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Hey! I'm taking a break from Twitter for the next month or so. I won't be checking DMs, so if you don't have my ema… Trek Deep Space Nine & Knuckles
@jennywares Congrats!!!! @happypeep “If you have an IG” was a condition lol.Now that this account has 50 followers I feel content. That said, if you follow me and like wrestling and have an I… @allamaraine4 He would be so stoked to see you. @Malcolmvelli Stay strong, king. @k8bushofficial It’s what the occasion deserves. @k8bushofficial Me, from the back of the room: DO THE CLIMB, GWEN✨ #BussItChallenge
Retweeted by colette arrandWiry gays are crucially underrepresented in media.kylie minogue with a rocket launcher in street fighter 😳😳😳
Retweeted by colette arrandNobody in America is more patronizing than the army of chuds tweeting “$1400 plus $600 *is* $2000.” @catgraffam I mean, you know me. I put the tall in tall girl. I stand ready. @yiffpolice I meant “quick.” But you have to do a cover of the voyage of the Mimi song, which rips. @yiffpolice But also if you deleted these tweets and did a stick synth shantyEP I would not judge @yiffpolice Everyone is just voyaging on the mimi rn @EricLabRat Claude Vonstroke is a mid-00s alt-porn name, c’mon @catgraffam Damn, people who are taller than me are my one weakness. Unsettling. @catgraffam lmk if you want someone to rough your parents up a little tho, because damnWhat’s so difficult about “no one should live in poverty, regardless of their circumstances?”Please, I’m begging you, stop tying concepts like poverty to the amount of time one spends producing. @tapemachines Truly blessed to have not seen it. @tapemachines According to me? Absolutely not, and I have no idea what people see in him. But people *do* see somet… @tapemachines Wrestling charisma is not real. The miz has wrestling charisma. @merrittk If they start buying turntables and coming to my store I am going to kill both of them.The Lita / Amy Dumas allegation against Vince Mcmahon is both sickening but also unsurprising. For those unaware:…
Retweeted by colette arrand @douglasmartini I know for a fact that I have seen the beginning of that and the boxing sequences from Raging Bull… HBO comes through and shows me some footage from the censored for cable version of the sopranos I’ll change my l… I have seen six. Taxi Driver, After Hours, Casino, Shutter Island, Hugo, and the Wolf of Wall Street. All bangers.The other day I passionately argued with a coworker that Hugo was one of the best Scorsese movies, never once showi…
I love this goon so much.'s still dead.
Retweeted by colette arrandyou can help charlie turn a new page and graduate college by giving here: i have personal…
Retweeted by colette arrandOne pound less, you’re straight. One pound more, you’re a Tory.Based entirely on Great British Bake Off, there must be a certain level of wealth in that country that makes a man an eccentric gay. @atomic_elbow It’s one of the few things in the city that’s been closed all pandemic, according to devlin. @DaveWritesJunk All three guys putting in that work for the cameraman @karenkawrites About the only championship he’s got a shot at, haha. @Dbfuturist42 That’s Superstar Billy Graham. @LegKickTKO Guess who is still in charge of Georgia’s response to covid lol @LegKickTKO It is absolutely not going to be safe to go @lorenacupcake I named Winston after the ghostbuster.“Vince McMahon isn’t seeing the pearly gates because of this” is a sentiment that requires a much broader sweeping… really excited when I saw Vince McMahon trending for some reason, only to find out that a lot of people weren’t… 85 is kind of the cutoff point. Less blood on covers, no apartment wrestling, endless Hogan chatter. Ther… @EvanAmbrose630 I *do* write for a video game website.Also, no offense, but asking more than like $4 for a 90s American wrestling magazine that’s not a classic cover WWF… a wrestling journalist, this is my heritage. happy with this book. Prime is legit surprised that he was betrayed by a group of robots known as the “deceptacons.” @Scott21982505 The fight scenes are confusing. But hey, all movies look like this now. @RedIsDead “Where does this stop” being the default question of men who hope the answer is “before I’m fucked, I ho… @oo0oo Chicago is probably the second place I’m visitingA sentient cop car is interrogating Shia Lebeouf about his browser history.The lipgloss budget on this movie was insane. @hunktears Elby, he’s going to have to do Rusev’s chores. This is the storyline of the century.This lady in the Transformers movie just said “there’s only one hacker in the world who can break this code” of a f… @AScaredWhale Babe, it’s one of my favorite movies. @rosamund @oo0oo Me too, and I don’t want some foul powder screwing that up @oo0oo I wish you the best, but the only way I’m drinking that is with you lolBernie Mac is incredible in it. They should have made Bernie Mac the main character.Transformers has been on in the background while I shelve things, and I forgot that this was a high school movie ab… @oo0oo @sad13 You tried this because that medication that turned my brain off also made carbonation taste like deat… @rejaniced How naive do you have to be to believe that Bitcoin isn’t influenced by individuals or groups. It goes u… HITTING THAT “WE’RE DESPERATELY OUT OF TIME” AT THE END OF THE SHOW. ruled. More of that. Way more.THAT COUNTER. THIS BANGS.Tay Conti might be my favorite AEW wrestler.When they have a bird’s eye camera over the ring., Tay vs. Serena is what I came to see. 10 minutes, por favor.WWE Magazine folded half because magazine circulation overall has dwindled, half because it became a halfassed men’s magazine.AEW should do a print magazine probably. @kathbarbadoro Like dinosaurs.Jade Cargill’s gear is as good as that segment was bad. @davidbix Yeah, her wiki hasn’t been updated to reflect that the surgery was five years ago.Hot Garf content. @davidbix Hm. Kinda, but I feel like outside of very deep reporting outlets like WON, it depends largely on how wel… guess being a gay person with an MFA has exhausted me so far as tangled webs of interpersonal relationships go, b…’m a monster so I count Kota Ibushi as a Kenny Omega friendship I don’t care about.This wrestler whose kayfabe friendships you don’t care about is messing around with his friends. @hunktears An incredible outfit. Like, I’m dying.Guys, this Bullet Club angle is a calculated attack on my psyche.I just think Akira Hokuto is neat. @TempusRimeblood She’s one of the best wrestlers of all time.Mad about that autocorrect. Disrespecting the dangerous queen. @Scott21982505 I don’t have any Mexican mags, but plenty of Mil Mascaras.Please follow if you want to see some old man grappling from 70s Japan. @oo0oo Dude wtf
@ratmothr Schrodinger’s pussThe roster as it stands is extremely talented, there are people on the sidelines with injuries or travel problems t… hate being the “AEW is failing its women’s division” person (and will be taking a month off from it on here soon)…, doing an awards show where the categories are largely mixed is just a further indictment of how little AEW ha… know I am falling for the trap, but ... what? @bestshow4life I guarantee weed maps is trying to figure out how much money they need to throw at Springsteen for h… @kathbarbadoro Don needs to shave that lil Tuff of hair though. Own the bald man horseshoe.