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😒 @ProjectLincoln @mDots915 Hopefully it isn't mandatory for your kids sake. I suspect they'll be many other parents in the same pre… @Muppetiers How would Ducker know? Genuinely? @GermanEmbassy Germany to the UK - "You could've had all this..." @jeanguerre Wasn't this the guy that was elected in form because of his opposition to Trump?Serbian protestors share this message on all available media platforms @mDots915 Is it mandatory now? We (UK) have had a similar issue here but they've allowed families to choose to hom… @freedomflyer8 @chrissyteigen QAnon folk aren't the brightest tbf. @DanielBShapiro @PeterBeinart As opposed to what's happening currently? Nah, f**k that! @andylevy @jaredlholt 😂 @kylegriffin1 The 20% must be the Faux "News" cultists. @AngelaBelcamino @Rebecca43183784 @eliza_relman Karen? @GreenPartyofDE @ManUnitedZone_ Jinxing @ManUnitedZone_ Jinxing that shit! 😬 @BBCPolitics "The Next PM" Jesus. Man can't even be arsed to wear a mask! @Muppetiers Wait, so ITK1/ITK3 and now ITK4 have all said the same thing? Did they all wait until someone else post… I've seen a pretty explosive letter from Truss to Gove/Sunak which says she's worried that UK borders wo…
Retweeted by ΞlΞⓜΞη𝚃🄰𝕃丂ΞⓃ𝕥𝐢𝐍ΞĻ (𝐒тค𝕐🏠) @nycsouthpaw Wow @PattyArquette @MJ_StormBorn "hE dId tHaT PuRpOsElY To wEeD OuT ThE PeRvErTs aNd pAeDoS (dEcAdEs LaTeR... )" @beach_lover50 @AndyOstroy @IvankaTrump Yo Kath, this was in 2019 during the G20 summit. @cjane87 @TVietor08 The whole "Jews are are responsible for..." and "Muslims are responsible for..." are getting people killed. @MartinRJay @katka_cseh @Europarl_EN @EU2020DE Er, no. @QuintForgey @foxandfriends Kilmeade did what? @NicolleDWallace @politico @gtconway3d Yes. Just like they're the worst at governing. @utdreport @AndyMitten Life changing amounts and Juventus don't go together. 😂 @RishiSunak This is the so-called "Future PM" @StraightUpDee @MrStephenHowson Wait until Brexit hits. Sheez. @jacklang @David_Ornstein @JimMFelton She's read one article, from an anonymous source in the Express and now she blames parents for the shit… @UTD_AV @ataylor80 @sistoney67 @SpursOfficial For being a racist. He's lucky Cantona didn't take off his head. @AdamMcKola @kylegriffin1 Bet it was all the right-wingers jumping him after he sided with his conscious belief for a couple of minutes. @grindinghalt @grindinghalt I have arthritis in both my feet. Sometimes the pain is so bad,if I'm walking I have to stop and sit… @grindinghalt That's not gonna help the elbows, Anna. 😒 @mDots915 Last Week Tonight did a segment on that and it was truly a heartbreaking one. Most, if not all of the kid… @MJ_StormBorn
@rashadrobinson @mehdirhasan @Facebook @utdreport There's a reason why Mirror has been banned on r/reddevils @peterbakernyt @chrislhayes @jacobsoboroff Well you need not have emotions when you marry that human waste basket either. @peterbakernyt @chrislhayes @jacobsoboroff Their "kid" is gonna be the devil child isn't he/she? @Muppetiers When you start posting updates from ITK1/ITK2/ITK3 do you feel like they're just as reliable as ITK4 and G5?F**k the Tories! @hendopolis I know it won't happen because they're the epitome of everything great about nursing and the NHS, but I… @therealmike1976 "left wing" 😂 Dude, The S*n called him a "wife beater". They're not "left wing". Think you're c… @Muppetiers Next game we have to win because Leicester more than likely will beat Bournemouth too. @Muppetiers I think the Southampton and Palace games are gonna be equally difficult. @MrStephenHowson Bottlers as usual @alextagliavini @WSJ Right, is that why you've been posting the same shit from your own website? F**k off mate😂 @alextagliavini @WSJ You can keep posting that I won't click that shit. 😂 @alextagliavini @WSJ Might be never if he loses re-election 😉 @RachaelCampey Congrats Rachael. @CBS_Herridge @USAO_EDMO @CBSNews "Journalism" and Catherine shouldn't be said in one sentence. Also, when you get… @alextagliavini @WSJ Doesn't take effect until next year @mDots915 ❤️ @LarrysTwin99 @DarbaDee Public Enema #1 @UtdDistrict @Malachians @yourauntemma @gtconway3d @GOP @RVAwonk @RVAwonk Tbf Caroline, can see why... @ASlavitt "Schools, we like them... That's why we installed one of the most detestable people into the position of Secretary of Education" @sahilkapur Yes Sahil... @maggieNYT @gtconway3d He's a media manipulator and nothing else. He's given credence because the US media are so b… @Yamiche @NatashaBertrand @nytimes @tomphillipsin Looks like he's about to start crying 😂 @CNNBrasil @karaswisher @parler_app @Reinlwapo @shaneharris @PostKranish @kylegriffin1 Imagine even having to do this. Why are they even on these bases in the first place? Doesn't the Conf… @WHhistorianCost @CarterLibrary @CarterCenter 74 years. Stunning. @StretfordPaddck Ah. So that's the "T1" you guys were talking about? 👌🏽 @HuffPostUK Why? I thought all was good with the Tories and their clueless leadership? @kylegriffin1 Should've invited him to a nearest kitchen and told him he could have the roast with the potatoes and… an absolute shock. Morally bankrupt government, with morally bankrupt PM @DixonPolice @DixonPolice Ah look at that, they're shooting water pistols at white kids... Lovely. Good thing they're not Tamir Rice, and black. @ManUnitedZone_ @sampilger Sam isn't the best outlet, tbh. Man's been more wrong than right. @RichLowry "Excellent speech?" @mp_renee @HouseofCommons There's no two-ways about it. And yet people like you will turn a blind eye to the obviou… @mp_renee @HouseofCommons If you're so ignorant and arrogant in not seeing what the Tories have done, are doing, an… @mp_renee @HouseofCommons Apt reply that. 😄 @portaldaband @nycsouthpaw @grindinghalt I'm picturing it right now😄 @grindinghalt Ahh... Fine 😒 @grindinghalt I was gonna post that but then thought it was too aggressive 😄 @grindinghalt 😒 @grindinghalt That (lol) better be "Lots Of Love" otherwise you ruined the moment I was in. @grindinghalt You stay safe, Anna. No one deserves this disease. It's more important to be healthy right now than… @grindinghalt It's all about the messaging, Anna. They don't care for facts/truth. They just want to get that mess… @YDSABloomington "The chosen ones"
@Katie_M_Baker @gtconway3d @LachCartwright @swin24 Melania has the permanent Derek... West received a PPP loan according to federal documents released today. His net worth is $1.3 billion.
Retweeted by ΞlΞⓜΞη𝚃🄰𝕃丂ΞⓃ𝕥𝐢𝐍ΞĻ (𝐒тค𝕐🏠) @andrinhopereira @MikeLUHGv7 @aaokaatlosab Take the L, Mike. You twat! @utdreport @masongreenwood