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Lord of the Manor. Mechanical Engineer CEng. Stoic. Progressive. Leninist. @CPBritain. 🚩

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@njtrainlady Another one for my collection. ❤️👍 @jameshirst91 @drummergirl1971 @JimmyJa73500639 Sometime in the New year then? Let's hope we can all get together 🌹👍🙂 @DucaaleWeyne @JillGore8 Don't follow you anyway. However, it was the PV option that turned many of #Lexit Socialis… @drummergirl1971 @jameshirst91 @JimmyJa73500639 Was thinking about a meal and a chat really. @logical4ever @TrashMcNish His days have gone. Bet he started up his new party, just to con more money off ppl. @drummergirl1971 @JimmyJa73500639 @jameshirst91 Gedling now Tories, don't know how. Disgusting. First time ever. FFS 🤢 @drummergirl1971 @JimmyJa73500639 Well Jimmy is, a few other people as well. I'd have to look through my followers. @TrashMcNish @logical4ever Perhaps not. I'm very happy with the Communist Party. Galloway is a failure. He took ple… @alanweaver1957 @Last_Bolshevik @barryoleary77 @rose_marie @ElCorbynista @Card007Teri @dawnsmith07 @edwardpoole1975 @JimmyJa73500639 @drummergirl1971 Sometime we Nottingham folk should meet up. Said it before. 😊👍🌹 @lewis_goodall You're a prat. Block edition. @DickyCummerband Communist Party of Britain Dicky. 😊🌹 @jonstubo @jeremycorbyn I'm focused on my own Party now Stu. We @CPBritain supported @jeremycorbyn wholeheartedly.… @DickyCummerband Nopes. Happy #SocialistSunday but am in CPB. Leninist in Labour don't have a voice. @MattBluefoot FFS @PaulButters1 @MattBluefoot @JillGore8 Yes, point well made.Happy #SocialistSunday and Solidarity Comrades. Screw the Bougie Tories, and let's hope that Labour will recover an… a party that has been absolutely trounced, and has seen about one third of it's seats disappear, you expect fing… @edward_k @suziegeewizz That was a laugh 🤣 @dimasciov @suziegeewizz Great tweet. Thanks for that. 👍🌹 @jessemarioneau @AngieSkys Only get a few friends DM me. Its OK. @AWAKEALERT @atahasnain53 @GeneralBakshi @Ptr6Vb @MajorPoonia @AdityaRajKaul @Partisangirl @Presidency_Sy @JZarif @atahasnain53 @GeneralBakshi @Ptr6Vb @MajorPoonia @AdityaRajKaul @Partisangirl @Presidency_Sy @JZarif @TulsiGabbard
Retweeted by Lord Timevirus 🌹🏴 @ataraxianautist @Arash_Maz Well, give my friend a follow then. 😁🌹 @slurridge @YourFriendZippy @LauraMStuart9 No doubt that immigration will be virtually stopped, that the poor in UK… @GMLmusic Excellent as normal 😊👏 @THESHOUTYBLOKE @flowerchucker Stop writing in Caps Lock. @Arash_Maz Shit. Hungry now. Getting some noodles. 😁POS. 😜 @BullysSpdboat I still remember wanking off in the Ladies Jim. Boy, couldn't stop. Those tampons just made me do it… @ArcoNovellan I'm watching a horror movie. 👻😁 @TheGodOfThePur1 @Arash_Maz My friend is an Iranian Socialist. I have missed him. 😊🌹 @TheGodOfThePur1 @prudinx @JennyPineapple2 @MinhKular @Girrali @BloggerMe3 @CmdrKelvan @pf1980ad @danteruker @Arash_Maz @TheGodOfThePur1 and Aussie friends, please welcome my old friend back, after such a long time. 😁
Retweeted by Lord Timevirus 🌹🏴 @Arash_Maz Avaunt, Avaunt brave gallants all, and don your helms amain. Deaths cohorts, fear and honour, call us t… @BullysSpdboat Himmler was my Uncle's Auntie. 🙄 @prudinx @TheGodOfThePur1 @JennyPineapple2 @MinhKular @Girrali @BloggerMe3 @CmdrKelvan @pf1980ad @danteruker @BullysSpdboat I shag toy monkeys, and use vaseline Jim. Little bastards get a bit slippy. 🙄 @philosophiebite @alisonjcampbel2 Kindly follow back Comrade thx. @SebDance Unfortunately for #remain Seb, nice a man as you are, we #Brexiteers won. Not gloating, as I voted Labour… @alisonjcampbel2 @philosophiebite Starmer can speak well. Don't really like him, but he's not bad. @Nathan74661857 I can't be bothered. Just focus on my Party. @Suribelle1 @jessemarioneau @Farvardin44 😊😊 @stumpygutbucket @suziegeewizz Bet Starmer gets the job. I'm CPB anyway. So what? I shall be focusing on my own Pa… @cannabislee @jeremycorbyn @TomWatson_LDL Watson and twats. Sad for our Socialist Cause to lose such a great leader as Jezza. ☹️🌹
@STPolitics1 @77Pnk Oh, it will happen. And at least I'm happy with this. Labour should have respected the referend… @Lovehasnowords1 @Nigel_Farage @BorisJohnson Always try to be original 😀 @everyone_about @Raywoolford @jeremycorbyn I shall look at it Comrade. 😊 @failedanarchist @jeremycorbyn It was the PV vote option. End of. Disgusting failure by #remain MP's to try and undermine democracy.What “victory” looks like from inside the FBPE hive.
Retweeted by Lord Timevirus 🌹🏴 @CpbLexit @Another_Europe This depends on the Tories now Comrade. Let's hope (against hope prolly) that they will a… @CpbLexit @Another_Europe At the end of the day, we have some form of #Brexit. I rejoice. 👍🌹 @CpbLexit @Another_Europe Not pleased about the Tories in power, however happy about #Brexit. Heads or tails. Those… @CpbLexit @Another_Europe Beats me? What will they do? 100 percent UK is now going to be more authoritarian and rig… @CpbLexit Sad loser lol. 🤣 @MarinneNS @rantersndiggers @OkeLabour @BlogRedRobin @Femi_Sorry This is a boring #remain loser, who don't like the… @JimMFelton @gilljep Your tweet upset a lot of folk James. Then I voted for Labour, and look at the mess. Labour is… @EvansShadwell @Thehopper7 Let me know if you get a new account please. 😊👍 @ArtCrunchy @G_Politic @jeremycorbyn Tories always lie. We're used to it. Bunch of scabs. @duncanpoundcake @Lovehasnowords1 @PaulFle68532537 Can shove the EU flag up their bottomless assholes forever. 🙁 @Suribelle1 @Farvardin44 Aww, feel humbled now. Been missing him for ages. I'll have to get VK, if He won't come ba… @Suribelle1 @Farvardin44 Please send him my best wishes 👍😊🙏 @Suribelle1 @Farvardin44 Yupso. Where is he? @ArcoNovellan @Nathan74661857 @Lovehasnowords1 @LondonMirelle Demonstrate? Facial recognition cameras, lose job or benefits? It's a sham. @Farvardin44 @Suribelle1 Had a couple of good Iranian friends get kicked off Twitter a few times now. Think they ha… @EvansShadwell @BorisJohnson Once #Brexit is done, then he'll have to show his mettle. Don't forget, he's kicked al… @ArcoNovellan @Nathan74661857 @Lovehasnowords1 @LondonMirelle So go ahead and buy a gun? In the UK?Мы в ответе за то что останется после нас. Подумай о будущем планеты севодня. We are responsible for what`s left af…
Retweeted by Lord Timevirus 🌹🏴 @Nathan74661857 @ArcoNovellan @Lovehasnowords1 @LondonMirelle How to vote out the Tories, with the mess Labour is in? 😕 @EvansShadwell @BorisJohnson He's got 5 years. @MerryMichaelW @SkidRowRadio_YT @DessieMByrne Wowsers Michael. Its mind-boggling 😕 @LizzyM_TO Nothing Scotland can do Lizzy, Tories have huge majority. Johnson said no to the vote, and as such, it's… @Hepworthclare @JohnWat03787762 You can keep your Labour Party. I'm focused now on my Party. The Communist Party. 🚩 @BlogRedRobin @mikegalsworthy He was supposed to be a progressive. Is he heck. 😕 @HrmQueene You'll be entertaining him again soon ma'am? Arsenic perhaps? 🙄 @Nathan74661857 @Lovehasnowords1 I've lost the enthusiasm for the Labour Party now. I shall focus on the Communist Party and Socialism. @DavidHenshall7 @TeamGeorgeG @georgegalloway We do in local elections. Also after this latest debacle, we are discu… @TrutherbotPyrat Nope. My grandkids like CBBC and I like freeview. @TeamGeorgeG @DavidHenshall7 @georgegalloway Join us in the Communist Party. @TrutherbotPyrat @Lulzx3 @PuckArks Lmao yeah 🤣👍 @MerryMichaelW @TweetForTheMany @KentishHack @donsimon814 @vortiguant @RosieDuffield1 @lspark89 @RJ_Phoenix16 Solidarity Comrades 🌹👍 @Nigel_Farage @BorisJohnson @JimmyJa73500639 Blame the Blairist Jimmy. I'm glad to be out of it, and CPB member. So sad. Labour is pissing me orf. 😟 @CubaMendez2 @RustyMark4 @JolyonMaugham You're not fun. 😂 @David__Osland @Normanjam67 Leninist? 🤔 @DavidHenshall7 @jeremycorbyn @CpbLexit You're wasting your time Comrade with a Communist. He's blocked many of my… @theRealRayThomp @JKCorden @tom_watson This dude does not have a clue. @DavidHenshall7 @jeremycorbyn @CpbLexit Also with Galloway being a class Traitor and support Farage 🤔 @Alvadis_Tveburg Well, I'd just like to play monopoly. 😁. And beat you. 😀🤗 @DavidHenshall7 @jeremycorbyn @CpbLexit You've never been to our meets then? And if my Comrade blocked you, then ne… @Alvadis_Tveburg Bet if me and you had a relationship, you'd always be asking me for the next reason why I don't like sex? Lol. 🙄 @Alvadis_Tveburg Porpoise with suicide vests? 🙄 @Suribelle1 US can sod off. Unfortunately though, they won't go away fast. 🙁 @DavidHenshall7 @jeremycorbyn I'ma Communist Party member. Tell this to the Labour leadership. This is what you sho… post of the day. As a Communist Party member, #Brexiteer, and committed #Socialist it's just a shame that the… @DavidHenshall7 Party member. So we don't get into trivial things like saying to each other that we have not read o… @DavidHenshall7 You're not a Communist, and neither is he. Otherwise you would not talk such shite. Marx was a Communist. That is all. @Ste30479611 @Keir_Starmer Bet he'd still go sniffing Guy Verhoftwat ass, just to make himself plausible again. 😕 @HeldinEU @MerryMichaelW @PrivacyCestFini @martynware @Dan_Dan_Dan___ @martynwarwick @JillGore8 @terry48davies