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Colm Tuite @colmtuite Dublin City, Ireland

Founder @Modulz. Previously founded @plexiapp (acquired).

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🍿Fun fact The @Modulz UI is built with Radix - our design system. Radix is powered by Modulz Primitives. We are o…
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@miked1ck @peduarte @markdalgleish Modulz Playroom ™ @markdalgleish I left the room for 2 mins and this is what the team came up with... @adamwathan Congrats guys, looks so 👌
Do composite components (cards, hero banners, sidebar modules etc.) belong in your design system, documented in your styleguide?
@matzatorski @ivomynttinen @peduarte @Modulz @npmjs @codesandbox @sketch 🎯 @Ceiga @Modulz This is a remote role and we’re a fully distributed team.😉 It’s on offer for people on our side of the pond too.I’m really excited about the Integration feature in @Modulz Right now we support - @npmjs : publish your DS -…
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @yavorpunchev @JuanArreguin @Modulz Come! the whole @modulz team is in London for the week if anyone wants to hang out? @michaelcdever @peduarte @Modulz @npmjs @codesandbox @sketch Yep, got a slack integration in the works. Just posts…, here’s a sneak peek into @Modulz - Tokens - Visual component editor - Generated style guide - Generated Rea…
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aliens: *landing on earth* take us to your leader america: alright but ... sorry aliens: *wincing* jesus christ a…
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @Wylegin @Modulz Not right now Miguel, sorry. We're releasing beta waves based on fit and progress, so I can't accu…
Love the ability to quickly spin up a design system. But more importantly; I love that it's instantly consumable i…
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @Modulz looks🔥
Retweeted by Colm TuiteGreat looking product and great way of showing it off!
Retweeted by Colm TuiteCan't wait to get my hands on this! The @Modulz team is killing it! 😍🔥
Retweeted by Colm TuiteWhat the @Modulz folks are doing is just spectacular.
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @lhom We'll have more roles in the next couple months. @hadi_hlk✅Awesome team. ✅Great product. ✅You will work on very interesting problems and you will love it.
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @loklaan @peduarte @codesandbox @jxnblk @sketch @sdothaney @hadi_hlk @NnikaX @vladyslavmoroz @benoitgrelard @NnikaX @Modulz“It’s not the team with the best players that win—it’s the players with the best team who win.” Join us @Modulz fo…
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👀 this whole thread
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @thesegunadebayo @Modulz Thanks Segun 😊 @Modulz is super amazing! I love this workflow a lot. Great work!
Retweeted by Colm TuiteThis is insanely good. @Modulz looks set to shake things up big time. Goodbye design to dev handover, hello shared…
Retweeted by Colm TuiteThis is a really impressive demonstration of @modulz Design, build and export your design system 👇…
Retweeted by Colm TuiteThe future in plain sight. Fantastic job @Modulz @peduarte
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @codesandbox @jxnblk @sketch We're growing the team to help make it possible 🤗 If you fancy being part of this jou…
Retweeted by Colm TuiteFor all of you waiting patiently for @modulz beta, here's an in-depth look at the product. - Tokens - Visual compo… @ericpitcock work with me.
Retweeted by Colm TuiteColm and Modulz really have their job listings nailed. The language, the clarity, the tone, the absolute lack of pa…
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @RapidOwl Thanks Sam 🤛🧚‍♂️ Dream job alert 🧚‍♂️ We have exciting plans to push design and dev tooling further than ever before and reall… and do your best work with us @Modulz!
Retweeted by Colm TuiteTop folks in the @Modulz team, give them a look if you're looking.
Retweeted by Colm Tuite#jobfairy - top growing startup!
Retweeted by Colm Tuite2️⃣ Two roles 🔥 open at @Modulz the Visual Code Editor and Design System product
Retweeted by Colm TuiteWe're adding two full time, remote engineering spots. If you're interested in working with a brilliant team on the…
Retweeted by Colm TuiteWe've added two new roles @modulz. - UI Engineer: Build the component library of your dreams. - Product Engineer:…
Can’t wait for this 🥳 I’m excited for the burden shift to designers for other things too, like deploying component…
I've been thinking about this post for some time - there is so much happening in Ireland right now and not enough c…
Retweeted by Colm TuiteFully distributed / 100% remote startups: - @deel - @doist - @Gitlab - @zapier - @github - @Modulz - @linear_app -…
Retweeted by Colm TuitePlaying around with Neomorphism styles in @Modulz 🤫
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @amysundae Very weird yes. But it's also just like, really stupid...? If someone rejects your $10M term sheet...ho…
@karrisaarinen 👋
@peduarte @jjenzz @thekitze Looking forward to it @andrewingram @markdalgleish Whenever I see shit like this I know I spend WAY too much time on Twitter 😅
What's more valuable? A. Making a custom React component library without coding #nocode B. It's magically synced…
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @LisaDziuba @maxvoltar @goabstract @ahmed_sulajman @ValiaHavryliuk @berezovskycom @AndrewChersky @flawlessappio Congrats Lisa and team!Great opportunity to join a very early stage startup with an ethical vision and a smart guy at the helm.
@matthewmorek Well right now we're not working with RN or native mobile code. We're focused on producing DS with web stack for now.
@sdothaney Where should we send the invoice @markdalgleish? @sdothaney Are you working on a new prototyping tool back there?a JSX editor to control composition in a design tool... yes or no?
Retweeted by Colm TuiteI cannot wait to show you all what we're working on 😍 @matzatorski @Modulz 🤛Really excellent advise for founders fundraising...
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Sound advice on early stage fundraising
Retweeted by Colm TuiteSome tips and advice on early-stage fundraising based on my recent experience with @modulz.
@eriktorenberg cc @tonyennis. We chatted about this last week.
Sigh. Speaker: "it's a safe assumption my mom isn't a software engineer" Is it? Why? Lots of moms are software engineers. 😬
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This is something designers need to get over, just like how they got over designing everything in a pixel-based des…
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @peduarte @tonyennis But was it breezy? @diegonmtz @tonyennis Cheers man! @dominosebastian @recruitee Thanks! @iMaffo @teamtailor Thank you! @markdalgleish are some “Trello for hiring” apps?
@Sketch_Problems @markdalgleish Yes I think that's the point... Wait, you think that's React's fault...? @lolitataub I found @sdothaney with this post. We had just 2 calls and never looked back—it's going great so far 😊… @LucasArundell @blocks_ui @Modulz @markdalgleish It's not uniquely complicated. It's happening now because compone…
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nice design’d be a shame if something were to happen to it *detaches component*
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @jina LOLwas trying to exit vim
Retweeted by Colm Tuite @pasql Soonicorn™ @tonyennis Looking forward to it 🤛 @NvdB31 @webflow @sketch I don't really think of tools as replacements for other tools 🤷‍♂️ There's lots of value…
But once you get the hang of it, SO much faster and more precise. @seancblanton Culture is a great one. @ponchofreedo 😂 @RapidOwl Yep, we’re considering that! @AndrewMurtagh Yep, very helpful. I think it would fall under either components or documentation? Components if t… @meetshahdesign That goes under assets imo. Branding, fonts, icons, illustrations, audio, video, swag files, images...all assets. @ponchofreedo Couldn’t principles fall under documentation too? You just add a new section and add some rich conte… @carlfairclough Doesn’t all of that fall under usage guidelines? You can file any content necessary under there. R… @lukebrooker Ah yeah, gotcha. I'd file most of that under "usage guidelines", giving each thing its own section in… @RapidOwl There are two ways of approaching it. A) Write separate primitive libraries for each library/framework.… @RapidOwl It's a huge topic, and solving it will be a tough challenge. But in general, it's not something I'm too… @lukebrooker Yep, I'm also a fan of including it all under one roof, to keep people aware and aligned and to keep t… @LucasArundell @markdalgleish I think that would fall under "usage guidelines"? Or documentation, or styleguide, or… @bricegramm Like, states on a button? Not possible in vector-based tools for sure. But I think state belongs at th… @seancblanton Does "process" falls under usage guidelines? - How to update things - How to submit change requests…