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Adam @commonor_garden Southend-on-Sea

pax et bonum • leftist Anglican Franciscan • Morris man • husband to @C_J_Todd 🌿🌳🚃🌳🌿

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Retweeted by Adam @JaneAudas Now that is a great list.Also on one of my favourite railway lines in the UK 💛 @merseytart You take it however you need to take it 💛 @merseytart This is peak 'you' @JaneAudas That makes sense, I do like making lists but there are definitely places with one outstanding feature an… @JaneAudas What's your list? @JaneAudas As I say it's my own personal metrics - you can probably deduct then from that list @JaneAudas Okay but it's not in order. Harwich Hastings Great Yarmouth King's Lynn HullOn all my personal metrics Harwich is a top 10 town in England. Maybe even top 5. @VictorianLondon @peter_watts Basically just a 19th century version of this @ktsmef got my black filter coffee from the buffet at Manningtree station en route to Harwich. Thought that's a mom… @peter_watts Dorchester is full of blue plaques for fictional Hardy locations iircHonestly can't really blame them at all. This advert is in the Southend Echo - Southend is currently on medium aler…
ah fuck
Retweeted by Adam4 years ago I was doing trollies at Sainsburys on a Monday night. I left, worked hard and got a degree from the Uni…
Retweeted by Adam @giacbelloli Sad that The Tree went but happy to see a sapling has replaced it.
@Strangeland_Elf there's your explanation then, we're not used to huge portionsWes Anderson meets 1990s Arndale Centre excellence. Needs more fake palms.
@DanielHugill Thanks Dan and same to you 👍🏻Home for half term 💙 can't believe I forgot to buy my traditional Friday beer for the train home, it's the last day of term too 🚫🍺
@actualprincecas yeah but there's sweet and then there's sickly, cloying sweetness. like white chocolate is too sw… @actualprincecas I literally spent the whole of that brownie segment shouting at the screen "why are you making it… is some smooth brain nonsense, how absolutely broken and detached from reality would you have to be to want to… course it's off Brick Lane of course @DanielHugill I genuinely have no idea how Covid spreads or where or what measures are effective against it every… @NoNamePS tbh there's truth to the fact it doesn't spread between primary students but we've got 40 adults and hund… bit of a joke isn't it get on a busy train queue up in a coffee shop work with 300 kids and 40 adults be in a… @HealthUntoDeath @multiplebears fair, tbh, I did a spelling lesson last week on ie/ei and I would have to check whi… @multiplebears @HealthUntoDeath saying this in public makes you braver than our troopsSouthend is the island of yellow amongst Essex's sea of orange. I feel obliged to find five people from other hous… feel human again 💛
I've loved seeing so much momentum build around the Office the last few months. I keep Morning Prayer at the mome… @CalebStallings_ Be Thou My Vision is an absolute 💯 bangerI have booked an appointment for a buzz cut and beard trim at a fancy Turkish barber in the City tomorrow. I am -… @EmmaEssexSander @c2c_Rail @rhyssmith55 @c2c_Fails Good luck! @EmmaEssexSander @c2c_Rail @rhyssmith55 @c2c_Fails TfL website says the cornershop at Grays station is a TfL Oyster…
1976 watercolour from @GovArtCol by Raymond Spurrier (currently in the British Embassy in Budapest), mischievously…
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Just seen this on Instagram and two things occurred to me: (1) One New Change is a building that looks better from… @gilliandarley @tim_waterman Surprisingly enough, Southend Pier. @BrynleyHeaven NSE Red will last longer than human civilisation by the looks of it. @ktsmef This was all the salt we saw. It's a lovely town. Come visit us when you can, would love to explore more wi… drove to Maldon today, a very different type of industrial riverside to yesterday. An incredibly lovely town wit… @DanielHugill Don't worry, she'll email you on the first weekend of half-term to say "half-term is nearly over!" @SaintHound I am genuinely impressed by how authentic that looks - I thought you must be in Britain but no.
@entschwindet @MatthewLloydR The Grey has definitely made it to Southend, where the property market has become Lond… it to Purfleet ,🎉 Thames fun. Ballard was here. made it as far as the mother of all pylons. It really is something to behold. @pylonofthemonth @HooklandGuide looks dope af didn't realise there'd be all this graffiti on the river wall and a dozen middle aged men who I assumed were carr… @NoNamePS @QuintinLake I did, and he inspired this trip. I love walking at this time of year and I want to do Purfl…👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 love the names of the stations on this line. They are so rivery. Pitsea, Stanford le Hope, East Tilbury, Tilbur…'m off this morning to walk from Grays to Purfleet, a very different Thames to Southend or the City.
Southend sunset 🌅
@geofftech @tubemapper I had my stag do there but I think that @helloiamrob probably remembers more of it than I do! just back from conservation, but already sold
Retweeted by AdamDon't understand why any artist has ever used anything but a grey felt tip. ☁️🌊, of course I have a favourite shipping line and yes, of course, it is Maersk. a turnaround, glad she's doing okay. 👌🏻
@peakay81 Not sure about the first but billed as a US style mall that flopped and became full of local independents… late tonight so I got dinner in Elephant and Castle. Can't believe the shopping centre is gone. Just want to… @AttnFrancis I had one in nicer colours but I left it in the library once and, unsurprisingly, their lost and found… jk I wish my life could be that good my breakfast delivered to work now 😍 morning from Chalkwell station. 🔊
That Gay Guy on Your Feed with Wildly Inconsistent Pandemic Behavior
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@MartinAdam1987 @GarethDennis I had to do a bit of digging but I wasn't that surprised since the film was shot all… @GarethDennis I walk past the Hop Exchange on my commute, lovely part of London and the interior is even better tha… @EurostarJustinp Had me very confused for a second there trying to work out why Greater Anglia was serving Brussels.
Autumn seaside visits with the crew is the best happy tonic
Retweeted by AdamHaving a great day 👍🏻 the greatest day showing my best friends round Southend 🌧️👍🏻 @thomasdharvey It's just spiced gin. It was Quite Nice.A quick stop on my way to town 🌧️
Retweeted by AdamOh wow. They've made their conference like what people in 1995 said cyberspace was going to be like.
Retweeted by Adamevery season of #GreatBritish has a fun straight and a basic straight
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It has been a tough week so I am cracking open a Christmas gin and tonic #nojudgement
obsessed with this bathroom in a 1930s semi featuring rescued Victorian stained glass am done in at this estate agent's attempt at making the grey sky of the Thames Estuary blue using the paint can t… @flaregun this came up on my Facebook memories today and made me feel olllld no particular order 1 potato 2 green beans 3 parsnip 4 cabbage 5 carrot a particular order: 1 Apple 2 Orange 3 Strawberry 4 Raspberry 5 Lemon will always be hurt by the fact that I couldn't get married in a church. I loved my wedding day but the fact my o… @flaregun good memories of when I was a Fresher and we used the moon to calculate when the best time to begin harve… @tylerpproc 🙏Crowstone 👌🏻 clouds tonight @ktsmef is that a cycling map? very good Zoom bg
lol two seconds after I posted this've been doing this commute for three weeks now and today is the first day I feel wiped out.
major TikTok related drama at school today so do I call it TikTokageddon or The TikTokening?
The @Independent website is so unusable now that a video advert for cereal plays behind the article you're trying t…