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Ashley Rae Goldenberg, AKA Communism Kills. "Popular 'alt-right' (ie far-right, neofascist) demagogue Ashley Rae"-Benjamin Norton. DM me your tips.

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Bet he has a great dossier to publish next. @_Kenziepuff Yeah. For me commenting on someone's attractiveness has never been anything I've ever thought of doing… @natah_x But what if you also are considered an important/famous person in a way and you're commenting on someone in your peer group? @_Kenziepuff There's a certain wannabe internet personality who makes a ton of videos that include her commenting o… and Buttigieg made the only right calls in that "who's your celebrity crush?" video.Is it cucking for your significant other to make public posts about how hot and/or sexy he/she finds other people?Had to delete because Molly Jong-Fast's address was shared in the Observer article and Twitter might get mad. Repo…
Retweeted by Ashley Rae Groypenberg @_Kenziepuff @TheAliceSmith Or look into any theory but that one lol.Eh I think there's a better slogan to use here. @Moe_Baku @Baku0190 @HarmlessYardDog @SelimSeesYou @Crisprtek @RPGspiderBoss You'll notice most of his tweets are t… @Baku0190 @Moe_Baku @HarmlessYardDog @SelimSeesYou @Crisprtek @RPGspiderBoss Found one of the tweets. @Baku0190 @Moe_Baku @HarmlessYardDog @SelimSeesYou @Crisprtek @RPGspiderBoss He was tweeting at a bunch of girls wh… @Moe_Baku @HarmlessYardDog @SelimSeesYou @Crisprtek @RPGspiderBoss I had to block that "Dr. Sparkle" guy in the rep… had to take an arts class in college so I took an easy A pop music course. There were people who were repeating a… @WesleyHunt2 ok I'm glad you attended the same college as me.My alma mater's econ department is famous for its right-wing leanings. On the first day of class, the antropology p… @Know_More_News The same prof of mine who said Islamic countries treat women better than America gave people extra… @realchristianob @AmandaPresto @TwitterSupport You should've applied some censor bars here.My freshman year of college, my first class, a 101 class, the professor said that Islamic countries treat women bet… fucking bitch of a woman reported my sister to the principal for plagiarism because I posted on Facebook about… you hear about on social media isn't even remotely close to the worst stuff that's happening out there. It's j…, of course, my psychology teacher in high school said it was everyone's "duty" to marry someone of another race… I was in high school, Christie got elected. We were told that we'd get extra credit if we participated in protests against Christie.When I was in school, there was an assignment to diagnose the industrialists with mental illnesses. Uh, students we… kind of stuff happens every single day in the American educational system, in K-12 and college. You only see w… least I wasn’t racist! @brianoflondon @TomlinsonCJ And just a big smear on men who might suffer from ED.Haha get it it looks like a flaccid penis haha. tunnels?"Legit racist," as opposed to "real racist," I'm sure. times and counting now. to delete because Molly Jong-Fast's address was shared in the Observer article and Twitter might get mad. Repo… single time Molly Jong-Fast wants to whine about someone else being privileged or rich, you should always dri… don't get my conservative political commentary from publications that hire Molly Jong-Fast. @ScottMGreer Don't worry, they reposted the story in a non-deleted tweet: comes up when you search his name: "Electing Jon Ossoff is Democrats' best chance to Flip the Senate Blue. Chi…'ve been in place immediately, and now we're basically bringing a bioweapon to America. @DamonMarquedt @karatebeaner No one asked.If it isn't a government policy, your "Libertarian Case" article isn't about libertarianism at all. 👏General policy: ignore anything that says "The Libertarian Case For (Something That Has Nothing To Do With Libertar… Dot reporter who has a NSFW Twitter account with nude photos posing as a prepubescent young child is upset th… is really an under-reported connection between the gay community, sex work, pedophilia, working as mainstream news reporters.This Daily Dot reporter posts nude photos with stuffed animals laying around, and since this reporter is trans and… is the reporter for the Daily Dot who posts nude photos posing as a young child. @Sorryitwont ... No, I just didn't vote.Bruh people were turned away from Ellis Island all the time. This revisionist history is such bullshit. @Sorryitwont I didn't vote.Wouldn't it be amazing if a mainstream news reporter really did get a masters in European studies from Cambridge an… @Theo_Chilton >Wants to talk about about science and sex >But not those STD rates and how to prevent them @JerylBier @realDonaldTrump No prob!>Conservatives acting outraged when people on CNN say what they've always been saying @JerylBier @realDonaldTrump whatever it's worth, CNN thought this was a good enough segment to feature on its website as a "roast": is also the very same Rick Wilson who is an adviser for the brand new Lincoln Project (yes, again, they think… those who don't know what I'm referencing. This is the very same Rick Wilson: we really going to pretend we didn't already know Rick Wilson thinks Trump supporters masturbate to anime in th… @Lisaelizabeth Fellow Jersey shore girl. 👊 @no_url Did not realize you were actively suicidal. I'll pray for you.CPAC's website says they'll announce speakers 2-3 weeks before the event, but that doesn't seem to have been the case in the past.CPAC is a month from now and it looks like they only have two speakers confirmed on their website., not CPAC. This is the front page of the CPAC website. @no_url Shocked it's taking this long to reach NYC. My dad's all "I have to go through Port Authority every day and I'm fine." @no_url NP?“I don’t eat bat and mouse but I do eat cow brain and pig ear” is quite a defense.There is nothing more atrocious about DC--and typically DC--than people who are able to get jobs just because of who their parents are.Does Molly Jong-Fast, who writes for the Bulwark, a project of Defending Democracy Together, which runs Republicans…"This virus is bad, but I'll use it as an excuse to show off my cute outfit!" Influencers aren't real humans lol. small minority is trying really, really hard to not get their woke store robbed. sign went up near me back home--in a black neighborhood that gentrified and turned gay--and because of whateve… if Trump doesn’t refuse flights from China it’s clear that he doesn’t actually care about the safety of the Ame… are they enslaving?“But there are already cases in America!” You can... you know... stop that from happening if you just... banned...… @elroer No that contradicts your point. But nice try.“But what about that man in Japan who got the virus but didn’t visit China!” You mean the guy who was in close con… @elroer From your linked story, second paragraph or so: @elroer Except he was in contact with people from Wuhan. @elroer The cases have only involved transmission from people who have come from Wuhan.The way they’re trying to handle the new coronavirus in the US is the definition of security theater. We all know i… quirk: living alone but still feeling the need to keep my bedroom door closed at night. I’m sure I’m not the… you really thoughtAMAIs it possible for gay men to not be thinking about sex constantly? Way to validate every stereotype about gay men, ~*~conservative gays~*~.I can’t get over how that guy wrote a hit piece on someone then slid into his DMs to call him hot. This is like the…
This is what both major political parties in America claim they believe. Very unique. Very edgy. Not like those oth…'s the thing. Once people on the internet believe something, the truth doesn't matter. is actually very common so I'm RTing if anyone finds themselves in this situation. Also common: in-network hos… @HetzUVeryMuch Perhaps. @debostic @PardesSeleh Are you in town!How can you share photos of yourself as "Batwoman" and "Batgirl" and then have a nervous breakdown when someone twe… @Communism_Kills @clips_tea
Retweeted by Ashley Rae Groypenberg @pseudonymidwit Oh I do the clap emoji ironically.Some of these are her defending herself from accusations of racism, but the majority of them are her calling conservatives racist. @taberu_wo That's what I'm here for.And that's not including all of her retweets of her own tweets and all of her retweets of other peoples' tweets. Zhu has called things "racist" 105 times since June 2019. is she still going? She talks about ~*~conservatives being racist~*~ more than MSNBC does. @jeremymilliorn @realjuliasong Yep. I don't exactly think there must have been physical cheating, but he clearly ch… did exactly what every other reporter is told and trained to do.