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Together forever. #TheOffice is on now.
You can't hide anything from your grandma. Awkwafina is @NoraFromQueens premieres January 22. @falloutboy emo? @anthonypadilla and the rest of the #AgreeToDisagree crew are getting emotional just talking ab…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralA deaf man is suing PornHub for lack of captions and we know someone that can help. #MiniMocks @hansdickie
Retweeted by Comedy CentralIt’s hard to care about a sex ed assembly when the presenter is hot AF. @KiryShabazz
Retweeted by Comedy CentralHungry? #ParksAndRec is on now.
It's possible to call home too much -- even from prison. Catch @KiryShabazz's full set on @billburr Presents: The R… latest collab with @ComedyCentral is out! #comedy #sketch #toomanyalmonds
Retweeted by Comedy Central.@Awkwafina: ✔️Rapper ✔️Actor ✔️Author ✔️Train announcer?
Retweeted by Comedy Centralheyy ok this is Eva vs. Anxiety episode 2: making small talk in an elevator
Retweeted by Comedy CentralAmeezing how time flies.
Retweeted by Comedy Central @nickkroll energy. @jordypizza talks TikToks as a career, getting absolutely wrecked on shrooms, and lying to your parents
Retweeted by Comedy CentralAnxiety, meet elevator. It’s a match made in hell. #EvaVsAnxiety @evaandheriud work, meeting the kid that’s going to replace you.'s to the moments we'll never remember and the friends we'll also never remember @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Comedy Central“Cool,” says Meghan Markle. happy couple has one moment that defines their relationship. Sometimes it’s bacon grease to the face. Watch t…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralPartying at Mike’s house may not be your first choice, but it IS your only choice. @TheSecondCity is just grateful he's not from Mississippi. Catch Rick on an all-new episode of The Ringers, tonight…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralBut will he pay child support?’s a reason sexual slang exists. @mondaypunday
Retweeted by Comedy CentralShe can still dish it out. Happy birthday, Betty White. Correspondent @ChrisFranjola calls @DavidSpade, @joelmchale, @guybranum and @lizzycooperman with his insight…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralA deaf man is suing PornHub for lack of captions and we know someone that can help. #MiniMocks @hansdickie night! The Ringers airs on Comedy Central at 11pm
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Hear about @goodygrace 's first acid experience w/ @ComedyCentral Tales From The Trip 🛸🛸:
Retweeted by Comedy CentralWhen the Comcast lady tells me to calm down: @kerrywashington @awkwafina @MTA People might actually take their AirPods out once in a while. #NorafromQueensSee you on the 7!
Retweeted by Comedy CentralSeven years ago, we invited the many characters of @nickkroll into our lives.'s voice will take over stops on the 7 train in Queens
Retweeted by Comedy CentralSpeak of the devil. Tosh.0 is streaming for free on our new Tosh.0 Pluto TV channel:"I also love a classic New York hot dog: no frank, double guac." King offers Prince Harry a new role after he and Meghan Markle announced they would be stepping back from th…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralPretty excited for this all-female reboot. @falloutboy @anthonypadilla Attn: @petewentzIs @falloutboy emo? @anthonypadilla and the rest of the #AgreeToDisagree crew are getting emotional just talking ab… last week’s WWIII near miss, you might have forgotten about impeachment. Here’s the latest:
Retweeted by Comedy Central’s recorded voice will take over conductor announcements on the No. 7 train over the next week. The rapper…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralLove makes people do strange things. #ComedyTBT debate invite? No problem. @ronnychieng plays hardball live on Instagram with presidential candidate @AndrewYang
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My Grandma sees me. She sees ALL of me.
Retweeted by Comedy CentralComedy Central has handed out a massive four-season, 80-episode renewal for 'Tosh.0' and signed @danieltosh to a sw…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralGet ready! #68WhiskeyTV premieres TONIGHT 10/9c on @paramountnet. @_SamKeeley @jeremy_tardy @NicholasCoombe
Retweeted by Comedy CentralPlease don’t hurt @TheJFHarris.
Retweeted by Comedy CentralVaping is blowing up. So will you. #YouDidntWannaKnow @jordypizza
Retweeted by Comedy CentralHere’s a simple way to turn meat eaters into vegetarians. @ihatejoelkim
Retweeted by Comedy CentralSo THIS is how #CrankYankers records its prank calls. fingers Iowa’s pulse on being the first state to vote in presidential primaries. Full piece:…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralCan you have sex with a cupcake? @NickAntonyan did. #SexFails you know your coworker didn’t wash his hands. big incident on The Bachelor this week might seem like true champagne problems, but @whitneycummings finds Hann…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralTrevor’s LIVE coverage of tonight’s Democratic debate in Iowa. #Votegasm2020 #DemDebate
Retweeted by Comedy CentralWe're LIVE at 11/10c on Comedy Central with a recap of tonight's #DemDebate, reaction from @TheRickWilson, and a fi…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralFingers the Pulse, Iowa caucus edition, coming up on tonight’s @TheDailyShow LIVE. Iowa is first, which begs the qu…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralWOLF: Mr. Steyer, what are your foreign policy credentials? TOM STEYER: Well, Wolf, as a Delta Diamond Medallion® Member,
Retweeted by Comedy CentralWe're LIVE over on Instagram with @AndrewYang. Go check it out!
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A girl from Queens... featured in the NY Times?? GENTLY SLAP ME, I’m dreaming!
Retweeted by Comedy CentralVince Vaughn and Trump talk True Detective season 2.’s the vid
Retweeted by Comedy CentralNo strings. LOTS of wigs. (@awkwafina)'s big January just got bigger. The newly minted Golden Globe-winning star of #TheFarewell's…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralCrazy to reboot Wild Hogs without William H. Macy, but here we are. watched a bunch of rich people get squirted on.
Retweeted by Comedy CentralVaping is blowing up. So will you. #YouDidntWannaKnow @jordypizza Markle didn’t attend a royal summit, but the biggest news is that the Queen is 93 years old and drives herse…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralWarren Bernie year’s Oscar nominations snubbed a lot of fan-favorites, but none stung quite as much as friend-of-the-show Ad…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralSmash that ❤ right there to get a reminder to watch the series premiere of Awkwafina is #NorafromQueens, January 22…
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Dirty talk just got easier. Thanks, Fuckaoke. #ThatsAnApp @anthonypadilla
Retweeted by Comedy Central.@KiryShabazz can’t come to the phone right now.
Retweeted by Comedy CentralSee the @NikkiGlaser set that blew @ABFalecbaldwin away: complaining to Oprah about your grandma. for being sincere or whatever for once, nvm.
Retweeted by Comedy CentralThe #OscarNoms for Freakiest Humanoids · Cats · The Irishman · Genie Will Smith · The CGI penises in the Lion King got kicked out of school for drinking and ended up in drug school. Here’s your Morning Routine. The Daily Show Podcast Universe. Every podcast you've ever heard, now in one five-episode miniseries:…
Retweeted by Comedy Central“member” “liquid guilt” “growing bulge” “quiver” “cavern” just a few choice words used in this erotic fan fiction…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralIntroducing The Daily Show Podcast Universe! It’s every podcast you’ve ever heard in one five-episode miniseries.…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralSay goodbye. #TheHangover is on now.
It's hard to be sexy with bad knees, as @JoshAdamMeyers knows. goes deep with @rosebudbaker, @JordyPloy and @JoshAdamMeyers in their extended interviews for The Ringer…
Retweeted by Comedy Central.@anthonypadilla reads some fan-written filth. And it's pretty damn hot. Watch the full video here:… your truth. #TheOffice is on now.
If your grandpa was Secretary of State under George Bush Sr., you’d have a lot to say about it too. @rosebudbaker
Retweeted by Comedy Centrali’m honored @ComedyCentral had me star in some raunchy comedy i could never personally get past youtube’s censors
Retweeted by Comedy CentralStay young. Awkwafina is @NoraFromQueens premieres January 22. talk just got easier. Thanks, Fuckaoke. #ThatsAnApp @anthonypadilla your filter. #ParksAndRec is on now.
In this week’s video from #TheBonfire @attell joins @bigjayoakerson & @DanSoder as the gang views an impromptu perf…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralDon’t you dare say Awkwafina is anything but real... But also keep everything you see in this video on the DL. Thx…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralThere are just too many cool words at @jordyploy's disposal. @billburr Presents: The Ringers premieres tonight at 1… Ed Sheeran Williamson in Game of Thrones "nobody knows…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralIs Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s choice to leave the Royal Family and move to North America, a ploy to become L.…
Retweeted by Comedy CentralBill Burr presents The Ringers. Tonight at 11pm on @ComedyCentral @rosebudbaker @allthingscomedy
Retweeted by Comedy CentralYou won’t hear Trump say “Supreme Leader of Iran” anytime soon. Count on th--
Retweeted by Comedy CentralAre you the future of comedy? Prove it. Apply now to join Comedy Central’s Digital Creators Program:…
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