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south sider. white sox. mets. sarcastic. gif enthusiast. sometimes I say things on @southsidehitpen & @southsidesox. she/her #blacklivesmatter

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@BenChiTownKid98 @WhiteSoxMando People are RABID about spoilers! Someone was complaining about The Crown spoilers a… @KindaBleu It’s better than some of the crap from last year. @BenChiTownKid98 @WhiteSoxMando I know but I don’t know who has caught up yet so I was trying to be mindful of spoilers! @BenChiTownKid98 @WhiteSoxMando I would watch that! I’m wondering where Baby Yoda fits in to everything since thi…“'Tis the season, Marge! We only get 30 sweet, noggy days! Then the government takes it away again.”
Retweeted by colleen, the ghost of christmas quarantinehappy monday
Retweeted by colleen, the ghost of christmas quarantine
*wheezing laughter* It’s true though. #TheCrown
Retweeted by colleen, the ghost of christmas quarantineMondays @hockeymegan85 So cute! @Keelin_Billue Last off-season was apparently a fluke. @Keelin_Billue Steve Cohen:🤔 @BenChiTownKid98 @LWilz @Jerzicua @StephenJosiah13 is worth 500 million dollars. She's is the wealthiest United States senator. She is running against a man who g…
Retweeted by colleen, the ghost of christmas quarantine😬 realized I don’t work a full week in December and I’m OOO for the rest of the year starting 12/18. Christmas break is almost here! @BearsFanatico94 @DianaCzone345 I don’t recommend it. It wasn’t very good. @DianaCzone345 I think I had higher expectations for it to be better because I didn’t like the book. @DianaCzone345 It WAS Alexander Skarsgård this whole time! 😝Official opinion of this show #TheUndoing theory: Grace found out Jonathan was cheating, killed Elena, and orchestrated this whole deal. #TheUndoingGrace is setting him uppppp #TheUndoingEither the NY DA has a great PI or Grace’s friend sang like a canary to this prosecutor. #TheUndoingGrace. Maybe testifying wasn’t your best choice. Bad decisions abound. #TheUndoingHow has it not come up in court that he was FIRED FROM HIS JOB #TheUndoingI love when lawyers ask “How did you get there?” It’s 2020. I took a horse and buggy, obvi #TheUndoingPlot twist: the murderer is Alexander Skarsgård #TheUndoing“We made love” Ugh. Barf. #TheUndoingI can’t believe Franklin hates Jonathan so much and bailed his ass out. And paid for his lawyer. #TheUndoing Grant is a good sociopath #TheUndoing100% something I do even when I’m not playing with the dogs. @Pockets125 People get mom-shamey about weird shit. Kid is alive, fed, and not being abused. The end. @Pockets125 I had a friend that with one kid breastfeeding wouldn’t happen and then the second one physically HURT.…
@curlyfro I figured the NFL and NCAA would go “ok that’s what not to do” Joke was on me 😂Remember when we didn’t think anyone could fuck up a COVID response worse than MLB?congratulations especially to the little girl in her stroller this morning who pointed to my dog and proudly announced “pig”
Retweeted by colleen, the ghost of christmas quarantine @KindaBleu Pass @thebennettk Redirect. I’ll give a glance out the window (usually it’s kids across the street) and then tell them “… may not be able to unsee this picture but I swear the content is worth it!
Retweeted by colleen, the ghost of christmas quarantine @LWilz Baseball teams are owned by billionaires who will write off their losses this season. I have zero sympathy for them. @KindaBleu Who is Jason Whitlock? @Hall02 @Keelin_Billue They’re pretty! But also mean so watch your fingers. @chrystal_ok I tell husband “HA! They’d give you back” and he responds “22-year olds are dumb, no they wouldn’t” LOL @Keelin_Billue @Hall02 Goon # 1 @Tigresa_de1810 I have a CRIPPLING fear of heights. @Hall02 @Keelin_Billue Peacock farmer @KindaBleu I would be an AWESOME GM @Keelin_Billue Pro: Bats are cute Con: Rabies Pro: 🧛🏻‍♀️ Con: 🧛🏼 wonder if I’ll have started going grey by 40... @Keelin_Billue @FitBlonde19 Yea I rounded up from 3.5 years 😬 On the upside it gives me time to figure out how one goes about get… @LodiDodi17 Guys have it easy! Buy a fancy car/motorcycle! Maybe a car for you because of your knee.... @Keelin_Billue I know what I’m doing next weekend suggestions for my cool midlife crisis activity. I’m 40 in 4 years so I have time to plan. @Keelin_Billue My husband just told me he’s never seen it so I’m going to find a way to make him LOL. @aliwhitesox True dat @Doctor1Hundred But he’s the perfect color for it! @Keelin_Billue SHE isn’t. Everyone around her is. @aliwhitesox In my day (lol) you got kicked off at 21. And I definitely went a long time without until I got a job… @SavesTuesday I was asking why it wasn’t for sale on the website and they told me that MLB is rally weird with what… @SavesTuesday I’m not. I imagine no people at the park put a damper on sales @Keelin_Billue Sexy pool seizures! @Keelin_Billue @Keelin_Billue I love that terrible movie @BDunnChiSox1 It’s not like it isn’t marked with labels everywhere 🙄
@SavesTuesday I got the tshirt and sweatshirt that match it and I’m obsessed. @SavesTuesday I want to go back for more 35th and Shields stuff lol @DianaCzone345 I was SO EXCITED when I saw them!Shoutout to the people who used the Drive-up parking at Target as regular parking spots. You’re the real heroes* *not really, you’re lazy. @SouthsideZo @HWMNBN1988 Yea! She’s taking jobs from all the MEN KICKERS! Doesn’t she know her job is to be a cheerleader? @EllaJay912 Yea I dated a guy years ago who’s uncle was a TP hoarder and would hide it in his house (no one could f… that a publishing company responsible for translating many popular titles in Brazil is whitewashing and ch… @EllaJay912 That’s what I was doing for a couple months because I was afraid Costco would be like the Thunderdome. @SavesTuesday @EllaJay912 Right? When I saw it was starting again I went “Crap” and double checked my TP. I made trips to Costc… @EllaJay912 Also it’s a virus not a hurricane. @EllaJay912 I saw people were hoarding TP again because clearly no one learned their lesson @shankster714 I’ve seen worse kicks from NFL players so good for her. @BDunnChiSox1 @fromthe108 @ChiSoxFanMike @joeysox1952 @Keelin_Billue @_AlohaMrHand @ltaylor_22 @Julian4948 @JoeC2879 Definitely LOL @chrystal_ok I’m waaaaaaaaaay behind.’s been parked here every chance he has so I think he was pissed she was sitting in his spot. Some Sheldon Coop… @deestweets23 EVERY FUNERAL. I told my dad he’s getting Battle Hymn for the Republic and shot out of a cannon so… @deestweets23 I hadn’t been to church is FOREVER and still knew all that off the top of my head when I went to two funerals this summer. @maevemarch Clearly he doesn’t know Jesus. @deestweets23 I love when televangelists don’t think the Pope is religious. I’m not entirely sure y’all know who the Pope is but ok.LOL the Pope is too liberal @Tigresa_de1810 @shankster714 Boughton! @BlisterRich Thank you!! I double check with his moms to make sure he doesn’t have it and then I’m set for him. @Tigresa_de1810 @shankster714 When I looked online it said they did! Mine doesn’t unfortunately @Tigresa_de1810 @shankster714 Good luck! If I was going into the office still I’d check the Disney store for you. @BlisterRich Oooh good idea! I have a hard time getting books for the kids sometimes because I read way above my… @Pockets125 @buehrlecat You’re welcome! Hopefully it’s something simple like fuses! @Tigresa_de1810 Mmmmmmm pozole. El otro dia soñaba con pozoleMy nephew wants fantasy books (I always get the kids at least 1 book) so I’m taking recommendations for ones a 10-year old might like