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M R. X. Dentith @conspiracism Auckland, New Zealand

Associate Professor at BNU's Center for International Philosophy. Currently working on conspiracy theory, secrecy, disinformation, & fake news. They/them.

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I know I’ve said it before, but this season of #SlowBurn really needs to not just accept the judgement of the peopl… saw off some good friends in town. They seem to be treating this as if it’s the end… But there will be more!23 hours before I go @nathanoseroff I do!I don’t have COVID. I can board my flight tomorrow! @AlanLaw6 I have prodded once. I will prod again soonAction Zealandia has been removed from Twitter, they have previously been removed from Facebook, meaning @YouTube i…
Retweeted by M R. X. DentithApproaching hour 28 of waiting for the test results...
@__Carrie___ Yikes. Really? @byroncclark @snarky_mk @postingdad @Paparoa3 Although to her credit, she did eventually see through the former Her… @byroncclark @snarky_mk @postingdad @Paparoa3 As was noted then, she seems to find the threat of anti-Semitism from… @JustinVlasits I've only begun citing more than just the tailend of the 20th Century in the last two decades... @IslaStewart @NZNationalParty I was going to make that joke as well... @MegdeRonde Or you are off to slay the Big Bad Wolf!Judith Collins believes Simon Bridges saw something the police & the hospital said didn't happen. David Seymour cla… about to tweet something amusing, but then I realised it might out a paper I'm advising a journal reject...Something weird is going down at the anti-terror hui in Chch
Retweeted by M R. X. Dentith @taramcallister4 Yeah, that was a telling “I’m justifying owning a pest species by claiming they are the real victims…” moment @SiouxsieW This final point is the killer; when I was working in Bucharest we talked all the time about how most fu…
If anyone knows people at Labtests in Auckland who can shepherd my tests results through quickly and efficiently… W… my travel tests for leaving Thursday night. Going to be anxious about getting the results back for the next thi… @kareninaotearoa @kiwieric @postingdad Yeah. This is also a classic libertarian line about the apparent emptiness o… @postingdad I would say the rot started a lot earlier than that. When he launched his blog he started revealing jus… I lived in a murder house I’d talk about the murders all the time. I’d suggest that late at night the rooms blee… @thebibliophile9 Technically the trope has it someone goes *alone* into the basement… :) @vitruviannan Safest to wear nothing, really!I would live in a murder house. But I’d also go investigate the basement when the power goes off the day the news r… @HonestUniverse @GrumpyYetAmusin Same.
@byroncclark All of his sketches are brilliant shorts like thisOnly a few more days left before I head overseas on a long long journey... @byroncclark Have you seen this? you didn’t already think that the Taxpayers Onion were unprincipled, well, here’s the evidence you need“The liberal capacity to refer to [slurs] as if one were merely mentioning them, not [using] them, can support the…
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I like this idea a lot. It’s striking how little innovation there has been in the philosophy journal article genr…
Retweeted by M R. X. Dentith @mathesonrussell It’s also interesting because this has been kind of a thing in other disciplines for a while: the…, weird that no one has the equivalent amount of hair growth…The time jump in Howard Overman’s second season of #WarOfTheWorlds is audacious @ceehax I wish to dislike this tweet as it is too close to where I’ll be in a week…I really like Rose Byrne, she can still play the PM but like as the villain in a film about Ihumātao or something.
Retweeted by M R. X. DentithMaybe not getting a VPN and thus losing access to this site might be a good idea
@kareninaotearoa Leave next week!It’s 20 to 2… in the morning. Long night of conference and talk attendance @SupDoc12 I must admit I assumed the speakers and thus the audience might be more international. Then again, I was also an invited speaker… @nathanoseroff When my great aunt died we found all here British Israelite pamphlets… I learnt a lot about the numerology of the pyramids’ @jerry_jacques Thanks! Teams has been causing me issue all night. Microsoft is obviously conspiring against me! :) @juhasaarinen EverydayHuzzah! My connection cutout halfway through my talk and I lost three minutes trying to reconnect. Was an issue wit… conference in France is largely in French. Damn my secondary school streaming me to take Latin rather than FrenchDay one of a two day conference and I already feel exhausted!Attending a conference in Paris (remotely) and wondering if the painting by an old master in the background of one…, a website definitely thinks I'm a robot because it won't let me log in via its CAPTCHA system...So @nzherald have changed the article to make clear how Hooton devised the (false) numbers. But they haven't noted…
Retweeted by M R. X. DentithA reminder to not get your news from columnistsmisinformation once again striking through established media, glad a rival editor has picked up on this one, but yi…
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This time next week I'll be weighing my bags multiple times... @tjdfotographist @jasonintrator He's the classic example of some who says "Sunlight is the best disinfectant" yet g… @jasonintrator @chick_in_kiev Yet he will somehow claim that the real victim of this kind of social media bullying by him is him...Greenwald goes after Nazi hunter, impoverished targeted journalist, and harsh critic of Israel Talia Lavin for bein…
Retweeted by M R. X. Dentith @librarykris @Te_Taipo It's amazing how limited the idea of civilisation or culture is to these people. It's like E…, I now know what the final episode of the podcast will be called...I also reference Kerry Wendell Thornley in the episode, and make some weird claims about how Fritz Tobias is both T…, you can listen to me and @monkeyfluids talk about all this stuff here: is to say, you don't really see mainstream historians today proposing books on how the CIA killed Kennedy, or… all, the stories of what happened to JFK and the events of September 11th, 2001 are largely considered settle… all, if you think the various debates over who killed JFK, or which set of people caused 9/11 are tricky, the…'s an episode @monkeyfluids and I have been meaning to do for a long time, and working out how to summarise what… don't advertise the podcast much (other than the media links when episodes go up) but last night's episode concer… @MickWest I want to know more about that high speed golf ball!It seems manifestly unjust to punish students outside of school hours for the crime of... wearing clothesI know this is a thing some schools claim is a power they have, but has this ever been challenged? @HaneMaung Counterpoint: it would also bring delight to just as many people which would counteract the negative uti… @tui_talk I'm fairly sure I would have been Bertie Wooster @thebibliophile9 But you told me...The Podcaster's Guide to the Conspiracy (co-hosted by @monkeyfluids) presents: on #PodbeanThe Podcaster's Guide to the Conspiracy (co-hosted by @monkeyfluids) presents: on #PodbeanThe Podcaster's Guide to the Conspiracy (co-hosted by @monkeyfluids) presents: on #Podbean @AndreAlessi That was my course got nearly half a decade. I’m taking it all the way to China!Was worried the protesters outside North Shore Hospital were anti-vaxxers. Just medical professionals protesting ba… material for a new book says the author has spent his career studying generational theory in order to conclud…
Retweeted by M R. X. Dentith @AndreAlessi I don’t think I’ll apply this year
I like #InsideNo9 but too many of its plots can be summarised as "In the last two minutes an event occurs which is… @davidfarrier, I told you that reference wasn’t for general use! sorry that Ralph Hotere's career wasn't dedicated to making fucking Mickey Mouse tea towels for white people Dick
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@damonayoung Watch it, but don't catch it! @understatesmen And soon he'll have to do a press tour for his latest film where people will ask what it was like t… also have a lot of friends overseas I miss terribly, although the problem is I'm not going to be in the "overseas… have a lot of friends I am going to miss terribly when I go overseas next Thursday @darmeus You know that's my spy activation code! @bayesianboy 30. Hard to get a higher number out of the US, though @kareninaotearoa True, but when you find them… @kareninaotearoa I’m House No Sauce! Good chips don’t need accompaniment! @patstokes Once again more proof bread was a bad idea @keith_ng @Publicwrongs @LewSOS No Mac port, unfortunately @LewSOS @Publicwrongs Oh well @Publicwrongs @LewSOS I've been sitting on playing this...Reading an article in a collection which was written by one of the editors of the collection, and it seems he might… @js_thrill It's a good thing Darwin invented the study of nature, otherwise you might think the people who trained… @ranginui @thebibliophile9 @tinangata was talking about this kind of thing a few weeks ago, eh
@SianChristinaK SameI think in general our political journos do great work in NZ. But you just need to take 1 glance at the murdoch dom…
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