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@neildelamere Legendary! 🧟🧛🏻‍♂️🧙‍♂️
@CalumMathieson @S11McNamara Just 24 more mins! You can do it 🤣 @S11McNamara Have a listen to this - he’s amazing and his book ‘in deep’ rejects the idea of a deep state in USA. S… an interview by @daRealAkinfenwa after @wwfcofficial promotion. Nothing but ❤️ for that. @BelfastCol @tonylivesey 🤣🤣🤣 @BelfastCol @tonylivesey Hey Belfast Col! That’s me too! Two Belfast Cols! Braves are saying they are keeping name…
🕘 9pm ⚽️ @EFL on Quest 🗣️ @ColinMurray and Kevin Phillips 📺 Freeview 12, Freesat 167, Sky 144, Virgin 169…
Retweeted by colin murrayPhenomenal finish from @nahkiwells ☄️ Another special goal to add to the ever growing @BristolCity highlight reel…
Retweeted by colin murray🚨 Goal Of The Season contender 🚨 An absolute rocket from @MillwallFC’s @lendog18 🚀 #EFLonQuest - Saturdays at 9pm…
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@podders1981 @metrosportHQ @Wrexham_AFC @ChesterFC Absolutely. And that all connects to fundamentals above. Some cl… @TheBenChadwick @metrosportHQ The few teams going up would actually be in a place of security to start. As those wh… In The Wind... My @metrosportHQ column is part 1 of 2, and is fairly angry. I’ve written about many footba…
Here’s a direct link to the Wigan hour we did on my @bbc5live show on Tuesday.
Join us at 10.30pm for @EFL on Quest! 🕥 @ColinMurray is joined by @DarrenBent to bring you all the midweek…
Retweeted by colin murrayIf you missed it last night then give this a listen, fantastic stuff from @ColinMurray on @bbc5live about the curre…
Retweeted by colin murray @icecreambutty @bbc5live Glad you noticed the Verve throughout - it’s the little things 👍
@SportyWigan And the verve the whole way thru. It’s the little things 🙃 @CatMountford97 @bbc5live Not if you tell me to fuck off! 🤣🤣🤣👍Tonight at 11pm on @bbc5live I’ll be spending proper time looking at the last seven days in the world of Wigan Athl…“It’s getting my independence back” Jinx tells @ColinMurray what it’s like to return to selling the Big Issue aft…
Retweeted by colin murray @neiltheshaker Doves! There goes the fear! 🙂 @pollyn1 @bbc5live @PauldMcNamee Thanks Polly. Great to make the connection. @JaneRitchie Hey Jane. Yeah mon to weds 1.30 - 1 👍 @Janeannie @rodneyedwards @bbc5live @BigIssue @PauldMcNamee I don’t like him personally. Thanks guys 🙂 x @Patrick_Myles @bbc5live @BigIssue @PauldMcNamee @eBay_UK I think that’s a good way of doing it - and you can state…
@mantonn That’s too kind. Thank you 👍 @Rumarvin Stay tuned. 10.47-8 ish for a good ten minsTonight from 11 on @bbc5live I’m looking at the personal journey of just one homeless person during the Covid19 pan… with @ColinMurray. 11pm: @PauldMcNamee & Big Issue sellers on homelessness during and after the pandemic…
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Spent whole day engrossed in David Rohde’s In Deep book, which ties together the idea of ‘deep state’ through decad… @OrphelinSophia @andyjay77 @BlueJays @BlueJaysFansUK I know! Have them in NI now! Hate to be a little Red Sox, but… @Stevenh924Hayes @jakenick975 @PKendrickWIG Please check our efl on quest weds and sat clip and my metro column on… @andyjay77 @BlueJays @BlueJaysFansUK 100s of times. Used to live there. 👍 @jakenick975 @Stevenh924Hayes @PKendrickWIG Hey Jake. Not commenting on above as I’ve not had a chance to listen to… know us @BlueJays fans are smaller in number in the UK, but we hear this loud and clear! 💙💙💙💙💙 Don’t we…
@Richard82566570 @QuestTV @Joshuaonomah10 @FulhamFC @FulhamishPod Road closures 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @georgywalks David Weir 👍
@neilljamesj @unrulyupstart Course! Happy birthday! Nothing wrong with a bit of silver 👍Here’s my latest @metrosportHQ column published today (written yesterday afternoon) on the current situation at Wig…
@Alisonmarie1977 @grandetoro1949 @QuestTV @bbc5live Few wednesdays I have to do my football tv - obviously season i… the midweek Championship action now on @QuestTV if you fancy finishing your day off with a feast of football.… @Alisonmarie1977 @iamruthpainter @TracyJ037 @Official_MRLP @bbc5live Hey! Sorry yes. It has been crazy busy working…
@radionoush North south divide 😉🤣👍
@paulbedewoods 👍 @Official_MRLP Hey! Yes open as normal :):):)
@NorthernIreland Congrats and good luck! Roll on September! 💚📣 Welcome, Ian Baraclough. Your new Northern Ireland manager! #GAWA
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@annalodge453 Yup @jaseharvey2 @SkyBetChamp @QuestTV @IanOllie7 Including not taking back part refunds it’s actually 120k 🤜🤛Ready for full @SkyBetChamp highlights at 9pm on @QuestTV @IanOllie7 is with me and, with a skeleton crew, he’s c… walked past this today in work and now need to get stitches in my face due the size of my smile 😀 @scott_mills @bbc5live Must be an old At Home! I’ll send you address mate. I take cheques 🤣🤣 @Chris_Stark @bbc5live It’s definitely not me - not live anyway. I’m in work doing EFLonQuest. Must be an old At Home x
@kernowranger It’s magnificentWT absolute F! 👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣, pray tell, how is one meant to sleep 🤣 #YNWA
“My message to the Liverpool supporters is that we have to change, from doubters, to believers.” ❤️
Retweeted by colin murray🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brilliantly made. 👏 that’ll do it 🥰 😢 Thanks for that @LFC 🤣❤️ #Champions #19 #YNWA @JamesMorris77 @LFC Listen to his phone going crazy 🤣Yes. Just... yes. Thank you Kloppo. @LFC Champions. #YNWA ❤️ #19 🍾
Retweeted by colin murrayWE’RE PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!! 🏆
Retweeted by colin murray @tomwhyte1904 None. Always expect Man City to score four 🤣 @RedRedWhiteRed It’s out of my hands now! 🤣 @nige_hall Quite possibly! 🤣As someone who respects social distancing, I invited a few fellow reds round to my back garden tonight just in case…
@FlawedPlane @mrffoulkes @TherealNihal @tonylivesey I’ll switch to whisky but the talking bollocks but is good 🙃Thanks to @bbc5live for putting this out as a stand alone ‘listen again’. 👏 @imogenheap @MrTomGray @KTTunstall @sammyandrews @allstarspaul @CP4Music That’s awesome. Love to dad ❤️Thanks to @ColinMurray for the #BrokenRecord light shed and shared with @MrTomGray @KTTunstall @sammyandrews
Retweeted by colin murrayWe're back. #BlueJays
Retweeted by colin murray @NatalieBear6 @mullins_peter @bbc5live @MikeBubbins @edibow @JamesMorrisonOK @homeofpolar 👍🤣👍🤣 @kevinfroude @bbc5live @MikeBubbins @edibow @JamesMorrisonOK @homeofpolar Thanks Kev! @marisa_deborah Yay! Glad you enjoyed. Thank you :):):)
@SonStreamLtd @KTTunstall After the news 👍 @SonStreamLtd @KTTunstall We will get there. We have an hour . @the_shedette @Clarexsx86 @bbc5live @JamesMorrisonOK @gildodeans That’s what the song is he’s playing tonight :):):)Tonight @bbc5live 11pm The new @ColinMurray show! Debating the #BrokenRecord industry with @KTTunstall,…
Retweeted by colin murray @edibow Love you too 🤣. @bbc5live show tonight 10-1! 10-11 - today’s lockdown easing discussed and more. 11-12 ‘What’s Going On?’ The s… @airddell @bbc5live @JamesMorrisonOK @jomcnally @KeithGillespie7 @homeofpolar Thanks John :)
@jomcnally @WeFilmGolf @bbc5live Yeah. Don’t believe that. Too late. Damage has been done 😘 @abest1979 @bbc5live @BZephaniah @SoniaWinifred Still doing the triple crown events 👍 @GTFCScoreboard @bbc5live @BZephaniah @SoniaWinifred Yeah :) @JackoGaz @bbc5live @BZephaniah @SoniaWinifred Ha ha. Tune in at... 😘 @1966Jonty @bbc5live @BZephaniah @SoniaWinifred A listen again yes but will try to get a listen again especially for that partHere’s one for the night owls 🦉 I’ll be on @ColinMurray’s @BBC5live show tonight as his first artist in residence a…
Retweeted by colin murrayFrom midnight - 1 tonight on my new @bbc5live show (10.30-1) The Lock Inn 2.0 opens its doors. Inside you’ll find.… @MattJuler @bbc5live @BZephaniah @SoniaWinifred @5liveSport And we will stay with football for a little longer - te… @DanielRoyMackay @bbc5live @BZephaniah @SoniaWinifred Definitely on listen again. I’ll endeavour to have main news… excited to start my new ‘regular’ show tonight on @bbc5live mon-weds, 10.30-1. Our main news story, at 11.1…
@Mattheal14 All personal taste but I’d have to add Gorkys - Patio Song :) @Walkerpw Ha ha! Had to be done! 👍
They’ve missed the football, but not each other… 😆 @ColinMurray and @TheDeanAshton will be back tonight at 9pm to…
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@paul_murphy81 Great work. If you sell them online do send me a link 👍 @paul_murphy81 Where’s that from?Oh I have missed you so much Roy Keane! 🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣 @riverheart79 @QuestTV @bbcfivelive @MetroUK Start my new show 10.30pm-1 this Monday . On mon tues weds @DEANHDAVID @metrosportHQ Yes. 3.4m peak.