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Former atheist, current apologist. Faith and reason. Team policy and Lincoln-Douglas coach. In a losing battle against snark.

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@janeinma @NouveauBougee @pdorfman It's not the job of the government to support its people. That's why, as you so… @dswhisperer2 I pity the people who made it a big deal more than I do Prop. @WilliamShatner He's clearly never heard the Hanukkah song.
@janeinma @NouveauBougee @RadioFreeTom @pdorfman I don't ever wonder that, no. The generosity that actually impr… @NouveauBougee @RadioFreeTom @pdorfman Does that go along with the key element of leftism's expectation that if it… @MollyJongFast I wonder what he thinks about you. If he does at all. @mytntlife Be well - enjoy your break! @fyvie2 @The_Kat_Roars Yep. And I'm not giving anyone on an internet site that much emotional investment. That's cr… @chesty68 @McAllisterDen Where do you find this in the bible? @LadyDemosthenes What a shame. He was entertaining, which is why I'm on this site. Period.
@JesseKellyDC Congrats! Can you use this as an excuse to spend less time at Lego competitions? @judabuzen @georginapond1 @KatieHill4CA @GMA @GStephanopoulos Her truth is that she's a sexual predator. Take the last seat. @KatieHill4CA @GMA @GStephanopoulos You are sexual predator. Take a seat. #MeToo @GStephanopoulos @GMA Hi George. Katie Hill is a sexual predator. What is she fighting, and why are you giving her a platform to do so? @DailyCaller Not "biphobia". Predator-phobia.It's such a pity when two democrats can't get along. @MentGreg @largebill68 @SykesCharlie My timeline is chock full of free speech, policy that I approve, and Christian… @MentGreg @largebill68 @SykesCharlie Principles by their nature are non-negotiable. Which means that one doesn't ab… @largebill68 @MentGreg @SykesCharlie When I said "never Trump", I didn't mean "now democrat". This idea that I'd ab… @oufenix @SykesCharlie If conservatives could be more like democrats imagine what could be accomplished. @ChestonBooth @SykesCharlie This may be the strangest virtue signal I've seen yet. @BPatisms @OrdyPackard Is that what you call yourself? @QConteret @BPatisms Who? @BPatisms @QConteret @OrdyPackard Fake red. Does Tina feel the same way? @BPatisms Oooh. You pulled out your other account. Good to know who y'all are. @QConteret @BPatisms @OrdyPackard I'm beginning to think you like me. ☺ @BPatisms Ok. Can I just say that I love the fact that you retweet for your 226?! 😂😂😂 I'm sure they're clinging to… @BPatisms Lol. You clearly haven't been on Twitter very long. @BPatisms Am I sending you mixed messages? @BPatisms Who's "we"? @BPatisms @OrdyPackard They're fitting. 🤷 @OrdyPackard He makes lists. How quaint.
@KaitMarieox @foxandfriends @ohiou @realDonaldTrump Free speech should be welcome at college campuses, no one should fear for their safety. @quinteez @KaitMarieox @foxandfriends @ohiou @realDonaldTrump If you can't meme well, don't do it. @neontaster @ArminNavabi I'd say that telling kids their lives have no ultimate meaning or purpose is worse. It's c… @JRehling @ThatChristyChic Unfortunately you've created an either or. I am forced to pick between two extremes.Dear Friends, Many of you know that I have struggled with serious back issues for years. Recently the pain has inte…
Retweeted by Corinne @RaviZacharias @RZIMhq Praying for your surgery, and a speedy recovery! @MrAndyNgo I mean, if you look like that, you have bigger problems than racism. @wretchedmarine @KevinAllenSmith @PeteButtigieg Thank you for speaking truth, Chris. It needs to be heard now more than ever.Bernie bro's mad. 😏😁 @QConteret @Parisire @LexSoutherland @joero3 They may or may not, but they're always credited to the president, and that's how people vote. @heartsabustin I'd hoped I'd made better choices in my follows. This is everywhere in my feed, and it makes me question my own judgement. @neonrated Oh, FFS. And you paid to promote this shyte. @Parisire @LexSoutherland @joero3 *have to do. There's still hope. @Parisire @LexSoutherland @joero3 All they had to do was nominate someone less crazy than Trump, and I could have held my nose. 🤷 @LexSoutherland Thoughts and prayers. @molratty Thank you for this. @Parisire @LexSoutherland @joero3 It's awe inspiring. The belief that Bernie will appeal to independents is crazy.… @JRubinBlogger These are the crazies running your new team. Thoughtsandprayers.She goes to college campuses to get film of liberals acting like this. And they always give her exactly what she wa…
Retweeted by Corinne @MattWalshBlog I've been in situations that make me anxious. Then I experienced a time in my life that was riddled… @Turnip2020 @realDonaldTrump You asked for a "wide sampling" and when you get it, you're pissed. 😂 November is go… @LexSoutherland @joero3 This Bernie bubble is incredible. You'll be the first ones shocked when Trump is re-elected. 🙄 @joeseither @EdOverbeek @C_Stroop Which of those pardoned were "Evangelicals", Joe?This is one of the best things I've read in a very long time. Gives me hope for a united future.
@mguth33 @amser409 @MattWalshBlog @benshapiro Your spouse has the ultimate say over your children being born....or… @DustinGinsberg @JD22567569 @japierce @InsideATureen @Brotein_Shake_ @NBCNews True. They were just the final nails. @JenniferJoleneD @MattWalshBlog This reads like a VC Andrews novel. @amser409 @mguth33 @MattWalshBlog @benshapiro Until they don't. Two devastating stories on this thread alone. @Wjohnston231 @MattWalshBlog I'm so sorry. @jDustinBSATX @MattWalshBlog I can't imagine. 🙏 @JD22567569 @japierce @InsideATureen @Brotein_Shake_ @NBCNews I'm on your side, friend. @Theophania333 @pawz12_oh @dockstostocks @taindrew @letsgomathias @beccalew @nytimesvows Little victories for small minds. @japierce @InsideATureen @Brotein_Shake_ @NBCNews We can judge photos, though. 😂 @VaStatesman7 @mattdizwhitlock @katiewaldman Now do abortion. @PatrickinSD @katiewaldman Now do abortion. @RAICESTEXAS @katiewaldman Now do abortion. @pipebtw Looks like it's working. @simply_eshaa Abortions? Oh, no....🙄This is Bernie’s base—the same folks who tell pollsters that socialism is great because free stuff is cool & they h…
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@SAndrew76 @socaltweetz @KatieHill4CA If I had to go back to the mainland, and the only two places to choose were C… @lucydoggo @LizardRumsfeld @MrAndyNgo @TalentedVoter He's one of them. @MrAndyNgo They're scared. As well they should be. @pumbarger @DrDenaGrayson It's amazing that people can make virtually anything about Trump. Her lives in your head rent free. @JFormica24 @amandaorr @patriotlk @DrNancyM_CDC Dr. Nancy can't spell "nearby" and "nationwide"? @bioanth_rags @DoctorJoeNelson @432chloedavis @cofffeedreams @neverbeenleft We all know what constitutes life. A fe… @philipsmorris @dpklein @RealTargetTori Sunrise. 😁 @MotherShuck You seem upset, boomer. Did ya lose your uptown girl? 😂😂 @MotherShuck Boomer has Billy Joel as his background photo, but hates hillbillies. 😂 @Fdr1942 @RadioFreeTom You're worried Nikki Haley will be a dictator? @LNSmithee @RadioFreeTom His regression has truly been something to behold.Please don't kill yourself. If you're struggling with depression & looking for a sign to not go through with endin…
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@socaltweetz @Sloopyinca @KatieHill4CA They're literally driving around. 😂😂😂 @socaltweetz @Sloopyinca @KatieHill4CA This will soon be Austin. It's what you do. 🤷 @socaltweetz @Sloopyinca @KatieHill4CA @socaltweetz @Sloopyinca @KatieHill4CA Sure. That's why y'all are leaving in droves to Texas. That's why you left i… @Sloopyinca @socaltweetz @KatieHill4CA Yep. California has been destroyed by leftism. Same thing that's happened in… @Sloopyinca @socaltweetz @KatieHill4CA Yep. The homelessness is out of control. When I was a kid, people who couldn… @Sloopyinca @socaltweetz @KatieHill4CA My grandmother is in a two-bedroom house in Willow Glen (San Jose), built in… @socaltweetz @Sloopyinca @KatieHill4CA For who? @socaltweetz @Sloopyinca @KatieHill4CA I appreciate that you think everyone who disagrees with you gets their infor… @JasonSCampbell He's correct. @haydenblack_ @Tzipshmil @haydenblack_ @PezJohnny Well, it would be. If it wasn't all in his imagination. @socaltweetz @Sloopyinca @KatieHill4CA Your denial is quite something. Electronic businesses can survive without… @lakshanyaaa_ @carlan714 @MattWalshBlog Sorry - what did you say about being misinformed people? The DNA of a fetu… @woodwomyn @MattWalshBlog It's not complicated. The number of minority children who are aborted is disproportionate… @socaltweetz @KatieHill4CA I'm native Californian. Born, grew up. Now, I like electricity. For entire towns not t… @7leaguebootdisk @EdgarWSmith1 @jenniferatntd You're incorrect. The mortality of flu hovers just around .1% - which…