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men be like “i’ve unfollowed and refollowed u on instagram seven times now why won’t you fuck me” @kudrinko97 this was in neither of those stateswe’re at my grandma’s funeral and i saw my older cousin open twitter and i said “oh my god you have a twitter” and…
@shittyofaustin factsi used to be like “i don’t fuck republicans” but then i fucked liberal guys and realized they also hated women so m… a straight man ever says he’s friends with me he is LYING @GoodFriendJoey too embarrassing to admit a guy who probably pays his employers to have his job said that i was too crazy @GoodFriendJoey can not believe i dated a guy my friends would describe as “gets ordained on” but here we areguys after they tell a girl “men are such trash i’m not like that at all”
@jessi_moom as if not coming forward isnt its own form of agony!!! as if you don’t get shit on for literally any decision u make !!! @abbystarheart1 a QUEEN 🥺my dad speaking facts this morning @jillnachel YESS baby i love to see this!!! sending u and all those girlies love and supporthate it when people are like what do you like to do for fun because then i have to show them stuff like this and be… @realWOWitsTyler @aubviouslynot i think the motive is usually very selfish but a benefit to this is other people se… @aubviouslynot i see it a lot on my local snapchat feed and i feel like it’s actually useful because it usually sho… @numberonethot @sushipregnancy @DVUSD so true bestiethinking about how my little cousins named their cat “diddy” and i was like “oh you named him that after the rappe… @numberonethot @sushipregnancy @DVUSD they don’t and that’s okay! haven’t even reached out to me to see if I am oka… @frostyballsack @MichaelaOkla @alyssa_schoener that’s literally only two options there has to be three options beca… @JayBarbuto the district is very aware of this...even though they really shouldn’t have to be. signs of grooming ar… promise every man that you hate, at least 10 other women also have horrible experiences with that same guy. alway…
@JayBarbuto I appreciate this message! My goal in sharing this was to use my platform to broadcast what happened to… @dylan_cheyenne remember how this was ever addressed and how we had to deal with absolutely random abuse literally… @cheyennecvrson @megelinorib :( @__jr0__ @Topsdusty he did WHAT @arizonadirtbag i have never and will never post names of non close friends directly that’s how u get sued for harassment ! @BradleyTrib yeah i was an adult out of high school on dating apps and that doesn’t really make it not weirdhey @DVUSD do you have anything to say about why you still employ someone like this?also wanted to say that after i graduated and gained an online platform girls who were STILL in high school would r… @bringmepizza81 in his “defense” the dating app stuff was while i was in college but it’s still weird i did not use… @Topsdusty nope he’s literally still a teacher, posting about how his actions have been misinterpreted @HaonYllek HAHAHAHAHAcan’t believe i used to think it was okay/ normal that my high school teacher used to try to match with me on datin… @aubviouslynot why is her meow so cute I LOVE HERevery man who has an android is problematiccreepy men love to be like “i was only trying to be nice, sorry it was taken the wrong way”hate when people are like “what do you want to do with your life” bitch i want to love my friends???? that’s it. fuck you. @nigel_up_in_ya no it doesn’t i’ve already seen itputting this on my linkedin
i have no tits, no personality, but i floss and drink water who want me
groomers and abusers get away with what they do because they’re grooming EVERYONE as a character witness for them,… @livperryman djsksksk ur like yeah this bitch isn’t worth $250i went to get a car wash and the attendant was like “lemon or new car” and i was like “oh i don’t know how my mom b… @bringmepizza81 no we’re honestly so embarrassed we watched it i can’t do that and expose myself @CryptoLizrdKing yeah!
people be like “why didn’t you come forward sooner about your abuse” only to take your abusers side regardless of a…“men don’t think it’s attractive that you tweet about hating men all the time” like ok i tweet about hating men bec…
@BirchSmith1 @endofanerajc this is not about abortion. this is about the claim of being “pro life”. abortion is not… republicans are so pro life why don’t they start paying people to be mothers? i’m serious. let’s subsidize mothe… @kayla__dunne where are MY eyelids and MY eyelashesmy venmo? Coll3enGdo not reply to my tweets if you are a man saying “i apologize on behalf of men” just venmo me $5. @Krronic correctbeing raised by a family of entirely women is crazy i literally did not know men could have opinions and speak if t…
@jasminericegirl jasmine i wish i knew @itsonlyaubrey i do not @ZACKKOLIN no i played it off by pretending to trip while on the phone w my dad @harpboto OH MY GOD WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT @OnTheLastCastle @annastink cool @okiecorri i was thinking that too. literally have never had someone ask me to write something on my asshole for them @matchu_chutrain tell grant good luck for me i hope he gets back to dallas okay @Cameron82690264 my “sisters” should keep selling pictures of their buttholes. i love their buttholes @vodkatales 🥺 @annastink i will never expose anyone because no free clout i should be the only person who gets attention @TheRealBGSmoov nothing wrong w onlyfans just annoying when you DONT have one and people harass you with stuff like this @jaylafmxx u gotta have a really big asshole i guess @kayla__dunne so true bestiei hate it here @KHarris_98 a common theme of my life is that i just use social media and then everyone is like jesus christ collee… @sushipregnancy single brain cell king said please come hug me again next week cruz explaining that he went to cancun because of his children
@TamingMyImpala FUCK @TamingMyImpala it’s at the ohare hilton and i will be going there tomorrow @AndrewsNotFunny i was so careful not to have typos in this tweet for this exact reason @ArcadiaATL i doubt its that they’re dumb i just don’t think they really care but i’m not gonna risk it if it’s still illegal to do this @ArcadiaATL in my mind that catastrophizes everything, yes, that is what i think they would do @mr_briteside10 because i’m landing and immediately driving to the middle of nowhere and there’s no dispos there @KGBclaire so excited for this @WyattSwingle it’s so weird??? i don’t think anyone in my family ever even cared or noticed? just grab ur food and sit down lmaooooo @walterzuey jesus christ why did you raise such a fucking cop @walterzuey don’t worry dad i would literally keep making phone numbers to send in tips to narc on ufellas is it gay to let your child eat @_woims_ hmm but that’s 5 days that no one can make u do stuff u don’t want to do so? worth it @livperryman honestly probably gonna do some karaoke for it tonight after exactly one glass of riesling @BologneseBabe @madisonearly12 @MasoniteDoors masonite doors please leave my good friend here alone or you will be… @jazz_inmypants tell him some words for me,,,any word doesn’t matter they’re all the same to him @jazz_inmypants he is actually the cutest kid so? def worth whatever nightmare that was to explain @jazz_inmypants oh wow. i actually don’t want to do that the thought gives me hives
@walterzuey living today for betty. my journey to hit 7 kids begins now @JaneBackup :( i can’t have hormonal birth control but i absolutely love that this worked for you 💙 @Needles__Kane then shut the fuck up right now @Needles__Kane do u bleed out of ur pussy every month?honeymoons are so weird it’s literally just a sex bender vacation that all of your family and friends know about???i want to be a covid particle...floating thru the air with my only purpose to cause immense chaos. no rent… @bitoni_fanxxx no fuck u @PaulBear89 okay @SuttaDost ? @opalbat yeah i’ll even throw in the names of two exes for u @abbystarheart1 omg i love her