start this one!
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @Drrramina @eawright @alex_segura As an example of how she inspired an amateur sleuth, she watched ten minutes of t… @Drrramina @eawright @alex_segura She really is the best. And you have no idea how much I will enjoy her awkwardnes… @eawright @alex_segura @alex_segura @StephofLegends When you remember that Sam from Mamma Mia! ............ was also Stu from Mrs. Doubtfire. Way to Stu up the place, Sam.#FridayReads: the book @Drrramina said is "a hilarious whodunnit" with what @alex_segura called "a can't miss prota… spent 2006, 2011, and lots of time in between rooting against @DwyaneWade, the basketball player. But I ALWAYS li…
@pjvernonbooks @johnsfram @JoshMalerman Yep. He had me at queer Southern horror-thriller. the moon to announce that my queer Southern horror-thriller THE BRIGHT LANDS not only HAS A COVER (featuring n…
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@Drrramina @pjoneswriter @StephofLegends @blacklionking73 @pjvernonbooks @jverch75 @coleman_matt @Kelly_J_Ford & Ho…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @Drrramina @pjoneswriter @StephofLegends @blacklionking73 First a shoutout to the fabulous bcon books I read in 201…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @Drrramina @vanessalillie @ImMeganCollins @ShannonCKirk @silviamg Voices by @vanessalillie (OMG THIS BOOK) The Winter Sister AND Behind the Red Door (not out yet) by…
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Get @coleman_matt's latest in time to put something under the tree. Or in the bathroom. Or swap it out for the bibl…
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@NWhiteAuthor hide the ripple blanc when Rocky's around.
Retweeted by Matt Coleman#whattoread for #MysteryMonday: Rocky Champagnolle: #JuniorLeague sleuth, day drinker, spite connoisseur. A creep…
@Rosscumming05 @tummidge Yeah, it was a while back. But thank you! And, hey ... check out the new one! If you’ll DM… @tummidge @Rosscumming05 For real?!? Man .... that review really gave me life. Thanks for tagging him! And,… @Drrramina Hahahahaha. Self-effacing is my default. I talk about my work like, “This probably isn’t your thing, but… in time for the holidays! Give our latest publication or treat yourself. A unique, hilarious mystery set in Te…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanJust in time for the holidays! Give our latest publication or treat yourself. A unique, hilarious mystery set in Te…
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New book out. My brain's on reviews. So hey #WritingCommunity ... what's your favorite review you ever got? Mine:…, @Kelly_J_Ford, I called it. It’s a heartbreaker. What a beautiful damn book.
Retweeted by Matt ColemanHeartbreaker. 🤘
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @DavidJoy_Author Thanks, man! And happy birthday!!I was this many days old when I realized Matt Coleman had a new novel out in the world. If you’ve never read his wo…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @ericsmithrocks But he’s real. It says so right there, Eric. It’s not like he’s FakeGarySKDarkLord. @Drrramina Writers can make anything ... in our make believe worlds. Anything.
You won’t see many of my books on any of the big end of year lists. But if anyone ever does a list of best book ded…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanHappiest of book birthdays to you @coleman_matt! I love everything about this book!
Retweeted by Matt ColemanHa. File under disguised blessings.
Retweeted by Matt ColemanThere's still time to gift (or receive) a subscription for the holidays!
Retweeted by Matt ColemanAn Interview with Matt Coleman, Author of A Rocky Divorce
Retweeted by Matt ColemanYou may remember this dedication, perhaps the best one ever written? Well, now you can order A Rocky Divorce by…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanHell yeah, country noir! Love to see my pals @reverenderyk and @blacklionking73 on this—and @rustybarnes23, who pub…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @grt_wrt to read a hilarious mystery novel? Look no further than @coleman_matt’s latest book. I read this in one sittin…
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @emilyross816 of 5 stars to A Rocky Divorce by Matt Coleman
Retweeted by Matt ColemanI wish I was better at self promotion, but I’m just not. Case in point, my latest dropped today and I still feel ov… @Drrramina @emilyross816 @GrubWriters You got a little shout out in there.Did @BookRiot’s fabulous weekly newsletter just compare #FashionVictim to Serial Mom? Oh my wow, gonna float on thi…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanI wrote this during the epic 9 feet of "snowpocalypse" Boston winter, so there is a LOT of snow in it.
Retweeted by Matt Coleman @GoshDarnMyLife I know, right??? I saw someone tweet it out with a “I can’t believe he’s a youth minister” comment.… is interview is even better when you hear Matt’s voice in your head reading the answers. Read this and then ge…
Retweeted by Matt ColemanLove this interview with @coleman_matt, one of my fave folks—and one of the funniest. I mean, who doesn’t want to r…
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