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Coley @ColeyTangerina Te Whanga-nui-ā-Tara

One time when I couldn’t find my friend at a concert, he text me saying he was “at the bk” so I left and went to Burger King to look for him

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@thisismeagank I love her so much! She brings out the wholesome in me! @Zevensoft Oh that's so trippy! @JInTheLife Thank you!And some more @sarahpolo10 Thank you!A woman and her dog 🧡 @Megapope @its_not_lupus @jondauthor @eliasvonhelios Borscht @jondauthor @eliasvonhelios Boniface, Benedict, Charlemagne.I finally got to meet @Bills_again’s beautiful Paddington. Truly the most handsome boy ❤️ @jondauthor Porridge. Idk just came to me. @IsaPearlRitchie @alixhigby Lol Isa you cute green velvet magpie 😂They’re asking ALL foreign military to leave their nation. It’s time to bring Kiwi troops home, to keep them and th…
Retweeted by ColeyJust a normal cat doing normal cat things
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Pro-Life Demonstrator Clearly Using Image Of Subway Chicken Enchilada Melt On Anti-Abortion Poster…
Retweeted by ColeyI wrote this piece for the Spinoff about how my own struggles with anxiety and English literacy as a child, and my…
Retweeted by Coley @lucitelu Thank you for this, I needed to read it.Thread time! Meet Mary Burchell, one of the most successful romance writers EVER. Over 110 Mills & Boons to her na…
Retweeted by Coley @jilliancyork Thank you darling! It's certainly popping up everywhere at the moment! @_hawktheslayer Oh sweet welcome back. @_hawktheslayer Is your place in Kāpiti mildewy? HOW FAR DOES THE WELLINGTON MILDEW GO? @HungryandFrozen I don't have ADHD (I think) but I did feel this exact way about the Road Code for YEARS and in the… got grumpy with my neighbour's cat, Yogi, and called him "YOGURT!" so that's his name now. @conanrichards Oh buddy I'm sorry! @Dickens_chicken @Styla73 ok deeply stupid question: Are they not under the same umbrella? / all headed by Archbish of Cant? @jellymeatheart That means a lot coming from you!Uh, *used to* not heard. Thanks autocorrect. @jellymeatheart Good for youGetting heard to a new haircut that somehow made it like I have MORE hair than I did to start with 😂 @reidwicks Your selfie to me the other day was absolute fire 🔥 @DeSouzaRN Beautiful 💜Whoa whoa. Is this study calling puberty blockers "safe", "effective", "totally reversible" and "life-saving" after…
Retweeted by Coley @Styla73 I’m just sitting here aghast that I’m thinking about getting confirmed into a church that announced this today.You can pull apart Simon Bridge’s kōrero, tbh he’s not short on material to do that to but his whakapapa is his wha…
Retweeted by Coley @CaitlinSnark I don’t know who he is but I’d already somehow blocked him?My dad started talking to a rez dog and he said "if you want to be my dog, follow me" and the dog followed him. So…
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@edufk SEZ YOUThis guy us human-shaped sweatpant stain @cannibality @kendra_c__ @TeaAndBrimstone @parsfarce @auto_matt MATTHEW.Shit same
Retweeted by Coley @Megapope I can't believe you saw me unpop the crotch of a bodysuit in one go the other day and you haven't tweeted… little bit of self-promo: I'm a freelance communications and PR lead and I'm taking on new clients. If your organ…
Retweeted by Coley @KeraSauR Um excuse me you are PERFECTION. @HelenClifton8 It's the lycanthropy, isn't it? @reidwicks I had to buy these because I thought tucking my pair into my togs in the sea was foolproof. Spoiler; @reidwicks YESSSS these are wickedSurvived a trial for witchcraft🤙 a much older guy to help her brother out, on the promise than when he died she could marry whoever she want… have a VERY ‘go hard or go home’ approach to prescription sunglasses @DavidWRCampbell @brendanjharkin @its_not_lupus
Retweeted by ColeyThanks to @Megapope for putting me onto an extremely dank but very relevant memes page on Facebook lads 🍌 @markboynz Well before then, truly.Tag yourself I’m Chicken do I turn into an anxious gibbering idiot who compulsively needs to Talk about Spirituality and Politics whenever I meet a priest WHY🍃🌸 YOU HAD MEAT FROSÉ 🌸🌺
Retweeted by Coley @whickity01 @SaltySaysSo I’m not sure! It was a gift from the wonderful @morgy85REMOTE VIEWING? @kirsty_johnston CLASSIC Glenn @toby_etc Oh cool great.Me when someone compliments me and I have no idea what to say @cath_nz Thank you! @grouffles HOW are they LIKE THIS?I got a (very gentle) shag haircut
@secondzeit Oh godGod grant me the confidence of both middle-aged ladies I’ve seen complaining today. One about how expensive postage…’s the unsigned letter the @FBI sent Dr. King trying to get him to kill himself
Retweeted by Coley @seawall @Annabel_HM ASOS! @jellymeatheart You huge babesI bought this dress as the dress equivalent of sweatpants and it’s ended up being my loveliest dress 😂 @megahbite @hadyngreen Just skip to straight up punching yourself at this point omgthe books people think the National Library is getting rid of vs the books the National Library is probably getting…
Retweeted by Coley @bonesbynow THANK YOUOne of my life goals is to have one of these @baby_fath3r Ah! This is very good to know!Nicole 2020: Please stop licking me was given these framed photos by an academic colleague who has since retired from the university. I would like to…
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@seawall Needs more shade but also berries die back in later summer sometimes though idk about this type in particular x @frankritchie @HdizzyDizzle My nana has a theory that *her* nana (the potential source here, if not her German fath… @Knhannah We have such similar families in some ways my friend ❤️ @frankritchie @HdizzyDizzle Hahaha I can imagine if that was the case, explaining Krampus to their children and the… @Knhannah Was she by any chance a florist? Because the source of some of these on my end seems to be a nan who was a florist. @hamo_d That’s my mum’s theory 😂 @frankritchie @HdizzyDizzle Right?! And this from the culture that gave us Krampus - you’d think decorations would be insignificant 😂Other family superstitions include it being very bad luck to have peacock feathers or toetoe tufts inside (I think… family has a long-standing superstition that Christmas decorations can’t go up until after 12 December and have… @DevonAnnaSmith This story! My god! @antheaw ANTHEA 😂the flood in the bible was just a party the whales invited the whole world to
Retweeted by Coley @eliasvonhelios YOU CAN JUST GO TO LIKE, A RUMMAGE SALE AND BY BAGS OF THEM FOR CHANGE. IMAGINE IF YOU LIKED THE LO… no interior decorating choice annoys me more than wallpaper made to look like books on a bookshelf. JUST GET… @bellavistamama @simonpnz Truly. @Dickens_chicken @RevChrisHuriwai Sweeeet!God I love @simonpnz. Sitting in a DnD group who are all laughing about it being okay to eat a dragon if you’re a… @tsariqa My stepdad and stepsister growing up we’re ex(ish) Witnesses and I remember they weren’t allowed to say the word “lucky” @tsariqa WOWWWW @DevonAnnaSmith Hahaha lashed Rigby