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Scene at Barney Greengrass. Man and woman in their 20s at a table with man in his 70s. Probability: grandfather and… last, a candidacy I can unhesitatingly support. but sorta NSFW has been a (good) day. Got a tour of the NYT offices from old friend Gail Collins. Shook hands with Dean Baquet…
And so it begins: honestly think we're the only show that could have such an interesting conversation about dust. With Jay Owens (a…
Noah Baerman And 'The Rock & The Redemption' new column and newsletter will start very, very soon. To receive them, you must sign up here! There is no other… with Kate Pacelle. I don't remember this specific incident but it seems consistent with my overall beha…
@maxsaub Dust conversation on @wnprcolin @wnpr btwn @hautepop @ChionWolf @colinmcen @joliekerr & Suzanne Proulx
Retweeted by Colin McEnroe @hautepop @wnpr We've done around 2,000 show episodes. Is @hautepop one of our ten favorite guests? Affirmative.…'m on @wnpr for the @colinmcenroe show today talking - guess what? - DUST 6pm GMT / 1pm Eastern Details & listen…
Retweeted by Colin McEnroeA discussion of how language changes. And who swears the best.'s right: @BigLouRusso Dude, nothing is crazy. Crazy is so 2013.
This episode. I'm not bragging but I have a special phone where I can get Gail Collins on the line. It's called "my… airline pilots association says the shutdown may make it unsafe to fly. The FDA is no longer inspecting food. T… @imalexbeamyrnot Q: "One of my best friends from college recently killed a Middle East journalist. Is it still OK t… just wanna say: this song was written at least ten years ago: @imalexbeamyrnot 1. Most of your friends are a. oligarchs b. former Olympic weightlifters c. assassin-models d. una… of Americans say they would be more enthusiastic about their day if they could be sure it would not involve a webinar. @Amy_Siskind Dylan Baker, please. month in Trump magazine. "Are You a Foreign Asset? 7 Signs You Might Be Compromising National Security. Take Our Quiz."
@bobmaxon Spoken like the ruthless Dothraki horse lord I always suspected dwelt inside this mild-mannered meteorologist. @DennisHouseTV @WFSBnews @Mike_Rell I was just excited to see the live Stemerman & Ganim reunion. I bought their fi… @PatPietrowski @connpost It may please you to know that I have been a moderator many times, milady. Also quite happy to switch to Lyft.
@cbaskauf What’s the foot version of TMI?This is exactly why the Mormon church says you should keep a 1-year supply of beer in your...
@johndankosky @catietalarski I’m having a Manhattan at @116CrownThe New Haven Nose On Imagine Dragons As The Worst Band Ever And 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' all the Cardinals play for St. Louis, Arizona or Louisville. Hell With "Whom" (And More On The Inexorable Evolution Of Language) show with @PKuperArt @CharlotteAhlin
A skunk at the garden party: After Dark -- everything you missed on Inauguration Day, Condensed Need I Say More. are Republicans sooo mad at Reps. @RashidaTlaib and @AOC?
Retweeted by Colin McEnroeThe last two years inspired today's show on Kafka. Take a listen. You don't need to have read any of his stories to…
Retweeted by Colin McEnroeIn case you missed our show on Kafka
Retweeted by Colin McEnroeListen Wednesday at 7 p.m., as we recap all the Inauguration Day happenings with @johndankosky, @colinmcenroe,…
Retweeted by Colin McEnroe
@jayrosen_nyu AP: "The family of the victim put the blame on the kidnappers, but it takes two to tango." @johndankosky Actually Ned looks a little like Jimmy Stewart3 Hamilton referencesNed just did a JFK impersonation. Coming up his Jimmy Cagney @DemonBob_Badman @tabbiewolf @ChionWolf @MizDanaClaire Don't you mean Robert Seagull? @greg_oakland @wnprwheelhouse I dunno. LMM seems to really enjoy the Obama-Hamilton relationship.Our new governor insists he's "not going to waste his shot" to solve the state's problems. He undoubtedly deserves…
Retweeted by Colin McEnroeWhich one has more disturbing breathing issues? @stevencjohnston I mean, even Fox News .... @stevencjohnston Except when it was neither. @CTMSUDawg Tune in at 9 for @wnprwheelhouse @BrooksWalsh @mattderienzo I've been telling people this for years.Trump's oddly lifeless speech would have gone better if they had crammed 4,000 angry white guys into the Oval Office. He needs a crowd.Alec Baldwin is already practicing his sniffingForgot. How. To. Breathe.
@ssassyrunner I think the line was "like a Unitarian party that got out of hand." It was a joke. Do Unitarians not like jokes?An Exit Interview With Governor Dannel Malloy @MaxSauberman @wnprcolin It was a really good paper. @carolyninCT @mattderienzo @jeffjacobs123 @DanHaarColumns @kaitlynkrasselt @DanHaarColumns Keep telling yourself it's tea.
.@pescami "Arraigned in Nantucket" = unreleased @theholdsteady track?
"The Cold Sore Tingle Poll" was Hal Ashby's worst movie, despite a great late-career performance from Ann-Margret.… @pescami Sisyphus, rock-laden man, to speak at Underworld conference
The Nose On Louis C.K. (What Else Is New?) And Two Movies: 'Bird Box' And 'Vice' @Metlandia @ThatEricAlper I don't know if it's the best, but I've often thought "You never close your eyes anymore… week on The Nose, Cinestudio's James Hanley endorses the AOC video. Catch up in you're behind on this story:…
Is it weird that I liked Bird Box more than I liked Vice? @MaxReiss I hope @AGJepsen yells at you to get off his lawn!!!Is this a riddle? you didn't know, probably: @BrooksWalsh I did consider it, but it's journalism jargon, not the way the rest of the world reads and writes. @BrooksWalsh I not post this WNPR's The Wheelhouse? It has been a crazy week.
Don't get attached to this blog. I mainly woke it from slumber so I could say goodbye to the Gray Lady of Broad St…'s my farewell chat with Dan Malloy. I'm not entirely happy with it, but that's on me. Great work by producer S… @neilpconnors Hah! I agree about Mary Beard.Feast your ears! 🎶 Noah Baerman, director of Wesleyan’s Jazz Ensemble, chats with @wnpr's @colinmcenroe about the b…
Retweeted by Colin McEnroe @JeffKlaus28 @wnprwheelhouse Malloy had many flaws. But he was a more legit Republican than any of the CT pols who… @JeffKlaus28 @wnprwheelhouse He did all the things Republicans in CT talk about but never do. And that's why I said what I said. @JeffKlaus28 @wnprwheelhouse And again, it's cheap, lazy rhetoric to call Malloy "tax and spend.' He inherited an e… @JeffKlaus28 @wnprwheelhouse No. Cutting taxes and borrowing to pay for it most definitely is. @JeffKlaus28 @wnprwheelhouse Oh, "vision." They're great with vision. It's the whole putting it into action thing where they let you down. @JeffKlaus28 @wnprwheelhouse "ish" because he rebuilt the Rainy Day fund to $2 billlion after Rell left it at zero,… @JeffKlaus28 @wnprwheelhouse "ish" because Malloy was the first governor in 7 decades to actually make the schedule… @JeffKlaus28 @wnprwheelhouse "ish" because Malloy repaid the $1 billion loan the Rell administration took out to balance her last budget. @JeffKlaus28 @wnprwheelhouse "ish" because Malloy actually cut the state workforce by 2500. Republicans never redu… @CTIronman @hartfordcourant Oh, I like this.
@ChinniChris "Good men?" Way to be inclusive! @campbellsl @NonaHorn @hartfordcourant I told them I could give them bigger fish. @campbellsl @NonaHorn @hartfordcourant Or not. @ChinniChris Is it Nicholas Sparks? They all have notebooks.Our office building has a new security firm. Sparks Security. How is this a good name for a business in charge of b… @pescami Also presumably safe: The So-So Santini. @pescami Do we feel the Average White Band is safe, for now? @SarrisW But it looks like Fred Armisen doing Malloy. @MaxReiss Carlos Correa has announced that he too will seek this senate seat.