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Owner/Co host of @CritterShedPod. Science officer for @HerpSocIreland. Zoology research associate @TCD_NatSci. Security officer TCD. Angler. Pugilist. Nerd.

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Going on a social media detox for a few weeks. Need to cut back. See you lovely people after. 🙏If you love podcasts and you're not already following @_TheWarren_ then you should! We've assembled the cream of th…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷R.I.P. Ennio Morricone. What a beautiful legacy he has left us all. @oisinshoots It is. @AishlingHuggins Contact your local wildlife rescue centre for advice. They should be able to help.We need a petition to get this man to narrate every natural history encounter on social media from now on. Perfecti…
Sardine supper for Sam the Trinity fox. She has learned to bury what she doesn't eat to stop the seagulls stealing… is very cool. @mapalljohn @seewilkie @PeterFl27318076 Touch the web with an electric toothbrush and the vibration with make it th…'s on YouTube! @chrispylonergan @JasonArnopp WOW.I've just discovered that this film exists and now I need to see it more than anything. 🐸 the jaws open wide and there’s more jaws inside, that’s a Moray
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷Here's another one of the kiddos.... They never miss a feed 🕷
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷Beardies are such underappreciated animals. 🦎 Lizards keep it local when it comes to colour change iris or palm leaves from your garden can make lovely tropical placemats for alfresco dining.🌱 @igmillichip @poecilotheria Congratulations guys! have a great day! @mapalljohn @seewilkie A feather dusty or a hoover should do the job 🤷‍♂️
Lovely selection of grassland/meadow flowers from uncut verges in a northside urban and wildlife r…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @urlofcork @MillieByrne12 @Ash4lunch2 Yup. pine weevils are a massive pest too.We are asking for the public and horticulture industry to remain vigilant after we made the first sighting of the o…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @jaredhuet @DeirdreKilroy @agriculture_ie @merrionstreet @hortconnected @HorticultureWIT @teagasc @opwireland @MillieByrne12 @urlofcork @Ash4lunch2 Weevil! @SteveMannDog Common lizard Steve. Lovely find.Took this little guy out of a house in Kilkenny this evening. The house owners found him wandering around their kit…
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Bruce Wayne will tell a grieving orphan, "I know a spot" and then take them here.
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @tbonetomy In fairness. The spiders were there first.Post molt Chaetopelma olivaceum. A species found throughout the middle east Middle including Turkey, Egypt, the Sud… than a week to go to respond to our survey, please do fill it in if you've taken any of the actions for pollin…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷Here is my banana plant engaging in guttation! Guttation is a physiological process many plants (particularly trop…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @murticus Volucella pellucens.
We were blessed as a nation to have Dr. Tony Holohan in our corner during this fight. Thoughts are with him and his family.We don't expect to see the birds make a kill on camera.
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @SJTHolland @williamhboney1 Its a very similar species Sorcha, a lace web spider. Native and harmless. @GraemeOKeefe Devils coachman beetle. Native and relatively harmless... but watch those nippy jaws! @Disturbed_Deer clever girls.....Chicks all grown up 🐣 hello to the fine horses of Áras an Uachtaráin.
@JSWeetabix @highnellybike @greenparty_ie @noonan_malcolm It beggars that the first movie if this green Cabinet is… national parks and wildlife services ending up under the control of the department of housing in the middle of…'m so angry. Lumping the National Parks and Wildlife Service in with the Department of Housing sounds like a Water…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷Reminder: PhD available with me, @yodacomplex and @RedmondOConnell to study variation in the frame rate of visual p…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷We're doing a #biodiversity audit of @PresidentIRL home #ÁrasAnUachtaráin in Dublin's #PhoenixPark with @opwireland
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷I very much would have liked to be in the room where some writer raised their hand and said, “What if...”
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷Weird caterpillar uses its old heads to make an elaborate hat....
Flies are pollinators too.... @DaveLaFaro @SanchezLarue Much much love to you both man ❤ @OOO32045758 Deadly! Up on @EcoEvoTCD now: @Dar_OConnell's story about the fieldwork in Indonesia that gave rise…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷Have you spotted any these birds in your garden or your local park? @BirdWatchIE
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@hazechu @aoifemcl @Costellop Congratulations Hazel.Never forget, never forgive. Lanky Feathered bastards. @ShaneMcAuliffe1 @Seven_Acres 💪 @deshocks @EmmaQuinlan @JamesKavanagh_ ohhh a Six spot burnet. Cracker! @deshocks @EmmaQuinlan @JamesKavanagh_ They have some really stunning colour variations alright. I love them! @ellenmcoyne @JamesKavanagh_ @deshocks Not by much Ellen 😅 @JamesKavanagh_ @deshocks Crab spider, native and harmless. A beauty!Taking action for pollinators with @PollinatorPlan? Please take this short survey and RT- thanks!…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @McGettrickDamo I think it's the batchelor life for Sinbad. Highly aggressive and territorial chaps so probably for the best. @chrispylonergan yup. lovely anole.Update on Sinbad the Cuban anole who stowed away on a trip across the world a few weeks ago and showed up in the Mi… @Kimberley_Sear Yeah. Regulation of trade needs to happen. @Anto11342 @john_mcguirk So do I. Many of them. All captive bred bar some older rescues.There's no reason to be pulling animals out of the wild for the pet trade. Ethical captive breeding of appropriate…
@MargaretCahill_ Fascinating creatures Margaret! @robbie109 Best bet is to contact your councilLooking for GAA Fixtures for senior inter-county leagues and championships? Get all the info you need in our shiny…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷Nothing will ever compare. @ShaneMcAuliffe1 @MayoCorncrake77 She may be laying eggs in the stem of that plant if there's moist ground/water underneath. Great to see. @ShaneMcAuliffe1 @MayoCorncrake77 Yup.NEW EPISODE!! Vampire fish for mother goose! Collie finds a living fossil, and also becomes a surrogate mother to 1…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @WordsOfDiana We need to do a podcast crossover... animal movies! @CritterShedPod @BotanyBenson @tcddublin @KildareAnimals Will do bro. Much appreciated 🙏
@MKelter Woodlouse spider. 🕷Wouldn't it be crazy if halfway through CONTAGION Matt Damon went to a bar
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @jeannewish Looks like one of the pondhawk dragonflies. Can't be more specific than that but it'll give you a good idea. @LyonsLubber Looks like it! what a beauty! @Blackmudpuppy Wow! Every days a school day!Be wary when buying @Heineken_IE from @TescoIrl cos the pricing is all over the place....8x500ml cans=€12 (€3 per…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @AengusStewart smooth newt. Nice find. @Libtrappe @tcddublin @KildareAnimals Contact your local wildlife animal rescue centre and they should be able to supply and advise. 🦊Please RT to assist my postgraduate @haze_reddington with her thesis #research, thank you. Residents' interactions…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @MayoCorncrake77 @tcddublin @KildareAnimals Rotten. Delighted to get her sorted. @MayoCorncrake77 @tcddublin @KildareAnimals Hoping to try get another couple of doses into her just to be sure bro,… @RMcGreevy1301 @rodericogorman Nice to get a little win! 🦊❤ @EmmaQuinlan @tcddublin @KildareAnimals She's well used to us now. Delighted to get her sorted.Happy to report I managed to get Sam the @tcddublin fox to take some medicated bait this morning to treat her mange… discover spider wearing 'Joker' makeup, name it after Batman villain. 🕷 the latest article from @y_buckley: Why we should not be gambling with #biodiversity v…
Retweeted by Collie Ennis 🕷 @rml2rpd plume moth. @BirdWatchIE @SiofraMulqueen Wow. What a treat! 🦉
@amandafennelly YES!Jesus nostalgia overload. This is brilliant. Please Please bring back the Den, even just once a month. It's pure… @EmmaQuinlan 🤞🤞🤞 @Ireland_Greener EL BASTARDO!Really hoping this government will be positive for animal welfare, biodiversity and our environment. My spider sen… you're going through the tv guide and see your sisters @Caitriona_Ennis's movie.... SUPER PROUD of her, as alw… @tcddublin @IrishTimes @tcdsu @NatureRTE @tcdlibrary @SciGalleryDub @tcdalumni @TLRHub @tcdsports @TCDTangent Curre… @JamesKavanagh_ @jackremmington 😅👏👏👏