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@cockmurdock it's giving dysthymia ... gonna check them out. @cockmurdock omg. @quixoticblazes yes! and, I hope the most at-risk get vaccinated first. I already got the virus. tested positive fo… *NEED* to go out dancing again!!! shoot me up, Daddy Cuomo!!!anti-vaxxers should be thrown off the Verrazano. dead-ass.LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! @chlumbucket #BreakTheStigma @chlumbucket who the fuck gave you my medical records ... ?CTFUUUUUUUDB
Retweeted by cummunism @chlumbucket my most used emojis: "🥺", "😜", "😨", "🤤", "😈", and "🥴". and, "You used this ass pic from 2018 57 times." @chlumbucket mine would be "otters, twinks, and bears; preferably with glasses, tats, and piercings with humanities educations."*give it to, she's right. I just don't always know what that phrase means!asking my mom for life advice throughout my life always ends with "pray on it. give it God." and, like ... sure? c'… slavery really wasn't the tea, girlies. it really wasn't a slay.
Retweeted by cummunism @lananasparle CHO- 👏🏿 RAL. 👏🏿it's giving sophistication. it's giving diversity. Katniss, there is no District 12 katniss:
Retweeted by cummunismthe reviews are in. believe san francisco refused to decrease the police force size by even one (1) officer in our budget and no…
Retweeted by cummunismNo matter how hard I’m ugly crying my therapist cuts that shit off right at 45 like “Let’s explore that next week”
Retweeted by cummunism @rossleonardy @transitdiaspam omg ... @transitdiaspam riiiiight. I remember this story now. @rossleonardy @transitdiaspam is he that obvious of a 'roid queen? you actually can't get that buff through diet and exercise? @rossleonardy @transitdiaspam bitch, you follow this alt too??? I - @transitdiaspam kinda want them ... working out is so hard!Christ. @transitdiaspam B*n W*il took 'roids? @transitdiaspam *"my father" x57 - Megan McCain @transitdiaspam my father. @goretxt now, hold up ...sobbing to Phoebe Bridgers's Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and hoping my troubles will be out of sight next year ...if I share that Instagram graphic it'll be the baroque, Gregorian chant, and Russian Orthodox playlists I sleep and study to.Here’s the AFT Prez endorsing a literal union buster! Actually! Not hyperbole! Man, the state of the labor movement.
Retweeted by cummunismi’m pleased to introduce y’all to my newest obsession - - - accidental renaissance photos: a thread
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Retweeted by cummunismback in Brooklyn. am in shambles. We live in the cruelest society
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looking at my high school yearbook from 2012. I'm literally the same person. @farfetchdfag makes perfect sense.where do people do people who are not New Yorkers take their shits at? outhouses? communal buckets?No one’s gonna “push Biden left,” as if we’re gonna win his heart, but if smirking at the possibility of labor and…
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Retweeted by cummunism @Maxxi_Pad and, the one million millionaires!, yeah, I admittedly got a New York supremacist streak in me, yet the way rich white libs lionize this metropol… a New Yorker, can I get some of those funds? because my neighbors, friends, and I are broke as hell. @emonormie where, my bottom sister?fleet bottles should come in family size packs. 4 for $10. @jdgtranen Joshua. nuance?? on Twitter??? think about it. @str8evesedgwick @jdgtranen @str8evesedgwick @jdgtranen and let's be honest, I'm also trying to be a hot muscle bottom/Ph.D. student.g'night fellow Christians @peachtiime hm. gonna have the girls look into this one ...Despite the genius it sheltered and generated, however, February House was a short-lived experiment in queer commun…
Retweeted by cummunism @welostnathan she put her whole pussy into that absolute banger of a verse. she really did.are Josh Hawley and Aimee Terese dating? wrote "for now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. now I know in part; then I shall know fully… is right! body ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody ody! someone had to say it!
Retweeted by cummunism @str8evesedgwick ok ... maybe. @str8evesedgwick *whispers* yes ...Wittgenstein: you can't, like, use language to discuss language - the word "word" has four letters? What the fuck i…
Retweeted by cummunism @honeydewlacroix @cockmurdock please lower your voice! thanks!In 1976, a conference attempted to suss out the intimate connections between social reproductive labor and faggot o…
Retweeted by cummunism @forgottenbside and my answer is "yes". 😌 @forgottenbside gotta make those post-vaccine h*le appointment reservations, indeed. @cockmurdock @honeydewlacroix let's do this in the DMs. I can't have my followers think I'm actually a vers bottom ... 😨 @cockmurdock @honeydewlacroix not you editing the article then screenshotting ... @cockmurdock @honeydewlacroix murder me with your c**k instead, Assistant Professor.1,000?! oh, shit! @honeydewlacroix @cockmurdock people are dying ... @cockmurdock @honeydewlacroix R.I.P., babe. it's been swell. 🥺 @cockmurdock @honeydewlacroix there's so much vague-ass, dry-ass critical theory bullshit out there that I'm not ma… @cockmurdock @honeydewlacroix I thought it was a British thing. @cockmurdock @honeydewlacroix consider that sometimes you have to give 'em the old razzle-dazzle, diction-wise.
@honeydewlacroix *I have very low @honeydewlacroix agreed! I just believe asking for clarity is more generative and kinder than the alternatives. als… communism. blessed be. @socialistmic you're completely right. it seems that a lot of folks are more interested in being morally right than… solution to that would be either: 1) leaving the conference altogether, or 2) asking questions, asking for clar… you placed in a Star Wars conference, there'd be planets I wouldn't know, species and plots I'm unfamiliar with,…, doing so doesn't necessarily mean that one is elitist in any way. the inaccessibility of certain esoterics may… probably should mind my business, but: the world is a mysterious, complex place which requires complex ideas and… you don't like to read, let that truth out.we all have access to dictionaries. let's consider that. @cockmurdock oh, so I'm ... ok, then.he's average! ☺️hooked a male therapist. really hope he isn't hot ... @mgayultra it did so much for me. still does.#BLM
Retweeted by cummunism @gzgzgz____ definitely the Mongoloids.Azealia Banks releasing House music after going on a homophobic rant
Retweeted by cummunismThe people of France burned banks and police cars in order to force this to happen
Retweeted by cummunism @blugrass_commie a disease metastasized by the built-in dynamics of social media!... anyway, back to my horny, shitposts.whether campus activism, canvassing for the DSA, fast food organizing, etc. people have all sorts of backwards view… @cockmurdock my kiiiiing! best of luck!Forty percent of all Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. come from elder-care facilities. Despite this grim statistic, al…
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