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Columnist. Novelist. J-prof. Author of NYT/IndieBound bestseller The Daughters of Erietown. Won Pulitzer, but my dogs don’t care. P.S. I love @SenSherrodBrown.

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@MarkHarrisNYC So eager to read this book, Mark. Congratulations.
@abbyvesoulis @nckevns @SenSherrodBrown This is LeBron in high school. @WFKARS @mjs_DC @mjs_DC Mark. @ElieNYC It was a moment. @ddayen Not true. Lift your gaze to women in this state.P.S. You can stop texting me only men’s names for the Democratic candidate. Ohio may have other plans.Big news here in Ohio. Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman will not run for re-election in ‘22. @MaraGay I do too, Maya. Thank you for drawing our attention to this.House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy wants to hide behind those who stand tall. Permission denied. see you, Monday. Everybody #breathe. was in Mansfield, Ohio, where Emily and her husband raised three boys.In 2008, vice presidential candidate Joe Biden stopped for ice cream with @sensherrodbrown’s mother, Emily Brown. T…
@Alison_Galvani Thank you, Alison, for your kind words. @LaurenPMontg Thank you, Lauren.My father saw this sign every day as a union utility worker. In this photo, it’s hanging in the abandoned plant. It… ethics during Covid has convinced me that every college student, regardless of major, would benefit from s…
“Go on,” his father told him. “Try.” My wish for you on this Saturday. #breathe
I should have identified this brave American as Henry Aaron, which he preferred. @TedGenoways @AshleyRParker Oh, c’mon. I always want to know more. @AshleyRParker See, that’s my question.Hank Aaron has died. As this obituary by Richard Goldstein makes clear, what he endured is a searing lesson about r… someone asks me what it’s like to be married to a senator, my mind summons moments like this. Today is F… friend Martha Maria found Bernie in our sunroom, cuddling (maybe) with Franklin and Walter. would love a word, when you have a moment, @mtgreenee.
Retweeted by Connie Schultz @lizzieohreally Good girl. (I mean her.)
Dr. Fauci is back, big time. @mefislogger We live in the city of Cleveland.Walter and Franklin, sunbathing on this winter’s day in Cleveland. @Klee34036780 If this is your idea of grace I recommend altering your bio. Enjoy your day.Join us! morning. Today is Thursday. Like so many others, I miss those hugs and hugs and hugs. May our yearning be our… @SusanDrubin1 Welcome to Erietown, Susan. @CharlesPPierce @gastropoda @johnlegend He’s from Ohio, I never fail to point out.I avoid cynics because my parents didn’t wear their bodies out to give me the opportunity to hang out with the intellectually lazy.“Some things in life you just let be.” @froomkin Dan, did you watch the briefing?.@jrpsaki respectfully and directly answering journalists’ questions as @PressSec is the democracy Americans need to see.
Children are watching, always. moment: While Joe Biden gave his inauguration speech, a lone man in a uniform knelt at the Delaware grave…
Retweeted by Connie SchultzShe, too, is America. What a moment. Amanda Gorman Captures the Moment, in Verse Trump is no longer president of the United States. #breatheAnd there is Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, escorting VP-elect @KamalaHarris
Retweeted by Connie SchultzIn her footsteps., missing Mommy this morning...😔
Retweeted by Connie Schultz @TheBookMaven Like no other, Bethanne.Current mood. morning, America. #exhale, America. Look what happened to us. Starting tomorrow, we try again. #breathe Photo by ⁦@dougmillsnyt⁩.
“These officials are responsible for cruelly and unnecessarily separating children from their parents, actions that… @Eugene_Scott Thank you for Part II of this tweet, Eugene.Perfect. @andykopsa @ElizabethEThorp We are a country in mourning, Andy, but your is acute because you have lost your dad. I… my photo album labeled, “Best Behavior.” @OliviaC019 Miss you, Olivia. My hair misses you, too. 💜 @JonahDispatch Those eyes... @hypothetical6 @erinbiba This is hilarious.When your dog has the best hair in the family. Today is a Tuesday like no other. #breathe is coming, dear hearts. #breathe.
A thread of Dr. King in color, as we commemorate his 92nd birthday. #MLK #CorettaScottKing #BelovedCommunity
Retweeted by Connie SchultzA week after joining our family, Walter, a year-old pup rescued from the streets, began to show off the talents of…“The last thing these students need is a disruption in their teaching. I would rather teach the class, even if that… new film reveals how the FBI spied on Martin Luther King, shortly after he led the march on Washington in 1963. D…
Retweeted by Connie Schultz @AshleyRParker You owe no one an explanation for doing all that you can in these impossible times. @kim_waggoner Thank you, Ms, Waggoner.
Need a break? This thread is for you. up on @TheSundayShow: +Michael S. Schmidt-@nytmike +Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice-@MSMPres @davidwblight1 +…
Retweeted by Connie SchultzToday is Sunday, and possibly a double-hug kind of day. Gather ‘round, pups and bunnies. #breathe watching this coverage by Luke Mogelson, I can’t stop thinking about how much worse it could have been. Some…
@lourdesgnavarro Stay safe, Lulu.And here we are. @clairecmc @MeetThePress @SenSherrodBrown In advance, Claire, my sympathies for your dashed hopes. #GoBrowns @ACShilton Our pain need not be measured against the suffering of others. This is very hard for you, AC, and I’m sorry.No boarding pass required. Today is Saturday. Deep breath and off you go. those early newsroom debates over whether we could report that Trump was lying when we could not know if h…“To put that in historical perspective, the Federal Government has executed more than three times as many people in… @susanorlean But Buck looks calm, and so concerned about you. @WFKARS @cmclymer I see we’re back with this. @nprscottsimon Your family sure loves you, Scott.Valentine “taught me to obsess over the responsibility of the line break and in her house, she held her shoulders l… Perspective. Books. Pooch. #breathe 10/10 @ConnieSchultz @SenSherrodBrown
Retweeted by Connie Schultz @ratemyskyperoom @SenSherrodBrown I hope one day to hug you.
@WFKARS I love this. Reminds me of trees in late autumn. @AnnLueck I love this, Ann! @aetiology That ear is at attention most of the time, Tara, including when he is sleeping.Hi there. This is your afternoon reminder to #breathe. @JulieReynolds42 A tea light that burns for 3 to 4 hours, Julie.A lighted candle means it’s time to write until the flame dies. After a terrifying week, I’m grateful to find my wa… @talmonsmith @SenSherrodBrown He’ll never stop being that optimistic Midwesterner, Talmon. Smart interview.
The writer is journalist Christopher Sparta @SpataTimes. Here’s link to the full story: @elissa_weitzman Elissa, Walter is a Yorkie-poodle mix. He has two speeds: zoom and cuddled. @cathryne101 Thank you, Cathryne. I’m so glad you liked it.Walter, the work saboteur. This is your morning reminder to #breathe.“Voting by proxy is cowardly. Period,” said Dan Crenshaw, who is now voting by proxy so perhaps he meant: Comma. boys feel so seen. #TeamMajor does it mean when they boo the Black congresswoman denouncing white supremacy?
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@RichelleCarey I am praying for Richelle’s aunt.I may have a thought or two about a member of Congress with an audience of millions claiming censorship. @jessieopie To millions. @krishafairchild Thank you, Krisha. So kind of you.