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The deepest dialogue often happens with a drink in hand and thoughts pouring freely. Welcome to that place.

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@GorillaMamaWho See this why people don’t be playing with you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Disney fumbled the @shondarhimes bag behind a $154 park admission ticket. Hate to see it but it’s always about pr… @CreatedToBHated Shit thats half the fun, never been big in video games but on deployments they passed the time 🤣🤣 @CreatedToBHated Kneegrow a controller hog and a screen watcher lol @CreatedToBHated Flew by @CreatedToBHated When he get a job the Xbox will go back online, I’ll send you his tag lol cause I don’t use it enough for that 🤣🤣🤣🤣Another gem. @CreatedToBHated COD zombies with my 5 yr oldBeautiful Black Women: A thread. Ladies do your thing. @Bostons1stLady1 @dis_is_slime No ma’am. @PandorasRedBox When outside be open, yes ma’am @NaturalGeometry @Diet_MKUltra @FredTJoseph Goofy much? Get a picture and comeback and let’s chat @MOD_Ent88 @GorillaMamaWho I said Easter 87 cause of the church though, looks like every black southern Baptist chu… @GorillaMamaWho Elevator mirrors don’t get enough appreciation @MOD_Ent88 @GorillaMamaWho Appropriate. @Bostons1stLady1 @dis_is_slime I know beloved @RicStafford_ @GorillaMamaWho Is that the performance joint? That material feels epic against skin!! @Iamdundunitall1 @GorillaMamaWho That tie is a staple 🍾🍾🍾 @RicStafford_ @GorillaMamaWho And cut that express tag off your damn sleeve @GorillaMamaWho @MOD_Ent88 Easter 87 @Bostons1stLady1 @dis_is_slime My hearing turn off when stupid people attempt to make points.Today I think ima dust off this Xbox and play some COD.Precisely, when you do things because your soul spoke to you you don’t give a damn if it’s acknowledged or not caus… cancer industry wants MORE cancer, which is exactly why it opposes commonsense prevention strategies that would reduce cancers.
Retweeted by Conversation Over LibationsKeys, go on and add that to your kit @davidmweissman Nope still got white walkers, the first lady’s affair, and a few more kidnapping plotsJust dumb cause the sun came up smh @JJakez_ @ddale8 Exactly, nobody @dis_is_slime The scariest part about the whole thing is he was dead the fuck serious and I know he’s got a circle that thinks like him. @inyagirldreams @chitownesbeauty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 confidence is the foundationWhy is this even a thing? This man has never made a headline for anything prolific that didn’t involve him catching… @dis_is_slime I ain’t get pass 1:10. So he’s protecting her by not letting another person do what he is doing to he… hit different when you’ve already been dealing with and in counsel with yourself.Why do people want black Americans to be their savior when we haven’t saved ourselves yet?
Retweeted by Conversation Over Libations @JumpShiveSlim13 Fake caring at an all time highMiddle of the day sex is so underrated. @DailyLoudTracks ain’t lying gospel 🍾🍾🍾 @EAustin1969 @sheologian Gospel (pun intended)You got this same energy for @YvonneOrji (I don’t know what she’s doing or not) or anybody else with a platform? 😑😑 @sholabadbish Why is it her or any other celebs obligation to save the world when it’s burning? I don’t recall the… @PandorasRedBox They mad cause the potential to Twitter fuck decreased I guess 🤷🏾‍♂️ @sheologian And why do we never hear churches address Adam’s first old lady, LilithOne of my pet peeves is people who tear a good joke apart and take things seriously. If you don’t like the joke, t…
Retweeted by Conversation Over LibationsThat’s daily on this app put on a suit and got clean as fuck to go drop my computer off at work, why because that’s the only way I come in… @Diet_MKUltra @FredTJoseph I don’t know no dead mean that return fire. Beat a racist to sleep and finally make Amer… @inyagirldreams I’m just saying i feel this way about both. Like you decided to fuck that person and if they fooled…’all let these raggedy ass kneegrows nut in you (sometimes repeatedly), keep the kid, and then get your goofy ass… personally don’t give a shit if the Pope endorses same sex unions, many before him endorsed same sex child abuse… @FredTJoseph You know how, @Twitter ain’t bout the bullshit they write in their rules as it relates to certain peop… the stand alone an let’s see @TheDemocrats @SenateGOP @SmashBro_Mookie Ion wanna meet the community that these rule apply to @SmashBro_Mookie Yeah ain’t no power in that, fuck round get herpgonacorona12 and knocked over the head @traynor_sc @FredTJoseph All facts.Wait! So Trump paid more in taxes to China than he did the U.S.?
Retweeted by Conversation Over Libations @SmashBro_Mookie And gain what? @inyagirldreams To many classics to say that for me. Love my wife in 4s, 11s, and 13s. To each is their ownFacts, cause if it ain’t me you miserable and I’m miserable and that’s just miserable @SmashBro_Mookie No it means the both of you be adults or move the fuck around. @traynor_sc @FredTJoseph Prime example trump is fragile, he retaliates against anyone who disagrees with or speaks… @inyagirldreams Ugg’s get soft so she gotta refresh at least monthly. You can tell a lot about a woman by her footw… @inyagirldreams HmmmmmBe open-minded about what’s next.
Retweeted by Conversation Over LibationsDisappointing to see people with platforms in our community using it to sway black people not to vote..
Retweeted by Conversation Over LibationsOle ignorant asses, if you ain’t voting just shut the fuck up about politics. How do you have an opinion about some… @inyagirldreams Do what? So what feet pieces your lady wear? @CreatedToBHated @KellyCo01988809 @FredTJoseph Yeah you never served huh @BySunAndSteel @FredTJoseph There’s a whole Karen cult of women who seek just that for black and brown folks but hey @WiIIiamButcher @acwelling @FredTJoseph @the_mcguire She not @traynor_sc @FredTJoseph Love this, because you’ve spoke to fragile not strength regarding life (a effort I see her… @Diet_MKUltra @FredTJoseph Nah, but your face might if you say it to the right one. @Dasmartgoat @FredTJoseph So because the fragility of some is called out the opportunity for unity is missed? I see… Fox News attacked me today on TV people have been leaving negative reviews about my upcoming book. I figured…
Retweeted by Conversation Over LibationsFellas, whatever she’s not getting from you she’s definitely getting elsewhere.
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Retweeted by Conversation Over LibationsWhat’s happening in Africa right now;
Retweeted by Conversation Over LibationsWhy is this lil bridge troll even getting acknowledgement. When the kneegrow had the chance to tell his side he dec… talk shit about your friends to outsiders. Never undermine your tribe.
Retweeted by Conversation Over Libations @PandorasRedBox And I ooppp😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Conversation Over Libations @NotPerfectJustB Equality 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣 @SmashBro_Mookie Expeditiously🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
No. I know where I be and where I been 🤷🏾‍♂️ I don’t leave room to have to wonder. But that’s how I’ve been with my… will remind you of your past every 4 mins but be blind to your present. All any of us are is potential, good…’all gone “woke” y’all asses right back to 1930 summon. Picking a lesser of the 2 evils isn’t choosing a new massa… @__rlc Fine (I know better than to counter lol) @dis_is_slime 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it was the way he said “babeeee we can get a car”I’m getting a babysitter next Tuesday and going to a taco Tuesday function. I need to see the hype wasn’t the case the last 4 years? @__rlc @YallLuvCris That too is an underrated gift. Especially on a good night involving libations and such. Guess… @YallLuvCris Odie yes like the dog from Garfield @Rugged_Legacy Well yeah speak their truth and y’all beat them down about it. That’s why they lie.
Retweeted by Conversation Over LibationsTragedy 🎭 no Shakespeare