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@SuperMidziee Lool yeah you’re right there tbhNot new face new personality skksksksksksksksksksk the legit do not wanna even like anyone right now it’s too much stress.Then just like that you start over thinking everything loool “should I call or just leave it” “ah they’re gonna thi…
All the time minute you decide you want someone that’s the same minute they decide to change looool. Literally the EXACT same time; it’s incredible.We love generational beauty. Mama ate them videos UP. Saweetie had no other choice BUT to be a bad bitch😭
Retweeted by mandaBecause you’d think it wasn’t just the other day the whole show was being slaughtered loool; Hm Twitter.What a save @PocksYNL & @DJKwamz are such nuisances 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭🇬🇭 #GHB2B @GHBACK2BACK @SuperMidziee Yup, Mr Eazi good example of that (he grew up in Ghana and went back to Nigeria after school and that… @SuperMidziee Yeah but that was in its peak to us, it still wasn’t international in the same way Fuse was; a few songs were but not manyI’m screaming how can @DJKwamz turn into a wholeeee apostle looool ELDAAA even, this is exactly how Ghanaian pastor… @BadVibesKartel @ImaniDH Absolutely @BadVibesKartel @ImaniDH Now this I agree with loool @BadVibesKartel @ImaniDH You’re right man and it’s because even before the Beyoncé thing that was the case; he was… @Noname83882649 @ImaniDH Facts @BadVibesKartel @ImaniDH Yeah with them language isn’t the issue it’s the state of the Ghana music industry as a wh… @BadVibesKartel @ImaniDH Yeah UK Ghanaians are a different story in my opinion cos they’re tryna blow the other way… @BadVibesKartel @ImaniDH Nope only a few English words the rest was still mostly Twi or Ga; “full” English songs fr… @EbonyFrappe That’s DEFINITELY false because if there’s one thing Congolese people do it’s support the hell out of… @EbonyFrappe Honestly I don’t understand how you can have a conversation about internationality and not include lan… @BadVibesKartel Yeah because they don’t have enough local support the blogs don’t even push them they’d rather push… @BadVibesKartel Okay now when it comes to the artists now making music they’re not blowing for a number of reasons… @BadVibesKartel People are arguing now because times have changed and now we don’t care about different languages w… @BadVibesKartel During this time Ghanaian music was mostly Hiplife sung or rapped in Twi or Ga ONLY; barely any Eng… @BadVibesKartel The truth is what I said looool; aside from the numbers (which will always count) in the initial st… @BadVibesKartel Only recently unoe; it’s a veryyy new thing for us; even when Sarkodie started out he never spoke E… you @BadVibesKartel I definitely agree with peaks and trends but in that respect Nigerian music will never not be popul… @papaadomako Living legend @BadVibesKartel That’s because azonto was dance music so language isn’t really relevant; I agree with trends but th… of the BIGGEST and most iconic songs to come out of Nigeria has to be 2Face’s African Queen; GLOBAL. And that s… @ImaniDH Fam some of the people arguing with me don’t even listen to Ghanaian music like that and they wanna talk l… @ImaniDH I’m talking about music pre Wizkid and co- artists like P-Square were making songs in English and pidgin t… @Comanda_x I saw some people arguing with your point but I agree. That’s why people like qdot and zoro never blow.…
Retweeted by manda @DSBAma @OdoiIsaac7 This is it 🙃 @ImaniDH With the international side of things; Ghanaians only ever made music in full Twi whether it was good musi… @ImaniDH Fam I don’t see why Lool; people are talking about the music now when it has nothing to do with my initial… can come and make songs like Japa and Tesumole cos the ground work for international value has already been done. @LazarusKumi Follow me 🙂 @SuperMidziee Agree with everything you’ve said but what my point was with the language barrier was more about the… @CrumbledCookie_ Yeah dunno where that nonsense came from tbh @_modap_ @zunir9420 Yup I strongly agree I spoke about this before the streaming thing is an issue because data is so expensive aswell @KanivaOH @Br3nya As innnnn @AngeIiqueAggrey I am glad because whew the way people try to discredit him is mad @cillaohene He didd! @Br3nya Chaiii this one you really GAVE it to them!! 🔥🔥💖💖💖Well okay now Br3nya! 😳🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏾 @DonCarlozA @cillaohene Thank you!There’s some banging new GH Music that I’m 100% sure most of you ain’t checked for 🙂 thank me later. @cillaohene Exactly some of the responses I’ve had are making it seem like I’m tryna say they gotta speak English f… @cillaohene Yup cos everyone’s focused on tryna compete with Nigeria when their population is so huge lol what’s th… like Lumba and them lot weren’t making music thinking about crossing over: they were just making music. Som… @StrikeyStrikes We shouldn’t even be competing though I was just saying; we need to focus on ourselves more @DSBAma Facts but until more Ghanaians start actively supporting those artists properly that won’t happen @DSBAma I agree with home based talent but he’s doing bits outside of Ghana; just cos we ain’t checking for him don… @StefanRighteous Yup industry is a shambles top to bottom logistics wise but when it comes to the music we have som… @DSBAma As is king promise tho; they all started roughly around the same time. Obviously recently Kuami’s music has… don’t help themselves when it comes to pushing their artists anyway; so coupled with the language barrier… lot of people are talking but can’t tell me what Kelvyn Boy’s latest song is: when I say people aren’t listening… know we all can’t stand Kuami Eugene but he’s done a lot loool; can’t take that away from him sorry you all sing Angela with heavy chest. @DSBAma And Angela is the song that buss Kuami Eugene and that was in English so tbh he can kinda sit comfortably in the convo @DSBAma He just came to the top of my head man lol Unoe what I mean all the K’s plus Darkovibes and co are doing bi… @lizzynuo Only recently; I’m talking about before now.Only 10 years later 🙄’d murder a caramel tart right nowNeed more initiatives like that👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 what I said but everyone wants to argue with me unnecessarily 🙃 @MsLolade_ Niece gonna end up like Holly boy#GHB2B 🇬🇭✌🏾 BONUS ROUND TONIGHT! Taking You To A Place Of Praise & Worship 🙏🏾💫 Strictly Good Vibes & Entertainment…
Retweeted by mandaGhanaians are the real ministers of enjoyment.
Retweeted by mandaThe making of one point does not erase another; so many people here fail to understand this hence why they insist o… @sometimesnike It’s not mental gymnastics lol everyone knows Nigeria has more numbers but I’m talking about why Gha… - Touch a button is one of the biggest street bangers to ever come out of 🇬🇧 No debate
Retweeted by manda @SabrinaKodie Yeah but this was ages ago; Sarkodie was even told he would only start popping internationally if he… @KahunaKome I just think it’s a factor anyway; they have Jerusalema which is huge and that’s not in English; it’s j… @CleanYourNyash I don’t doubt that at all it’s obvious the numbers play a big part but the initial topic was about… @Adukebey__ @iamberryramsey Ojuelegba is not Yoruba start to finish tho is it; there are some parts in pidgin/Engli… @KahunaKome Agreed but this is not about bangers it’s about why Ghanaian music doesn’t cross over internationally a… @toninochilds Not fully Yoruba from start to finish is my point so what I said still stands. We have good music too… @Nigerianscamsss only recently lol which is my point. I’m talking about music pre what we know right now; Ghanaians… YouTube content & hearing folks say “this will go viral...” is super off-putting.. Nothing’s authentic any…
Retweeted by manda @Nigerianscamsss Agreed but as a non-Nigerian I’m speaking for the songs that cross over internationally; only part… @CleanYourNyash That’s great but most of the songs that crossed over internationally only have some Yoruba parts. @MisBunmBastic Only recently unoeit’s the braids for me 👅🔥
Retweeted by manda @tammymontero Yeah I agree but that’s only recently Lool; I’m talking about back in the days @YamOnToast This is it; I know it sounds kinda selfish but they just need to focus on themselves and let their tale… you be @ToyBoi1 fan Abeg google “keeya keys” erh! I wan make you get idea 😎
Retweeted by manda @YamOnToast without thinking about “is this gonna cross over Africa” @YamOnToast And yes I agree with the diluting that’s exactly what they’re doing; they need to go back to just makin… @YamOnToast I don’t even think we necessarily had the appeal then we were just focused on making music for us and i… think this just boils down to the fact that many young parents just weren’t ready for their new reality that is t… @YamOnToast Naira is one example and he’s very recent and the Nigerian music scene was very much up before he came;…, WE WENT IN 😎😎✨✨✨✨🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by mandaYouTube getting so comfortable with those non skipable double ads
Retweeted by mandaWasting no time 👏🏾