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Retweeted by The Real Donald Dumped @Joshy206 @tmbg13 This is incredible @colonelnemo @tmbg13
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedOut of buns so eating a burger in between two slices of white bread @tmbg13 Biscuit is a former member of the Tojo crime syndicate @depechejoe Lemme have a sip o’ the brainTHE BOSS OF THE YAKUZA: Now you have to MARRY your mother in law!!!
I love how hilariously dramatic the mission prompts are in Yakuza 0 and it’s stuff like COLLECT YOUR MAIL and PICK UP YOUR DOGChrissy Tiegen’s Therapy Horse“Building connections with girls is important”*NishikiyamaBiscuit just growled at NikishiyamaAnd here we go #PS4share Bros and HBO Max investing heavily this year in movie stars who were born in the 1930s.
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedEp 2 of WandaVision is pretty crazy
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedSausage McGriddle about the baby Ithorian from Star Wars Rebels
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedWatching the Clone Wars episode where bounty hunters capture a bunch of senators and lockdown the Senate building haha @Koltreg SwitchAh forgot how tough the last boss of Scott Pilgrim is and need to max everything out lol @THE_Stefano_DLC I love the bit where the white lady is like “oh you’re better than these guys you should be a fore… @THE_Stefano_DLC LmaoIt rules that WARRIOR is a show about labor rightsFinishing up first season of WARRIORSWARM???“Is that how mirrors work”
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedAbolish the death penalty.
Retweeted by The Real Donald Dumped @amandahugnkis_ *squints*Paul Bettany acting drunkThat is 100 percent Randall Park’s voice on the radio“Norm here is a communist” Vision is a confirmed cop @unicornosis “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT”Tenoyah Parris is one of my favorites from Mad Men. Glad she’s got a pretty big role in this“Devil’s in the details”Wanda and Vision keep trying to join teams and groups @ChrisCrash00 Yeah it’s pretty seamless tooVision’s little night-mask. I assume he doesn’t actually sleep but needs darkness to simulate ithello
Retweeted by The Real Donald Dumped“ him” @AutoAmes You know what that means.......Cranberry Mtn Dewto the "damn shawty ok" man who i see getting an incredible blowjob on twitter every day: congratulations on the mi…
Retweeted by The Real Donald Dumped“We don’t break bread with Bolsheviks”Computational Services, IncGod just the way in the 1st episode where Wanda and Vision cheat out to the live audienceMatt Shakman is a much better director than the Russos and Whedon it’s not even close lol @ChrisCrash00 They were finally allowed to actBiscuit was deemed “mentally appropriate” Same lol @THE_Stefano_DLC @tyIerakin Thought this was a riff on Loss for a minNo words, just RT when you get it
Retweeted by The Real Donald Dumped
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedGonna tell my kids this was BB-8
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedBiscuit got all his shots and flea/worm medicinesJCVD joining the Chi Army cool I’d like $2000 from the President of the United States so back of the line, Jenna @OilyWhisper68 He monk @DieRobinsonDie What set you playin, homie @anguirus42 Tbh I’m not singling this out I think that of all the big releases this year @starsinmargins Emma Caulfield FOOOOOOORD
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedNot being able to see this in a big theater defeats the purpose for me awe of the lad forward to the point when we're still not all vaccinated and need to mask still but enough people are vacc'…
Retweeted by The Real Donald Dumped @guaph And than people start seriously demanding everyone vaccinated has papers on them to show everyoneHe peed inside last night but at least it wasn’t on the bedBiscuit is going to the vet today! (He’s fine just establishing his doctor)Next Splatoon contest is MAGA vs Antifa @DieRobinsonDie Yeah I mean it’s just hilarious we gonna have bad discourse over Zack Snyder’s JL or will it just be me and the boys analyzing every shot discussing how cool it is
Retweeted by The Real Donald Dumped @DieRobinsonDie It’s like a huge ripoff of a game too??all these new people are distracting from signal's sacred purpose: arranging drug deals
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedThey thought his hero sandwich was a gun @THE_Stefano_DLC I’d argue Wiseau’s in his own category altogetherI mean if we call stuff Kafkaesque, Hitchcockian, etc I think Lynchian is fineJust cause dinks like Film Robert use it doesn’t mean it’s not applicableI think calling stuff “Lynchian” is fine. Maybe it doesn’t apply in all cases but it’s a useful descriptorBest music drop is Whip It @excel522 No it like gave a prompt when i booted up the game lolBiscuitVision @uzionmain Yup!Love a movie where James Woods gets beat the fuck up @excel522 Switch!Ugh you have to register with Ubisoft to unlock Knives in Scott Pilgrim??Joe Pesci talks like Coach Z in CASINOShut your whiny ass up @DieRobinsonDie I wanna see how long this asshole lastsWe’ve put on CASINO mean it was beforeThat new REBECCA is so cursed now @THE_Stefano_DLC I love when protagonists have a Dark MirrorAh Sahm has his own Vegeta and they square off in Ep9 and it’s the BEGINNING OF THE EPISODEBecause he is one 😌Becoming the Resistance but for Biden and also Republicans @DieRobinsonDie He’s playing Hackeysackeranime intro anime outro
Retweeted by The Real Donald DumpedMade a chicken and mushroom thing and it turned out pretty good