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Joined Twitter 11/23/13 @michaelglasper Can I just check: is this Michael Glasper talking, or is it Glasperdamus? up like door which I closed is still open.
Retweeted by Erroneous MonkGreat column by @martinwolf_
Retweeted by Erroneous MonkAs some of us have been saying since March, the gap between an arrogant govt & people on the ground was always this…
Retweeted by Erroneous MonkSometimes I worry that the people in charge of this country just aren't very good at politics.
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @michaelglasper good thread on the risks and challenges for the Government. Can’t see them holding this line for long. way this will stand. this, for obvious reasons. @EGadsby @das_munch Fab.Sky History press release: In the light of the controversy about his tattoos, Darren the Nazi Woodman has decided t…“It’s not ‘88’. It’s actually mirror writing so I can read it myself. It’s, er... crap, that doesn’t work, does it?” @HISTORYUK
Retweeted by Erroneous MonkAutumn colours beginning to show in the Forest of Dean, I see. as if Burnham concluded that no deal was better than a bad deal
Retweeted by Erroneous MonkWell.
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @EGadsby @das_munch The Stable? @GeoffShadbold @sigourneybeaver “Two fash ladies, 88!”For anyone wondering where all the wellies have been since they mysteriously disappeared in the early eighties. sometimes like I'm paranoid and have a chip on my shoulder about stuff but starting the week where the Governm…
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @riffraffhands You don’t need any help stirring. @ed_son Really? Aren't you even a bit curious about what lies beyond 12x12? I welcome those sharp young minds, kee…
Retweeted by Erroneous MonkMaybe it’s because we’d already left the EU by then, just a thought.
Retweeted by Erroneous MonkNever noticed it before, but Robert Jenrick blinks more than Ben Swain.
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @make_trouble No disagreement about McCluskey whatsoever. I'm not comparing. But I think "unambiguously lauded" is… @make_trouble Not sure I can completely agree with this. I utterly condemn McCluskey and his remarks, of course. At… tend to think of looming deadlines as a sign of poor negotiating skills, and this Government seems to be deployin…
Good night have decided that this is the funniest meme of all time. 7 years old and it still makes me weep with laughter.
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @MatHempell 👀 @cadmarch, as a Welsh you now have to return to your homeland and stay there. It's the rules. @riffraffhands Wattle they think of next? @Cadmarch @maybeavalon @twlldun However hard you think you want to be on me right now, believe me when I tell you I am already outdoing you. @stuartmwrites @maybeavalon @twlldun Don’t make this any worse than it already is, Stuart. You’re better than that.Just finished reading this.
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @maybeavalon @twlldun @Cadmarch I know, I know. What can I say, except that I am sorry?Me when I see Zoe Williams has written something about credibility @GavinCurnow @Autoboooo @maybeavalon @twlldun They've had a rethink. Instead, a well known TV presenter and former sportsman has agreed to… @RobFrancis82 @SP_Duckworth I’m stood off to one side shitposting. @MatHempell @Cadmarch Mr T after you let him borrow your T @Cadmarch @MatHempell .3 @JonnieBaker13 @riffraffhands @MrMutantes @66Steph82 @tonkerthomas @ValWarren1 I always say that Status Quo were on… @riffraffhands @MrMutantes @66Steph82 @tonkerthomas @ValWarren1 My favourite Beatles song is probably Paint It Blac… @riffraffhands @tonkerthomas @ValWarren1 @66Steph82 @MrMutantes Barry White? Barry Taylor, more like. #morelike @ValWarren1 @tonkerthomas @66Steph82 @riffraffhands @MrMutantes Lenny Henry's 'Small' from 'Big & Small' for me: confess I did not have “calls to despatch the yeomanry to Manchester” amongst my 2020 predictions. painter Marguerite Zorach, Two Cats, c.1929 #womensart
Retweeted by Erroneous MonkI seen this Advert and they wos White but they wosnt waring Poppys .Disgutsed !!!! I am Boycoting Toffee😡😡😡 bottom has really fallen out of the second hand jazz mag market in the Far East. definition of insanity. @78SoylentGreen @JeremyDuns @guywalters It's subjective, isn't it? What I will say is that this is pretty much exac…
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @ddebralouise Hahahain case you haven’t seen it here is today’s letter to @FT from Britain’s five most senior bishops criticising the “…
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk What a mess. Make me grateful I live in the UK rather than in a country like Kent. @kfingleton @Autoboooo
@michaelglasper @dli_odoir He must have some sort of a web presence, surely?Somewhere in Essex, a tearful and angry Mark Francois is jabbing a poppy pin into a crude doll of Andrew Rosindell.…
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @kfingleton Is this about your food, Kevin? @twlldun 1 Like = 1 Respec 4 my 2021 Poppy @twlldun I’m already wearing my 2021 poppy.The body and it’s ability to heal is an incredible thing. Last night I took the roof of my mouth off eating a too h…
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @KingMobUK I wouldn’t disagree about that. @KingMobUK I feel that stems from a structural reality, which is that power in the UK has been - in comparison, for… @KingMobUK I don’t have a particular view either way. It’s just the spectacle of Corbsters suddenly deciding he mig…🎶Oh A-a-ndy Burn-ham🎵Hahahaha *sob* @FunkadelicHorse @twlldun @FunkadelicHorse @twlldun I think we can all agree, though, that the monasteries have become too powerful and need… @LeachJuice @quantick He gets the surgery done quickly. @66Steph82 @tonkerthomas Um @tonkerthomas @JonnieBaker13 Similarly, I now feel free to call you all sorts of names knowing that you are safely in another country. @quantick Pushmis.Roughly 50% of the country supports selling cannabis in licensed shops, and legalising cannabis would raise between…
Retweeted by Erroneous MonkThe Babadook is available on iPlayer, one of the best treatments of grief and trauma I think there is to be found i… @mocent0 Or me. @mocent0 Doesn't normally stop you... @KeriWarbis Yes. Working out how to exit the aircraft safely.Doing this new virtual holiday thing. Just had a WhatsApp to tell me I’ve now boarded. This is me paying close atte… @kfingleton Lovely cup of tea @scrapegroat Helpful.Tfw u wake up and u really need a cup of tea
Retweeted by Erroneous Monk @SafiyaOutlines Also, they were *hot*... @SafiyaOutlines Strong, strong agree. I wouldn’t really class myself as a Queen fan, on the whole, but this album i… Heart Attack by Queen is one of the greatest albums ever and it is criminally overlooked.
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@scrapegroat @DavidMuttering @duncanm Is this helpful? @scrapegroat @DavidMuttering @duncanm Also, Gareth never makes any good points. @scrapegroat @DavidMuttering @duncanm Gareth is the worst person I know, and that’s not Gareth. @MysteriosoX @kfingleton If Kevin did have a burner account he would not refer to it as a burner account.