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#LaraOnSunday @RadioWoking breakfast show 9am-12 #newmusic #community #radio 📻 + turned on #Christmas lights🌲 Engaged 💍 to @jonandrews01 🥰 #Woking #Surrey

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@theperfectblend And didn’t Pippa turn out to be Elly’s mum lol @itspoprescue I love your account - what a great thing to do 🙋‍♀️Night Time Selfie with #MagicTheCat for reasons I can’t go into it looks like it’s going to be a long night! 🐾 @ollietwist4 That’s too funny 🤣 @AlexBestfanMatt And to think the cafe is still going today - I was there not so long ago with @Jonandrews01 - what sort of ‘cafe’ were they running 😱 @ComedyTiming The Human Leage.
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @atilargodoy 🤣 @ollietwist4 Where are they now 🤔Hilarious - we are watching old school #Corrie - just watch Alma pour that cup of tea in the background 🤣… @ComedyTiming Snap, Crackle and Pop
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @ComedyTiming Nick Cotton Dot Cotton and Dirty Den.
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻Rod; Jane & Freddy 🌈– “ we’ve just received samples of the new album in vinyl format which will be pressed as a limited edition double…
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻#2020 🗓 Inspired by @ReeseW
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @EmKnightly You know I am kicking myself as I had some great ones back at my dads for my Niece & Nephew - not sure what happened to them! @ollietwist4 He’ll be wanting a car next! @LottiWalker Ha ha 🙋‍♀️❤️Way too warm to be in the house tonight - Mag & I are just sitting in the garden chilling out - waiting for the sun… I want to get this for #MagicTheCat he loves his outdoor house.... so I’m thinking birthday prez for him in Nove…
How comes we suddenly have #rainbows and #doublerainbows tonight - but no rain (yet) hmm 🤔 #Woking #Surrey 🌈 does #MagicTheCat enjoy sitting in next doors garden so much 🤔 #hilarious #CatsOfTwitter 🐾🤣 of funny - in a it’s 2.30am and I can’t sleep kind of way 🙋‍♀️
@suzirad1 What! Ignore them - why would anyone call you fake 🤦‍♀️ what a beautiful pic - LOVE your hair 🥰 @NeighTweets God how many bloody times - it’s really doing my head in 🤦‍♀️ @westbrookdanni @RossKemp He’s a Mitchell - he’s had worse 😬 seriously though get well soon 🙋‍♀️ @EmKnightly Ahh love that 🐾🥰 @mpf3228 @LWTheatres I’d like to know too - with Covid in Australia looking bad again is it likely this will be cancelled?
@Felstedboy Really - original? @kennethwilsonuk Ahh I loved them all - they were the days!#GordonTheGopher wins hands down 🙋‍♀️ the interview between @tonyblackburn and #SuePollard tonight on @BBCSurrey if I had a top 10 list of people… @kennethwilsonuk So lucky to have them 🙋‍♀️Good ole #MagicTheCat see he’s refusing to budge from that new play garden home of his 🤣🐾 @Jonandrews01 @NickyPatrick1 @BBCSussex @BBCSurrey And that little gem comes from my dad - I do it once in a blue m… so much love..just saw this...
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻Another issue with my teeth - this time a filling has fallen out (I’ve recently discovered I have some weird bite /… @CosmicXposure Lovely image 🙋‍♀️ x @RachaelDyche Ohhh he is gorgeous - our #MagicTheCat (who also wears a dinner jacket 24/7) says hello 🐾🥰 @StephenAIreland @sundayshowtunes @RadioWoking @ProudShowUK Sunday #dreamteam 🙋‍♀️ in to @sundayshowtunes on @RadioWoking. From @ComedyTiming to @ProudShowUK into Showtunes... This is my kinda Sunday!
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @StephenAIreland @HazellHD @RadioWoking Tuned in 🙋‍♀️📻 @DennisCattell @kimwilde Oh wow - look amazing... absolutely love Kim Wilde’s music; and was such an honour to inte… @ComedyTiming One only had to be taped to prevent further tearing, but overall they're certainly not in bad conditi…
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻Coming soon @ComedyTiming
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @CrewRadio1 Ohhh we’d love something Summery - Katrina & The Waves and Walking on Sunshine ☀️ @CrewRadio1 @toucan2 We are tuned in whilst sitting in a field - really enjoying the show 🙋‍♀️❤️📻 @DennisCattell Oh would love to - thanks for tuning in :-) @ComedyTiming Listening to the show now via internet streaming! 'Kids In America' - I still have that single in its…
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @DanMarshMusic @RadioWoking @Alice_Triskel @ALONESTAR1 @edsheeran It’s a great track 🥰🙋‍♀️📻 @ComedyTiming @RadioWoking @Alice_Triskel @ALONESTAR1 @edsheeran Thank you Lara for playing my single. It means a l…
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @Matthew_seaby @RadioWoking @Jonandrews01 Thanks Matt and thanks for the great CB Diary 🙋‍♀️❤️ @ComedyTiming @RadioWoking @Jonandrews01 Really enjoying the show this morning thanks Lara
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @peasmoldia I was the same - got a lovely cuddle in with #MagicTheCat not that he’s much of a cuddly cat ha ha but… with Lara on Radio Woking until noon with music, chat, interviews and much more 🎶 ☕ 📻
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻And we end the #LaraOnSunday @radiowoking show with a review of an amazing place right on our #Surrey doorstep - w…
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻After 11am on #LaraOnSunday @RadioWoking we have an absolute musical #rocknroll legend that is @martywilde3
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻In the 10am hour we’ve #newmusic #newsingles #newartists on the #LaraOnSunday @RadioWoking show and this week we ha…
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻On the #LaraOnSunday @RadioWoking show joining me is @jonandrews01 - we are talking about the end of the…
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Enjoy summer safely 😎
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @Alice_Triskel @RadioWoking @ALONESTAR1 @edsheeran @DanMarshMusic You’re welcome 🙋‍♀️ @ComedyTiming @RadioWoking @ALONESTAR1 @edsheeran @DanMarshMusic Thank you so much dear Lara for airplay my next single "Dear life"🤩
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻Thanks for the review @ComedyTiming so glad you enjoyed your visit
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @joetracini Powerful stuff Joe - the respect so many of us have for you for your honesty and outright openness is b… we end the #LaraOnSunday @radiowoking show with a review of an amazing place right on our #Surrey doorstep - w… 11am on #LaraOnSunday @RadioWoking we have an absolute musical #rocknroll legend that is @martywilde3 the 10am hour we’ve #newmusic #newsingles #newartists on the #LaraOnSunday @RadioWoking show and this week we ha… the #LaraOnSunday @RadioWoking show joining me is @jonandrews01 - we are talking about the end of the…
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @Hic84337287 Oh no so sorry to hear that :-( @TreasuryMog #Callisto still hasn't returned from her morning outing. Very out of characte.r If anybody should see…
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @suetthatsme I did exactly the same; though more a case just haven’t had time to do it in daylight hours... but tha…
@Hic84337287 Ohh gosh 😬 stay safe xx @EmKnightly Ahh but look at Maui’s beautiful pink rose 🥰And so it begins.... #Lockdown tightened in parts of northern England #COVID__19 @mAncient_one @fusedofficial @MusicMarketingA @ColinsCuts @chriswatts1965 @RDTVF @DLeMax @artefaktorradio @DiRidley1 Ok well I will read your tweet :-) :-) @SmurfyLady40 @RadioWoking Love it x @ComedyTiming @RadioWoking haha my girls used to want the catalogues so they could cut out their 'wish' list for th…
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻And I hear it‘s #NationalSistersDay Sunday - well it would be wrong not to play a song for mine & she loves Grocer… want to share with me their memories of the #ArgosCatalogue for my Sunday @RadioWoking show? - I can either… @DiRidley1 Can I quote your tweet on my radio show Sunday? Or if you fancy coming on to do a very short pre-recorde… @ComedyTiming Oh well done Lara - now my two are pestering me for one. They are all like 'how come Magic gets one, we want one'.
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻Ha ha well I found it in a little B & M store and couldn’t resist 🙋‍♀️ Too be fair Magic just about gets in it 🤣🐾 @fusedofficial @MusicMarketingA @ColinsCuts @chriswatts1965 @RDTVF @DLeMax @artefaktorradio @Radio_WIGWAM @KushaDeep @YouTube @TheMetalByrds @laurenlaverne @RockOnTheRise @BreesAnna @etunesmusic1 @tvadtunes1 Heart Shape Pill (Official Video) via @YouTube. Redemption is All! @TheMetalByrds
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻SO I am pleased to announce that #MagicTheCat is the proud owner of his own house.... he’ll be in touch with house… everyone at @CrewRadio1 @toucan2 a wonderful lift off on the launch of your brand new #radio station...… @Chestikov69 And it’s own twitter handle lol 🤣
@cvhdavidblues He so is (as was his dad too) 🤞He's a legend, hope he's okay. Keep an eye out for him Twitter.
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻 @DennisCattell Love this 🙋‍♀️❤️ @NeighboursHQ Have you heard anything about the show will in October in London?Please everyone in #Surrey keep an eye out for Lee - anyone from #Epsom will know Lee from the Fruit n Veg stall by… @immynash It was my first West End show... saw it after years of loving the music as a child... long story but I go… @pussinpjs1 @BBCRadio2 Likewise - I personally think they should make council run leisure centres either free or subsidised!‘State sponsored lubricants’ is not what I was expecting to hear on @BBCRadio2 🤣 p.s wonder if Boris will give me £… to hear The Phantom of the Opera is to close permanently. That's the thanks you get for wearing a mask.
Retweeted by Radio Lara 📻You can take my freedom; you can take my soul, but you can’t take my #PercyPigs 🐷