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I follow fake politicians,#PetePals, and real porn stars. #NeverTrump, too conservative for #TheResistance.#KinkyCon #BiCon #BidenIReckon (She/Her) #TeamSussex

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@TGingerlad tall are you?! @TGingerlad Now I'm thinking about you and Lee Pace (Thranduil) . @carl_b_sachs @drdavidsamadi Our Holy Week is in Spring soOOOOoooooo... he's still wrong. @drdavidsamadi Holy week is in Spring in most Christian Calendars. (Catholic, Anglican, AND Orthodox) AFAIK, the Hi… @BiBabea_ Or at least we try to... Lord we try to keep the mlw in the community. @iTerryTommy This just looks like a Hall of Fame of toxic exes you still would fuck. @TGingerlad Constantly! @XianJaneway Very few will though.#LootingLoeffler ... She knows what she did. @cbouzy WOW... Is Bolsanaro trying to possibly stave a trend against his fuckery?#YouShouldReadThis Vaccine info from a member of one of the teams that worked on it! Juliusz. A survivor. @agnauraqtweets @LammaticHama whew chile.This outfit is still the ultimate flex... but, ugh...that RIP by his name is just not right. obsessing over The Crown. In my newsletter this week, I talk about why you should watch Harlots -- and how thi…
Retweeted by Honey'd Devi of Evil 🐝 @cal_dawg @TLCplMax S'not. Dude's heir to the actual founder of Arm-n-Hammer. #TheMoarYouKnowFirst...the flu. #YouShouldReadThis @TheCreoleKing @notcapnamerica I understand this. twitter I am a Nigerian artist and this is my painting #HarryandMeghan made with waste fabric Pls rt till th…
Retweeted by Honey'd Devi of Evil 🐝 @Karnythia This is why you gotta get a good look at that man's family cause he's gonna look like them ...and if you… had that non toxic masculinity. @NicholausMedley @flushednsticky They really don't make basic rich White dudes that tall hot and *weird* in one pl…
I likes this. @2RawTooReal Not Mister Christian Walker and his blue contacts, Kenneth! @ccmsax84 @RealKHiveQueenB @SilentAmuse Yes. It did. This is a thing that happened. @VJayyy_ @RosyShepherdess Will held AWN for that. @TheOnlyPristine He looks like a big ol' gay nerd and I root for a platonic pairing between him and Lee Pace as a result. @NicholausMedley @flushednsticky I saw it when that shit first showed up. I have many questions. Still would let hi… @Chartoc Wisconsin...I had a professor who thought I was from Wisconsin.. @TeamPerdue @ossoff Good to know you'll always prefer trading off the pain of Georgians like my brother and his fam… a man that looks like he should be part of the cops tells you not to trust the cops... DO. NOT. TRUST. THE. C… @h8Wankmaggot45 ;) @h8Wankmaggot45 But...there may be some....erm, sapphic Material I may want to share? @toddstarnes I knew all things in the world and had not charity, what would it profit me before God Who will judge me by my deeds?
Retweeted by Honey'd Devi of Evil 🐝I'm never not gonna have warm feelings for this. #FitzMagic is delightfully weird and I ❤️ him. LIVE for Fetterman reads. He is eloquent and terrifying and I think he is basically… Stan The Munsters and The Addams Family. Always. @FredTJoseph @davenewworld_2 I only have Kristy Alley and Seb Gorka. you have Dean Cain? @h8Wankmaggot45 @20jarett24 And Ever... @NotGeauxGabby #Facts @h8Wankmaggot45 @20jarett24 You actually do. ;)Seen it. Lived it. @missgourl #ThatPart @venusincognit0 :( @XianJaneway I'm just hoping they'll be responsible, loving and compassionate parents. Maybe I'm asking for ALOT h… @TGingerlad @DJNSussex My plane ticket. @DeaaggMariee @BrandiAlexandir You want the clitoris, gotta get the sensitivity. BRUH...yep, hate it here.High School. I was pushed into a pool and it was known I was a poor swimmer. Nearly died. They said I overreacted.… @2RawTooReal @TheSydneyA @ahzookha *smiles in #Flawduh * We make 'em different here.:) @markchappelle @IAMQUEENLATIFAH Good Lord...Kadijah. 🥰 @cellophanesgirl I haven't fucked with a straight man in a WHILE. I'm not going back to straight men if I can help… @pryncess_peach She doesn't deserve that pleasure. Even if she *is* into vore. @Luvvie I can just buy Becoming a second time and call it a day. @the_shoe_yes I had the BIGGEST crush on Russell Crowe in College (yep, I'm old) and I hate you for showing this to… @the_shoe_yes Not 'Discount Russell Crowe' fam...NOOOOoooooOooOOOOO Russ don't deserve that!'s a strong theory and I can see how that could work. @flushednsticky *cracks neck* But...I mean...BRUH. @JoyAnnReid O Holy Night...Written by an atheist and Jew, the third verse was appropriated by abolitionists because… is late...but... Indigenous owned shops...#BlackFriday his first faux rodeo. #YouShouldSeeThis @ryangirl @runolgarun @_brittanyv I bet you give those fake dollar bill tracts as tips, don't you? I started to put… @AITA_reddit Nope. You did the right thing...I mean, even your husband is on your side which is a rarity in these parts. :) @Chartoc He got a whole JFK thing going on and I am here for that. @rabbisandra There's alot to unpack here... @SassyMetisChick @Indigenia YES. THEY. ARE . @alamanecer I LOVED Mr. Craig's top to toe in this film. The suspenders, the accent...BRUH. @MissyElliott You'd better slay, Ms. Fendi!Donald Trump and Republicans are about to raise your taxes if you make less than $75K. Just remember this in Janu…
Retweeted by Honey'd Devi of Evil 🐝#YouShouldReadThis #SandCreek TIME YALL!!!
Retweeted by Honey'd Devi of Evil 🐝It's time, y'all... This is the most 2020 thing I've seen that was shot in the previous century. @boohoo NIGHTWEARThat. Part.
#YouShouldReadThis Despite doing all the right things... gifts us something. @MagdaleneXXX Well, we know where your smile comes from. :) @notcapnamerica @IFCFilms Done. @lilspittle @peter_hooke tradition of Texas producing icons is... undefeated. @TammyClaeson #YouShouldSeeThis @giselefetterman @JohnFetterman PA Twitter just STAYS LIT. This jawn got EVERYTHING. Talent needed in LA tomorrow. Male and female. Retweet pls✨🖤
Retweeted by Honey'd Devi of Evil 🐝 @PresHarryTruman I'm here for what the kids call...'the tea'.The moment has come for our country to deal with systemic racism, to deal with growing inequality, and to deal with…
Retweeted by Honey'd Devi of Evil 🐝 @MissyElliott @MTV @vmas I also would like to see it get used again.The sheer Boomer energy of that just makes me.... ugh. @Nicole_Cliffe I'd like the Givenchy. :)This year collectively traumatized us. #LetsTalkAboutIt @realDonaldTrump Just say you hate Black voters and go on Jan 21. #TrumpIsALoser perfect. @TGingerlad *Gently throws my hat into the ring* Cause honestly, the US will probably STAY on lockdown for a while. @Nicole_Cliffe Rookie mistake...ouch. But they're both physically gorgeous, so that arm won't be unadorned for long.$100 boohoo voucher has a metric ton of subthreads, but...#YouShouldReadThis anyway. @CatholicDems Written in Minnesota?