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Colm O'Regan @colmoregan Dublin City, Ireland

#anndevinebook "prepare to laugh", @irishtimes "O’Regan satirises small-town Ireland with affection deadpan wit" @SunTimesIreland "razor-sharp" @sundaybusiness

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@kevinmcgahern You just going through some old scrapbooks in the attic and you found this? Will it crack the case wide open?
Followed it up with Eps 1 and 2 of Tiger King so that's a perfect two-hander of Americana right there.'s either age or emotional fragility but i didn't realise how much i needed to see a repeat of Daniel and Majella… @OfficCrumlinSC @stephennolan17 Microscopic rope strung across the road knocking virus off its bicycle. Load a litt… @Repentzel I'm so delighted to hear that. I was afraid home helps would be like "has this fella even met an old person" @Mick_Finnegan The United Steak of America. @WichtigNiemand Strong prodigal son vibe about this. Testament to your people management skills..@SuperValuIRL & @CentraIRL have come together with the @officialgaa to launch this new initiative. @simoncoveney s…
Retweeted by Colm O'Regan @grainnemcmahon #WEEEgotthisThe boiler and Saniflo just shrugged. I can't know for certain if I've got through to them. @grainnemcmahon That's it! It's about love. @sociallysolved1 Pilot scheme to enforce social distancing. All very hushed up.Just went around to every appliance in the house and told each of them how much they were valued and how we needed…
@Rubberbandits *Anne Cassin walks in front of Johns Castle* "Coming up on Nationwide a 92 year old nun with a passi… days are so messed up, there's no sense of an approaching weekend. It's like living on Jupiter. (there are no weekends on Jupiter)ONLINE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! #BrightClub will run a special one-hour online show on April 1st (streaming platform TBC…
Retweeted by Colm O'ReganThis is one of the best of this new genre. #tastingabsolutelynothing laughing - even admidst this crisis. Have a look at @ColmORegan's take on remote working - Happy Friday
Retweeted by Colm O'Regan @Rubberbandits "We have reached out to a number of c*nts' representative organisations but as yet have not received a reply."New favourite curse #fuckabus.
@donalodonovan I should have done more. *hands in gun and badge sadly*I presume "calling the bottom" means knowing the arse from the elbow. *chortles to self* *composes letter to I…
And who else did you go for a walk with? Who? SHUR THATS FIVE OF YE. YOU'LL BE ARRESTED. You should have told the G…
Retweeted by Colm O'ReganOrganised crime referring to itself as organised crime
Janey, Conor McGregor's video ... between him and Silicon Dockerty I don't know how the government can put foot wrong with all the advice.How is it not called Coronation's Treatment? @IzzyKamikaze Doormats and fencing cable are essential.Not holding out much hope tbh. @ericlalor The second time an unprecedented thing happened.The opposite wall has a load of posters - Cheryl Tweedy from the FHM years, Scarface and the Alien with the joint s… @BarryNewman20 can't BELIEVE you're searching your name again. That's why I didn't tag you. But now that you know ...Gardai are anxious to speak to Mario Rosenstock.
Anyone else notice driving in Dublin's gone shit? More beeping at lights even though there's no traffic, more crash… please report if you see this swan 2 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE break every plastic bottle ring you use or come across.…
Retweeted by Colm O'Regan @sarahcareyIRL @adrianweckler @donalodonovan @Fearghaloc yes but @irishrhymespoet @estread @irishexaminer @sciencewows I WAS HOLDING THIS FAMILY TOGETHER @estread @irishrhymespoet @irishexaminer @sciencewows YOU DON'T KNOW MY STRUGGLE @bourgeoismelt Oh please. Plenty of anxious unemployed people had the wherewithal to go to a thousand other places.… @ConorLav14 Love the twist at the end where it turns out the senior man was seven.These people need to be threatened with being officially labelled 'basic' . It's the only way to get through to tho… column in the @irishexaminer: social isolation leaves more questions than answers.
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@LorcanRK I find this quite harrowingI finished @colmoregan’s book with the very talented @twisteddoodles this week-end and will review it on our Positi…
Retweeted by Colm O'ReganMy column in the @irishexaminer: social isolation leaves more questions than answers. @ponyyelof and still lolling at the idea of 8 year olds getting tea or instant coffee in their flask. But then the school was freezing. @ponyyelof cultural memories of leaky flasks have killed the environment. @ponyyelof other people. I returned to the fold four years ago.The beautiful weather only intensified the Melancholia vibe today. AM HOWLING
Retweeted by Colm O'ReganOpinion: Colm O'Regan crunches the Covid-19 numbers, and sums up isolation matters
Retweeted by Colm O'Regan @carr_photo He knows who lost it.Ireland, in this crisis, small food producers are particularly challenged. You can help us! Next week we are offer…
Retweeted by Colm O'Regan#happymothersday to all the wonderful mothers out there & their loved ones who just wanna give them a massive hug t…
Retweeted by Colm O'Regan @MikeR_yan @irishmammies And a thump.One outcome from of all of this is surely the return of the Flashk a Tae.
@Dreamifestation Gaa championshop not the EPL 😊Now we don't want any talk yet of flattening the curve. This is the League. THE CHAMPIONSHIP ISN'T WON IN MARCH. lad virus who wouldn't drink his shitty whiskey. And also WTF???? @ColmKBoyd I was literally thinking of MTV Room Raiders when I tweeted. @GTCost @brianmlucey @mazzenilsson Sorry yes that's what i meant. Ive done so much moaning about the excess it's co… @GTCost @brianmlucey @mazzenilsson Is deductible the same as excess? @StDinny True. All used figuratively here rather than statistically. @naoisen @paddycullivan Defo. It'll have to be one handers for a while now though.One thing about #coronavirus is that it's like a UV-light that has shown up exactly who all the arseholes are. And also who are the heroes.Have a listen to some comedy and marketing chat, and how companies use colour psychology to get your money. With th…
Retweeted by Colm O'ReganThanks to @colmoregan for breaking down the coronavirus figures, one spreadsheet at a time: Opinion: Colm O'Regan…
Retweeted by Colm O'ReganI wrote a piece for @thejournal_ie about coronavirus numbers and a smidge of the maths behind it. my 2013 book That's More of it Now, The Second Book of Irish Mammies - why @irishmammies have a soft spot for…'s about marketing Hope to record another series this year when audiences are unbanned.For a bit of distraction, my Colm O'Regan Wants A Word show from @RTERadio1 Tuesday. Recorded in simpler times. Gu… @NorthAntrimBhoy Does exactly what it says on the tin that one.Wow, tens of replies and likes! this really blew up. I don't have a SoundCloud but i do have a road straightening b… @DrMarkyC Surely there comes a time where the largest microbrewery is just a brewery. @caitnihinglis in the thread - it;s many people's favourite.I had worried I wasn't producing anything creatively during this enforced confinement but behold my new TV show ide…
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@stonethrower72 That seems like a prime takeithandy spot alright.I had worried I wasn't producing anything creatively during this enforced confinement but behold my new TV show ide… @Jim_Sheridan Just tell me your straight bit of road. @acfunduro Europe'll punish no one. Italy will have to break every rule to get back on track. Now is the time to request things.Is anyone else angrier at spam email now? I'm like FUCK OFF 'Felix, a Chief Compliance officer at one of Canada’s…
Retweeted by Colm O'Regan @acfunduro Borrow, cancel the next burning of half a billion of prom note money. And they get 33% back straight awa… @bronactitley MMROOOARRRRGHhey for those with four euro to spare, charities such as Cope need all the help as fundraising is being hammered by… @DanFJones72 @JohnMoynes @MooseAllain "Double check before you double tap" as my old lecturer used to say in the Tech. @hellociaran the neolibs get you in the end. @MooseAllain on the plus side, with someone mentioning you had to 'resort to explaining it' now you can do a pun ab… @hellociaran but .... then everything i've told myself is a lie. *continues lying* @colmoregan Straight Road in Cork is a clear winner, but always fascinated by this straight stretch heading down to…
Retweeted by Colm O'Regan @FionaBooks I'm sure either way it'll be not too Javi at all. @hellociaran you copied my homework for six years and i thought there'd eventually be a reckoning. *shakes fist in a different way* @newschambers @AkaPaulHoward SIGNING AND SENDING BRO @newschambers @AkaPaulHoward Stopesy on a mad one again. Ledge. @LittleBigDaithi True that. I was picturing lads off in a wood mending fences or maintaining signs or all the littl… Carrigrohane Straight of course. The R579 out of Tower nearly Blarney. But in general why are old roads straigh… In Centre Parcs a while back and yeah it's great but, for me, a nob, an amazing thing is the… we're* honest with ourselves**, a good few of us***, as our**** Leaving Cert selves***** would be annoyed some w…
Retweeted by Colm O'ReganLike, do the OPW have maintenance work they're struggling to get round to? the councils etc? Work that can be done… STUPID QUESTION: Saw a notice about roadworks there. Are there any outdoor public works jobs that can be ra… @ericlalor Still kept within in the lines though. Maestros.