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@tmbg13 Nelson scandalized by pumpkin racismZoom zoom zoom make my nut go boom boom boom @uzionmain FACKHonestly, “the courts ignore everything to go jack off” is a pretty accurate election roleplay
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing PumpkinsI believe, scientifically speaking, this is called a ‘shrew-shrew train’.
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing PumpkinsMarcuto-kun..............................thank Scorsese Admits ‘Gangs of New York’ Was Based on ‘Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War’
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing Pumpkins @kathbarbadoro True his stand-up isn't very good and Gentlemen, the Keith Raniere of Stand-Up Comedians @kathbarbadoro Jeff's toobin'Slight improvement over every Marvel Television show being "Corporate Office" or "Warehouse on some Docks"Helstrom has two sets: "Dark Asylum Hallway" and "Dark Room with Curtained Windows" @megclark_txt $50 on utilities? In what worldIt's nice to see Daniel Cudmore in another Marvel role @DieRobinsonDie @depechejoe Helfandom @depechejoe I absolutely want this to happenI don't have to disagree about anything with all of you if I'm the only one who has an opinionI'm the only one watching Helstrom and the only one who has any takes on Helstrom and honestly this is how I want i… was taken at the Vatican during a small conference on morality where both Evo and Bernie spoke. Glad the Boliv…
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing Pumpkins @THE_Stefano_DLC Lmao @PodcastTheRide Baby Aladar for sureMarduk KuriosWho else thinks Brooklyn Dad should shut da fuck up @OilyWhisper68 Babu FuckoffThis dumpster truck driver who's like "oh yeah people get crushed in these all the time"I don't like Babu Frik because he's a CRIMINALThe Jack Wheeler footage looks like the Elisa Lam footage
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing PumpkinsCrash Bandicoot
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing PumpkinsLove how goofy this cat looks @DieRobinsonDie NiceCant wait for the episode about the tsunami ghosts that sounds wildFirst episode of new Unsolved Mysteries is boring. Just some Reaganite Washington insider murdered by government op… minimum wage: 2009: $7.25 2010: $7.25 2011: $7.25 2012: $7.25 2013: $7.25 2014: $7.25 2015: $7.25 2016: $7…
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing PumpkinsThe fourth Hollywood Chris is Christine Baranski and that, my dears, is canon
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing Pumpkins @Spearhafoc_ I saw someone suggest it was like a reference to a fourth (?) body waste function @Spearhafoc_ Oh yeah! That was a pretty early episode tooThat Kang and Kodos joke at the end feels like a placeholder they forgot to take outDisco Shrew"we prefer Italian-American pigs"Homer milking Ned Flanders probably awakened a lot of people on the Internet subculturesI love Bart hollering like a New York guy ("Quiet youse!") and throwing a brick at Cat MargeCatgirl MargeHELL YES"Now he may try to slobber on your crotch" "Ive been around Scotsmen" @depechejoe Yeah it's from the bad seasons but it's good"Now to get me some caveman hookers!"The moral of this segment is that if you ban guns undead cowboys will torment youHomer ruined time again"That's PIANO. I said PIANEE"I love that the Hole in the Ground Gang is all zombie versions of famous cowboys and than like Kaiser WilhelmMaggie owns the most gunsOh yeah the weird 2nd amendment segment that has like a few good jokes I remember @nicknewt Schwartzwelder did write this segment so nice call"Anything for Homers!"One of the Homer clones is Peter GriffinI wonder if the dumb Homer clones were a response to fans thinking Homer got dumber as the seasons progressed"Mr. Hammock, say hello to Madame Ass"The hammock manDemon Maude Flanders @nicknewt 15S14 is about when I stopped watching this show regularlyFantastic Four version of The Simpsons"I'm gonna play naked basketball!" "NO, you're NOT"Love Milhouse's cool kid dance"Come! Let us kill them before learning of the magical secret which they possess!""My slacks! They've descended!"Some folks says this segment is a parody of the movie Clockstoppers, others say its the Twilight Zone episode "A Kind of Stopwatch""Ah ooh ow oh ooh ow ooh....Dead!""Im going smorgasbord on these poindexters!""Our jobs are actually not that different" "I disagree"Jabba the Butt"Welcome to the 21st century. It's a lot like the 20th but everyone's afraid and the stock market is much lower""Did a shark do that?" "Yes he was testing out a new blood based suntan lotion"Getting Jerry Lewis to play Frink's dad rules but feels like a waste on a Halloween segment"I am TOO old and TOO rich for this!"Car chase with God is pretty goodThe Simpsons really love killing homeless guys"Where's the original guy? Where's Doug? I liked Doug.""You were a busboy in the restaurant of life!"I know this segment is technically original but it's also The Santa Clause but with the Grim ReaperDeath chasing The Simpsons to Benny Hill music"Pathetic humans! They're showing a Halloween November!"The family is violently fighting againOh no I have 2 Treehouses @DieRobinsonDie Amanda suggested Terriers @DieRobinsonDie Ive seen the first season! That might be on the docketSo im finishing Halt and Catch Fire tonight and need suggestions for underrated cable dramas that are preferably under 100+ episodesunited as one
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing Pumpkins @DieRobinsonDie WildThis Must Be a Place is such a bop and probably one of the most romantic songs ever writtenThe queue line is just a montage of dogs being shot
Retweeted by Andy Nemo, Smashing PumpkinsCynthia Nixon supporting a Ryan Murphy show makes me seriously question DSA's endorsementI will never watch something called The Boys why don't they make something called The GirlsDavid Lynch and David Byrne are the same person and I shan't be explaining whyVisually it's stunning any of this shit going to matter when the oceans rise, the crops dry up, and our personal and political freedoms… the ancient Greeks believe you had to be overly critical of the latest popular plays in Athens to truly enjoy t…