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@extremely_wet honestly i haven’t made spiral in a long time bc i switched to annie’s shells bc im bougie now but i… @ell_webz 😤😤 one of my sisters shapes was spongebob, it was FINE but like the spiral was the best bc it sopped up all the soupy cheese saucewhen we were kids we all liked different shapes of the boxed kraft mac and cheese, were very insistent they tasted… designers zooming in on chinatown signage
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@allisongeroi i do one month generally but even at the begining of the month it’s hard to find leases sometimes tha… @allisongeroi it’ll be the worst week of your life but it’s over quick @allisongeroi oh wait i just saw that this is for the summer???? allison you literally cannot look until 1 month -… @allisongeroi people always tell me they’re looking for roommates and i promptly forget so i will try to not do tha… I have a new book coming out. This is the announcement. It’s a 4 issue series called “Dead Dog’s Bite” and sta…
Retweeted by colleen @tyisonline when i say i started sweating.........dear god though I risk sounding naive: It isn’t every day that the actual elimination of an entire organ of state repres…
Retweeted by colleenICE is literally a white supremacist militia. Please consider that when you get up in arms about the “nuances” of “…
Retweeted by colleenThis really matters, no?
Retweeted by colleeni just went to a starbucks by grand central at morning rush hour and it was the most insanely impressive thing i’ve… to toshio saeki ⛓🖤 @MaketheRoadAct proudly endorses @BernieSanders for President! Sanders is commited to a humane immigration…
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running through the grand central station in full funeral get up only to see the train you were intending to get on… drinking my idiot juice before starting my day
Retweeted by colleenToday's card. The most compassionate people are also the most boundaried, & this is because w/o a clear sense of wh…
Retweeted by colleenWatching this video will help you understand what it means to live in the Bay Area.
Retweeted by colleenhi @springsteen
Retweeted by colleen @soyboyrealism i would kick those plants across the room
@KTVU fix this headline. Don't paint US as violent when we were met with a tank and AR15s just for trying to put a…
Retweeted by colleenGUNS WERE DRAWN BY THE SHERIFFS! The Moms didn't have any guns or weapons. They were sleeping when the Sheriff us…
Retweeted by colleen2 Moms (Misty & Tolani) and 2 neighborhood supporters (Jesse & Walter) were arrested, and are being held at Santa R…
Retweeted by colleen @Papapishu this was kind of a joke while i was ordering lunch but honestly it’s a little silly that none of the PRO… hello you have a ground meat salad thing that is super delicious? i’ll take 50not enough people talk about how larb gai is the perfect powerlifter foodIt’s happening again: miners left unpaid since Christmas are blocking a train track until they get paid. It’s a thr…
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my iphone also is now extremely confused and has started adding accents to english wordslearning another language is beautiful. instead of being able to spell in one language, now i can't spell in three
terrifyingly warm january weather fashion fits @LauraLannes ooooOo i signed up solely bc i also love calendar tracking lol @LauraLannes lol same. trying to be more meticulous about recording things for that reason. and nice ok!! i know fi… @LauraLannes what app is that? if i don’t track books in goodreads i forget them but i forget every movie i watch loltime for me to have a chill sunday, playing a video game a friend recommended, Doki Doki Literature club. what coul…
@no_talent_shan u can just make the broth and put reg pasta in but this is a go to cheap easy base söup
@class_of_1995 it’s not hard at all!! it’s v easy it’s basically “normal hangout + phone” (+seltzer and beer sometimes) @class_of_1995 would love 2 help u organize a phone bank if you need help :)Olympia Transit System Goes Fareless
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thinking of my iranian friends, their family, and the people of iran. our country is one of the greatest evils upon the world.
Striking railway workers in France are occupying the headquarters of @blackrock — an American investment firm that…
Retweeted by colleenread @therealeharnett on Centralia, the infamous ghost town that sits above a still burning mine fire in Pennsylvan…
Retweeted by colleenWe are very excited to launch our campaign to organize video game and tech workers. ✊ #1u
Retweeted by colleen♥️ evictions down 20% six months after protections became law
Retweeted by colleen @emmaroller sssjshdjs @LauraLannes ☀️👼A school in Guánica following this morning’s earthquake. Education Sec. Eligio Hernández told @radioislatv 95% of s…
Retweeted by colleenSpain elects its first left-wing coalition since the Second Republic, with PSOE and Unidas Podemos forming a govern…
Retweeted by colleenPuerto Rico has had the following earthquakes within the last 2 hours: 6.0 5.6 5.0 4.2 4.5 4.3 All of these quake…
Retweeted by colleen @LauraLannes :) i really love how u draw farofa
i gifted my plant to my best friend as a housewarming gift and handed it off at lunch- he has been named hénri and… Orwellian. The @nytimes states that the US has “deeply invested” in Iraq for 17 years. A country the US…
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See how it happens? American violence abroad is used as an excuse to increase suspicion, surveillance and othering…
Retweeted by colleen @soyboyrealism beyond how goofy this is, something that’s odd to me is that blackwater was one of my 1st “holy shit… don't treat American warmaking like an abstract debate or a cleverness contest -- you can absolutely cultiva…
Retweeted by colleenour increasing moral imperative to start disregarding "the" "rules," anyway,
Retweeted by colleenCareer war propagandist recycles the "US will be greeted as liberators" talking point that is as grotesque as it is…
Retweeted by colleen @NYCMayor New York City's fake "progressive" Mayor de Blasio is helping play his bipartisan warmongering role by sp…
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I say to those who are delaying action on climate change: Look at the blood-red sky and unbreathable air in Austral…
Retweeted by colleen @vectorpoem you would think an allegedly materialist publication would apply basic materialist views and yet @bombsfall i know this must be outrage click bait but i can’t stop myself. you rlly couldn’t even talk to a single… Jacobin apparently wrote some dogshit about comics, here's something good by pauline kal-el instead: "Clowes…
Retweeted by colleen @bagmanman aw thank you!ok just one thing: i can’t imagine anyone that’s ever talked to a single working cartoonist has ever come away w th… my goal is to be off twitter more so i missed jacobin being dumb about comics, of all things. roxy has the cor…’s to a new year with more care, support and solidarity @sweetbabyruski @RinnySega @sovietvisuals wow it’s gorgeous 😍I came across a Russian animation of The Little Mermaid from 1960 and it's mesmerizing
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@LauraLannes ♥️ @misklaroff incredible @horselythighs ♥️ @scottheins i know when ive lostmy little cousin: why are u wearing a hat people in paris wear me: because im fancy my little cousin: that’s weird…
People keep sharing their favorite memes of the 2010s, but honestly none of them hold a candle to this one from 1925
Retweeted by colleenmost people don’t make anything very good when they’re young and young success is a fluke or predestined by wealth,… @claireeshaffer my emotional state ages 20-24 @sunjuchethot the og hater of the music industry on twitter, we stan @Rozb7aleeb that sucks!!fucking crying sad to hear 8tracks is shutting down. this was my first playlist that also received the most plays, it is… the vast majority of rapists and abusers dont get prosecuted now. like the VAST majority. many of their victims…
Retweeted by colleen🤪 deadlift**** sorry anxiety freelancer brainproud of my progress n proud of my consistency and proud of adjusting myself until i could lift without pain. gonna… year was a lot of figuring out how to lift without pain and even tho i didn’t hit any of the targets i was goi… my bench at 125 and 123 (vid). did 120 but didn’t film bc i’ve done it before. bummed abt it tbh but i ate a… is 215, previous PR was 205. could have maybe done more but this was a second attempt (failed the first time b… my maxes for the first time since my comp on march during probabaly the worst week to do so lmao. start w t…
@loundcushblount that’s right @sourbeerbabe big same @sourbeerbabe well i’m older than u and was creating a ~character~ but yes lmao @sourbeerbabe “omg can i use ur tinder?? i NEVER get to use it because i’ve found a loving supporting partner for a… @spideretc bc florence pugh rocks @Papapishu for a snack that isn’t macro oriented this is p good (expensive tho), but i bet mixed w a cracker type o… @Papapishu this is my huge issues bc i am not a big fan of sweets as much as savory thing. there are sour cream and…