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Connor @Connoreo_ My House

Professional Dictator / I manage and run stuff / CODE: CONNOREO #ad / Business Inquires:

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Fuck it live @Avery_FN French dumbass @wrigIeyy Cod 4 is S tier @crimz21 @18 @17 Happy birthday old man @OwlFN_ ily man, sorry for your loss ❤️ @THESLUMPGOD im sorry ski @StableRonaldo I’m connorFuck WAY @Rojo11 Dictator x DictatorHey @madisonbeer did this not bang @Bissettttt FOR FINALS LANDING SHARK
Retweeted by Connor @Refsgaaard @SkramFN Bully vs Refs 👀 @tragix_ why would he leave the game???????got keyed in last game didnt qual :(I DIDNT EVEN TRY TO KILL THIS GUY LOLOL @AnonF__ nice @AnonF__ lol
DH semis @StableRonaldo Head up ron, hope everything works out. you qual for so many events, its just 1 🙏 @NRGgg @xETB_ @Reverse2k Talk yo shit reverse 🗣💯 @TabzGTV @9LIVESgg_ W @DegenFN @ClixHimself @bugha good thing im not on this list or I would be at the top @wrigIeyy these type of tweets have to be the absolute worst tweets on this platform @G2Coop @G2Coop just buy a minecraft realm @StickmanFN @kadenox @HighSky @OwlFN_ @XnBFN @Eclipsae @zyfaFN @Byto101 @RichHomieQu1nnn @seanpcc @Marz_OW @SEBBY1X @Walay1k Insane 🗣😈💯 @JeltyTV @criizux W @chew_dp lets go!wow im so talented and handsome that I qualified for both east AND west dreamhack! @code_abe @verified Same @ShyoWager Happy birthday grandpa @QueasyFN Pretty sure you described your region
@ZlemFN @NewAgeTNA W @ChapFN nice @Ajerss @FusionFSgg wFNCS Finals payments are finally out @xCrunchy good shit crunchy @DeyyFN @ENDL8SS Good shit @Ultra15151 @vohlii My badDid you enjoy the new promise never land episode? @Avery_FN @MackWood1x @benjyfishy Tritanope 10 helps with zones. Haven’t had many issues anymore @Safarooniee I love it tbh @Ajerss Me???? @PracticeServer Why do you have the login still monster @yungcalc @EpicGames Yikes this needs to be fixed @bhronosFN Omg new bhronos video 🥵 @TurtleTavernTV Jeez, hope it gets sortedAdd Launchpads, vault snipers, and remove sand and we have a god meta not trolling @FortniteGame CODE CONNOREO ITS LITERALLY MY NAME PLEASE USE IT #AD
We have a spot open at our house if anyone wants to move in for FNCS.... Dm me or frat if interested
Retweeted by Connor @MeroFN @LordNM_ @FoppeFN @MeroFN OMG GOD TRIO @Safarooniee nah man I might get emotional watching this @OhReckz you got it babyEverything is going as planned 😁 @StableRonaldo @zayt wholesome @SEBBY1X NICE! @neeqoiwnl Lets goo neeqo! @BuckeFPS Vouch @buffqlo I wouldn’t expect anything less from you @JayFNBR Juice @zyfaFN @FaZeBizzle @FaZeClan #ad @FaZeBizzle Bunch of kids about to ask for you to say they are cracked
@FrayFN @ENDL8SS LETS GO! @bottlecapfn wish I could have seen juice wrld perform live bro.... :/Does anybody even like @DlCTATING ?? Guy has 0 friends and 0 bitches but sits in premier general ALL DAY! @Mako ♥️ @vohlii Hope you all good @Class Same @Safarooniee @LordNM_ @FoppeFN @Reetlol the consoles will overheat as soon as you load in no need to worry @Frystsama @FoppeFN foppe wants to trio with you. please he is crying in our call rn cause he doesn't have a trio @CorinnaKopf is it discord admins? @Lupien21_ 💀 @mel_anji @Renegades LFG Mel!!! @Khanada Mf tryna get on the good sideMeta would be really good if not everyone in the game had a sniper
Do I invite @QueasyFN to NA prac? @itsJerian what a beautiful dog, sorry for your loss jerian <3 @zayt good tweetNo I won’t invite you to prac if you placed on console 🙏🏻 @BuckeFPS Lol fat assI think zayts gonna come back ngl, this is like everything he’s ever wanted @hentvv Ok I’ll move to EU @jojiFN None at all @neeqoiwnl NopeIn case anyone missed it. You ONLY make money in grands. So that $700k dedicated to NAE prize pool will be all give… THIS IS SO GOOD @MonsterDface bet @ChadFTW_TTV exactly what this tweet was about. calculated how much I've spent just this month and almost puked lol @Donieeyy Go to sleep mf @FaZeBizzle How many players would that even be? @vohlii Yea @orangie so many mfs do this and its so cringe and unprofessional @QueasyFN Mf I didn’t know 50% of these countries on this fucking game until tonight when we played LMFAO @QueasyFN Geoguesser BR with the boys is fun af