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colleen @Coll3enG arizona state

this account is like if white people’s unseasoned chicken started tweeting

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Retweeted by colleen @strega_a1len1 feel free to tag me in anything else tho and stay safe :) @strega_a1len1 as far as i know the app is down, check my second to last retweet :)Additionally if you are protesting downtown today and feel like you or others arent safe dm me and I can pick peopl…
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This is the most organized master list I’ve found on all the different ways you can contribute. No matter your situ…
Retweeted by colleenPlease send me any threads/informative sources/people asking for resources, especially ones that don’t have as much attention
Retweeted by colleeni am so fucking angry abt scottsdale fashion square being looted. it was not part of BLM phx metro (black-led + pro…
Retweeted by colleenWe are NOT associated with any of the protests or vigils tonight, but if you or someone you know is Black or a pers…
Retweeted by colleen @danadonly tell edita she is a fucking queen @NPS_Eric !PROTESTERS!! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: a thread
Retweeted by colleenok please stop posting about how you’ve lost “friends” and “followers” while posting about current events no one ca… share !
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We are not hosting a protest this weekend.
Retweeted by colleen @girlpowertbh when no sco is no longer racist enough for you so you have to move to anthem @girlpowertbh omg i’ve seen this but it’s usually at like scottsdale and pinnacle @matchu_chutrain @_cinnamonro11_ i hate it herecops shot tamir rice for playing with a toy gun
@AlexClar_k those are still open!!?!!?TikTok blocked the #blacklivesmatter tag and every single tag related to #GeorgeFloyd. This is disgusting. Fuck Tik…
Retweeted by colleen @RISStrictedzone ralph LINTTTTT LAUREN RALPHS PAWS wicjfkdkdkdndbdjjcjxkzlsldkvhcthe united states is responding to people not wanting to be shot in the streets by...shooting people in the streets…’m really worried about black people’s mental health. about young black people on social media seeing this in full…
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Retweeted by colleenmaterial items are not more valuable than black lives. you don’t give a fuck about target or local businesses, you’… single name on this list is a black person that was murdered by a cop in recent years. Every single one was u…
Retweeted by colleen @_galacticbitch_ it rinses off to be a normal color/ three shades lighter this is just what it looks like right after @ar1e11e i’m sending his picture in the groupchat and you’ll understand why that simply can’t be true ((because he’s actually really cute)) @CdyRnkn i’m just so shocked this is like a goal i’m so sad that this isn’t just like a guaranteed reality @jodieegrace @thebiggestyee 72 oh my god that bitch was on OVERDRIVE @thebiggestyee laughing at this in arizonawhat do men who like 20 of your instagram posts in a row think they’re accomplishing
my cousin just graduated from eighth grade and on the graduation announcement he dead ass wrote “my hope for the fu… @kelly_rish burner accounts @GoodFriendJoey @chris_vo sorry for the crabs that’s on me @thebiggestyee oh my god she’s so cute happy birthday coco @kimmywhy the amount of dick from 6’1 men i’ve landed by just saying “omg i’m so drunk are you 6’4” @based_schemer @sailorpussy69 i have let too many see my pussy as it is im not adding my spray tan lady to the listhey @VSPINK can you guys send me this for the free ad space i have you on my ass i’m a medium thank you :) @GoodFriendJoey twitter dot com / goodfriendjoey @thebiggestyee i was scream crying when i got home i’m glad it brings people joyone year since the worst spray tan of my life <3
@Lazyboi261 bitch i’m wearing sunglasses @haleyyc123 i tried but u did a better job ilyi facetuned myself bigger tits onto my avi and not one of you noticed. you’re all fake as fuck @kendyykane it happens again in like the second episode w jenny and everyone’s just like meh i hate jenny and it’s… @kendyykane FOR REAL FOR REAL FOR REAL I HATE HIM SO MUCH IDCmy only pick up line is just approaching literally any man regardless of their height and saying “omg are you 6’4 i… @ar1e11e print this out and put it on their door @pant_leg i want u to know they saw this reply and said “see even your internet friends think we’re funny”how high were my parents when they thought of the idea for this christmas card @imightbe_jess @deepfriedsasuke science queen @BaxaHertin horny but for a tampon to be in me @deepfriedsasuke omg yes i got so many hand prints and did it to someone else once at a party don’t remember why tho @imightbe_jess accomplished queen !
@haleyyc123 girl i will bleed on the couch do not test me @roxiqt @goddammitsarah FOR REAL maybe they are in touch with nature since all their damn pictures look like they w… @goddammitsarah their profiles make it seem like they want something other than a hookup and then they catfish u in… @haleyyc123 ok full disclosure my toxic trait as a roommate is running out of tampons and stealing my roommatesmiddle school was crazy girls would complain about being on their period and then boys would be like “haha yeah cra… @rissamindi girl i know so much about children after quarantine bc i get paranoid about having to give birth in my… @rissamindi if u do not do mine even tho we facetime for thirty hours a day i will kiss u @girlpowertbh wait omg i have a better one im texting it to u @paymybillsdaddy i will walk to your house if u keep up this NONSENSE @pant_leg ok but i feel like it makes the MOST senseif you’re reading this is a sign that it costs $0 to block someone and make your mental health better @_cinnamonro11_ hate this for us . we can make our own groupchat and not roast each other @opalbat tell noah to go lick a shoe @pebbut if he follows me he’ll see this otherwise he’s fake for not following so idk @starstoabove i’ll give u my twitter password and u can go thru my dm requestsok fuck it i’m giving up @matchu_chutrain oh my god those sunglasses really bring out your skinniness 😍 @opalbat anatomyhow many men have to hurt your feelings before you can no longer get your feelings hurt? asking for a friend...
@clur19 i added u to mine and u made fun of me :(if you were a lame girl in high school odds are you went on to date like at least two coke dealers in college i don’t make the rules @haleyyc123 our neighbors when they see us bringing in like ten different men a week in spider-man costumes’s always “you’re a psychotic fucking bitch” until they want their dick sucked..,
@paigeleachxo ok had literally never heard of this but these people aren’t celibate on my show they all fuck each o… @ar1e11e fair i tried to do it myself once and tommy was like “watching this is fucking pathetic just let me do it”… @jodieegrace she has to stay relevant somehow since corona killed the grifting industry @ar1e11e pick my ass up @haleyyc123 did u just copy and paste what u texted me into a tweetidk who needs to hear this but if he has entrepreneur in his instagram bio the dick is gonna be trash @thebiggestyee where is the pink lamp from i’m so obsessed @thebiggestyee omg the entire desk setup tho SO CUTEcomplained to my mom who is one of seven kids that my period cramps sucked and she was like “you could always do wh… @sko_rc please noothe same dudes who talk about how women are “ran through” because they’ve had sex before will literally text ten di… you are the type of girl who wouldn’t give a stranger in the bathroom a tampon if they need it go ahead and bloc… @matchu_chutrain On my way! @matchu_chutrain can i wear the sunglasses while we kiss @matchu_chutrain how much for the sunglassesi hate tinder bios that are like “your dad will love me” okay first of all my dad barely loves ME there’s no way in… @KylePlantEmoji why my phone autocorrect j to jay. stupid dummy face @KylePlantEmoji speak for urself i’m a ribosome jay vibing, floating freely in the cytoplasm
@R_WadParodyAcct honestly i was looking around trying to figure out which one of us was the most expendable to her… time a tornado was about to hit my family’s house and my grandma would not shut the fuck up about how she didn’… @posumbananalady YES CONGRATS HUGE DUBS