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CPUK @ComicPrintingUK In my house at R’lye...eah-boi

Here to chew gum and print comics. Not a fan of gum, to be honest.

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It is with great regret that I must inform you I am closing the business forever in protest at this godawful tweet. @ComicsGlasscity No, yr sending targeted corrections with actual page numbers!
@clarkbintart You’ve really nailed it. What’s the project? @deuxdel Only way to succeed, I heard. @deuxdel Yr doing good. These are hard days.Take a peek at this upcoming project on @Kickstarter! Then sign up for notifications to stay tuned.
Retweeted by CPUKI like the picture, is my point.That mouth is less “stoic upholder of the law” than “person who has seen and done so many awful things that he’s ju… don’t really have the vocab to describe what I like so much here, but I think it might be to do with the strain i…“But wait, isn’t that what CPUK explicitly asks for if you put the question to him?” “Why now I think it is!” “By… THAT WHAT INDEED?'ve just heard the devastating news that we've lost our friend Alison Brown who many of you will know from her wo…
Retweeted by CPUKA character coming back after a seemingly-definitive, much-hyped ending? This is anathema to both Captain America i…
Retweeted by CPUK @allforcomics I will also accept a twelve part harmony of The Hazards of Love. All of it.Come back to me when you’ve got a twelve part a capella of The Mariner’s Revenge Song.Folks I simply don’t have the energy to care about shanties and derivative works for another 352 days.Not now ill omens of the nation's fall...
Retweeted by CPUKOh. Wow. actually cannot stop laughing at this hahaahahahaha
Retweeted by CPUKTony’s stuff is about a subject I know little about, but done so engagingly that I basically consider myself an exp… @DomusCaligari I can work with either, to be honest. It was more a prompt for the universe. Just have it on my desk by tomorrow at nine. @SeanNorthridge This was my entire contribution. I think I’ve done enough work here.A southern gothic comic, but with a furry vibe.I got bored.
Retweeted by CPUKGovernment by local councillor, is it? @The_Copy_Guy *weeps*If you keep having this exact fight over and over people don’t have the energy to pick a fight over something else… @The_Copy_Guy “Oh, I didn’t realise you had to do anything with them. They should be print ready!” “Yes. They should.” @ThatRossHastie YEEEIKES.Hey, you know who is good? @M_D_Penman is good. And also having a birthday today. So let’s all hope that’s happy.And they go on to say “why do you not simply ask people when they send you the full file for replacement if they ca… @JunctionNovel This kind of deflection of responsibility is... I’m just really proud. @minerrale It’s very common.People often ask me "CPUK, how can I make yr life easier when supplying replacement pages for a proof. I want to he… wasn’t just one. @Short_Box I am hugely into this. @pintofsimilar I’m afraid i do not get this Pink Floyd reference because I am young and hip.My other joke on this topic is that it’s viral marketing for the new album by The Jam.Jordan Peele’s next film opens on a pan out from the hands across America shot at the end of “Us”. As the camera ri… @AndyPalmer
Shipping is well under way 🥳 Here’s a closer look of the new box and manual #indiedev #indiegames #dragonborne
Retweeted by CPUKYou have to understand. I’m like a chocoholic, but for running. Also booze.Spare me Representative Jim Jordan decrying cancel culture from the floor of the US House of Representatives becaus… for it... there it is., aware that I spend a lot of time advising people to be sensible and not risk injury by overdoing it., skipping a run day because I can feel that hip isn’t injured yet, but it sure could be if I’m not sensible. @dearbhlala @ChrisManji Well this is serendipity.GUYS THE PRESIDENT IS USING A DUMMY ACCOUNT. @dave_scott23 No way?The end of the next Thought Bubble party: @dave_scott23 It’s unique. I’ll give it that. @captainclaude No, no that it doesn’t.It’s a beautiful day in the village... @captainclaude I’m sorry dude.Mais non. MAIS NON. @JamesLSarandis Wild, huh? @and_ents Bad, innit? Like... it's not similar, it's the same melody. @okaychloegreen Endless bloody struggle, my life.You know the Muppet song "Mah Na Mah Na"? Did you know that it's a pastiche of a French song called "Mais non, mais… turn off gaps between pages. Yr checking 2 page view to make sure spreads line up fer chrissakes) @KumaUK Every other format I tried seemed explicitly threatening.I don’t know who needs to hear this but check yr proofs in both single and two page view (remember to toggle “show… @thingsbyuna @thingsbydan @Good_Comics million is one of those numbers that sounds big and flashy when shorn of context. Bit like when they pledge… @Short_Box I am similarly stuttering back in. Whenever you have time!xThis is the way. many, I had very different plans for ShortBox this year. Those are on hold but in the meantime, I still want t…
Retweeted by CPUK @thingsbyuna @thingsbydan @Good_Comics That's under preferences and will be persistant across all docs. Used to be… @thingsbyuna @thingsbydan @Good_Comics I've found a *much* better solution! Untick the tick box at the bottom of th… sure to go in pairs. Understood. @thingsbyuna @thingsbydan @Good_Comics Pulling out guides from the rulers? I think that’s what you’re after. Faffy, but it’d do the job.currently working on page 500 of Finding Home. it felt like such a dauntingly huge project when I wrote the first…
Retweeted by CPUK @Shimmin_Beg Ah, common misconception. There’s the rub.This is... not the register I expect from a vpn. @pauljholden PJ this is an excellent, horrifying point. @Mike333West This is brutal. I’m so proud.Oh, sorry, some of you are young. A “pub” was a thing we had in the before times.I wish these people would realise that they’re not silenced titans of intellectual freedom so much as pub bores.Very little margin in clothing printing. At least compared to grift bleating.
@alisdair_wood No. No this is the perfect addition. (I may have a vicious sense of humour.)A Kid-PUK moment of zen for you. @ChrisAHurst Ooh, I’m nicking that. @ComicPrintingUK I always like: "We don't have fax machines where I live." "Where do you live?" "The 21st century."
Retweeted by CPUKOnce again I am the consummate businessman."Ah, you see the thing is that we really need the f..." "Stop it." "I'm sorry?" "You are delaying payment of the… @FeffSilvers It's one of those very minor things that doesn't really need addressing. Just I appreciate it when it has been. @PaulWurgisnacht Hey! That's... also fair."Please supply yr fax number." "Can't." "Why not?" "It's in conflict with my sincerely held faith." "Which reli… @DanWritehead “Shun” may be a euphemism for something altogether more violent here. @DanWritehead Imma make everyone shun you so hard.This is the way. To get in my bad books. @TinyMaster The realest.Anyway: bleeds. You should do ‘em right.The truck driver’s version of this song is a cautionary tale about that time he was held hostage by a well travelle… mean, there’s a line in there where this hitchhiker who launched from an observation that the road is dusty into… truck driver in the song I’ve Been Everywhere: “I was just making idle conversation.” @captainclaude I confess that I have not been keeping track of him.No, of course I don't. But we gotta make some money. @happymrlocust @Jordan_J_Thomas I thank you. It's the ambiguity that makes it, I think.