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(a)Big Bang;(b) Fusion;(c)13.7 billion y. me; (d)Galaxy colliding,Black Holes merging; (e)all Black Hole's will merge (see LIGO); (f)Final Black Hole; (g)Repeat

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@AntonioParis Hopefully NOT on the beach! : ))))))
@roscosmos Like for the non-military ones. Klingonians don't have a place in an evolved society. That's cool, do. @IanPavelko This automatic charging device will be more practical. Just an idea of mine.
@ET_Exists Happy birthday! @arcaspace In April, 2020 REUSABLE rocket?! Wow!
20 year time-lapse from the NaCo instrument on @ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chile shows stars orbiting the superm…
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@Rogozin @elonmusk USA, are playing cards with 3 main hands (+ some others) 1. SLS safe, but expensive 2. ULA safe,… @ChrisG_NSF @NASASpaceflight @TrevorMahlmann I see +$100k worth of gear over there, but none of the cheap set like…
@Rainmaker1973 Ah, wet road ... "perfect" for any unsuspecting motorcycle ... @BeamMeUpScotee Almost 8 billion!
@Aapodx2 Expensive picture! Nice :)An artist's impression shows how one of @CSIRO's ASKAP radio telescope antennas can observe and detect a fast radio…
Retweeted by Cata I. @Science42499684 What's outside the Universe? My hunch there is "nothing" in the purest form of nothingness. No pa…
Retweeted by Cata I. @CaliaDomenico No.
@drbecky_ @ehtelescope When Sagittarius A+, image? @Science2_Space 1. Fusion era 2. Black Holes era 3. Galaxies will merge faster an faster in ever more powerful Grea… @justdanfornow @CelineBoehm1 The past year the entire planet was burning in huge never seen or documented #FIRES in… @pivot_is lab is exactly what I needed. Can’t wait to share it with my AP Physics 1 and IB Physics SL classes!
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Stunning - Eagle Nebula- The soaring tower is 9.5 light-years or about 90 trillion kilometers high (Credit: NASA/…
Retweeted by Cata I. @MercedesAMG slower than an S, Tesla S. ;) @AntonioParis Try long exposure, with the ND filter. Silky water, silky clods, clear rocks.
Once upon a time, we made pork from plants. This is what it looks like:
Retweeted by Cata I. @Science2_Space @NASA_TESS When Webb results is expected to be available for the public?! 6 months after lunch? 1 year? @Science2_Space @NASA_TESS Is it possible with current tech, including JWST to directly observe the atmosphere of this type of planet's?! @InertialObservr There is no such thing as "zero" in real life. @InertialObservr Nice ! Here's a #MathGIF attempt to explain why it works. 1) Pink parabola as locus : points equid…
Retweeted by Cata I.The Focus of a parabola rolling along another traces out a straight line
Retweeted by Cata I. @InertialObservr What's outside the "sfere"?The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) from our perspective The CMB defines the size of our observable universe, st…
Retweeted by Cata I.Illusion of The Year 2019 Winner It's based on a simple Lissajous curve, but uses clever shading/highlighting to…
Retweeted by Cata I. @HubbleTelescope Effect on (close) bright objects in long exposure photography. Fraunhofer diffraction / light diff… stunning view of the Pillars of Creation #Hubble
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@Grimezsz Congratulations! :) @Science2_Space @NASA_TESS But how about team Kepler findings?! Didn't they find countless Earth like planet's, in… @physicsJ One planet 8bn ppl, big problems. WWW3, one planet 5bn ppl, no problems. Easy fix. Hopefully no nutter's… @engineers_feed @elonmusk What country is next? A country that have enough electrical juice, and proper infrastruct…
Typically, black holes at the center of galaxy clusters inhibit star formation. But, in this unique galaxy cluste…
Retweeted by Cata I.Astronomy Picture of the Day: "IC 405: The Flaming Star Nebula" Did you know? The bright star AE Aurigae, visible…
Retweeted by Cata I. @nova_road Odd statement, appeared to me too. Who knows where is the boundary from commercial too military, when it… @BocachicaMaria1 @AlexBalderas118 Science needs sacrifice. :) @EV_Stevee @elonmusk @Tesla @tesla_truth @Teslarati @Model3Owners @teslaownersSV @TeslaPodcast or just design a con… @EV_Stevee @elonmusk @Tesla @tesla_truth @Teslarati @Model3Owners @teslaownersSV @TeslaPodcast One piece of compact… @engineers_feed The power of gravity! ;) @johnkrausphotos @spaceflashnews @SpaceX @elonmusk @SpaceForceDoD USSF where happy about *their* first launch. Wond… @SpaceForceDoD Is @SpaceX a civilian company after all? How @SpaceX got in this 5g supremacy global war, anyway? So… @Taraustralis There is a scientific way to "make" rain. Is called CLOUD SEEDING. Google search it, or check this Yo… @gigafactory_4 Those nazis nutter's where on a quest to rule the world, by killing million's of innocents. This is… @HUBBLE_space @NASA @esa Those star's, have planet's?!
@NASA @chandraxray @NASAHubble @NASAspitzer Hey @NASA, any signs of the aftermath for that ex-Sun own planet's? Wil… @Tesla Hey @Tesla, how about a GF4 in #Australia Because of the #AustralianBushfire, they definitely need a FAST w…
Wow! A truly spectacular timelapse video of low level inversion fog acting like the sea! Taken in Ain region, Franc…
Retweeted by Cata I. @Science2_Space Curiosity it's an obsession to me ... don't know why! ... Curiously in general, not too many people… crazy improbability of a rocket landing. @SpaceX
Retweeted by Cata I. @AncaDGordea Tare! :)
@AstronomyMag The Big Crunch.Why? Everything in the Universe is in a process of merging with one another, and "expa… @FullyChargedDan Check this system, that I have envisioned a while ago. Don't understand why @Tesla and @elonmusk d…
This happens in your body nearly two trillion times a day. [ Source: ] Timelapse of a divi…
Retweeted by Cata I.The moons of our solar system in perspective! (Credit: primefac/wikimedia)
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@coreyspowell @almaobs @NAOJ_ALMA_en Old story! ;) @Science2_Space Hopefully Mars 2020 will have a better landing :) @elonmusk With @neuralink our digital soul's will live forever :) @Science2_Space Definitely autobots ;) :)
@elonmusk Safe, until the first major fire!
@Science2_Space Betelgeuse is 642,5 ly away. No direct threat. What would had happened if it where 4,2 ly away, lik…
@flcnhvy @elonmusk hmm... quite irresponsible childish behavior ... Wonder if he will keep up the paper when an exc…
@freno985 @Science2_Space Look at the deep space,and find ANY galaxy that is not involved in a gravity war tug (eve… @LabPadre @BocachicaMaria1 Square holes in metal sheet? Are they asking for trouble again? ... @Science2_Space Will JWST make some more "light" on these two possible scenarios? : big rip vs big crunch @Science2_Space All the Galaxies in the Universe are trapped in a gravity "war game" All the Galaxies in the Univer…
@Kristennetten @elonmusk @SpaceX @FutureJurvetson Don't trip on it ;) @SpaceX Hint: make an inflatable huge soft barge, like a huge water kid's floating mattress and catch it. You will…
Can you figure out which of these orange lines is longer? Not only are they the exact same size, but their tops and…
Retweeted by Cata I. @superparsec @katlinegrey Ce se intampla?! (what's happening?)
@Science2_Space @LoFiAndWhatNot The only way "the havens" is influencing our life, is when a city-size rock is on a… @AlainPannetier @MikeHudema @GretaThunberg well ... H is too late in the game ... H, is only for preserving ICE tec…
@MikeHudema @GretaThunberg Hidrogen is produced using massive amounts of fossils, tricky storage, tricky refueling.…
@neiltyson @elonmusk Ha, good one @neiltyson ! When astrophysicist dream about their superheroes engineers :) Live to see that one, too. @neiltyson @elonmusk Gwynne Shotwell had already spoken about something veeeery interesting about THE subject: @ElonMusk, When are you going to stop dallying with Mars Rockets & Hyperloops & Electric Trucks & Brain-Compu…
Retweeted by Cata I. @neiltyson @elonmusk Gwynne Shotwell one time had mentioned about traveling to another star! ;) Who knows what they… @blitzfire911 @Luyola @Kristennetten @sherpru Hey, just search on youtube for SherpATV for the tech specs. On Sherp…
@Kristennetten @sherpru like tires will be a nice idea. @BMWGroup @Tesla is coming! So, quickly design for EVERY model that you currently have an EV version for it, otherw… @martiansoil @IntEngineering For start, those renderings with "buildings" above ground on the surface of Mars are o… @WACommunity @RRA_ don't slip, or lose an eye ;) @atmlima @elonmusk @vincent13031925 @28delayslater @Gfilche It's the same "show" different actors, different produc…
What is #darkmatter made of? Decades out of the gate, scientists still don’t know what makes up the bulk of the uni…
Retweeted by Cata I.Stellar Orbits Around Milky Way's Central Black Hole (1995 - 2195) This data was provided by Andrea Ghez and Jessic…
Retweeted by Cata I. @Natestyle @Rainmaker1973 Under the surface ice of Europa satellite, there is an water ocean bigger than Earth's ocean's combined.
@Rainmaker1973 It's a way to fully develop a swarm of antipersonel explosives swarm flying drones. In a battlefield… @Rainmaker1973 I will study very carefully in Europe, Jupiter's moon, and if we don't find any life form in there,… @BMW ... no EV ... :( THAT'S SUCKS!
@physicsJ Ahh... traveling to another galaxies, will ever NOT be possible :( That's sucks :(If one of your eyes represented the Sun, your face is truly hot and: 🌞—— 🌍 Earth is 2.6 m (8.5 ft) away 🔵 Neptune 7…
Retweeted by Cata I.Every point of light is an entire galaxy, each containing billions of stars, trillions of planets and who knows, ma…
Retweeted by Cata I. @WPipperger Lame ... how about only EV Special-class? What is so special that if it is not an EV?!
@JRScribe @_KnowingTCosmos @phalpern @StephEvz43 There is Laniakea, and all the galaxies in this area are heading t…
@_KnowingTCosmos How about mergers between 2, of the 70 M BH's?! Why should be a uper limit for the Black Hole size?!