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Eddie Lehecka @Collectiphile Tokyo-to, Japan

Co-Founder & EIC of @otaquest, President & Co-Founder of @atkthemusic, Founder/Owner of @bemanistyle Opinions are my own. Profile photo by @3eyes_takahashi

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@its_corey Corey thinking about his first game of BISTROVER fans when the official pokemon account posts a new tweet
Retweeted by Eddie LeheckaPlease listen to this. von glizzmark
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @JamesTurner_42 It’s a shame to see history so thoroughly erased like thismario kart live home circuit is really expensive when you think about it because in order to play a second course y…
Retweeted by Eddie Leheckathis is all his fault. Dont ever forget it
Retweeted by Eddie LeheckaPOSITIVE/森川美穂 「らんま1/2 熱闘編」ED6(1989/10/20~1992/09/25、フジテレビ)
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@59neu I never knew the power I’ve been wielding all this time @jacobpdf genesis evangelion - opening: a cruel angel’s thesis
Retweeted by Eddie Leheckaなっっっが!!!
Retweeted by Eddie Leheckathe clubs need to open back up i miss standing on the wall and looking at my phone and taking a video every ten min…
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka#作品あげてる身としてはRTされにくい今の仕様が辛すぎるので意識的にRTしてくださいお願いします ピカチュウマカロンが皆様に届きますように( ;∀;)
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @officialpixelon Separate app, photoshop cameraThe Evangelion photoshop camera filter rules even if it’s super limited it back 💀 #FFXIV #FinalFantasyXVI #ffxivmemes
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Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @its_corey I bet you Satan’s asshole is actually as cold as the South Pole because he would do something to fuck with your head like that.I really think it’s cool how #PokemonSwordShield brought back all the old regis for the crown tundra
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@daehruoyserehw I argued with so many people to get them to watch it when it came out, thankfully those that did lo… @daehruoyserehw It was originally supposed to be part of Fox’s ADHD block but they dropped it, so ultimately bless…’m still bitter that there isn’t more Neo Yokio. It truly deserved better than the negative reputation set forth b… @beardswin Vrv is basically the total package, although crunchyroll recently added the additional membership tiers,… @beardswin Absolutely not.SHINY GALARIAN ZAPDOS IS ORIGINAL YELLOW WHICH ALSO MEANS ITS ACTUALLY CHOCOBO COLORED!!!!! 😭😭😭✨✨✨✨…
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @BangBangClick Nintendo lost a lawsuit over video game rentals claiming copyright violations and you honestly think… Hutchinson is the funniest joke I’ve heard all year.Game Freak bring back the Pokéwalker challenge Revenge / Smashing Song of Praise - Super Smash Bros. Brawl (MOTHER 3)
Retweeted by Eddie Leheckawhy are we, as a people, reviving crummy formats like vinyl and tape? when we could be reviving the retro-future ut…
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Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @AmazonHelp @its_corey My wife @_puppi Tweet “hello” just once before you do that and leave it just to change things up a little bitGive Michaelangelo his pizza
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Given that the Atari VCS is launching in the same month as the PS5 I have to wonder if they're trying to break Ouya…
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @shakeyspizzajp Let’s make a pilgrimage soonスーパードンキーコング
Retweeted by Eddie Leheckanever once have I listened to a synthwave song and thought "wow... this is so Cyberpunk..."
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @CanipaShow @frog_kun SHE’S WATCHING SEASONAL ANIME! QUICK, NOMINATE HER FOR THE CRUNCHYROLL AWARDS JUDGE PANEL! @CanipaShow Wait, you mean more than one person made the game?No one ever talks about Star Tropics when discussing abandoned Nintendo franchises and that's a shame. @cielle_amour I was going to say... @paulbensonsucks Bringing back the hits @burbeari @JoshKano_stuff
This version is so pretty, I'm actually excited for a new IIDX style after a while of just playing periodically. @tanukimusic @fibrealex Here's a fun breakdown of their licensing structure: They also rep… @tanukimusic @fibrealex ShoPro is part of the conglomerate of Shogakukan & Shueisha, the publishers of Shonen Sunda… @jacobpdf We're so considerateStill so honored to be the first @otaquest radio guest on the legendary @blockfmjp. Go listen to archive now and st…
Retweeted by Eddie LeheckaWe had the chance to collab with one of my favorite brands in Tokyo, only available for a limited time!
My acting teacher told us to perform a dramatic monologue from any movie and I did mine from Austin Powers and no o…
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Retweeted by Eddie LeheckaGetting ready for Age of Calamity.
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Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @LoreleiFaeliell There’s this too where they talk about it being significantly more valuable: @LoreleiFaeliell @LoreleiFaeliell @kiraku_synthboy And said youtuber had no idea it existed until recently @LoreleiFaeliell @kiraku_synthboy A youtuber with 300k subscribers is telling people only 25,000 copies were made i…
@LoreleiFaeliell @kiraku_synthboy That number makes sense, I have to wonder how many are actually still in circulat… @LoreleiFaeliell @kiraku_synthboy That being said, I wanted it for my own collection since I'm going after every Ja… @LoreleiFaeliell @kiraku_synthboy Because it's the actual first pressing of the game and has different music than t… god I already have a minuet version of Japanese GameBoy Tetris (thanks @kiraku_synthboy) because collectors a… 13th birthday to none pizza with left beef
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Retweeted by Eddie LeheckaGoing to join the Open Disneyland protest with a sign that says Let Me Fuck Goofy
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @GeoffLife Top tier bargainingA “beyond burger” implies the existence of a “bed burger ” and a “bath burger”
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @zdarsky Talented writer is so good at his job that he can’t even explain what he does poorly
@paulhartling Your friend seems pretty cool. Introduce me when I come back to CA? @_hyleo Happy Birthday!!見るだけで気分が悪くなる画像
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @paulbensonsucks Shame you aren’t in California because Nick keeps picking them up for crazy good prices. I swear h… playing make believe with little kids. u shoot them with a laser and theyre like "actually i went back in time…
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @kimixkimi Yes, I **love** Baseball™️
Retweeted by Eddie Leheckaなにかしら動くオムナイトとネイティ
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @kimixkimi All of the goods you’re buying now will probably be at k books by the time you get here lol @kimixkimi But you should save so you can do more when you come out here!そんなことある?
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @kimixkimi Save money for Japan
Retweeted by Eddie LeheckaBack in the 1960s, Boris Karloff -- yes, as in Frankenstein's Monster -- shared his special guacamole recipe. Natur…
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @jacobpdf I’m definitely Daniel Radcliffe in this situation more often than not
Retweeted by Eddie LeheckaSomeone please release a Kodomo no Omocha blu-ray set soon.ウルトラリラックス/篠原ともえ 「こどものおもちゃ」OP2(1996/04/05~1998/03/27、テレビ東京)
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @TAHK0 I want that horseaNancy by Olivia Jaimes for Sun, 18 Oct 2020
Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka @paulbensonsucks You need to be scooping up PVMs and BVMs too#マリオカートライブホームサーキット カートを追いかける猫をバックカメラで見たいとの声が多かったので、バック走に挑戦!
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Retweeted by Eddie LeheckaThe pope of the rings. #SonicTheHedgehog #pixelart
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Retweeted by Eddie Lehecka#スーパーロボコス大展 ホワイトグリント
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@paulbensonsucks Lyman aka Shitmouth. Removed because people didn’t approve of Jim Davis’ scat fetish @GeoffLife Very excellent font choice