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connor @Connugh 16 | my tweets SUCK im sorry

After the laughter, comes the tears

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@goshdangitjas how is it a peace tree if its causing chaos like that? @Blankzy_ i can make it the first one @PaintClown_ who will survive in america or lost in the worldI’ll send $100 to ONE person that retweets this tweet and is following @Modasty_ along with myself (@nStickzz) GIVE…
Retweeted by connor @nStickzz @Modasty_ @Connughbackup @LayedBakDFR if you liked Bulls on Parade you should 100% check out the Denzel Curry cover of the song, it is incre… @Blankzy_ boss you lost to West Ham a few days ago @xanful where is the "sexy mf" optionWe must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am runni…
Retweeted by connor @HandmemyWs @longneckedbeck W @HandmemyWs @longneckedbeck OVER A CLIP OF "HAMMED BURGER" @HandmemyWs @longneckedbeck ????????????????????????????????????????????poggers i hit the weed number :)) @HarryButAverage goodnight harrie @xLambo_ ohh i thought you were talking about current, i agree prime fort is better than apex but apex is still fun now so @xLambo_ apex > fortnite
@ItsOsmail yeah, im waiting for my results right now and im so worried about it because im in the same boat you wer… @ItsOsmail they make kids start studying for their end of school exams at 13. FUCKING 13. its ridiculous how young… @scarrfries wait im confused are they dogs or actually cows @scarrfries wait those cant be dogs wtfMoney shouldn't be the reason you do stuff, money ALWAYS comes and goes, do it because you enjoy it
Retweeted by connor @ArtistGuy78 @MattBriody about 12 and half stone I think @no9mi it looks like gum after someone has spit it out @vysowiewie LMFAOOOO @vysowiewie you after taking this picture @Pro_SakaiTama I HATE YOU STOP @ikkrampagex @HarryButAverage @shivisdumb okay ikkrampagex @Pro_SakaiTama YOU'RE A GROWN MAN @Daymeeein LOOOOL LFG DAMEy’all can stop streaming hamilton now the real cinema has arrived
Retweeted by connor @Oreologist @krispykreme I hate that this made me laugh. why must you bring me to do such a thing.STREAM WAS SUPER FUN TODAY! TYSM GUYS <33 @Wis_Alt @CrypticNo what about this? @Grahamalott @Blankzy_ @Blankzy_ LOOOOOOOOOOL DUDE I HATE YOUwhat about instead of Toosie Slide it was called the Tootie SlideDude stop asking "do you stan", i cant stan im in a wheelchair
Ubisoft?? No, I be hard!BIG CHUNGUS 😂
Retweeted by connorWE ARE LIVE (on a new channel) AND FABIO IS STILL IN MAID OUTFIT
Retweeted by connor @vysowiewie im going to cry now again @vysowiewie I AM SO SAD, WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE @vysowiewie i am in tears. @vysowiewie this cant be happening right now i cant believe you would change like this @dinonesie ooooo i never seen the green one over here but the blue one is v nice @dinonesie Okay but which monster did you like the bestest @JoeyTheSuperJew @Daymeeein POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS POGGERS… @Daymeeein LETS GOOOOOO, DRUNK WARZONE WAS SO GOOD LAST TIME AND WE NOW GET A GRILLING STREAM TOO @TristanGHill you're going to get cooked if locals find this @luvrslaine peepoPog Laine's brain is rotting @Xotic LMFAOOOOOOO NOBODY WANTED THE PS VITA NOT LONG AFTER IT LAUNCHED WHY WOULD PEOPLE WANT IT NOWFreddie Gibbs is the funniest man on Earth right now😂😂 @FreddieGibbs
Retweeted by connor @Pikaclicks @Nihaachu @Dinksterdaily @Blankzy_ @CrypticNo pile of shit BR @dinonesie I still don't have it :(( @Oreologist @LazasBautista MAN WAS SUPPORTING FULHAM LOOOOOOOL @MichaelMcGhie10 yeah dont, its a pile of shit @inclcore TALK TO EMur 5'9, making 9 an hour, no hoes, no friends, u spend saturday nights swiping on tinder and 0 matches, u have a s…
Retweeted by connor @scarrfries @Schovee you will, just need to keep practicing and playing @silvasalavisa need this person executed @charlelelelette charlet your pizza is falling :(She only texts u back when u interact with her tweets.. do better
Retweeted by connor @LazasBautista @Blankzy_ @Blankzy_ can't forget the time Chelsea threw a 2-0 lead against a team 3 divisions lower than them @Blankzy_ LOOOOOOOOOOL @Grahamalott dude i could tune into one of your streams and see the exact same thing
@BisonPog @Hehe_TV @JhbTeam @OnTheFlyTwitch yeah i can tell by the banners you have designed, they are very good @JhbTeam @OnTheFlyTwitch @BisonPog he is your biggest fan🚨 SPECIAL STREAM ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 💸 OnTheFly #5 Podcast is TOMORROW 💸 5PM EST LIVE HERE:
Retweeted by connor @dinonesie i would've just got 101% average, not good enough tbh @Leo__ffs if they deserve the title so much they wouldn't have let Liverpool get 20 points ahead @Blankzy_ god i hate these videos because i know people like thisthat ubisoft battle royale is AWFUL @QuntGoblin @Byron you're a fucking sickoNdombele on the touchline seeing Sheffield have a player called Burger
Retweeted by connor @tiktokgf69 yikes @j4zzyko @dxukkaj @ImMashed_Potato not me, im playing Left 4 Dead with irlsRIP Reckful man wtf @vysowiewie im not Patrick but I'm a star B)LOOOOOOL @HarryButAverage just be careful of people dropping slurs and stuff, some people on those servers are super weird @iRhezd crunchy mmmmmmmmmm @notchaselyons that cant be my room where is the anime poster that hangs above my bed @HarryButAverage this is a banger @harrybutprivate this is awfulIf I was Klopp I'd just take the piss tonight and play the reserves vs City. Imagine De Bruyne and Sterling having…
Retweeted by connor @CrypticNo hes gone once I throw one of these at him though @dinonesie both @BigFnDawg00 @Pro_SakaiTama @scobesx @vysowiewie @j4zzyko @lexieyuh @Grahamalott @lexieyuh oh BROTHER @IcyVert your chat being weird as fuck right now bro loooool @DmJackiee LOOOOOOL @scarrfries briningPLAYING COD IN 3 MINUTES!! brining the best worst gameplay ever -
Retweeted by connor @nCaustic_ no its not @Huntrelol connugh in a @Huntrelol video PogUwhen i see @BisonPog irl @Leo__ffs @CrypticNo get his ass!