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You're the second guy I've met today that seems to think a gat in the hand means the world by the tail.

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@beckymbarrow It was delightful. Next up: A Christmas Carol at the Old Vic. Hope you’re well! @RoyaNikkhah 😉 Hope you’re well, Roya.Set detail, @jamiemusical. It’s so much fun! @ Apollo Theatre lovely to be spending Saturday night watching a West End musical – using theatre tokens I received as a leaving… @matthew0connor It just feels wrong. I don’t like it.The to-do about Taylor Swift, TFL renegade – plus the bus I’m currently on – remind me that every north Londoner I… Trying to put broccoli in my online shop and @sainsburys just doesn’t have any. None.Billy Elliot’s family took the up escalator at Canary Wharf and emerged in Covent Garden. Not over it.
@joshglancy Like he needs the help. How’s tricks, Josh?I’ve only been back in the country for three hours and Geoffrey Boycott is already riling me. Do England actually p…
Breakfast of kings. #gioiosamarea
Book swap boxes all about the town. Such a lovely idea. Plus palm trees. #gioiosamarea, 10 times over. “Paper straws put the lie to the belief that we can consume our way out of the problems create…
Berries for _helensinsta, who took the photo; tangerine for me. Lush. #gioiosamarea @ Divino lounge bar
Who’s coming to this with me? hiking 2. Moderate fitness, they said. But they lied. #nofilter #sicilia hiking part 1 (I’m so tired I could cry) #nofilter #sicilia completed a 90-minute hike on Etna. Me!
A morning coffee on the balcony. Literally. @ Gioiosa Marea @daffodilsoup I’ll take it! Am melting here...Astonishingly, the first ice cream brioche of the holiday. Fragola e limone. _helensinsta went pure pistacchio. (So… is served #cannoli #gioiosamarea @ Gioiosa Marea o’clock at Stromboli. There were bigger ones too that I missed, too busy oohing and ahing... #nofilter @ S…
I mean, just look at this top holiday trolling... #Repost _helensinsta ・・・ Beer and volcano views 😍🌋, part 1 of many. #nofilter @ Stromboli, have a word with yourself, you’re ridiculously picturesque. #nofilter the road to Panarea... #nofilter @ Panarea’ll see your Gioiosa sunset and I’ll raise you the sun setting from a boat that has just left Stromboli...… is a great Ingrid Bergman week for me. Monday was Notorious, today I’m on a boat heading to Stromboli...
Going, going, gone... Sunset in the space of a minute in Gioiosa Marea #nofilter @ Gioiosa Marea in Gioiosa Marea #nofilter @ Bar Canapè Nuova Gestione
Happy Ferragosto, my dudes. #gioiosamarea #fireworks #ferragosto @ Gioiosa Marea reading #ferragosto #markets @ Gioiosa Marea
Pizza alla norma, roughly the size of a hub cap but far better tasting... @ Gioiosa Marea’s this for a solution to the plastic straws issue: Aperol spritz with pasta tubes! As modelled by Jessica, who… footage from Black Panther 2: T’Challa pops to Argos, as you do. #marvel #blackpanther
Haven’t been to Sicily for four years. Fixing that first thing tomorrow! 😎
Chased away pre/post-seaside ennui by going to see Notorious. Just gonna sit here and think about Ingrid Bergman’s face for a bit.
@WhitlockAndPope That’s not a bad idea. Obviously at the time I was shaking with rage.Excellently, he was carrying a copy of The Sunday Times, the newspaper where I worked at the time. Not that he’d have believed it.Smug Brits at Palermo are driving my sis up the wall. Reminds me of the time I was making conversation with a coupl… @BlakeBacklash Oooh, I’ve just seen that Notorious is on tomorrow at my local. So much for packing! @BlakeBacklash It’s so cool. The Cary Grant season at BFI is going to get a lot of my attention when I’m back from holiday... @BlakeBacklash Haven’t seen Notorious for years. Lovely. @BlakeBacklash Agree. Kids whooping and laughing at Spider-Man is much less annoying than someone whipping their ph… furry Margate housemates... #catsoftwitter #catsofinstagram Richard Armitage’s voice on the @itsthewolverine stories. Could listen to it all day...
The tide is high but I’m holding on... @ Walpole Tidal Pool sure - plot twists in my books are unrealistic.
Retweeted by Concetta SidotiOn this day in 1950: Sunset Boulevard premiered On this day in 1960: Psycho premiered Good job, August 10
Retweeted by Concetta SidotiNo, honestly, officer... @Sophie__Mason__ Where has that gif been all my life?! 😍Totally adult drink, this. @ Roost Restaurant & Café Fire & Rescue have just led out #MargatePride. Something for everyone there.Radio 5 talking about how Kean to Everton is the deal of the transfer window. Might well be, but speculating about…
These are lessons I’ve really struggled to learn. So important. to buy headache tablets today. Funnily enough, a long coastal walk on a sunny day has got rid of my headache...Sicilian fishermen risk prison to rescue migrants: ‘No human would turn away’
Retweeted by Concetta SidotiI didn’t know this. Damn.
This is glorious. D A Pennebaker, wonderful filmmaker who always seemed to be there when important stuff was going down.
Retweeted by Concetta SidotiThere’s “Mind the gap” and then there’s the Southeastern trains at Margate, where a short person could fall down th…
Good read, this.
Left house at 99-4 to go to beach. Phone at home. And somehow I just bloody knew Steve Smith would still be in when I got back!Yes!Hollywood.
Retweeted by Concetta Sidoti @ManOnThe100 That said, I checked out halfway through last year. Missed my usual LFF fortnight and never went back... @ManOnThe100 Ah yes, it’s not autumn unless you’re weeping at the American smooth of someone who used to play a bar… I can’t go to this. Sounds intriguing... day I’ll be mature enough to not grin at the phrase “That’s a big toss” when it comes up in @bbctms. But that day is not today.
Check it out – my first ever gaming console. Loved it. I hadn’t realised my sister had this at her house. Wonder if… got to see Small Island last night in an @NTLive repeat screening. Oh, it’s properly great. Funny and sad a… @ScanlanWithAnA @UofGLaw That’s a lovely thing. Congratulations.
Sunny Walpole Bay. #margate
@daffodilsoup @DreamlandMarg Worth it for the giggles and the freebies! Though I still want to go on the Scenic Railway at some point...Rainbow-coloured’ sugary day of loveliness at @DreamlandMarg – even though we had to be evacuated from the Scenic R…
@beckymbarrow Did I never show you how to turn off those pesky rules? From memory, Ctrl+Shift+J but I might be wrong. Back to my movie!A cabinet of all the Graylings.
Teletubbies baby, what happened to you, man?! @Sophie__Mason__ Lager lolly?!Hottest day of the year business @ Kingsgate Bay, more than ever, the leadership we need... can’t argue that Boris Johnson hasn’t done a tremendous amount to promote minorities. Indeed, privately educated…
Retweeted by Concetta SidotiAnd the home sec will bring back hanging for the non-believers?!, seems like some other people might’ve had the idea to go to the seaside on the hottest day of the year. Weird.Doing a spot of editorial consulting in the autumn. My first recommendation, as discussed with the editor this morn…
Bad day/good cause. if someone helps him with directions, presumably. who wanted to starve Ireland into submission. What a class act she is. those moments. Rutger Hauer, 1944-2019.
Retweeted by Concetta SidotiBoris Johnson is conflating his government and the country. I have boundless faith in this country but none whats…
Retweeted by Concetta Sidoti @melsil Where is this film? I’d love to see it. before lunch. 😬This is a troubling, dispiriting day – and there have been too many of those lately. So this episode of…
Just found On Dangerous Ground is on @BBCiPlayer. Ida Lupino, Nicholas Ray – bring it on!This is a very cool thread.
Retweeted by Concetta SidotiBrilliant. Good on him for uniting Kingston in the way Ali G totally failed in Staines.
Retweeted by Concetta SidotiLet’s look at some flowers for a bit...’s had weeks to write that speech. Why’s it so drab? I know the bumbling is on-brand, but it’s pitiful stuff. Why do people fall for it?!