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@BATHSmusic I promise @jeanettehayes 🥴🤢Update from dad @SAMBANKSFTW Best of luck!so anyways…. Love
Retweeted by colinself @iamacameron We hosting A2/B1 classes this next week DM ME
Retweeted by colinselfShe is.... the mother I never had.... she is the sister everybody would want.... She is .... the friend that everyb… the Kardashians night in 5th grade when my dad came home at the usual time of like 11pm I overheard him say to my mom “I am goi…
Retweeted by colinselfwhy do you think they all went extinct?To brighten your day, here are some signage puns my dad sent me today: @DonaldJTrumpJr we love to see it!its almost like.... corporations and billionaires are bad or something???? because they were all gay
Retweeted by colinself @MacMacDanger where they stick their hands deep deep into your body tissue to let out deeply held emotions and tens…
Retweeted by colinself @nickdemarco I’m represented in a few overlaps here... @SAMBANKSFTW I yam what I yam
@SAMBANKSFTW sam your feet are so dirty if someone wanted to sweep you off them they would need a jackhammer and a dysonlove a quality venn love mrs. betty bowers VIDEO: “Thou Shalt Stay the Hell Home!” Join me while I school people who think their religion is more importa…
Retweeted by colinself @HUXTABLEJULIANA juliana huxtableOmg I’m gonna 😭😭😭❤️📌 @Willam "dyke" drama is terfy
Retweeted by colinselfMy trancestors in Slovenia said “I feel sLOVEnia” 🤓 are dismantling the barricades on centre street and hitting people with batons. incredible that people are bei…
Retweeted by colinselfThey just let Bernie do whatever now
Retweeted by colinselfpolice just arrived in large numbers at the nyc city hall occupation and are trying to push past the barricades, wh…
Retweeted by colinself @matdryhurst for a JUCE developer for a job, ideally in Berlin but not essential. Hmu if you know anyone!
Retweeted by colinselfnonbinaries be like “i know a Spot” and it be their friend named Spot..
Retweeted by colinselfTo any friends asking for guest spots to the boat performance this week/end, I’ve got nothin’ ! Will record the aud… @nickdemarco Same @ntu000 .........NOPE! @matdryhurst Mat snapped with this memeExtreme wealth is mental illness @kanyewest @KimKardashian a poor Black kid from the hood, I always felt invisible. Kentucky, I don’t feel that way anymore. You’ve restor…
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This TikTok is one of the many videos that offers a masterclass in plot and character development that I think a lo…
Retweeted by colinselfEvery cis actor who has ever played a trans person should donate their salary to an organization that serves the community they’ve harmed
Retweeted by colinselfThe moon is trans
Retweeted by colinselfwhy do us gays like music that... sounds like that
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At this point, wearing a Mask in public is more of an IQ test..
Retweeted by colinselfa friend has been printing & distributing 100s of these abolitionist zines at nyc protests, would be so grateful if…
Retweeted by colinself @SAMBANKSFTW Love ya Sam @verbena_lemon Albie... @verbena_lemon Pics please!please watch Arthur Jafa's "Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death", right here:
Retweeted by colinself @perfumegenius A deeper love! @BATHSmusic Wait you play too for desktop?? Let’s playyyyu
The power of queer flippancy is undefeated
Retweeted by colinselfWhy do liberals or anyone period act like the 40 hour work week is normal or good?
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@rosedommu Who is our in to get her to put the hook on it so it can be an actual release @bbornaa Morning BornaFootage from today’s rehearsal got me 🥺🥺🥺 July 2/3/4 @BATHSmusic Will I am so very grateful for u @nickdemarco Ok she is gorgeous though @FALSE_WITNESS Follows you!!! A scene @mitchgrassi She is ready for your smooching as soon as you come to Berlina! @jil_slander @holyveins can you plz get cam on the lineHow is this no longer getting national attention? Have we already gone numb? This was the scene outside City Hall…
Retweeted by colinself @FALSE_WITNESS lollll why is this also sending me @BATHSmusic Honk honk we need to see itMy studio assistant Jezebel will be answering your emails shortly thank you for your patience. @LilNasX Handeconomist explains why we need to reopen
Retweeted by colinself @bbornaa @bottom_txt They haven’t figured out the ice part @bottom_txt Gay rights! Send me an iced coffee ASAP @DJErikaKayne
@ryanstreit Can someone pleaaaaazeKind of saw it coming but my fall/winter teaching gig with NYU is canceled due to corona. in case anyone wants to h… @jmllhjms @briandroitcour might throw in a cute zine or two, too. you game? @bbornaa @jmllhjms @briandroitcour a waterslide for my literary assracism is mental illness and we need a government that regards it as such so that murderers like these cant work in… @jmllhjms @briandroitcour going to muji this week to get metal bowls. dm me your address and ill send ya what ya need! 💌 @ryanstreit hm! @RudyGiuliani imma tell my hooker friends who get hired to fuck your team to shit on the dick, take the wallet, snap a pic, n go!!!!!!!ya girl whats goodie lets do this @RudyGiuliani ya girl get into it!
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@rosedommu What do we call ourselves now that s̶l̶y̶t̶h̶e̶r̶i̶n̶ is not it? @vooduude Is nudes allowed nowcongratulations on y’all normalizing always looking at your phones while hanging out with friends/company, y’all stay unsexy
Retweeted by colinselfIf you have an issue with the fireworks going off every night, did you know you can call 502.595.2300 and ask them…
Retweeted by colinselfFound my bespoke poppers! Headache i had this morning also went away @_MichaelOswell_ Michael in this moment I feel safe and protected and in return i softly embraced your rice cooker… @ryanstreit YAJust found out a himbo is a him bimbo in case anyone is wonderingWhat the heck is a himbo tweet @holyveins What has she done now
"trans agenda" is just the italian way of saying transgender
Retweeted by colinself @perfumegenius Throw them to the sea, qwan!!!we can’t black business our way out of oppression
Retweeted by colinselfBreonna Taylor’s name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please… @kansaspoems Love ya lexiboo @rosedommu @ryanstreit How is New York going to even copeDoes anyone want me to write an essay about how the core problem with anti-Black racism is this idea of white owner…
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