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@WOODHEAP I think Brexit is a bit of a distraction & this is why👇 @communicipalist @krustysghost Why cant the Gov fund a worker owned business for Flybe? There are plenty of skilled…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @communicipalist @JulieBJewellery So many of these episodes now. I'd like to know - who signs off on these 'bailout…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @noggginthenog That's him yes.Psychopathic Washington - Regime Change Update - Trump threatened UK with 25% car tariffs unless it agreed to accus…
@AnydaySocialist @JohnJamesRobe @nottobeneutral @SevinaYates @uberped @GreavesHolden @LucyMusk13 @liamyoung #SocialistSunday #f4f @JohnJamesRobe @nottobeneutral @SevinaYates @uberped @GreavesHolden
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIistWhy I am a Democrat and Also Why the Labour Party Lost the 2019 Election - Long Live Democracy! Tony Benn on Contr… a #woodland space you can harvest for fuel or fruit. Apply for #FreeTrees for #schools and community groups…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist£17.6 million for Skipton’s fantastically ugly flood defence system. That money could buy a hell of a lot of tree p…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIistParasitic Branson Buys Flybe in Scam to Fleece the UK Tax Payer - Government's rescue plan for Flybe is ‘another ta…
@zenastours Good question - partisan is the only explanation I can see. @CrankyOutrider Fascism is a political family @gotthetrotts @paulmasonnews @Keir_Starmer Because he is a fake socialist and pawn of the ruling class - a bit like Comrade Mason in fact. @paulmasonnews @Keir_Starmer Nah - he'll never win the Red Wall back - the grassroots are sick of fakes and posers… Check Iran #3 "President of the Islamic Republic. Sheikh Rohani was chosen by the Obama administration and Al… @DavidLevescont1 👍"Sheikh Rohani is a long-time friend of the US deep state: he was the first Iranian contact between the Reagan admi… Check Iran #2 'Iran and Israel are not irreducible enemies since they jointly operate the Eilat-Ashkelon pipel… @irisstylosa 🤗Fact Check Iran👇 @Patrick63104016 Mouth watering I'm sure. @Widox80 That's a good one?👍 @Patrick63104016 It better be well chlorinated to make any impact here.I'm not keen on the twitter terms Following/Follower as they do not describe the relationship I have, nor want with… - Which is which?Labour Centrist's Zionist Pose Exposed - Socialist Jews challenge Labour leadership candidates for supporting BoD'…“A country that tortures and executes children should be a pariah state, not preparing to host the next meeting of… Big Happy Family of Madmen
@dsue1441_re @tynewrc @CC4BirchGreen @mr_stephen_moss @socialiststeve6 @MomentumCV @PetersWooll @mikecoulson48 🌹🌹🌹 @tynewrc @CC4BirchGreen @mr_stephen_moss @socialiststeve6 @MomentumCV @PetersWooll
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIistStand up for Palestinian human rights @ChesterFC and #BoycottPuma until @Puma end their support for Israeli aparthe… @Armsman47 Mason is NATO's pet Trot a rather confused and stupid man and patsy of the EU establishment - both are complete zeros.🌹#SocialistSunday 🌹 @SkyeCity_ @TrashMcNish @communicipalist @chelleryn99 @gletherby @Sarah_Cundy
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIistLove Football, Hate Apartheid! @ChesterFC #BoycottPuma 💙🇵🇸 #OurCityOurSeals #FaTrophy #CFCAway #ROYCFC Jaunes and Union Activists Defeat Macron's EU Driven Antidemocracy Gambit - French strikes lead to government… Right Fake Labour Blairite Poser Sir Keir Starmer dodges question over hiring of private healthcare lobbyist's Police State - Muppet Watch - Cops arrest trade union's lawyer on the picket line
@AutoMarx3 They are all blood brothers and it's our blood they are using.It seems the Labour leadership simply cannot grasp the fact that, you will never win an election on a promise to nu… @davethedjclark We just saved democracy for the timebeing - so taking a breather after nearly 4 years of continuous… Clive Lewis has withdrawn, I can honestly say I don't rate any of the others. I'll be backing @DawnButlerBrent
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @sharonwit @BenJolly9 If I bumped into her I'd cry too - I shudder to think of it. @arusbridger @sjalawler Priti doesn't do logic. @SocialistVoice Also known as Lionel the Twat😆👇 @socialismne1 TosserGate - Adonis is Blair's arsewipe, a sad little man of no consequence whatsoever - just another… president of the Jewish Board of Deputies, Lionel Kopelowitz, calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be ‘sacrificed’ “…
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@Lydl1997 Sir Keir Starmer's pet upstart - NEXT! lol🤣 @garywilson2013 @sussexblogger @rhymingmisfit @kidmago @CatAldgate @awakeonasleepin @emeryjuliette1 @mmusJu #SocialistSunday There's a reason tube train drivers get £55,011 a year #socialism . ✊🌹 @sussexblogger
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @tinakalinen @SkyeCity_ @TrashMcNish @chelleryn99 @gletherby @Sarah_Cundy @paulapeters2 @and_unite @gembolton @gyyy6y @StarSparkle_UK @JosefKalf @Donwyn6 I'd dispute the 'educated' bit myself, but it is a propaganda sheet for… @gyyy6y @StarSparkle_UK @JosefKalf @Donwyn6 The Guardian is the House Journal of Prosecco Fascism - a US based MSM… @StarSparkle_UK @JosefKalf @Donwyn6 There is a deep-rooted (psyop) thought reflex in the middle class "left", I sti…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @GuyVerhoftwat @StarSparkle_UK The Fall of the EU - Vive Les #GILETS_JAUNES EU is rich, prosperous and has a wealth of resources. So much so, we can afford to give out free water to every…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIistThat's the way we do it😉 @BlondCornish @TheRedFlagOver1 I gave it to Trump partly for his special orange brand of stupidity, but mostly for… @hironslynn @TheRedFlagOver1 Yes and some👍Who is the most stupid man in the world today
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Retweeted by The CommunicipaIistThought for Socialist Sunday School - Socialism and environmental activism has a long tradition in English communal… @barryoleary77 @TheRoseCommuni1 @Monssuffolk @HillsideD @KazzyAnnie1 @nearlythere2020 @TheMendozaWoman @barryoleary77 @TheRoseCommuni1 @Monssuffolk @HillsideD @KazzyAnnie1 @nearlythere2020 @TheMendozaWoman✊🌹 #AmazingPeople 🌹✊ Check out these great members of my twitter family ♥️ @communicipalist @TheRoseCommuni1
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIistElection Post-Mortem #1 The vote denying, majority-abolishing corporate cross-party Remain Campaign has wealth beyo… @mellors_karen @0Calamity @ItCorbyn @Corbynator2_0 @garethseagull @Shazzyrm @Communista2 @carolesmail56 6 #SocialistSunday @0Calamity @ItCorbyn @Corbynator2_0 @garethseagull @Shazzyrm @communicipalist
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Starmer hiring private healthcare lobbyists is continuity blairism - a leadership as a raft for corporate concerns.…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @guardian When saving the planet is seen as terrorism you know the authorities have lost the plot.Guardian front page, Saturday 11 January 2020: Anti-terror police target school climate strikers
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @welshgoldigger @emilyhewertson @MJBurnett74 Lle gorau😷 @Gairns50 Now you're talking. @welshgoldigger @emilyhewertson @MJBurnett74 Rwy'n teimlo'n queasySanity 1 - Psychopathy 0 Cuban economy set to grow despite US blockade, government says win, French PM makes major concession to unions over pension age
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @welshgoldigger @emilyhewertson @MJBurnett74 Yuk😟 @emilyhewertson @MJBurnett74 Looks more like slime to me🤔 @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 Pollsters only have 2 strategies they have to pay off sometimes lol🤔I've just been trolled by some chap suspected of being Sir Keir Starmer's butler, it was a right honour. @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 How do you know that? You're a newbie around here, but you don't disagree wit… @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 Optimum are PR wonks I've been feeding false information in YouGov for 10 yea… @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 No the Red Wall defended democracy against a corrupted vote ignoring bourgeoi… @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 I do understand that with just 57 followers you are new at this but you must… @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 Your centrist friends lost the last election which was the fourth Brexit refe… @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 The reasons for that defeat are the crucial factors & as Corbyn proved in 201… @WIOFY Opposite of echo maybe but not of chamber - good try though👍😃 @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 Not true the left can't win because large sections of the political establish… @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 Troll school's out 😂 @BackStarmer @StarSparkle_UK @mojos55 So that's how Corbyn increased Labour's vote share and membership then was it… have a social housing crisis, thousands are sleeping in the streets. This tells you all you need to know about w…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @communicipalist @Card007Teri @zenastours Of course he is. #KeirStarmer has always screamed Establishment - perhaps…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @lukeakehurst @iMattPound @Keir_Starmer @labour_first Typo watch I think that's EXITING role not "exciting" isn't i… #KeirStarmer is already contacting #Labour councillors, telling them that, as leader, he’d give THEM mor…
Retweeted by The CommunicipaIist @l_borthwick @John_Harris65 You need to grasp this point to clarify your understanding of England I think and how d…