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Where is @TheOtherBanana? What do you do @81allout ? #Klaytheist

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Harden so jealous he didnt think of this first
Retweeted by LokayataGiannis has 24 points 10 rebounds 3 assists at halftime. That takes no skill at all.
Retweeted by LokayataIn the 90s and during the lakers run, the average basketball fan said of Shaq the same things Harden said about Gia… last time the Lakers won 45 games in a season this happened... This game still breaks my heart 💔🐐
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Hey @lyft know your customers. I’m happy to have Massachusetts raise taxes on ride shares if it means better public…
This govt does not tolerate dissent, period. Blackmail is the wrong word. The govt is not threatened with disclosur…
Retweeted by LokayataThey were blocking just one road. Other roads were barricaded by @DelhiPolice to malign them. Amit Shah has blocked…
Retweeted by LokayataHow to balance personal tragedies with macro tragedies? And any resultant downward spiral?Watching markets coverage for the first time in a long time and it’s absolutely indistinguishable from local news or TMZ.
Dibakar🔥🔥🔥😂(Producer should have put a shot of Nandita there)
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In capitalism, the measure of a person is how many hours of PTO people are willing to take when he/she/they die. #EnnaUlagamdaaIthuDear Every Company I Have Ever Dealt With Online: I hereby rate you at five stars. Or ten. Whatever rating you want…
Retweeted by Lokayata @rayadverb Would you recommend this stapler to your 4th cousin? WOULD YOU?
Retweeted by Lokayata(sometimes we’re just running with no destination in sight because to stop, would be to fall apart)
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2020 is already turning out to be a mega fail.When you are dead, you don't know you are dead. It's pain only for others. It's the same thing when you are stupid.
Retweeted by Lokayata @surekhapillai #Gammunucabal @surekhapillai Feeling attacked.
Billionaires have more or less bought every presidency. What's unique about Bloomberg is that he's trying to cut ou…
Retweeted by Lokayata @BinLaydy Thanks for this. As I’m learning myself right now, kids can be incredibly emotionally intuitive.
After over ruminating over Parasite for like a week I’ve decided to watch Misaeng on Netflix which seems to touch o… called him Malcolm Gladwell and not TemPlato. @thegoatboi @TheOtherBanana That’s fair.Kanheman's "Thinking, Fast and Slow", a summary Bad news: You are a moron and nothing you do can help it. Good ne…
Retweeted by LokayataHot take: That varanE aabashyamuNdu Madras song embodies a certain middle-upper middle crust Madras. A return to Ma…
Retweeted by LokayataHello new followers! Please subscribe to the pod on any of the aggregators / platforms in the tweet below. Our site…
Retweeted by Lokayata @NadjaNadika @surekhapillai HeheIt’s super confusing when Bloomberg Politics tweets about Bloomberg politics. @NadjaNadika @surekhapillai You mean Cash Milaa? @anantha like this tweet so I can unfollow you.Presidential debate stage tonight for the party of the young, the racially diverse, and the little guy: Billionair…
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#sameguy Eliza Dushku. Ana de Armas.
Retweeted by Lokayatawhere was this video in my childhood i could have avoided so many nightmares about quicksand
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Thinking of Parasite. was a lot of fun. Was fairly certain that I liked Visaranai more than Aadukalam until this rewatch. Now I thin…
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“Well, rather than establish superiority through knowledge of the esoteric, we must try to glean insightful nuggets… Richardson chic
Retweeted by LokayataNEW POD ALERT: India's chance to continue their red-hot Test run... ... against a seriously good team in home co…
Retweeted by LokayataAs fascists are given a platform at the @indiaconf2020, an ally at the Boston SWK protest speaks powerfully on what…
Retweeted by LokayataThis fourth quarter is competitive, stressful and amazing. Thank you, NBA
Retweeted by LokayataLol @ the Westbrook CP3 chemistry in the All Star game. @naresha :(
Kyunki woh chutiye hain
Retweeted by LokayataMAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015) Cinematography by John Seale Directed by George Miller Watch a video essay about how th…
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To all the boys who’ve never had love letters written to them.You know you work with a bunch of kids when you go to trivia with them and learn none of them know what Nakatomi Pl… LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS (2002) Cinematography by Andrew Lesnie Directed by Peter Jackson Explore mor…
Retweeted by LokayataIt really is tiring, this having an opinion on everything.
Me need secret admirer to send me cookies…
Retweeted by LokayataWhy is it that rationalists are the ones leftvsupporting what is often the most irrational emotion - i.e. love? #AdvaceVelansDayThoughtsI think it's great that #PortraitOfALadyOnFire is opening wide after the Oscar cloud has lifted. Mark my words: THI…
Retweeted by Lokayata @AnannyaB1 I thought it ended with heck. And that heck was too controversial to say. @AnannyaB1 Oh I didn’t know it was a Tamil swear word at the time @AnannyaB1 “What the..” which when fortuitously mispronounced makes it sound like I’m using a Tamil swear word.White liberals reading this article: Facebook is evil. Indians reading this: Oh great now my uncle can report me di… @gradwolf @subjudiced the result of surreptitiously savoring the Parks’ culture acquisitions. It’s a wonderful comm… @gradwolf @subjudiced ..conversations between Moon and the Kim family. Particularly the scene where he mocks them f… @gradwolf @subjudiced My only avenue in was that I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Japan and there is a f… is absolutely the type of stuff I was looking for. Yeay! cc: @gradwolf @subjudiced the Pacers are trouncing the Bucks. What a weird year for the NBA. @NBAonTNT Durant 1 point? Lmao I‘m taking 15 KD‘s
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women making food for the langar at shaheen bagh
Retweeted by Lokayataஅன்பிற்கும் உண்டோ அடைக்கும்தாழ் அமேசான் ரிங்கும் பூசல் தரும்
@amritaIQ I was scrolling and thought it was a random New Yorker cover. Then did a double take. @subjudiced @DabblerV @gradwolf SPOILER: My favorite conversations are between the old housekeeper’s husband (Myeon… @DabblerV @subjudiced @gradwolf Watched. But there is so much more in the film beyond income inequality. An most pi… @subjudiced ஏதானும் தேரிச்சா?Omg moving yet also deeply ironic to see CJ vice chairwoman Miky Lee up on the stage for Parasite. She's bee…
Retweeted by Lokayata“Pass perusaa? Fail perusaa?” gutter scum worse than these fundamentalist upper-caste ones
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Kangalaal kaithu sei Oscars telecast has gone off the air but Team PARASITE is still on stage celebrating!
Retweeted by LokayataOk this oscars gives the term Bong Hit a whole new meaning.You know who should win best editor is the editor cutting all these montages.I’m tired-of-vapid-acceptance-speeches old.Dargis review of Parasite is so underwhelming. Someone please send me something worth reading in the film.Bojan Bogdanovic the legend
Retweeted by LokayataThis is a lot of extremely white people chair dancing
Retweeted by LokayataHarden basically tried to do to Bojan what Manu did to him 3 playoffs ago. And barely misses costing Rockets the he…!!!!!Maya Rudolph is the epitome of சகவாசம் சரியில்லை. @NameFieldmt Lying when it’s appropriate to lie. Honesty when it’s appropriate to be honest. MoIs opening with Janelle Monae really going to make up for what they did?
Ok. Incredible. What a movie to make in a truly populist way.Yikes. This is pretty bad. watching Parasite. As an act of resistance. During the Oscars. In an independent theater.james harden on the drive
Retweeted by Lokayata @himsini Notice how the heroine in the Thevaiye illaatha aaNi movie is Devayani. Vaigaippuyal is severe meta. @himsini Simran? Not Devayani?Honestly after years of posting Smule links I have only one question. How the hell do I still have any followers? T… finished recording the second in our series in Vetrimaaran - Aadukalam. Coming soon!
Retweeted by LokayataOne numbers Malaysia Vasudevan tribute. Replete with dialog and everything.
Happy Birthday, Klay. In the 2016 3PT Contest final round he had 13 points with eight shots left and a score to bea…
Retweeted by LokayataWTF