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OVER the moon that this stunning print set by @colleentie arrived today. Excited to hang these in my office as a…
Retweeted by colleen @vic_torya_lee 🥰🥰🥰 so glad you like them! enjoy! @brohta_ nope. the amount i was getting already had taxes withheldPoster for the 1973 Chicago Flower & Garden Show by designer David Root Via The Chicago Design Archive
Retweeted by colleenOn this day in 1983, socialist revolutionary Thomas Sankara became president of Burkina Faso at the age of 33. He o…
Retweeted by colleeni made six illustrations celebrating demands to changes in power structures in our world for the @thenib’s power is… @Lubchansky 🥺🥺🥺 i love those episodes. the one where they go to sichuan province and he spends the whole time tormenting eric is so good @Lubchansky omg i have missed this episode, i need to watch itand it’s clutch to know them bc u show up to a bbq and they bring a like, $15 wheel of cheese they stolethe bougiest ppl in the world are waiters at nice restaurants, baristas are fancy coffee places and people who work… fucking hate landlords :)same guy is now ghosting requests for our security deposit back, what a shocker exist for many viruses. But only one (smallpox) has ever been eradicated. It took 15 years of obsessive gl…
Retweeted by colleenA job is not a gift. In the creative industries, employers get away with a lot because they (and we) treat it as su…
Retweeted by colleenFor my second date with my husband we met in NYC and went to a party and ended up at a McDonald's at 3:00 AM where…
Retweeted by colleenme when i figured out how to go in a circle on my roller skates so appreciate this profile of Sarah Schulman and her work, really well-written
Retweeted by colleen @HulloJackie inspired by an email i got from rutgers to join their webinar about invasive speciesraising a lot of questions with my “don’t panic about murder hornet invasion” shirt
@aatmajapandya dont succumb to the call of hard pants. soft pants only nowwe are ~vibing~ and ~regressing~i never predicted at 27 i’d be living with my mom and getting kicked out of the mall parking lot by mall security f…
Did a little drawing @nyc_h2o and @colleentie! Had a great time!
Retweeted by colleen @JholmesJay @nyc_h2o 😮 beautiful!! i love that last one with the grass especially! @captainbylaws lmaoah... so ur saying i don’t have to do math once i get past 60???the only good thing learning french in school gave me is that now learning numbers in spanish feels so much easier @mcmansionhell every time i rode my clip ins around the city i regretted it. i love the comfort chaos energy of this bike
@Lubchansky if i was rich none of u would ever hear from me again, truly do not understand thai desire to be hated on the internet @Lubchansky congrats on the nib joinnng the glenn grudge a thon!LOL landlords are trying to get into the New Orleans courthouse so they can evict people during a pandemic but thes…
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@alyssakeiko meMe:
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Housing is a racial justice issue & we have to protect one another & FIGHT FOR OUR HOMES. Come out Saturday for our…
Retweeted by colleen📢 WE NEED YOU THIS SATURDAY One of our members, Maria, said last month that we have to be bold. If we have the pas…
Retweeted by colleen @hombrewrecker 😂♥️ thank u! this was from the DDR museummy regret at not buying the tiny novelty das kapital eraser grows greater by the dayel capitalito guys, remember that time when, under Obama, feds raided a bunch of punk houses to look for anarchist literature…
Retweeted by colleennothing is more deeply depressing to me right now than watching people implore people to votecops kidnapped my friend off the street. literally all she was doing was pointing out the unmarked car
Retweeted by colleen @buttpraxis his lil bear outfit 🥺🥺🥺🥺
@NYCMayor hey bill remember when the NYPD drove into a crowd of people. do u think u wanna do anything about thatpretty wild to understand i will not be employed for the foreseeable future 🙂 @LauraLannes yeah around there! the smaller ones are like 17” by 12” and the one big blck one is 20” by something i… @celboyrealism yup! idk everywhere i looked said make sure to have good drainage. i assume the same thing can happe…’t expect those bush beans to pop up so quickly so probably made a mistake co sowing them w root veg but we’ll just try again 😌first ever vegetable garden, 1 month growth 🌼🌿 already ate some baby arugula and baby tatsoi greens @johnnycashapp aw i didn’t know u lived there! coolthey build up a false perception of who i am that i inevitably disappoint when i reveal i am in fact human 👍 @lpafridi i got so emotional 🥺🥺 what an incredible person @tybutforfriends ♥️♥️♥️Embarrassing
Retweeted by colleenDNC platform committee vote on M4A: Yea: 36 Nay: 125 Abstain:3 *Workers who lost health insurance Feb-May: 5.4 mi…
Retweeted by colleensettling in to watch the paul robeson doc and wanted to share this lovely painting of him i accidentally came upon…
if this is in the wikipedia of your bridge maybe its time to reconsider the bridge!!! i support nj being the best this is a record we simply could have left alone out i'm going to fight the ghost of alfred e driscoll designed the 15 lane chaos bridge on the parkway i just want to talk @allisongeroi @tybutforfriends @papa_rosh and yes they’re definitely more thrillers than horror i would say. my fri… @allisongeroi @tybutforfriends @papa_rosh WATCH THE PURGE!!!! i watched all three in one sitting and the fourth soo…
@tybutforfriends no i need her to make me feel less ALONE w my depression 😌folklore is better than expected but my depression really needs the new lorde album to come out plsthis is my mantra
Retweeted by colleen @chili_limon will take up to 90 days to get it back! love it!when the cute girl on the livestream dj set smiles when she does a particularly sick transition >>>hope whoever stole my debit card information to spend $475 at best buy putting my checking down to $10 rots in hell 🙂Let me editorialize for a second: the protesters burned the equipment being used to build a jail for children.
Retweeted by colleenI've been wondering lately why sports are structured the way they are and @colleentie's wonderful comic really goes…
Retweeted by colleen @AndyBeckerman thank you for reading and sharing!Sports are becoming another place where people are looking to delegitimize trans identities and strip people of the…
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absolutely infuriated by how large asparagus grows if it’s not properly harvested
Retweeted by colleenpeople should not be forced to live in poverty just because they can technically survive it, and that same analysis…
Retweeted by colleenno the geese do not have talons but they do have zero fear and a lot of aggression which i respecti had to wait 5 minutes yesterday to allow some canadian geese to waddle down the path so they wouldn’t attack me s…
Cannot understand reckless drivers. Please just be terrified of death like the rest of us
Retweeted by colleen @hombrewrecker i am at least grateful that, tho everyone in nj is a psychopath behind the wheel, at least when they… want to get on a train or my bike :(me driving at 17: vroom vroom bitch death is an illusion me driving at 27: i am going to simply die in this metal c… @mcmansionhell ♥️♥️♥️
Illustrators — let's talk about (our) money. This is a thread showing a whole bunch of work I've been paid to do —…
Retweeted by colleen“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, it’s insides come…
Retweeted by colleen @ogre_sloth @thebafflermag ♥️♥️ thank you! @TomGilroy @thebafflermag haha someone else pointed that out, unfortunately can’t do that great of a deal 😅 @saradgore thank you! ♥️ @LeavittAlone !! that was my hope! i’m tired of soviet and WPA copies there’s a lot to learn from them without reso… @LeavittAlone thank you john! @HulloJackie honestly shit slapped for being 12 i really predicted they lens flare craze of now @BlogWood oh jeeze thanks for that. put the number in stock instead of price 😓 @HulloJackie learned how to use photoshop from deviantart tutorials for drawing neopets @buttpraxis omg !!! good luck!!!!!!me, hour 5 of no food with 3 huge coffees: i cannot concieve of why i am having an anxiety attack right nowin the way ppl have a glass of water between drinks i’ve started forcing myself to have a snack between giant cups of iced coffeeyou can view them all here available now from my care manual piece in @thebafflermag ☀️ $ from abolish prisons going to critical resist… to learn i go to bed earlier than my motherme, squinting: did.. the robber lady just say anime?being forced to practice spanish by watching casa de papel without subtitles because i’m too lazy to get up for my glasses